The Dastardly Acts and Behaviour of USA

Why is America constantly provoking North Korea with military war drills involving the army, navy and airforce very close to the shores and airspace of DPRK and China. Why are they starting one war after another in the Middle East ? There is peace and stability in the South China Sea with China and the littoral states Vietnam and the Philippines undertaking peaceful negotiations and agreeing to joint developing of the natural resources under the sea bed. There is freedom of passage and navigation for bonafide shipping lines and airlines but definitely not for American provocateur spy planes and warships sailing very close to Chinese shores and airspace. Yet this is what the evil war hawks of America are doing. They try to sow discord and dissension among the littoral states and China with the ultimate aim of creating another war zone similar to the Middle East scenario. These dastardly and diabolical acts  and behaviour of USA will definitely lead to Third World War and end of mankind.

The present dastardly and diabolical acts and behaviour of USA is a continuation of Doctrine of Christian Discovery and the Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny. The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny states that America is destined by their God to expand its borders with no limitto area or country and beyond its borders and seas across the oceans. In the mid 1850s the doctrine propounded by a US naval captain, Alfred Thayer Mahan in his papers on " The influence of "Seapower Upon History "  which is still taught in USA Naval Academy urged US government and politicians to conquer across the oceans to establish colonies as markets for US economy and military bases to protect and administer the new territories. Alfred Thayer saw China as a vast land and contended arrogantly that "The Chinese were not entitled to control their own country. Imperial US will take over China and develop it into a new country to serve US and the West." The Chinese strongly resisted Western intrusion and aggression when in  1900  USA  and eight other western countries and Japan  invaded Beijing , causing great destruction and mass killings of the Chinese people.

Having achieved success under these two doctrines , USA which is now under the shadow government of the Deep State - the government within the USA government  feel emboldened after  the fall of the Soviet Union in the Cold War that it is within reach of USA to bring the whole worlld under the New Order of US domination, total control and hegemony.

The Deep State controls all US Foreign Policy , CIA, Pentagon , the Senate, Congress and USA presidents. It is under the tight control of the very wealthy super rich Americans  headed by the Anglo-Saxon Rothschilds Jewish Zionist cabal and the Neo - Conservatives. This Cabal has full control of Wall Street, all the big American banks, the Federal Reserves , big business, industrial complex, trade and commerce. Their motivation is money . Their focus on making money is through permanent warfare to generate business for their Military Industrial Complex.

The zionist and neo-conservatives have hijacked the US military and foreign policy . Paul Wolfowitz a jewish neo-conservatives propounded his war hawk doctrine which has been adopted in US foreign policy .

Since the end of the Second World War USA has been creating wars all over the world. They justified these wars under the guiding principles of their toxic aggressive doctrines.

The world can only have peace when it defeats and destroys the American Deep State government.


Friday, 26th January, 2018


Anonymous said...

Not needed to understand US policy makers s background. Sinkies taoists can know what they think? They have all kind of ways, such as by looking at the extremes: chaining kids when they grow and staving them, or putting figures at kids bodies, not one but 300, and so on and on. There are good stuff about US, like sanctions on North Koreans of foods and oils to teach them think for themselves. Only very few people like Putin, Kim Jong Un are not behaving according to US s guidebooks. The rest of the world are good sons and daughters.
It is not difficult to be good sons and daughters: just follow what US tell them to do. No problem will come to them.

Behave according to US s guide books is the basic. Any leader want to claim they are big, this leader even is good son, will be tested. One can see laws about Taiwan official travel act, Mattis fleets visiting Vietnam, Mattis mention of a new sea: north naturna sea, all these are not happy with the behavior of a good son claiming his country is big. Just say small, 3rd world, might get better treatments.

Trump s fire and fury talk on short small rocketman was targeting at the most ill behave student in this world. He will want to sack him if he can. But not every young asian are nice to old angmor dotard big mouth. Young man takes risks, old dotard ended up chicken away.

From these shows in the world, sinkies can know how US want any leaders to talk: first must relax your hand when Trump shakes, that will make good friend with him. second must say nothing and do nothing. third is to repeat second condition.

