CIA Evil Plots and Clandestines Activities To Undermine Governments For Regime Change.

     The Evil Empire has since its independence in 1775, adopted a set pattern of Modus Operandi to undermine foreign or other governments for regime  change and for occupying and annexing other countries. Using these bellicose principles they had destroyed all the self-governing native American states and incorporated them into the United States of America. The did that to Mexico and subsequently annexed more than One million Six Hundred And Sixty-Five Thousand square miles of Mexican lands. Then after that it did the same to Hawaii in 1898 and formally annexed it in 1957.

Using the same Modus Operandi they did it to many Central and South American countries, to Middle East Arab countries, to Afghanistan and South East Asian countries. They failed in their attempt to undermine China in the failed Tiananmen riot in 1989 and a few times in Hong Kong in the Umbrella riots .

The CIA is The United States terrorist organisation . All its clandestine and subversive activities against other countries can be traced back to Washington, to the White House, Senate and Congress.

The CIA Modus Operandi patterns are as followss.

1.   Funding the Opposition
2.   Assassination: Assassinate presidents and leaders who are unfriendly to the United States.
3.   Destroying the economy or Economic Assasination to impoverish countries so as to cost social unrest and upheavals
4.   Media Takeover : Taking over of newspapers, journals, tabloids and TVs to carry out insidious propaganda and indoctrination for subversion.
5.   Creating Choas: Instigate and foment riots and public disorder to overturn governments which are unfriendly to US  or which refuse to toe US dictates.
6.    Exploiting Religious differences and ethnicity to divide and rule
7.   Using NGOs ( Non-Government Organisations ) to infiltrate, influence and interfere in local politics and internal affairs of other countries to carry out regime change.
8.   Using their Christian religious doctrine , 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery' to justify their violence, terrorists acts and wars of aggression.
9.   Using their insidious bellicose doctrines to satisfy and empower them to carry out their wanton acts of aggression and domination and hegemony via The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, The Doctrine of American Essentialism and Exceptionalism.
10.   The Jewish American Paul Wolfowitz doctrine of Neo-Conservative Foreign Policy - such as in Foreign Policy - Low tolerance for diplomacy, readiness to use military force and an emphasis on US unilateral action. American Foreign Policy under the control of American Jews is the source of all evils in this world.

10.  Using subterfuge
       Use of subterfuge to undermine other countries peace and security.

The CIA had applied all these various principles successfully in taking down many countries in all parts of the world. In 1953 in Iran, it overthrew the democratically elected legitimate government of Presidennt Mossadegh and replace him with the Shah, a pro US tyrannical despot. In 1973 CIA overthrew Salvador Allende the socialist president of Chile and replaced him with Pinochet, a brutal pro US dictator who killed over three hundred thousand left wing Chileans. CIA also overthrew the democratically elected socialist government of the Sardinistras in Nicaragua in the 1980s and replaced it with the murderous pro US Contras. 

In 1963  in Indonesia CIA infiltrated into the administration of President Sukarno especially in the military and successfully carried out a military coup in 1965 with US funded and supported pro US army General Suharto installed as president. Under CIA's plod and guidance Suharto killed and murdered almost three million left wing Indonesians.

In 1970 CIA carried out an unsuccessful military coup against Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia and tried to replace Sihanouk  with traitor General Lon Nol as president. Lon Nol was on CIA's payroll until his death in California in 1985.

In similar way the Evil Empire via its terrorist arm the CIA overthrew the  governments of Yugoslavia in 1998, Saddam Hussein of Iraq in 2003 and Muammar Quaddafi of Libya in 2011. The traitor who ganged up with America to overthrow Saddam Hussein of Iraq was one Ahmad Chalabi, who is now a minister in the US military rule of Iraq and is still on CIA's payroll. In Libya the traitor who worked with CIA to overthrow Qaddafi was General Khalifa Haftar who is now installed as the ruler and warlord of Eastern Libya. Haftar is still on CIA's payroll.

Last year 2018 CIA tried to carry out a regime change of the democratically elected legitimate government of President Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela but failed miserably because Maduro had the mass support of more than eighty percent of the Venezuelans as well as strong support from Russia and China.

