When Singapore news are reported by foreigners

I am not sure you people have noticed this, Singapore’s local news have increasingly been reported by foreign sounding names, including deputy editors. The most sensitive thing about a nation state is news and information of the country that should be reported by its own citizens. A point to note is Channel News Asia where the news are reported by the citizens of the respective countries to give it the genuine local flavour. But there are signs that this is slipping away and soon it could become Channel News Angmoh when more and more angmohs will be assigned to report news from angmoh perspective like the good old colonial days. And celebrating the 200 years bicentennial of colonialism is a good and happy thing, something to be proud of.

As for a nation state, its local news must be reported by its citizens. Even foreign news should be written to reflect local perspective and not the interest and perspective of foreigners. If foreigners are employed to write and dominate local news, it cannot be avoided that the foreign biases and subjectivity and interests would creep in and if this is unrestrained, the local media would eventually become more like foreign media. By then the readers would not know if they are reading real news or fake news as the flavour could be foreign, the focus could be foreign and the interest could be foreign. Fake news could then become endemic and be part of the daily diet without anyone knowing the difference.

Many of the international news were sourced from the west with silly western thinking and biases that are noticeably anti China and if this is contrary to our national interest they should be carefully vetted or else they could be seen as a conscious national policy or editorial policy.

How many foreigners, even new citizens, are in the editorial board of our local main media? Or it does not matter as Singapore belongs to everyone here, citizen or not citizen, and it is ok for foreigners to dominate our local media sharing their biases and nuances on local issues and events and matters of national interests, shaping the thinking of Singaporeans?

Following the retrenchment of many local reporters, wondering how many foreigners were recruited to replace them to write for our national newspapers. Anyone being betrayed? Our national sovereignty is not just about territorial sovereignty but also news sovereignty and news in cyberspace. We should not allow foreigners to colonise our news media and colonise our thought processes. It is so silly if as a nation we allowed our people to be colonized by foreigners writing for our national media. Our nation building effort all these years would be totally destroyed and gone down the drain. Are we voluntarily employing and paying foreigners to colonise our minds and thought processes?

In the same vein as Channel News Asia, Singapore news must be written by Singaporeans. New Singaporeans are not suitable to write Singapore news and dictate the narrative of Singapore’s politics as their roots are still deep in their former home country. They need to be desensitized for a number of years to be allowed to write the Singapore story for Singaporeans.

Singapore cannot be anything goes regardless of nationality. Singapore is a nation state, a country, not a non country.

PS. The stupid would not know why it is important that Singapore news must be reported by Singaporeans. Singapore news reported by foreigners are fake news, coloured and spiced for the interest of foreigners, and can be anti Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

It is sad state of affairs. I have stopped watching CNA for years now.

Anonymous said...

RB//Singapore cannot be anything goes regardless of nationality. Singapore is a nation state, a country, not a non country. //

The above is untrue for The Supreme Old Guard LKY....some years ago when LKY was alive he had said it clearly in front of reporters that Sinkieland is still not a nation yet. And it's becos it isn't a nation yet the son can suka suka anyhow claimed that Sinkieland belonged to everybody here on this planet, that's why u can have planeloads of foreigners swarming in this little red dots to steal away lunches from the residents local Sinkies & CNA journalists or news reporters r amongst those jobs being snatched away..it's just to bad that the locals r mostly dafts & Dafts believe anything Ang Mo is really tua Kee, Stupidity has no cure in this Lah Lah Sinkieland.

jjgg said...

Aiya RB .. again u bark wrongly.. CNA and ST are MIWs mouthpieces .. doesn't really matter who reports it.. would the slant be any different if a Singaporean report it.. isn't it a case of shooting the messenger? Other local news generally hover around murder..suicides n divorces ..also perhaps..family squabbles..most of these aren't op-ed.. what u are really clamouring for is a 2nd/3rd "liberated" newspaper so that proper vent can be given to critical issues instead of sweeping everything under the carpet. How newsworthy is Singapore anyway.. even our tabloids with supposedly racy issues have folded.. we must remain.. unfortunately.. the dullest of country ..populated by citizens spending time reviewing meaningless cpf statements n overpriced government housing.

Anonymous said...

I also stop watching CNA for many years now. I also don't watch C5 and 8 news or read the local newspapers. For local propaganda I will read the CNA headline on my phone๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Rocket said...

