Beware, be warned, this is a racist remark...in Singapore!!!!

Teacher tweets about 9 year old kid she “wanted to strangle” for racist remarks

When she came to class and introduced herself by saying “Hi my name is Ms Indu and my favourite food is…”, a boy in the class allegedly shouted out “CURRY. CHICKEN CURRY, MUTTON CURRY, FISH CURRY, BEEF CURRY”

The above first appeared in mothership.sg.

How many of you agree that this is a racist remark?

How many think that the teacher is racist or is a swine?

According to this swine of a teacher, saying “CURRY. CHICKEN CURRY, MUTTON CURRY, FISH CURRY, BEEF CURRY” is RACIST!!!!

MOE,  can you clarify if the above statement by a 9 year old boy is a racist remark?

MHA, can you confirm that the above statement by a 9 year old boy is a racist remark?

This swine woman is spread intolerance and violence, that Hindus would kill you for saying beef curry. Would she dare to spread the lie that Muslim will kill you for saying nasi lemak with luncheon meat? Her sick mind must not be allowed to influence our children or bully and abuse our innocent children.


Anonymous said...

How can the mere mention of "CURRY" be racist In Singapore?

Every race in Singapore has their own favorite curry dish. Even some Ang Moh also love the "CURRY" in Singapore.

CURRY is not the exclusive dish for a particular race in Singapore. We have Chinese CURRY, Indian CURRY, Malay CURRY, Thai CURRY, Japanese Curry, Korean CURRY, Pinoy CURRY and Vietnamese CURRY. And don't forget also the Peranakan CURRY.

How can the teacher be so presumptuous and preposterous in her public discourse, using the Facebook as her platform, which she clearly shows that she is trying to run down her 9 year old pupil, whom she is solely responsible to educate if she is his teacher in school.

The Minister for Education and the Minister for Home Affairs must not brush this incident aside. This is not a trivial matter. They have to make it very clear to all parents, students, teachers and principals that the misbehaviour
of this particular teacher must not be repeated by other teachers in Singapore - using Facebook to shame and run down her own students in public is disgraceful, unbecoming and totally unacceptable within the Singapore society, or any decent society.

This teacher must be punished, disqualified, sacked and barred from the teaching profession in any institution of learning (both public and private) in Singapore. Only in this way Will it be able to serve as a deterrent to other would-be errant teachers, especially foreigners or ex-foreigners.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr Frog Outside Well or Glass.

The Offensive Word is NOT curry.

It's BEEF. The Teacher is offended because Beef is Taboo to her. Her religion forbids the consumption of beef.

Just like the Muslims are to pork.

What's you expect a nine year old boy to know it's taboo to mention Beef curry.

Also Chinese Buddhists also many do not eat beef. When little children spoke of eating beef in front of them, they just simply brushed away their sayings saying NO we don't eat beef.

What's the big deal in strangling and killing some one? Religious people must be more tolerant to show their goodness instead of just showing off that they are more pious than others or mine is One Up upon yours. As I said most are simply hypocrites.

In Singapore, there is practically no awarkness when different religions celebrated their respective festivals.

As in here Religious freedom. Unlike Matland or some countries where Islam is their Supposedly Main or Official. Religion.

So our little ones are ignorant of what's other religions supposed taboos.
In Matland, the little ones may one way or another growing up whether thru experiences or taught by their parents knew the Taboos of their Muslims. Avoid to offend them as they are somewhat living in their land.Also they are extremely sensitive people when their religion is ratter on intentionally or otherwise.

This is the different climate here in Sinkieland.

Anyway, ignorance is also bliss to them as they also are free from growing up with prejudices that we are to avoid these pitfalls and that pitfalls not to offend this party or that party. Really stresssful indeed for a Society to jell and live together.

If everyone of different religions were to be so pushy that we must be aware and give due respects to their taboos or religions that there were be no endings to everyone's demands.

It will disintegrate and fragment the Society. Living with awareness and prejudices.

So the saying live and let live is apt.

Actually, frankly, some religions are just too pushy in demanding their rights and these may offend others who are just simply magnanimous and quiet in their behaviours as they believed to practise what's their religions taught them. Do good and be magnanimous.

But Others are doing otherwise. Been pushy and trying to be One Up that theirs is right and others must follow their ways.

This is not correct. You practised your beliefs and I practised mine. Do not ostracize ours that we are praying to Hell and yours to Heaven.

For also many, there are also Atheists who believed in none.

Anonymous said...

Let MOE do the job in their investigation lest being hantam for being too judgmental on others.

Anonymous said...

You think they are investigating?

Virgo 49 said...

If this Teacher is a Foreign Talent trash as loved and recruited by our equally trashy MOE and our Leaders, then I foresee there are will Turbulence in Sinkieland soon, very soon.

