Tourism boost in Malaysia

The progressive Malaysian govt has come up with something that would put Singapore to shame. While Singapore is still hardcore in condemning drug taking and with capital punishment as a deterrent, Malaysia is going to allow drug taking in small amount as acceptable, not a crime. Now this must be music to the ears of all the drug addicts in Singapore. Taking a cue from the progressive West is always a good and easy thing. The West did it, so must be OK.

Below is a report in Yahoo News on this drug taking in small amount as a new way of life. Oh, drug trafficking is still a serious offence. But taking sikit sikit is ok, just a disease and just try to cure them by allowing them to take sikit sikit, should not pose any problem, not drug addiction.

Singaporeans can be expected to swarm into Malaysia once this new progressive law is introduced. Just take sikit sikit would be nice. Can do is publicly, hold sikit sikit drug parties in Malaysia, and take them in style and in comfort. No need to think of going to Canada or some western cities far far away. Now it can be done across the Causeway. It is a game changer.

My only fear is that when tourism money starts to flow into Malaysia because of this, some 'pragmatic' aka money minded politicians would say hey, let's do the same. How can Malaysia be more progressive than us, we are a world city and this is the in thing, everyone is doing it and very good also for bringing in more wildlife here, oops, I mean rich and affluent foreigners to spend their money here. More oomphs and vibrancy in this dull city.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia's government plans to drop criminal penalties for the possession and use of drugs in small quantities to battle addiction, but stressed the move is not akin to legalizing narcotics.

Malaysia has one of the world's harshest penalties for drug possession. Anyone found with 200 grams (7.05 ounces) of cannabis, 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of opium, 40 grams (1.41 ounces) of cocaine, and 15 grams (0.53 ounces) of heroin or morphine face being charged with drug trafficking, which carries the death penalty.

More than 1,200 prisoners are on death row, most of them convicted of drug crimes.

Health Minister Dzulkefly Ahmad said in a statement Thursday that the proposal for the decriminalization of drug addiction will be a significant game changer. He said drug addiction is a complex, relapsing medical condition and throwing an addict into jail will not cure them.

"Drug decriminalization will indeed be a critical next step toward achieving a rational drug policy that puts science and public health before punishment and incarceration," Dzulkefly said. "An addict shall be treated as a patient, not as a criminal, whose addiction is a disease we would like to cure."

He said the move mustn't be mistaken as legalizing drugs as drug trafficking will remain a crime....


Anonymous said...

Insanely stupid.

Anonymous said...

Just like they build the casinos to compete with Gentings, it's not unreasonable to expect them to follow the neighbors up North - more drug parties, male homo orgies, etc etc . . . Welcome to the new Singapore !!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The Move is quite surprising as Malaysia has just aped Singapore in banning smoking of tobacco at many public places.
The Move to legalize drug consumption can be likened to legalizing rape but prostitution is an offence.


Anonymous said...

It's a win-win-win solution to gain more votes, revenue and popularity (not fame).

Just a few words of caution:

Everything big starts with something small. A huge tsunami starts with just a tiny crack in the bottom of the ocean that sooner or later became an underwater earthquake that reach 9.1 on there Richter scale.

An alcoholic does not become one because he drinks a lot in one go. One becomes an alcoholic because he drinks a little bit of boost everyday.

Sidikit Sidikit sajah. Ta'apa lah! That is the real trap. You psycho yourself that nothing would go wrong. That means you are not prepared for something to go wrong. So you pick up the habbit. Once it becomes habitual. That's it. You got hooked! You have joined the club of drug addicts! Good luck to your families.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ get high in KL and party

No point just decriminalising. They should make it LEGAL, then TAX it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous July 01, 2019 8:42 am
///Just like they build the casinos to compete with Gentings, it's not unreasonable to expect them to follow the neighbors up North - more drug parties, male homo orgies, etc etc . . . Welcome to the new Singapore !!///

Anon 8.42am,


YEW must be a historical ignoramus?

China paramount leader Deng Xiao Ping, in his biography, recounted his (very) bad impression of this island when he passed by in 1921 enroute to France for further studies.

In Chinese, it is called "毒,赌,黄", the epitome of the vices of human beans.