Singapore is definitely going to the dogs, mongrels, hyenas, wolves, foxes, crocodiles snakes and vampires. A country built up, indoctrinated and programmed to be bunch of sheep with kiasu and kiasi as the main thrust, will soon be trampled, devoured and annihilated culturally, morally, ethically, legally and physically. No doubts.

Goh said...

Please lah.
Gone are the days where you can find Lee Tai Soh or Ong Siew ching reporting news.
Can only find Geraldine Lee or Mike
Ong etc.reporting.
Next generation you can only find Geraldine Kimberly or Mike Stevenson
without surname reporting.
They are not foreigner,but possibly forgotten their surname.
No need be alarm.It's the trend .
Even commentor like laochek here oso got angmo name .Cannot say he cannot report news or give comment just becos we think he foreigner right.
Moral of story.Be proud of our name.
Goh Ah Gong.

Anonymous said...

you don't meh

a lot of things in $g is like that liao

what can you do

no point kpkb and kbkp

you can't change anything

so,,,,,try to be happy and worry le$$

cheer$ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜!

Anonymous said...

“The hard work done by our founding fathers has been squandered." - Kishore Mahbubani, TODAYonline.com July 3 2017

Anonymous said...

I am not sure you people have noticed this, Singapore’s local news have increasingly been reported by foreign sounding names, including deputy editors.

Please lah, foreign sounding names does not mean they are not Sinkies or Sinkie PRs, u know.

Now, when a foreigner becomes a Sinkie PR or even citizen, he can still retain his foreign name, correct? And of course the voter register will also show a foreign name, or even many such foreign names. So u roughly know who they will also vote for lah, come election time.

So u see, there are good reasons behind the foreign sounding names reporting Sinkieland local news. Or even why PAP received a whopping 70% votes last GE. Opposition, like that how to fight?

Anonymous said...

Why would the founding leaders forbid the news media from being taken over by foreigners?

Now, isn't it ironic that foreigners are dictating the selective control of news even though they do not own the main news media?

Kishore Mahbhani is spot on on this and many other things. But as long as Sinkies enjoy the good life, who cares to ask what happens down the road.

The karma will come when China completes the building of the alternative land and sea routes up North. The wheels of fortune is turning. Prepare for it.

Anonymous said...

I work as a clerk in my company's HR dept. I also see a lot of foreign names like Win, Myint, Aung, Mario, Sanchez, Xiang Yang, Yi Ler etc in the staff list. I was shocked when I see their nationality column. Almost 100% are Singapore PRs and citizens, with citizens about 70%.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.46

Observed properly. That's where you are not observant.

Ang Moh faces also have Chinese surnames.

This is a ploy to con Sinkies that they are also true blue Singaporeans.

One later will have GOH and may be Will also put Full name as GOH Ah Gong.

One SINKIE bro will be very proud and honoured

Anonymous said...

It is fast becoming a reality that true blue Sinkies may be heading for extinction, and there is also nothing much PAP can do about it.

And because of this, true blue local Sinkies will not have much clout in terms of numbers and even lesser as time goes by, and so will not matter much to PAP anymore, especially come election time.

So any wonder why PAP seems like caring and concern more for foreigners than true blue Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.04

"...PAP seems like caring and concern more for foreigners than true blue Sinkies?" Rightly so and is the reality and not just a feeling.

That is why present PAP is unlike the PAP of the early days. Can you blame the PG for putting the PAP of the early days into power?

The PG are presumed to be 'stupid' in some people's eyes. How stupid can they be when they can buy a 3-room HDB flat for $7,200, A 4-room flat for $18,000 and a 5-room flat for $32,000? How stupid can they be when upon reaching 55 years old they are allowed to withdraw the bulk of their CPF savings and how stupid can they be when they enjoy lower cost of living in every possible way. Now what is the price of HDB flats, what happens to their CPF that they can see and feel so rich and cannot touch, and compare the cost of living then and now.

Also, foreigners do not have to do NS, can always cash in on leaving Singapore after selling their homes and collecting their fat CPF in full. How do Sinkies compare to them?

And all that because the PAP knows the PG can put any party in power and know how to use their votes wisely in the early days.

Do I need to say more?

Goh said...

My dear laochek Virgo.
You are right .
Two penang Ang Hae durian reserve for you.
My ancestor and Goh clan will be proud of me if I can make them name after my surname.
I rather see more Goh Ah Tur,Goh Beng Seng etc .
My lakopi PH driver kaki just told me 95% sinkie riders name themselves like Derrick or Jasmine etc when booking ride and can only piak angmo .
Many of these fakes are the one that are less tolerant ,will complain of longer route and make allegation hoping to get further discount.
Now he so scare when he see angmo name cos too many fake angmos.