Give u example. Modi asked asean heads to view his weapons parade. Modi did not talk about building one road one belt to divide europe into 2 parts, want germany and dont want eastern europe, angmor not happy. Benefit pakis and dont benefit india (disallowed), Modi not happy.
India s way for infra structure is what US wants. India had promised Thailand and Myanmmar to build connecting roads 15 years ago. Nothing has been done. US should be happy on such promise, and unhappy with china s 1BR style. US has the power to agree or disagree on any infra structure building that will spoil its "strategic position". India knows how to behave so Modi now is a partner in pacific, now known as India Pacific partners: india, japan, oz, uS, who else, forgot liao.

There is no problem with US, as long as a country says its small and poor, and talk nothing big, build nothing long enough, do nothing. Modi is meditation expert. Other leaders should enroll in his course and follow do nothing, US will leave them alone.

b said...

Trumpie working together and putting a good act with commie kim to make japan buy and pay for more stupid toys, milking them before they are destroyed by the ring of fire.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It odesn't matter who is in-charge.

Here are the historical facts and warnings delivered by 2 highly decorated generals of the US Military: Smedley D Butler, US Marine Corp and Dwight D Eisenhower, US Army and President of the USA.

DW Eisenhower Farewell Address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyBNmecVtdU

Smedley D Butler---at the time of his death he was the most decorated soldier. He was a fierce warrior advancing American interests through military adventurism. And then, he changed and blew the whistle on the whole scam. "War Is A Racket" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Is_a_Racket

Audiobook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuNYBsUHiXc

DW Eisenhower's warning about the growth of a military industrial complex has expanded in definition and scope to become the military industrial political and financial complex.

...so now we have War is a very lucrative RACKET. 🤩

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

...and everyone is invited and participating in the party. Locally we have our financiers, Singapore Technologies (arms dealer) for example.

The Chinese and Russians hold US Treasuries, which directly finance the war-economy by printing more US Dollars to pay for all that shit.

Cuntries have to defend themselves from the evil Americans. The Chinese and Russian defence contractors are only too willing to sell them "defensive" weapons 🤣 How big is this racket? You tell me lah...

Our GIC, Temasek and even "our own" (not really, it's not our own) money in the Ponzi CPF is used for weapons...why? Because the returns are HUGE. CPF will pay you peanuts kuching-kurup interest which doesn't even keep up with inflation. BUT the CPF Board itself and the Singapore govt behind it make several time more than what they pay out to us

Nonetheless, even the "pacifists" and harsh critics of US Foreign Policy and military adventurism can sleep soundly, resting well-assured that their money, their cuntry and the economy they are a part of is connected to the business of killing people.

What about the banks? Wha'dya reckon man? They are ex-spurts at finding "lobangs" to make money. It is not uncommon for a bunch of financiers to finance BOTH or MULTIPLE SIDES in a conflict. Someone, some cuntries will lose wars, but the bankers always win.

The bankers make money post war too: they finance the rebuilding of the cuntries which are shit piles of rubble and charred bodies; cuntries and lives destroyed by wars the bankers themselves financed.

Have we got a RACKET yet? I dunno lah...you tell me 😂

Anonymous said...

Turkey on Saturday urged the United States to withdraw personnel from a Kurdish-held town in northern Syria after Washington told Ankara it would stop arming a Syrian Kurdish militia that Turkey is fighting....One of the issues marring relations was the US supplying the YPG militia -- which has spearheaded the anti-jihadist fight -- with arms since last year in battles against IS....Ankara says the YPG is a "terrorist" offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) which is proscribed as a terror group by Ankara and its Western allies....Earlier this month, the US-led coalition fighting IS said it was working to create a 30,000-strong border security force in northern Syria.

"The US must cut its ties with a terror organisation. It must take back the weapons it has given," Cavusoglu said, adding Turkey "now wanted to see concrete steps taken".

The evil Americans are the cause of the wars in Syria, arming rebels and pretending to be fighting ISIS in Syria's land. They treat Syria as if it is a state of America, and they can do what they like, violating Syrian sovereignty.