The Americans will not go away, unless driven out like in Vietnam

The Americans are claiming all credit for the defeat of ISIS in Syria, claiming that it was the work of the American coalition. How laughable! They created this beast, financed it to create trouble for the Arab world, and pretend to fight them for several years while allowing them to grow in strength until the Russians stepped in. Even then, the Americans and the coalition were attacking Assad’s forces instead of attacking the ISIS in Syria. 

Now that the Russians and Syrian forces have defeated the ISIS, the Americans are claiming that they did the job. But that is not all. The devious intent of the Americans is exposed. With the end of ISIS, there is no reason for the Americans to be in Syria, just like there is no reason for them to be in Iraq. But no, they must find another reason to keep their soldiers in Syria and Iraq.

What can be a good reason for the Americans now? Oh they admitted a mistake in Iraq by withdrawing and allowing the ISIS to rebuild and regroup. Did they withdraw from Iraq? Nay, they are fully in Iraq, an occupied territory of the Empire. The Americans would never leave Iraq. It is a semi colony.

The same fate is awaiting Syria. Hey, Syria has a legitimate govt and with govt soldiers. Syria is a sovereign state. What right have the Americans to unilaterally decide to station their ground troops in Syria? Who gave them the authority to do so? Oh, must be the emperor of the American Empire. The Emperor decides that it is for the good of Syria that their forces remain in Syria, even if the ISIS has been defeated. They need to be there to rebuild and grow another ISIS or under another name, to justify their presence. Not only that, they are arming and training the Kurds at the Syrian Turkish border to be another ISIS to bring down the Assad govt.

Putin was dumb enough to think he has done his job and started to pull Russian troops out of Syria. The evil Empire is there to stay. The evil Empire will not leave Syria or the Middle East. These are their stakes and protectorates, their colonies.

The daft Arabs still thinking that peace will return to the Middle East and they will no longer see American troops in their countries? Fat hope. The very reason for the Empire to be everywhere is to foment trouble, destabilize a country or region to justify their presence.

The truth, according to retired army colonel Steve Warren, ‘Unless we want to cede eastern Syria to the Iranians, (the coalition) needs to be there.) Period.


Anonymous said...

One silly country in SE Asia still believe that the Americans would withdraw from the region and keeps begging the Americans to stay, even offering its backside to be screwed for the Americans to stay.

The Americans must be laughing themselves crazy at such stupidity. The Americans would die die want to stay in every corner of the world to protect their Empire. They would do everything, including regime change, just to be present. In Korea, in the Ppines, now wanting to be in Vietnam, in India....

Would the daft understand this? If they do, they would not have to bend their knees to beg the Americans to stay. They need not be coerced to do the bidding of the Empire, becoming barking dogs of the Empire.

Xia suay.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Bro, that stupid Country is Singapore, is it??

That Hen and Looney fella need to be kicked on the Arses.

Next round detained all their military wares in Taiwan and Kim send a nice present with Atomic Energy with compliments.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Turkist govt forces are attacking the American backed Kurdish rebels at the Turkist Syrian border. The Syrian govt forces must coordinate with the Turkist govt to rid this new evil baby of the Americans before they grow into another ISIS.

Wherever there are Americans there will be trouble and wars.

Anonymous said...

Syria Democratic Force, also YPG, Nusra, ISIS, Al queda are all US creations when started. The remaining are YPG, SDF. They occupied syria Damascus s territories. The syrian govt has yet to clear them off. YPG are turds and Turkey has crossed into syria to wipe them off. Turkey s no longer US s ally. Both YPG and SDP are supported by US as their papa san. They too thought they can have their own states recognize by US.

US in support of its only recognize state in middle east has been blew off by 911, which was linked to an oil state, in 911 report. That oil state is also supporting these US supporting forces against syria.

The main action like IsIs is syria and robbing the oil. B4 Putin went into middle east, IsIs sold raw oil so cheap that the old market collapsed. US was trying its means to bring down Russia which sells oil, and all oil selling countries went down together. See how powerful is US, the world super mighty state. China got cheap oil and grew faster.

Putin pulled out its troops to save money. No one will spend extra money on middle east except US. It put in extra troops to fight Taliban. Bear in mind, US initially supported the Muzahadin to fight Russia at that area. Russia pulled out. US ended up fighting with Taliban.
US Bush said Iraq war would last 6 month. Iraq would be the model democracy. Mattis was war general in that area. From the results, readers can guess what Mattis has in mind. He probably would want to be like Putin.
However, will the created warriors like SDF, YPF etc let US go home? If US were to pull out as defeat, the war between Iran and Saudi will begin. There is another view of these US created cronies: these are Blackwater wearing muslim cloths.