Goh said...

anon 11.33
No difference whether it's old or new garmen.
It's those PG who voted for it so its ridiculous for them to say the current team is not as good as before,pretending to sing praises of the previous team.
Cpf is a form of tax and serving NS is a special privilege that not many are given a chance to serve.
PG should continue with their support for the garmen they chose.
Not just grumble cos they can no longer secure flat at 7.2k.

Anonymous said...

There is little impact on local handphone NS men users who is talking about news. U look at twitters for local news. Almost half or more are US news, about some companies in US no one has an idea. Junk news.
If handphone users look for any breakdown on smrt, none of the pos will show that. That s the most too lan things about local news agencies. Dont expect cna shows up. That against the generals.
U see locals media users do not bother about who is who in garmen. These high up people spent money on some charbor never heard off as "horey budget 2018lie lioa". The joke went to Jakarta and Bangkok.

Sinkies media hardly being rebroadcast in overseas. Because of it value and reliability. Its ranked at 154th, good stuff. Therefore, the advertisers are limited to a few.

When did u buy a thing from watching TV? That is the point. It takes a lot of ball to raise 154th. No general has the balls.

The idea of hiring foreigner is from budgeted manpower agencies at chennai linking through internet to sinkieland. U spend S$3k to hire one sinkie graduate. U spend S$1k, u can hire the same english broadcaster and its overseas trained type. No money, hire S$1k is the most sensible work done.

More and more S$1k broadcasting staff will filled the jobs for local broadcasting news. S$2k editors will fill the jobs. Good news will be said and repeat like S$7k driving taxi.

Then more less revenues from advertisers from quality broadcast.
At the ending, fewer broadcasters doing day and night, and fewer camera men. Or generals pump in more money from tax payers.

Sinkieland s general war strategy is straigth: hire from the cheapest in the world. NS men salary will have to jaga at S$500pm. Future might reduce to $300pm, because S$ have to appreciate, so all salary will have to depreciate. Thats how the general manage the workers and managers in past 25 years.
All the industries will be like NOL. The remainder industries are foodcourts and hawkers. Thats what the university interns for. These young girls start to learn earning $100pm as interns. When they go out to work at foodcourts, they will be so pleased to get $200pm.

Generals good strategy will help sinkies to grow old with huge debts on housing. Get ready to take "white van" of "no ill intent", and receive blankets at night when sleeping in streets. The world temperature is declining 1 degree and may be more in future. Sinkies should learn to eat less, and vote pee ah pee, to get silver service going with high salaries, and be ambitious in career: work as foodpanda, foodcourt helpers, fastfood staff earning high salaries. Listen to good news from angel broadcasters: drive taxi is god delivered.

Anonymous said...

They said, the fools and his gold will soon part.
In Sin, the stupid and their country would soon part.

The stupid oredy parted with their lifelong savings in the CPF.
The stupid oredy parted with their PME jobs.
The stupid oredy parted with full time jobs.
The stupid oredy parted with the idea of owning cars.

Virgo49 said...

US government Shut Down.

Kim, time to fire your missles.They cannot retaliate.

They like to squabble as Senators and Elites of the country.

CNA Will report by angmo with Chinese surname as false news

Virgo49 said...

Will Sinkieland has a shut down of their Budget Voting??

Will we have enough Opposition Members to vote against their Million Dollars Salaries??

Withdrawal of the CPF Funds?? Etc etc

Anonymous said...

If CPF is a form of tax, how come the older generation are able to get back most of their CPF money plus interest? It is only in the hands of the present PAP that CPF became a form of tax. That is already one difference between old PAP and present PAP.

If NS is a privilege, that must be the most laughable pronouncement that I am hearing. If that is true, getting screwed by the PAP must also be a privilege for the daft and gong. From what I heard, 80% of Sinkies think that serving NS is nothing more than conscripted slave labour.

Stupidity cannot be cured.

Rocket said...

No. None! Not a single person or group of person amongst the 5.6 million people in Singapore can even move a single hair of the PAP's Government, or to be more precise, the Lee Hsien Loong Administration. His absolute power is completely safe. Period.

Anonymous said...

That kind of imagination is against nature s rule: all living thing dies. Got funeral in the past. U never watch meh? Its who lives longer that matters. Old fart and one Dr something at the other side, that old man lives far better than old fart, tho old fart had gotten so much more cash that the old man.
There is no dinner that cannot end. Watch the world go round with eyes open. Karma may come when it should arrive.

