China should leave Hong Kong alone

Protesters want to "reclaim" a park in Tuen Mun where so-called "dancing aunties" have sung Mandarin pop songs through loud microphones and danced for generally older men who give them cash donations....
Saturday's rally had a much more local cause, but feeds into Hong Kongers' anxieties that the city's unique freedoms and culture are being eroded by a resurgent Beijing.
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/hong-kong-protest-dancing-aunties-extradition-bill-china-11697514

The recent massive rioting in Hong Kong has been seen by the West as the manifestation of the virtues of western form of freedom of expression aka lawlessness. This has encouraged more to the unthinking Hongkongers to think that it is their day, it is their courage to confront authorities and to to turn themselves in ugly and destructive mobs.  Now they have attacked the China train station and in the above articles, against anything related to China.

While the West are eagerly waiting for China to bring in the PLA to quell the mob, China is patiently holding back from taking actions to stop the mob. Actually the best thing for China is to do nothing. The Hong Kong govt should go ahead and pass the Extradition Law, a criminal law that should be enacted to address crimes committed by Hongkongers. And the mob should be allowed to let lose their 'freedom of expression', their mob democracy, and run wild, and burn down Hong Kong.

The govt should deploy the police and PLA soldiers just to guard buildings and vital installations. The govt can also switch off electricity and turn off the tap. Let Hong Kong become an island of anarchy.  Let the mob rule the streets of Hong Kong. Let all normal activities, commercial activities run to a halt. See how long can the mob run their madness and Hong Kong to the ground. Literally let Hong Kong burn and destroy itself. It may take a few months, maybe a year or two. China can play the patient game, and in the name of western democracy and human rights, do nothing, no need to use force to deal with the mob unless they attack govt and vital installations. Let the Hongkongers deal with themselves, deal with the mob.

And as Deng Xiaoping said, China can pick up the pieces after Hong Kong is ruined and rebuild Hong Kong again. Let the foreigners help the mob to destroy Hong Kong the way they like it, the way they plan for it and do it their 'democratic' way.

PS. China should expand its anti espionage forces to arrest all foreigners involved in anti China activities inside China and Hong Kong.  In the interest of national security, these elements must be arrested and lock up using an equivalent of ISA, no need any explanation. Create an atmosphere of fear and terror for the foreign operators like those involved in the Hong Kong mob violence. 

Oh, all the angmohs judges in the Hong Kong supreme court must be sent packing home. A sovereign country cannot have foreigners sitting as judges in its judicial system. This colonial vestige has to go immediately. Having them sitting in Hong Kong benches is another version of 'No dogs and Chinese allowed' in modern China. This is the time to get rid of such shameful colonial leftovers in China's Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

The Hkongers protesters like the show 'Rise of the Planet Apes' , their leader Caesar head the pack soon it realized being betrayed by it's own pack Koba which sent humans troops to later attack them in revenge. If HK protesters carry on like this, they will meet their D day. Or China will leave them to rot like a ghost city.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Will this happens in SG?

Should not.

The masses here are very very very very happy.


Anonymous said...

More About The Evil US Hegemonic Empire - Where Billionaires Own The Attorney Generals.

US Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, 66, has been charged with sex trafficking. He will appear in a magistrate court today.

Jeffrey Epstein, a former hedge fund manager, who became filthy rich like George Soros, is well connected politically. He has very strong links with people in high places in the US Administration as well as in the UK, like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

The New York Times reported that Epstein, a wealthy Florida financier, was arrested in the New York area and was in custody.

The charges against Epstein were first reported on Saturday night by the Daily Beast. The website cited multiple anonymous sources.

The Associated Press also reported Epstein’s arrest, citing three unnamed law enforcement officials.

The Southern District Authority of New York did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Jeffrey Epstein: inside his decades of scandals, has entangled Prince Andrew of UK.

Epstein’s alleged abuse of minors has been the subject of numerous lawsuits brought by victims, investigations by local and federal authorities, and exposés in the press for two decades.

In 2008, Epstein, had reached a non-prosecution deal with the Office of the then Miami US Attorney, Alexander Acosta, to end a federal sexual abuse investigation involving at least 40 teenage girls that could have landed him behind bars for life. How could such a deal have materialized is beyond comprehension. There is a very high probability that dirty money could have transferred between dirty hands to dirty hands belonging to highly shrewd and corrupted minds?

He instead pleaded guilty to the charges at State level, spent 13 months in jail, paid settlements to victims and has been registered as a sex offender.

Attorney Acosta, who is now Donald Trump’s Secretary for Labor, has previously defended the deal as appropriate, but in February this year, the Justice Department opened an investigation into the Federal Prosecutors’ handling of the plea deal for probable corruption and manipulation of justice.

In May this year, Acosta defended his role for dropping a 56-page Federal Indictment, arguing that his office had in fact been “too aggressive”.