Recently it tried to use clandestine activities and subterfuge to destabilise the Philippines to overthrow President Duterde, but failed.

But now in Hong Kong , the Evil Empire via CIA.s use of NGOs had successfully infiltrated  and indoctrinated the thousands of faceless Hongkies to riot against the Hong Kong government so as to undermine the peace and prosperity of China. Some of the notorious traitors and ringleaders of the riotors are found in the high places of the legal profession, the university and other institutions of higher learnings and other high administrative posts including a substantial numbers of riff-raffs in society. A few examples can be found in Martin Lee, a lawyer, Benny Tai also a lawyer, Audrey Yuet-mee, Ray Wong and Edward Leung . Most of them have been meeting US  anti-China legislators and Congress personnels like Pelopsi and Marco Rubio. All these traitors organisations are funded by CIA and each and everyone of them are on CIA's payroll. China should forbid all CIA's NGOs in China and stop all their clandestine activitives and use of subterfuge to undermine China's peace and security. All traitors and ringleaders should be arrested and despatched off forthwith immediately without any hesitation. The law must take its course and violent riotors must be shown no mercy. They must be arrested and imprisoned and if necessary face the death penalty.

CIA is the world's biggest and most horrendous terrorist organisation . The world should clamour for the United Nations Organisation to take action against the United States and get rid of CIA forever for the peace and security of mankind on earth.


Wednesday, 3rd July, 201


Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire is the most destabilising force in the world. It is the only country creating wars causinng deaths, sufferings and destruction.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that the Evil Empires were and are the Main Cause of Conflict and War.

The Second Sinners are the TRAITOR AND BETRAYOR

Virgo 49 said...

Twenty two years already passed.

Honkies many migrated overseas found that their countries of abode are not as comfortable as they thought to be.Also, jobs opportunities for them are getting scarce with now so many WhiteMen countries in protectism as their enconmies are beginning to falter.

So, many bananas Honkies wanted to return back to HK.

Thus, they are looking for any opportunity to disrupt the ���� China's Government and wanted an Independent HK so that they can return and rule themselves.

Fat hope. See Macau even enjoyed China's protection and prospered quietly.

China would never lose HK again to the imperialists and shits stirrer and the cock sucking white bananas.

Virgo 49 said...

China painstaking built up the Surrounding islands for their defence against the war mongering Americunts and the sneaky Japs.

You think they allowed HK just across their Straits to be Americunts Bases and thorn in their arse.

Likewise Taiwan.

Not happy hear from the PAPIes stooges migrate lah. We have more trashes to replace you. Purging the Oppositions.

Anonymous said...

There are too many ASEAN leaders who do not know the evil dark side of the American history. So much so that one former official of a small ASEAN country recently wrote in the mass media in praise of US. He said he admired US for the generosity of its spirit, its idealism and leadership of the world.

Praising US generosity of its spirit is really an insult to the world and contravenes the truth the world has ever known that US is a notorious rogue and thieving country which has for centuries been stealing and robbing many countries of the world through its force of military might. What idealism is he talking about of US? Doesn't he know of the many US insidious evil doctrines that the Evil Empire employs to justify its brutal aggression and occupation of other people's or other countries' lands. Then he uttered that he admires US leadership. What leadership is he talking of? Everyone and every country knows that the evil empire indulges in most wanton malpractices in assassinations, killings, murders and genocide, in destroying other countries economy , in instigating and fomenting uprising against legitimate governments, in its readiness to use military force against small and weak countries to satisfy its own selfish interests, in building over a thousand military bases around the four corners of the earth to threaten countries big or small. This ASEAN leader is talking shit and has been smoking opium all the time. It is really disgusting to know that he is spouting such nonsense and utter rubbish in the main paper.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

Every US president, past and present is a criminal The United states has always been run by rogues, crooks and scoundrels. The freeworld must unite under the leadership of Russia and China to take down this wanton American imperialism and hegemony. The world will never have peace and security until the United States is destroyed for good.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Glory, I think using the death penalty for dissent is a bit extreme as it encourages dictatorship. I am sure u would not recommend locally we do the same. May I suggest u tone down and substitute with sodoy instead? 😀

imho said...

