White men abuse the name of God to achieve its evil designs

 PART     ONE :                                                                                                                                       In the beginning we all believe in the universality of God. We believe there is only one God
and he is the universal God belonging to all the human race. Then the Jews hijacked the universal God and claimed it is a Jewish God belonging to the Jews only and ever since then the Jews claimed that they are the chosen people of God.
Then came the Europeans who disputed the Jewish claim and so they too asserted that their Christian God is superior to all other Gods and claimed that they are bestowed by divinity to be superior to all other races. They also claimed that they were empowered by their God to attack and conquer and to take all the lands and riches of the heathens , the non-Christian believers whom they could kill, murder and genocide with impunity and with the blessing of their God. They are the supreme race and all other races are to submit to their total control and hegemony. This evil belief is reflected in their militant religious cum political doctrines such as  "The Doctrine of Christian Discovery", The American Doctrine of Manifest Destiny" and the Jewish American Doctrine of Wolfowitz and Exceptionalism."

On the contrary the Chinese never abuse the name of God. They only pray to God for good health, happiness, good luck, peace and harmony for the family, country and the world. The Chinese practise the philosophy of harmony and believe that throughout the four corners of the earth "All men are brothers". They also practise the philosophy of benevolence and believe that 'the haves' must help 'the have not'and those who are better of must help the less well of. Thus when the Ming Dynasty sent a fleet of a few hundred ships under Admiral Zheng He , the Chinese nevcr attack or conquer  other countries. The Chinese mission was to discover knowledge and to bring good will with precious gifts for the kings and rulers of the countries they visited and helped to settle quarrels, conflicts and local strives among the quarreling natives. In other words the Chinese believe in bringing peace and harmony to people and build a harmonious world. Contrast that with white men's inherent evil trait of aggression, conquest, killings, murder, genocide , robbing and plunder.

For over five hundred years since Christopher Columbus first voyage of plunder overseas in 1492, the Europeans have made endless voyages overseas to attack and conquer and rob of other people's lands and resources and to subjugate and kill the natives, all of which they justified on their divine rights and divine empowerment as well as their believe in their racial supremacy. They arrogantly believe they have the divine power and right to hold all non-white people in subjugation under their total control and hegemony.

It is this arrogant and ceaseless objective of holding hegemony over all others that they have brought so much trouble, stress, conflicts, wars, suffering and destructions to every country and people in this world. At the head of this evil western camp of racial supremacist is the satanic American imperialist dictatorship and tyranny.

PART      Two:

President Trump wants to make America great again. It is hogwash. When has America ever been great? America has never been great at all. America's 242 years of history is awashed with notoriety of sinful crimes against humanity. Each and every American president both past and present is a notorious criminal with blood in their hands in the killings and genocide of the native Americans and the African Americans as well as the killing and lynchings of Chinese Americans.

They were also very cruel and brutal in their wars of aggression against Hawaii and the Philippines between 1898 and 1905, with the wanton merciless killings of over two hundred thousand Hawaiian resistent fighters and more than half a million Philippino patriots.

Their wars of aggression and killings of other people have never stopped. They have been attacking and bombing Afghanistan and the Middle East Arab muslim countries for many years killing a few million innocent civilians and causing untold grievous sufferings to millions more as well as causing tremendous destruction to peoperties and homes which they simply dismissed without any remorse as collateral damage.

The Evil Empire believe in perennial wars to keep its military industrial complex on going non-stop so as to churn up money and endless profits for its warmongering elites in Wall Street and Washington.

Each time before the existing wars end they would be planning ahead of other wars on other countries they have picked to attack. Possible scenario now is they will pick on Venezuela and Cuba to attack to be followed by instigating and fomenting wars in the South China Sea region between some of the Asean countries and China.

However, if the Evil Empire pick on China now to attack it will definitely meet its nemesis for China is now strong, rich and powerful and is not only well armed with with the most modern weapons but is also well armed with very accurate nuclear missiles and intercontinental nuclear armed bombers.

China is a peaceful country and spends her time and money to help its people and other countries to secure a better life for the people in building infrastructures like roads and railways, ports, schools, hospitals and factories.

On the contrary the Evil Empire and its European allies spend all their time and money making bombs and  weapons to make wars on other countries so as to threaten and bring the whole world under their total control and hegemony.

The evil Americans and their European allies may have advanced technologically and scientifically but they have regressed in the civilize aspect and have become more evil, savage and cruel in their inhuman craving for wars and aggression.

The free world must put a stop to United States wars of aggression failing which their evil actions may bring forth the ultimate destruction and annihilation of all mankind on earth.


Wednesday, 24th July , 2019


Anonymous said...


More of such thinking & writing please!

It will make my War Stocks shoot to the moon & higher!! LOL!!!

Mooning war stocks


Anonymous said...

WSG first to respond for the wrong cause. U needed to be sodomized to cure your illness.😝

Anonymous said...

War is an an ongoing affair that no living being can ends it.
In fact,
living beings, even those within the same species must be prepared for battles, battles for survival, power, territory and one for glory to satisfy ones ego.
lt is impossible to avoid war as the World is never evenly and uniformly endow with resources and elements.
And in war, as in pursuit of love, anything and everything is fair.
No strategy is wrong or evil, WINNER TAKES ALL.
No one should claim being victimized and or bullied. Loser loses because it is weak and loses to others who are better in attack and in defence.
Matilah knows best about survival and living.
Wish he shall enlighten all about the Reality and Philosophy of existence.
He shall be more practical than all philosopers of the Past.


Anonymous said...

Talks are cheap and easy when it is not you who are suffering or victimized.

Detached from the battlefields, out of harms way, never having to experience bullets flying through your chest or stomach or bomb shrapnels embedded into your body, one can philosophise until the black becomes white, shits become foods and cows can jump over the mooon, but no one is going to trust in his words, no matter how well he writes to impress others.

This is another fact of life.

Virgo 49 said...

Southern Glory.

Many are using their religions as covers for conquests and enslaving the World.

The Worse is their White God. What's crusade against the infidels.

Another equally similar one with different pronunciation but from the same source. Names somewhat similar.

These are the Scourge of Turmoils around the World.

Trying to propagate their goodness but the Worst troubles makers.

And yet miilions and billions believed in their shits.

Anonymous said...

Abuse and misuse of religions' influence and power are the worst of all human abuses and misuses.

The perpetrators lull the minds of the gullibles and turn them into walking zhombies every-ready to do the biddings of the evil perpetrators, chalatans.

Anonymous said...

is the greatest evil and sin ever created by mankind.
lmagine human sacrifices of own child and or members of own tribe to appease a blood thirsty imagined entity.
Fuck the stupid believers.

Anonymous said...

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