“This matter was appealed all the way up to the Deputy Attorney General’s office. And not because we weren’t doing enough, but because the contention was that we were too aggressive,” Acosta told a House Education and Labor Committee hearing. Clever people really do know how to turn the table upside down, is it not? This reaction of Acosta gives the public a peek-hole into the cunningness of his hiden mind.

In the final analysis, evil minds are good at twisting and turning all the way, in order to get themselves out of the public's scrutiny in their dirty deeds...

Does this ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Saw a female protestor holding an US Flag at the Mongkok Demonstration.

Other than the Hongkong and PRC Flags,


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "hate in his heart" RB

>> See how long can the mob run their madness and Hong Kong to the ground. <<

Agree. Let's see how long...

>> Literally let Hong Kong burn and destroy itself. <<

You obviously haven't been paying CLOSE attention. Unlike protests you see in other cuntries, where private property is wantonly destroyed, the Hong Kong "mob" (as you call them....they are actually more organized than given credit for), private property in HK is generally respected. It shows just one unique aspect of Hong Kong culture---their love for, and EXPERTISE in freedom and capitalism.

I don't agree that HK's love of freedom is a love of a "western value". This is where RB gets it DEAD WRONG because he doesn't understand Cantonese culture. Cantonese culture is embedded in a constant struggle to be free of oppression from authority, gangsters, poverty. **Cantonese Culture==>"Chinese Culture with Cantonese (Lingnan) Characteristics"

As Virgo correctly pointed out, these people are FIGHTERS. When pushed, they get AGGRESSIVE and HOSTILE, and have a long and rich history in the combat arts used by both attackers (like gangsters) and defenders (ordinary folks, government).

HK's version of "freedom" is much more INTENSE than the west. In fact, Westerners move to Hong Kong especially for that unique Cantonese-style, Anything-goes kind of freedom. Critics make the same mistake about capitalism as a western "ideal". Maybe, but capitalism expressed "Hong Kong Style" is much more open and "creative", in my opinion. This type of "capitalist thinking" is now rare in the "politically-correct" west. Here again, the westerners who "get it" move to HK specifically for self-interest-based capitalistic purposes.

The MSM is known to be intellectually lazy. And so they are quick to blame "western influences" as one of the main causes for Honkgie's protests. They just don't understand Hongkie Culture, mainly Cantonese based.

IMO, these people will fight. If it gets uglier, they will match it toe to toe. They are people fighting for their culturally-based identity's survival. They are fully aware that this could be futile, and costly. They could very well lose and just be remembered as just-another-soon-forgotten bloody spatter in the historical record of our species.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong has no rule of law, it seems. When Government institutions can be attacked, it smacks of anarchy. What does that show to businesses and tourist? Continue like this and Hong Kong will go to the dogs.

China, I think does not care what Hong Kong turns out to be. Hong Kong is sliding into irrelevancy in the eyes of the Chinese Government. Many Chinese cities on the mainland can now beat Hong Kong hands down. All that hype about Hong Kong being a financial hub means little if it embraces chaos and becomes a hotbed for criminals to seek sanctuary.

What is Britain talking about accusing China of not honouring the 1997 deal? When you return a country back to China, it belongs to China, but you still want to interfere with it's governance? The end of 150 years tenancy means you pack up and leave and what happens after that is no longer of your concern. Do tenants of rented homes have say even after they vacated their rented place?

This is the White's evil design on every country they colonised, by imposing conditions even after they leave. They still want to impose their wills and dictate how that country they left behind is to be governed.

The reason why China failed to agree with US is also because the US wants China to follow their rules of governance. Fancy a country with little history dictating to a country of 5000 year history that it should follow the way the US conducts itself.

Anonymous said...

@ matilar 12.40pm

Probably, u r right in the Canto cultural aspect of HK. Look at the HK movies like Wong Fei Hong, Bruce Lee, Ip Man etc all r fighting heroes as they dun wanto to be labelled as Sick Men Of Asia. These HKongers protesters r juz emulating these heroes to seek freedom & independence but they forget that HK belongs to China now.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 120

there is no such thing as "ownership" of people, and their nation. So in actual FACT, HK belongs only to itself. China can "claim" HK to be theirs, but at the end of the day that can only be achieved by superior force. In reality HKer's know, they are their own nation, and China knows it too. But hey, the truth never stopped anything "untrue" from going ahead...our species is built on conquest. We like to fight to gain "ownership"....at least in our minds.

Hong Kong is Anarcho-Capitalism With Cantonese Characteristics 👍🏻

"Anarchy" is eventually self-organising. That's how business and commerce have been conducted over there: FOR CENTURIES. China like planning. Lot's of plans, lot's of projects projected a long time in the future. Hong Kong is "fuck that planning shit", let's dance...NOW! (i.e. Street wise lah)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Walau eh.