The war in middle east will ruin US s money. It is a good news to Russians. The reason is: 5 years time, demand on oil might decline drastically because there will be electrical cars and buses. No need petrol liao. US should start another war front: North Korea, and South China sea. US Hopper went into 12 nmile of Scarborough Sheol, and island belongs to pinoys as the latter claim. This island will be built with PLA jet landing airport and missiles stations. It is part of the PLA tri angle mutual support island with the other 2 main islands oredi built with airports and stationed with PLA. To maintain "freedom of navigation", US must open fire, as promised by Harry Harris: 'action tonight". But Harris is retiring soon. When is the war? People are hopping to have "freedom of navigation" at the sea, at least one power govt leeders had voiced out in 2015 and 2016.
Then whose job to rob the nuclear weapons from Kim family controlled kingdom? US or China? US Trump should make quick decision by opening fire at Kim. Correct? Make middle east, south china sea, koreans all in fire and fury, in 2018. US cities will have boom towns, US marines will live forever, no war no peace for writers to write everafter.

Anonymous said...

The Americuns Evil Empire will be wreak with many natural disasters this year & coming years when they persists of wat they r doing is right on Syrian, Turkey, Afghan & NK. More Act of God chaos will visit their homeland on their people when they continue to sow discord between nations. Already they (UasSS) r seeing extreme cold weather in this winter & many more coming (particularly when Dotard Trump wouldn't want to sign & take responsibility of Global Climatic Change in Paris yr), chaos & circumstances will force Dotard to reconsider about the GlobAL cLIMATE changes. Karma will also serve the Americuns right, if not now but when to strike (me no cursing them but is a natural phenomenon ).. let's wait & see..

Virgo49 said...

The Americans will in time be a Third World Country with their own
downfalls. Too much internal squabblings and sabotage among themselves.

It's high time, misfortune strike them for their evil deeds.

Natural disasters, their acceptance of drugs, freaks and abnormal creatures will ruin their country.

California is burning and soon the whole Nation will be turned to ashes by their own destruction of their own Military Arsenals.

See how screwed up of their Naval vessels and the Hawaii Flase Alarm

Anonymous said...

Not true that US is having troubles. US stocks increase 40% in value since Trump took over, based on fundamentals not speculations bubbles.
Apple promised to invest USD$30billions inside US. Estimated investments into US since Trump is US$300billions.

Trump is the key player for this boom. Not by TPP, globalization all the bluff. It is by doing the exact opposite of globalization, and ditching TPP.

That s why Trump refused to take 700000 immigrants required by senators as condition not to shut down the federal govt: Trump did not budge.
Readers can see how Trump handles state affairs: NO immigrants to suck away jobs. He wants US workers pay to raise.

So there is no war. It is a 100% guess when Trump is president.
How to solve Kim s nuclear problem? Trump has hidden idea, reflected from his recent talk about having special "relationship" with KIM.

Trump wedge the relationship between China and NK. It was a success under his constant tweets about China not helping and china is helping. Kim refused to see Xi s man. It was a success on Trump.
Trump organized a anti NK alliance at Canada. Did NOT invite china.
What s next? Trump first said SK should talk only about the Game. But changed to talking other issues should be allowed.

Trump might end up meeting KIM and sign peace treaty, and pull Kim towards US side. He needs Moon s help as Moon is good and flexible.

Once Kim is at US side, SK has Thaad, and NK nuclear is not a threat. US economy will boom, with SK getting cheap labor from NK. This should be the best deal for SK. Who is the loser?
Trump will not get into war as loser. Who is the loser at the end?

Rocket said...

The more than 900 known US military bases around the world already spelled out the US Evil Intent so clearly.

Over and above that are the millions of CIA agents, operatives, spies and assassins looming and lurking in the dark, cannot see daylight, all over the world in each and every country, carrying out the orders of the US Government, in the extreme heinous, atrocious, unspeakable and evil ways even an insane man cannot come out with. Yet the US Government dares to act pretentiously innocent and hypocritically righteous.