Everyone is selfish and greedy.
The question is 'is selfish+greedy = evil?'
If yes, who is not evil?

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong's economic importance to China is no longer paramount. China should let Hong Kong be in turmoil and the people suffer the consequences, since they like it that way.

If the Hong Kong Government comes down hard, it will be branded inhuman by the Western media, so they just tolerate. Now that the police did not stopped the demonstrators from destroying properties, the people behind the unrest are asking why the police did nothing to stop them. Ironical isn't it.

China can survive without Hong Kong or Taiwan, but not the other way round. I think the older generation in Hong Kong knows that, that is why the disturbance is mainly spearheaded by the younger people with instigation from the outside. It is reported that about 165,000 people have now come out in support of the Hong Kong Government. Please don't say these are people sent in from China.

Anonymous said...

TTTT, Trump's Trade and Technology Terrorism

Mankind in the past, now and in the future have no choice but to deal with the Triple Evils that constitute the existence of our world and our beings.

The Triple Evils, that are now championed, unleashed and promulgated by the Evil US Empire, are:

1. Whitemen Supremacists Racism.

2. Economic Exploitation and Deprivation.

3. Militarism and Perpetual War around the world.

Somehow these three evils are tied together. Tied together by the monster known as USA and its slave master called Donald John Trump.

Within the votex of these three evils, the great problem and the great challenge facing mankind today is the weaponisation of Trade as the latest tool of modern warfare, coupled with Technology as its supporting fire. War has been launched against mankind around the world. No one is spared. Even the rich and powerful are not spared.

This war seems to be mild, tame, contained and limited but in reality it is extreme, ruthless, devastating and widespread.

Trade and Technology, these double "Tees" together with the name of the man who empowered them as weapons of mass destruction, form the acronym TTT = Trade, Technology and Trump. But that's not all. There is another 'T'.

The actual representation of today's Evils should be known as the 4 Ts or TTTT. It stands for Trump's Trade and Technology Terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Communist China's economic success is a big blow to the myth of economic success based on democracy, the ills of which have never been highlighted until now.

Because China under communism can still be so economically successful makes the West nervous, when for decades communism had been demonised as a failed system. But lest we forget, many of the biggest democracies in the world have mired in poverty for centuries as well.

Anonymous said...

The nefarious activities of the CIA are well-known and undeniable, too widespread over the entire world, to be undetectable. The Evil Organization is the real terrorist organization that threatens the whole world. Together with the other sixteen US intelligence organizations, and the Secret Service (Gestapo) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), they have no equals able to match and prevent them from carrying out their hidden agendas and evil intentions.

Even the once famous and notorious KGB of the USSR and the Israelites' Mossad could not match them.

Virgo49 said...

Posted as Received"-

Hong Kong patriots sent a message to the bottom of the sneaky real identity. This burly, strong foreigner is Brian Patrick Kern, an American. His current public identity is a retired teacher at the Hong Kong International School. Since 1990, Brian Patrick Kern has opened so-called "human rights" courses in many countries to educate the students in the United States, train the students to march and demonstrate, and promote the YAN color revolution.

In 2009, he worked as a foreign language teacher in the university in China. However, the main content of his professor was to perform the same pro-American and anti-Chinese brainwashing on Chinese students, to teach and organize students to strike, and was dismissed after being discovered by the school.

After leaving China, his work was transferred to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China and he came to Hanji International School as an English teacher. However, his main job is not to teach English, but to engage in a one-year so-called "human rights" course.

Through up to seven projects, he will carry out anti-China and pro-American brainwashing of Hong Kong students and instill the content of demonized China. And teach Hong Kong students how to march and demonstrate.

In particular, Brian Patrick Kern led a group of Hong Kong students to India to study Tibetan medicine.

In this atrocities of Hong Kong, Brian Patrick Kern finally went to the front desk to personally train and direct Hong Kong drug elements to teach them how to undermine the rule of law, surround and attack the Hong Kong police. In the crowd at the scene, he publicly yelled "Don't go back" in English and personally showed the mob how to insult the Hong Kong Police.