Using the few Hongkies as representing the Cantonese Folks, is like using the Macague as representing all monkies, overlooking the Gorilla and other Apes.
The Hongkies are mainly from Mainland Canton.
The Made in Hongkong Kungfu movies were based mostly about the Masters that originated in Guangzhou. The Hubdreds of Millions Cantonese in Guangzhou must be feeling ashame and disappointed with the few bananas in Hongkong. Even a Hongkie Taxi Driver was angry at the Bananas as can be seen in the Video at Youtube.
However, the Most Famous and love Kungfu Movie by far are those of Bruce Lee which was not Cantonese.
The Shaolin Kungfu was and is the Most Famous World-wide and its disciple and follower do not behave like the Hongkies, on the Contrary they were and are the Most patriotic to their Motherland.

The Union Jack and US Flag used at the Demonstrations clearly showed that the TRAITORS

The Chinese all over the World are disappointed with the Bananas and here in My Singapore News, well over 90% want the Rebellious Traitors to be punished, period.

Anonymous said...

Hongkees Are Too Little, Too Late, Unpatriotic And Up-side-down

What the Hongkees are fighting for today should have been done when many countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, Burma and others were fighting for independence from the British colonial master. They are 50 to 70 years too late.

Their objective for the protests is to stop the extradition bill from being passed into law is too small and too little. They should be fighting for total independence (from the British Empire Lingering Residues instead of fighting for independence from their motherland (ancestral land).

The things the protesters have been doing are unpatriotic, illegal, criminal and traitorous.

Their thinking - having been deeply influenced by western agents, propaganda, indoctrination and education - as a whole is basically upside-down, just like eating with their anus instead of with Their mouth.

China can do two things:

1. Let Hongkong rot economically. Impose limits in aspects of life between HK and Mainland - imports and exports, banking and finance, logistics and supplies, cross-border movements, etc.

2. Pass a law like the US Government is doing. This law shall encompass all territories under China's control and jurisdiction. In brief this law shall say:

All territories and land under the People's Republic of China shall follow the laws of PRC. So there is no need for Hongkong to pass an extradition law.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

who the Fuck is British Foreign Minister J Hunt to the Chinese ?
He is inviting to be spat at by every Chinese.
Fuck him for not knowing that he is a nobody to all Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, do you think the British care about the Hong Kong people? Or the Americans care about the people in Venezuela to want a regime change?

When the Whites forced the opium trade on China, their objective was to benefit from the opium trade and the effect on the Chinese people was the least of their concern.

But Hong Kong can never be allowed to fall under the control of the whites again. It will really be a national security disaster in the making.

Anonymous said...


Like I said, the main HK protestors (90%) already did their part & already gone back to making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They represent the majority of ordinary HK'ers and most HK'ers actually either support or didn't disagree with the initial main protests.

Most Hongkies do NOT want more or stronger cheena oversight of their way of life in HK.

Maybe in another 1 or 2 generations .... But NOT NOW.

The remaining 10% are the more extreme protestors who want to see removal of pro-cheena HK admin govt.

HK is much more capitalistic than Western countries --- you either work or you starve. Even if you born blind or no legs, you better find some job to do. Just like Singapore.

Most angmohs will not survive or want to stay & have families in such cities (unless they are here on rich expat packages).


Anonymous said...

Hongkies don't want China to interfere with their lives, but shamelessly wants Chinese people's support in their protest.

I think most Chinese people dislike Western interference in China's affairs, which is what is happening in Hong Kong. And the Chinese people have grown more nationalistic. Why would they want to support the Hongkies.

It is just like asking Malaysians to support our opposition voters. They will probably tell us you die your own business.

Anonymous said...


Singapore must guide against Western marijuana and LBGT culture !!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China, I think does not care what Hong Kong turns out to be. Hong Kong is sliding into irrelevancy in the eyes of the Chinese Government. Many Chinese cities on the mainland can now beat Hong Kong hands down. All that hype about Hong Kong being a financial hub means little if it embraces chaos and becomes a hotbed for criminals to seek sanctuary.

What is Britain talking about accusing China of not honouring the 1997 deal? When you return a country back to China, it belongs to China, but you still want to interfere with it's governance? The end of 150 years tenancy means you pack up and leave and what happens after that is no longer of your concern. Do tenants of rented homes have say even after they vacated their rented place? By Anon 12:53pm

China does care about Hong Kong and would want Hong Kong to remain the jewel of China, a prosperous Chinese city. Unfortunately the Hongkies have screwed up big time with this defiance and anti China demo. It's fate is sealed. China would no longer support Hong Kong the way it did in the last 20 years to keep it as a major financial and trading centre. The decision in Beijing is likely to let it die or gradually deteriorate into irrelevance, just another ordinary city in China. But before that, the affluence of Hong Kong would go up in smokes. It is the end. No more most favoured city with China helping it to grow and prosper like China helping Taiwan.

