Tharman as IMF MD

Singapore — It looks as though Christine Lagarde, who has been serving as the Managing Director and Chairwoman of the International Monetary Fund since 2011, may be leaving her post soon, and the Singapore’s own Tharman Shanmugaratnam, currently a Senior Minister, may be stepping up to the plate.
Ms Lagarde was nominated as the President of the European Central Bank (ECB) on July 2, Tuesday, to outgoing Mario Draghi, and the New York Times (NYT) reported that she is looking to step down from heading the IMF while the ECB nomination is being carried out.

But the question that the NYT posed is whether or not the United States will actually endeavour to get an American to succeed Ms Lagarde. While the World Bank is traditionally chaired by an American, and the IMF, a European, some experts believe that US President Donald Trump may seek to defy this tradition.
Aside from Mr Tharman, who served as the IMF’s chairman of the International Monetary and Financial Committee, the other names on the shortlist of possible IMF heads are a former deputy managing director of the monetary fund, Agustín Carstens; and the former chief executive of Pimco, Mohamed El-Erian....

The above is posted in theindependent.sg. The post ended with a comment that Tharman is the best person for the job. I also think so, just like I think Tharman is also the best person to be PM of Singapore. But there are two problems to tackle. One, does Tharman want the job? He does not want the job of PM of Singapore and maybe he also does not want the MD job in IMF.

But the more difficult question is whether the Americans would allow it, or whether the European would allow it. Would the Europeans say Europeans are not ready for an Asian to be head of IMF?

Regardless, I would definitely be happy if Tharman becomes the MD of IMF. After all he would not be the PM of Singapore and he is relatively young compares to the rest of the potential candidates.  I cannot tahan seeing him wasting his good years as a senior minister in this little island. He still has 20 good years of productive life ahead of him, perhaps the best years in his life.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

If Tharman cannot become the next PM of Singapore, then he should also not take up the highly political post of IMF's MD. Simple as that. Why? If he does, he will be seen as forsaking Singaporeans in order to seek personal glory and fame.

Anonymous said...


I'm Mr Tharman fan!

Yes! He is actually the BEST-est man to be the next PM!

Toooooooooo bad. Don't know why?

Anyway now......Yes! He is the BEST-est man to be the IMF MD!

Yes! Why wait? Do it now!

All the best! Mr Tharman!

Virgo 49 said...

Where's the Scholar on "Botaknics"??

If "Botaknics" is so good then Singspore PM would NOT be saying "worrying".

Singapore's Fundamentals and Economy will be STEADFAST as a Rock Now.


Anonymous said...

Probably Tharma would not accept this post cos he would hv to answer to Ah Long and his party by giving access to the country's wealth as betrayal to the party or country sovereignty.
If Tharman accept this post,probably Ah Long would kick his ass and ask him to resign or retire from his party. It gives China excuse that Ah Long is a double sided snake & cudnt be entrusted to China mega projects.

Anonymous said...


What are those China mega projects awarded to Sg so far?

Anonymous said...

@ 9.44am

...nothing yet if u read the comments carefully.."..it gives China excuse that Ah Long is a double sided snake & cudnt be entrusted to China mega projects." China is always re assessing Ah Long's party position very carefully every now n then.

Anonymous said...

If Tharman become IMF MD I'll chop off my cock !!

Anonymous said...


I prefer El-Erian for the job --- he has more originality than Tharman.

Anyway for my War Stocks, doesn't matter who becomes IMF MD --- they can put a dog or cat also won't matter at all.

Same like SG PM --- can put a rat or cockroach also won't affect my investments or lifestyle. And SG will just continue operating as usual.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1040am

I think China strategy is BIGsmall also eat.

No one no one whether double heads or triple heads snake to China is sub sub water!


Virgo 49 said...

Let's see how long this Pompous WSG can still boasts about his War Stocks.

Once stopped postings means at the Garbage Dumps scavenging for overnight food or vegetables.


Anonymous said...

Trump's celebration of Independence (read as Invasion) Day, is drenched in heavy rain. Of is crying.

Anonymous said...

KNN, auto correct changed "God" to"Of". Idiot software writer.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.35am

Don't belittle a small double headed snake, it can spit vicious venom on larger animals & die ( it can take down elephants). Look at wat the Viets peeam juz got its venom from it & also guai guai can't do anything but to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Will he suffer a pay cut?

Anonymous said...

Pay cut for Tharma? Not really lah. Well he can don't take the bait what.
If he don't take the bite, maybe tat Dishonor chap wud reward him with some new job glamo title (like Tharimeritus SM..with good pay for rest of his life like Loa Goa, or he be asked to retire la)

Anonymous said...

He is smart to deline to be the Prime Minister of Sin.
Why would he wants to clean the shit all over the fan ?
As for the IMF Appointment, he could have coveted for it. lt shall be historic to anyone, either whilst in Office or in posterity.
lt could be more lucrative than being a Senior Cabinet Member in the Sin Regime, despite the Fact that his current income as a Sin Ruler, is much higher than all other Rulers around the World.

There is no reason for him to decline the IMF Offer.
He could be praying for it.

Anonymous said...

Probably, Tharman will not be shortlisted in the IMF MD role lah, maybe will juz be another consulting role la. Do u think the POTUS will allow a non white blackie man to do the job ? There r do many talents all over the world, even the Indon finance minister is probably on the list.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4.05pm

You said Shit all over!

But 69.9% gone to them!

Can you explain why?!!!


Anonymous said...

There shall be
more shits piling
on and will be self evident to all.
Just hope that the 69.9 can take the stench.

Good Luck to All.

Anonymous said...

6.16 pm anon, u can be more original or not as every post u quoted the 69.9%, very boring lar. I feel like sodomizing you to shock you to come up with some new original arguments. 😀

Anonymous said...

If Tharman become IMF MD, newspapers in India will be very excited and start crowing !

In 2012, the Government of India conferred the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman (Overseas Indian Award) to the late N.R. Nathan.

The Pravasi Bharatiya Samman (Overseas Indian Honour/Award) is an award constituted by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India in conjunction with the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (Non-Resident Indian Day), to honour exceptional and meritorious contribution in their chosen field/profession. The award is given by the President of India.


Virgo 49 said...

So the Sinkie Indians still looked to their so called Homeland with pride.

Whereas Chinkee Sinkies scorned their own kind especially from China.

Still think that they are Superior to the PRCs. Why you cannot speak Eng Kok.

Ask them listen to Lui Xin and some of the PRC commentators and TV personalities to put them to shame with their Singlish.

Once we have a PRC Shipping clerk in our Company.

Listen to the difference in conversation from her and our local highly electrocuted ladies.

Local sinkie:Ai, come here faster. Hello, what you want? Wait wait! I busy. Not a iota of manners.

PRC: Called you by name- can you come and help me with this.

What's are you looking for? Or what's the matter?

Just a min please, I am busy now.

That's the difference of what's correct Eng Kok to be spoken.