In English, literally translated as "Drug, Gambling, Prostitution"

In the early 20th century, it was a "paradise for wild lives ", a place so sleazy Deng found it absolutely disgusting when he made his journey enroute from China to France in the early 1920s.

At that time, drugs, gambling, prostitution and all kinds of smuggling including human beans were in vogue and the mainstay of the economy?

In 2005, under Botaknomics, the economic case of casinos was presented to revive the economy and even Lim Boon Keng shed and choked back tears in 2011 when he recounted how they eventually heeded Botaknomics advice and made the decision to proceed with making the gambling vice a pillar of Sinkieland economic engine

Poor Uncle Kim Boon Keng, it must have torn his heart and soul to reluctantly go with the flow of economic reality?

Can't imagine GKS and his cohort chose vices to make a living for the people after 1965?

Now, is history coming a full circle (as per Deng experience with this place in the early 1920s)?

In 2 years time, it will mark the centennial of China paramount leader Deng Xiao Ping making his first visit to this island back in 1921?

If Deng meets his (Sinkieland) counterpart in heaven or the nether world, what would they talk about?

Uncle RB "talent spotted his blue eye poster boy" after GE 2011 as the hope and future of Sinkieland (as can be seen in his many writings post 2011 singing lavish praises)?

Alas, few years later his poster boy decided to drop a bombshell exhorting and encouraging oldies (Uncle RB included?) to treat picking cardboard as a form of exercise

Next, will Botaknomics continue to be the main mantra and Sinkieland succumbing to the call again, this time to the ultimate bombshell to make it a complete "hat trick" - the epitome of human bean vices aka "毒,赌,黄" ("Drug, Gambling, Prostitution"), exactly what made Deng so disgusted when the ship he was travelling made port of call in 1921?

Uncle RB is so good at talent spotting. Eyes never paste stamps?

The two talents he spotted seemed to be making great waves in the sea of a sampan?

(Alas, albeit for the wrong reasons?)

Anonymous said...

Few years ago, when helming social affairs and asked about more and more elderlies slogging under hot sun and sometimes rain doing the back breaking menial labour of carting and pushing cardboards, rampaging dirty, smelly and germ-filled rubbish bins for metal cans and more cardboards, someone said it is a form of exercise for the oldies?

Now, as can be seen from some online (xxx) postings (soliciting "biz"), if asked similar qn about more and more women folks turning to "xxxxxxxxxx" to make ends meet, hope whoever answers that question would not make the same mistake and say that for the husbands, parents, grandparents, children, siblings and relatives that WHAT their wives, daughters, granddaughters, mothers, sisters, nieces, cousins are doing is a FORM OF EXERCISE?

Pls pls pls

Pls let's all pray hard no one is going to go that way and spout such logic if asked similar qn?

Otherwise "pandemonium" might break out and humpty dumpty might never be the same again?

Virgo49 said...

Chiak Lat liao!!!

Now already minimum even off peak one and a half to two hours jam at Tuas bu cars.

Later, at least minimum three hours.

The CNB with the Aetos Security half baked guards will come and look at everybody's faces to detect whether you are ON DRUGS.

Eyes red red with not enough sleep thru long distance driving or no sleep at the City Above The Clouds in ful swing will have you at the Toilets for urine tests.

Yawn yawn in front of them and rubbed your bleary eyes will have you detained another three hours.

Whole cars checked and stripped and wire scopes poked into all your windows and seats.

Matland only said sikit sikit legalized drugs, but they will throw you in the dungeons with rats whether sikit sikit or banyak banyak.

Unlucky ones will be paddled hits on buttocks until cry Fathers and Mothers.


Anonymous said...

This is what will happen when a new political party takes over from the PAP:

Assessing the performance of the Pakatan Harapan government after its one year stint in power, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says all quarters were no longer afraid.

“Instead people are free to criticise the government.”

He says after the Pakatan took over the country’s administration the government is called inefficient but it is actually more efficient than the previous regime headed by fallen PM Najib Razak.

He says the government is working towards the eradication of corruption which spark further development in the country and the people will be able to live a better life.

- Advertisement -

Dr Mahathir spoke at the open house held at the MBI Desaku Convention Hall attended by 20,000 people, says Bernama.