For hundreds of years, since it's independence from the grip of the Exploitative and Evil British Empire, the US of A has been waging war after war, conquering country after country, invading states after states and executing regime change after regime - while simultaneously murdering and slaughtering millions of innocent helpless, defenceless women and children, old folks and youths, as well as babies (both newly born and unborn) without an iota of conscience nor the blinking of an eyelid.

In addition, everybody should not forget that the US is the one and only country that has ever made use of weapons of massive death and destruction such as the atomic bombs dropped into Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing at least 200,000 instantly and tens of millions thereafter, with prolonged sufferings even up to the present time. Such cruel and evil hearts within the leadership of the US of A must not be brushed aside and forgotten.

Those are facts, truths, which have been verified by various sources over the years, which have also become common knowledge. Not fake news.

b said...

When a country has so much external debt, it has lost its ownership. Usofa is not owned by americans. Similarly, your mortgage house is not owned by you but the banker.

Anonymous said...

Trump's anti globalisation is good for the Americans. But stupidity has no cure leaders would continue to push for globalisation to destroy jobs for Singaporean PMETs.

Trump is a blessing for the USA but trouble for stupidity has no cure country. The immigrants that Trumps refused to take would flood the stupidity has no cure country and destroy more jobs for the daft citizens.

Anonymous said...

Heard from Taiwan media Russian suffered losses of several military planes including su24 combat Jets. According to media Guan Jian shi ke , a cluster of unmanned aircrafts came bombing! Russia will be sending bombers back to Syria?

Anonymous said...

U said it right. The world is watching how a place put hiring salary as lowest without regards to the hired employee s nationality. It first ended up with cheapest hired from india to malaysia. Some carried fake certificates to sell and the silver service bought it big. It s second watch on this scheming on NS men. Will NS men have enough money to pay for their higher and higher flat debts. Its last watch on this globalization is invasion from potential who and how the excess foreigners work against the locals if any. The 5th column will form as a possible move when foreigners exceeds the number of citizens. There was blangali who distributed how to stab fliers to their members who were sent home. Who can rule out the potential risk?
Globalization on this place u mention is an extreme example, not Dubia will adopt the same extend. Fatal or not? Depends on the money citizens can earn. As from now, the situation is declining and not improving: depending on retailers to boost the economy. Who can assure income are sufficient for the spenders? Manufacturing that create good paying jobs are declining, only contributing 13% to employment. When it goes to zero, will this little economy survive its debts?

Anonymous said...

Virgo nice one. Chio Ka peng!

Anonymous said...

The daft Arabs still thinking that peace will return to the Middle East and they will no longer see American troops in their countries? Fat hope.

The Arabs are not daft, or have fat hope that they will no longer see American troops in their countries, just that they simply cannot do anything if the American troops want to remain in their countries.

The majority of Sinkies are not daft, or have fat hope for PAP to become better, just that they simply have to vote for PAP as the lesser evil if the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> The daft Arabs still thinking that peace will return to the Middle East and they will no longer see American troops in their countries? <<

Wishful thinking! I like that. Because wishful thinkers always get their asses fucked. πŸ˜‡ . I include people who pray to their invisible space-fairy deities as wishful thinkers. For e.g.: kid got cancer? Pray to invisible space-fairy...kid dies...aw shucks. Explanation: "It was the will of the invisible space fairy" 😱 Yessir folks, this shit is still going on today.

There won't be peace in the ME because of religious, territorial and cultural differences....which all hinge on religion.

Without religion, there can be no entertainment. The Russians, Americans and whomever in history, have all taken advantage of the religious-clusterfuck for their own geopolitical objectives. Now even China is there.

Which pleases me, of course. What better than one big party of States in the ME to test their weapons and the skills of their militaries? It's ongoing, real-action War Games...with emphasis on 'games'.

So kick back and enjoy, I say. People are dying, children are being horribly killed. Families are destroyed and lives torn apart. C'mon, there is a lot of effort and sacrifice going on here, and will continue as long as people pray to their "gods". 😳...continuing their "wishful thinking". 🀑

Therefore be a good soul and support these people in their ongoing efforts of death, destruction and the pursuit of total domination.

KA-BOOM! Congratulations, you've just won exclusive entry to 72 virgin pussies!! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’£⚰️πŸ‘―πŸ‘―

Got your Game Face on?

b said...

Actually mohamad can be a white guy. He invented islam according to a pagan religion worshipping the moon where men can also have many wives. He invented islam to make arabs less civilise than the pagans to make pagans appeared more civilise. The arabs used to be more advance and civilised until they were intoxicated by islam.