The Saying You can take Ahmad out of thr Kampong but you cannot take the Kampong out of Ahmad.

These new citizens with their ingrained prejudices and their practices will never able to assimilate into the Singapore's Context locally born Singaporeans.

If after gaining their foot holds here and being numbers in strength, they be making their demands more and more.

Then our upside down locals were to be sidelined and forgotten or to start giving ways to them. Aha, God Help You.

MOT, Turbulence, Tsunamis and Earth quakes will start rolling.

Unless the Sinkies are so daft and already numbed thru the years of upbringing by our Parental Papies upbringing that they have no more souls in them.

Just like now Matland, where the Mats are still fuming that the others should leave their socalled Mats country.

Now already with such great numbers and strengths that they have no choice but to tolerate their socalled "immigrants"
staying here and even though they loathe them.

Sinkies may one day be like the Mats.
Lam pars stuck in wooden horses.

Now, especially the Nehs in greater numbers are making lots of unnecessary demands and rights.

Just saw the news that the equally daft Currently Taiwanese President courting troubles for her country by absorbing the protesting Hongkies and allowing them into Taiwan.

Letting the wolves in. They jokers will in a matter of time also bring troubles to them with their ways of life.

Together with their equally vocal and kwa lan Taiwanese there be more Upheavals Hell on Earth in Taiwan soon.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Virgo who was born in 1949, @ 708 am:

If that Fake Teacher (who probably carried her superiority complex from 3rd world country India) took offence at the mention of the word BEEF, it is even more ridiculous!

The nine year old boy kept repeating the word CURRY. He only said BEEF once "in passing", together with the other words CHICKEN, MUTTON, and FISH. He did not even mention PORK. WHY?

That means he did not intentionally use the word BEEF to spike her.

From the whole sentence, we can easily ascertain that the 9 year old boy was playfully innocent. He did not meant any harm or mischief. He has "no BEEF against the teacher" (pun intended).

The over-sensitive, over-presumptious, over-careless, over-proud, hellish teacher of swines, is merely picking on the innocent and naive boy. Such immature and vindictive person should never have been recruited as teachers in the first place.

Whoever admitted her into the teaching profession in Singapore's schools must bear the responsibility for not seiving out the dirts and weeds from the grains.

The process of selecting foreigners to join the professional work-force (especially teachers, doctors and lawyers whuch have long-term influences and ramifications upon the whole society) must have been wishy-washy, leaving much to be desired. There is room for much improvement.

It is time that the Ptime Minister do something to right this process of selection of foreign talents. To simply keep fingers crossed or close one eye towards the torny issue, and allow the Ministry for Education to handle it, only means negligence and irresponsibility.

Remedial actions must be taken by PMO, MOE and MHA. PERIOD!

Virgo 49 said...

Well said.

If these type of incidents kept creeping up, then it might be a good thing to wake up the daft Sinkies.

If they were to find that their lives are been unfairly disrupted.If especially so to their children then they might wake up in time to change the Government.

If they still take for granted that Sinkies are all still napping. With their Silence and No action.

Need some pains and purging before things be better.


Anonymous said...

White ants can bring down your house. Now black ants can also do the same if you are not careful!

Anonymous said...

Cannot say beef curry meh!

Maybe they are taking a leaf from our leaders. Sacred cows like using the reserves for perfectly righteous purposes cannot be used or should I say slaughtered. And lots of other things too.

Very soon, they will demand that Little India should be an independent constituency under separate Indian Government.

By the way where does this insect came from?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ easily offended bitch

Aiyoh, relac lah. It's not racist. It's probably because you, the bitch-ass teacher, are so fucking fat that your arse looks like a big lorry tyre , therefore, the SMART KID probably concluded that you are shoving every curry imaginable, plus pratha and murtabak into your cocksucker....24/7 🀑

But even if it is racist, you should ignore it, or just insult the kid back...call him a waste of sperm...something along those lines.

...then come to think of it...who really gives a FUCK about what your favourite food is.

How do we know your husband or boyfriend doesn't squat above your face, then proceed to SHIT IN YOUR MOUTH and then you go "Yum Yum Yum...how I like the taste...Please sir, I want some more" πŸ’©πŸ’© Perhaps you enjoy feasting on the contents from the bowels of your intimate partners? I'm mean, maybe you're the romantic type? πŸ˜πŸ’©πŸ₯°πŸ’©πŸ’˜

I'm not judging. I'm just saying. Weighing the possibilities...πŸ€“

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u very disgusting lar. Normally when the guy squat above the woman face is to lower his banana and hint to the woman to suck lar and not shit in her mouth. In any case for this woman, I think get the USA sailors in Jalan Besar and sodomize her jialat jialat is enough punishment for her larπŸ˜‚