Rocket said...

@ 3:47 pm.

What I stated is reality of present day situation. What you are saying are motherhood statements of truism, of impermanence, which is also correct. But not of present-day reality. We have to know what is the present and the past in order to take full advantage of things beneficial and discard things that are good only in fairy-tale dreamland. Like this, then we as a human specis, can survive longer.

It is No point talking about karma in a future date when the karma at the present is in motion because of your karma in the past. It is better to concentrate and focus on the collective karma of the present. One cannot expect the karma of a group of people to change in the future, when the collective karma of the same group refuses to change at the present.

Everything is interlinked in this world. This is similar to the concept of impermanence. Think about it please.

Goh said...

Anon 2.00
Imho giving payout plus interest to PGs or older generation in the past is a wise idea,so that younger gen.sinkies will not feel it's a form of tax .That's why it's accumulating.It's oso good as these PGs are the one who gave their support in the past.
After all ,the amount of payout is not big ,consider their then salary is less than one k or few hundred nia.
Actually how many sinkies pay cpf ,by giro or cash?
It's our employers that contribute so rightfully it should belong to our employers but our employers knows it's for employees own good so dun make noise.
I would say besterest is to cheongkong all,including mine of course.
Use these cpf to give free medical to all sinkies,rich or poor.Think they are listening,by making one pay for insurance premium with cpf.
Do you want to worry about medical fee while on sick bed or you want to recover without worry or stress.
NS is a MUST whichever party form a garmen.You got hear any party say no need NS meh.
2 years plus nia.I am looking forward for ICT but too bad they miss out my name.
I proposed for volunteer army,but too bad,they formed but restricted to new citizen.
Protect our country mean protecting our family.
Be proud of NS.
Be a good citizen n continue to support the You Know Who.

Rocket said...

Is selective claiming of credit Fake News or not?

I believe that not giving the full balanced report of both winnings and losses is purposeful disinformation and misinformation.

Disinformation and misinformation are both rightly categorized under Fake News.

The following report from the States Times Review demonstrates clearly the Fake News that one Disgraceful had created:

"Mnister for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) Grace Fu took credit for the Olympic gold achievement of Joseph Schooling and other medal-winning athletes at a press conference on Wednesday (Jan 19). The PAP Minister said that both the art and sports scene in the ministry’s reorganisation under her charge “grew strength to strength”:

“At that time, the arts and sports communities raised concerns about being sidelined, as the words “arts” and “sports” were dropped from the new ministry’s name. Some were also worried about how the arts and sports could be potentially reduced to tools for building social cohesion. I took over the portfolio in October 2015,and both communities have instead gone from strength to strength. In 2016, for instance, swimmers Joseph Schooling and Yip Pin Xiu set new sporting milestones for Singapore at the Rio Olympics and Paralympics. Schooling, in particular, clinched Singapore’s first-ever Olympic gold medal in the 100m butterfly. That same year, Singaporean conductor Wong Kah Chun won the prestigious Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition for young conductors. It brings tremendous pride when we see one of our own excelling internationally… It brings us together as a people to celebrate, give us a cause to celebrate and I think it’s important part to building a narrative of our national heroes.”

Minister Grace Fu however conveniently left out the fact about Singapore football, which reached it’s lowest FIFA ranking of 173th in 2017 under her watch. The table tennis team also went home without any medal during the Rio Olympics. The PAP Minister was also selective of her facts: Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling revealed that he did not receive adequate funding from the government and instead relied on his parents’ savings to enrol in training courses. In an interview with Joseph Schooling’s mother, the lady revealed that she and her husband spent US$100,000 a year over 8 years just on his swimming training:

““I was told, ‘Why you so stupid? If Singapore wants your son to swim for them, they should pay.’ I said, ‘Tan ku ku’ (a Hokkien phrase for “it won’t happen”).”

Along with another Olympic contestant Quah Zheng Wen, Joseph Schooling also opted to train in United States and refused the government’s offer to remain in Singapore.

Other athletes like sailors Denise Lim and Justin Liu had to self-fund themselves. The duo ended up qualifying for Rio Olympics.

The art scene was similarly poorly managed by Minister Grace Fu. Eisner Award winner Sonny Liew had government funding of his award-winning book, the Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, withdrawn because the Minister was unhappy that the book did not portray the government positively."

Anonymous said...