In the past weeks, both Dr Mahathir and Prime Minister to be, Anwar Ibrahim are on a mission to counter the opposition’s campaign that the Pakatan government is not efficient, is inexperienced and does not deserve to be in power.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo49 July 01, 2019 2:22 pm
///Chiak Lat liao!!!

Now already minimum even off peak one and a half to two hours jam at Tuas bu cars.

Later, at least minimum three hours///

Wah rao???

Like that how to go up there (anymore)?

Anyway, for those who cannot ctrl (in handling the 3 vices), perhaps can ask a family member to safe keep PP?

Reduce risk of running foul of the law or in case cannot self ctrl?

At present, you go town area on Fri nights so many young people drink and drink non-stop already and some ended up "sthg happen to them after that"?

At 2 or 3 am can see so many are highly drunk and some ended up fighting?

If not vomit until half dead?

For some females if kena pregnant also dunno who is the "father " BC some are so drunk they didn't even know or remember making out with strangers or which person?

Similarly, if take drugs in Matland sikit sikit try try sure jiak lat liao?

So many ladies drinking also started "harmlessly" just occasional social drinking, sikit sikit try try but ended up addicted and binge drinking?

If kena hooked on drugs, likely ended up in prostitution later on?

In the olden days, not only the China Qing Dynasty kena the Opium menace?

Sinkieland also kena and many women folks who got hooked on opium ended up in prostitution.

Heard that Chinatown in those days were very filthy and full of crimes, opium, prostitution, gambling etc?

Anonymous said...

Like that very soon in Malaysia, sodomy may also be legally acceptable Lor so those sinkies who preferred ass over pussy may do so safely in Malysia so another tourist draw? 😀

Anonymous said...

In fact, Sinkies have beenn drugged for the past 50 years and 69.9% of them are hardcore drug-addicts. The drugs came in many forms from various distributors on daily, weekly, monthly and annually basis. But most importantly on 4-5 years basis when generals' erections are near. And about 70% of Sinkies would get an erection and a short quickie orgasm.

Anonymous said...

6.42pm anon, why insult the majority who happen to be different from you. In a democracy, we need to respect the majority otherwise how. So don't try to be funny lar unless u are asking to be sodomized by the majority jialat jialat,😭😭😭

Anonymous said...

@ 7:52 pm

You are the one who is all the while insulting the majority by painting them as potential sodomisers.

6:42 pm was merely stating a fact. Truth hurts, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Maltilda is a rodent and snake rolled into one.

Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager called such pple "蛇鼠两头".

In Chinese, its meaning is worst than double-headed snake.

If snake, then know it is one.

But snake and rodent is far more dangerous

A rodent that can suddenly deliver a fatal bite not unlike a poisonous snake?

Do you all know what Empress Dowager did to such pple during that time?

Virgo49 said...

I had one very interesting photo but unable to find the link to repost here.

Also not savy enough to copy and paste on this page.

This picture will insult the daft 70% more when just at a glance a picture better than a thousand words.

In it shown these World Leaders are there to serve their People.

Dotard- 400K-Merkel-242K-Abe-241K etc etc

Lastly come to our Great PM-2017-2.2M.
His pay alone is more than the combined salary of all the 10 World Leaders.


Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 8.51am: "Dotard- 400K-Merkel-242K-Abe-241K etc etc
Lastly come to our Great PM-2017-2.2M.
His pay alone is more than the combined salary of all the 10 World Leaders."

Uncle Virgo49,

On this point, unfortunately have to disagree with you why it is so.

Bc there is economic basis as to why a small country has to pay millions to its leader whereas big countries pay peanuts.

This is sthg Ai am working on in mind draft (for an 18-page publication)

This theory is missing in mainstream economics txtbk.

And explains the outcome in many "mkts".

Ai am still polishing the draft of this paradoxical theory.

This is an area of research nobody seemingly has done intensively on it before.

Hope this clears your doubt why a small country leader's pay is equivalent to the summation of the world's top 10 leaders.

If you read mind publication draft you will realise why it is so.

So, don't fret!

We NEVER overpay our leader.

In fact, in my publication draft, the conclusion is that OUR LEADER is UNDERPAID. :)))


Anonymous said...

1.33pm anon, truth does not hurt Lar but when u Kena sodomized jialat jialat, your ass hurt lar. Knn understNd or not? 😀