When China pull the rug under the Hongkies feet, they could not last a year. Hong Kong's economy is more dependent on China than Taiwan and if Taiwan cannot survive and prosper without China, Hong Kong's fate would be more precarious. The supposedly street smart Hongkies this time got deluded in their own importance. Time to screw up Hong Kong and to rebuild it to the likeness of Beijing.

Hongkies are fighters? Yes, just like Wong Fei Hong and Ip Man, kampong heroes, but could not see the big picture of a nation state. They are the people that would fight and may win a battle but lost the war. That was the achievements of Wong Fei Hong and Ip Man, at best street fighters. But when national affairs are concerned, they are lost, trivial, no impact to the big scheme of things.

As for the British, this 'has been' Empire is now no better than Canada. It is digging itself into a shit hole but not knowing it. The China of today can swallow up Britain if comes to shove. Britain is a spent force.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong’s ongoing political unrest has soured shoppers’ appetite for spending, damaging retail sales and adding to the city’s economic woes.

The HK$10 million (US$1.28 million) worth of damage done to the Legislative Council complex in Admiralty on July 1 by protesters angry at the now-suspended extradition bill, put the city on the global radar for the wrong reasons.

Any further escalation could potentially drive tourists away and reduce local shoppers’ desire to spend.

HK is still licking its wounds from the US-China trade war, which saw retail sales decline for the fourth straight month in May this year.

“The overall picture is gloomy,” said Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce senior economist Wilson Chong Sze-kit of the consumer spending outlook.

If the political tensions continue or escalate, they could take a bigger toll on retail sales, by straining local consumers' sentiment, as well as pushing tourists to other destinations.

Virgo 49 said...

Donald Dotard Dumb Desperado Dafty Duck Trump's resumed Talks with Xi will lead to a DEAD End.

Many and most Countries be badly hurt as collateral damages to their economies.

China, Xi already earlier called the Nation to fight in the long haul, another Long March of different struggle.

PRCs had béen suffering and enduring for deacdes of hardships.

This debacle is nothing to them especially now their finances and standards plus cost of living is on even knell.

Whereas, so many small countries like Sinkieland and Hong Kong with most of their high inflated living luxuriously conditioned ways of lifes for decades would not be able to stomach even a Short March. Only Shorty Mah who had already made his millions with his ingenious HDB and COE ridiculously high prices will able to stomach any marches. Only no 42kms Route March by him and their white horses.

Also, the Americunts with their parasitic luxurious lifestyles as sucked from the Rest of the Bullied Countries were be even worse off.
Now must have Giant size Big Mac and Coke or Cock to substain their appetites. One day no eat also cannot last.Most OBESE POP in the Universe.

So, when the goings gets tough, DDDDDotard Trump will then start imposing Trade Tarrifs on all.Whether Alllies or Enemies. For Americunts survival.

China will have their Soft diplomacy. Most countries with the exception of the Americunts closest gangs of bullies will begin to look to China for Leadership and AIDs. No more America HIV AIDS.

That's when after this upheaveal and painful passing, China will be supported by many to be the New World Order Leader.

M.O.T. just brace yourselves for a rough ride roller coaster ride ahead.

Oldies that are been scorned and called senile by the now pompous young punks will have best laugh seeing them struggle with many more bitter lives ahead of them.See who goes Senile or MAD.earlier..Yo chiak You Boh?

Hong Kong will be left by China to struggle on their own. Chinese old ways of teaching their young to undergo sufferings before they can grow up to be strong.

Unlike today's moddle coddle ah gua parents and their strawberry children.

No cannings and talk reasons to them until the cows come home. They will still reasoned their daft reasons and inflamed you with their nonsense.

So, the Hong Kongers are digging their graves. They deserved it.

Give them life lines and they threw them away.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many oldies would have enough to see them through for 10, 20 or more years. Can't say that about young punks. How many could survive without an income for 6 months?

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Virgo. I taught my kids that the world does not owe u a living and be ready to undergo suffering and pain in order to achieve. So far they have prosper using this principle. I also agreed with RB, as we oldies can survive even without kids support. In fact we can even lend them a helping hand. But my kids are independent enough so I am bless.

As for WSG, his principle of prospering based on others misery, I Ensure my kids never follow this principle. This WSG should be sodomized as other anons suggested to his senses. I also fully agreed.😀

imho said...

You can claim your arm is yours but if they are broken, you also cannot do anything except see a doctor unless you cut it off.

imho said...

July 09, 2019 8:25 am>>

The world can work together and live without uass but uass cannot live without the world. The key world is collaboration. wanna forever be bully by uaas?