This Grace Fool is indeed shameless to claim credit for Schooling incredible achievement that came almost exclusively from him n his family sacrifices & unwavering determination despite the obstacles like NS, etc hit at them. Shamelessness n hypocrisy have no limit.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, DONT spout nonsense. Dump all your CPF MONIES that contributed by you in a 25 to 25 basis just for medical insurance or fees. DONT be conned that the CPF is not your MONIES by that Pai kai NCMP.

It's the gov't responsibility to provide medical care for their citizens as they had contributed their shares in the Enconmy whist they are been employed. Also they paid taxes.

All for Medical standby so that they can sharpen their scalpels to cut you. So many countries had affordable medical carw and not everyone needs intensive care when they are old.

Also not all you think so poor contributes just few hundreds per month. When we reaches age 55, most of our cohorts had more than 500K less the minimum sum.

Only maybe those self employed or really held very low paying jobs like the generation before us may have less CPF.

So, eat sai if all channeled to Medical care.

Melaka, even Mahkota Medical Hospital cheaper than Sinkie land. The Melakan hospital fees in gov't only less than 100 RM.for hospitalization.

SINKIE land medical only wants to make profits. Old generation silver serpents on pensionable scheme have free medical care for life.

So what's talk you.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add, even the employers CPF's contributions is been factored into your salaries when they employed you.

Think they are so generous to make provisions for the CPF's contributions.

It's in the costings of employment.

Don't be conned.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 January 20, 2018 8:22 pm
//All for Medical standby so that they can sharpen their scalpels to cut you.//

So how?

Every 30.1% household keep 1 to half dozen doggies?

Everyday morning & night Pee & Poo at the choice spots?

For a start, why not adopt one more dog & other oldies can start with one first?

Good protection for oldies too when they asleep at nite, especially those stay in landed or lower floors?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 20, 2018 8:22 pm
//Also not all you think so poor contributes just few hundreds per month. When we reaches age 55, most of our cohorts had more than 500K less the minimum sum.//

When would Xi Jin Ping announce universal suffrage amnesty for the 30.1% sinkies & give PR?

Then oldies can retire in a tier 3 or 4 city using the PR status ...?

If can get use to new life style, then apply citizenship, sell the 99-year diminishing value pigeon holes, withdraw entire cpf and live for good in the motherland ...?

Virgo49 said...

Bro, Matland good enough.

No need PR. Malacca just two and half by car and 3 hours by coach,
I.e.driving normally to Sinkieland. Just few dollars RM to Singapore every 28 days to play safe and get PP chop chop and then back. If want to Lim Kopi with old friends, not CID or CPIB then stay for a night or few hours than back. No need late check in as have keys to your own apartment.

If NOT just buy a Matland car and parked at City Square to transfer to SINKIE land.

There, 3 to 1 live a comfortable life with enough food and fresh air rather than here with budget shoe string budget existence.

Melaka, as focal point go anywhere in Matland. Up north KL only at RM10.00 coach to TBS. Then to KL proper to see any demonstrations against Najib.

Or up Genting for some R&R.Just 2 hours plus and back.Can backpacked by coaches as far as Penang.

Where to find these type of life's??

Some places like Sinkieland in the 60s/70s.Bring back wonderful childhood memories.

Some more no foul smell and decadence life of Whats Sins City Singapore whose are play ground for the Aids infested leeches who loitered here.

Void decks filled with dead bodies of Ah Nehs during breaks and prostitution in the housing estates.

Heaven and Hell in comparison.

So no need China.Matland good enough. Granted monthly stay.

Cheap flights to E. MAlaysia and Indonesia for change of scenery or get PP revalidation.


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 20, 2018 10:33 pm
//So, transfer now to get $1.00 to 3 and be safe.//

Uncle VIRGO,

Now is not about sinkie transfer S$ to RM (bc mostly oso no money $$$ suck dry dry liao by a gigomous JLB brand vacuum)?

Likely a lot of "hot$$$ inflow" since 2014 that drove up the exchange rate are from rich Matlanders?

If by April 2018 yew go to singstat.gov.sg check the BOP (Balance of Payment) Finanical Account column sub category Other Investment, if huge difference compared 1Q 2017, then zai zai liao ...?

Means possible massive "hot $$$" outflow withdrawals by rich matlanders cos currency trending the other direction so best time for them to "flee" liao and book in the currency gain from their $$ parked for past 3 years???

Means during this period up to cny, possible for rates to fluctuate even more? Ding dong ding dong ding dong?

With Retard-nomics or Imbecile-nomics or Botaknomics "using" oldies kuah cha png (coffin $$$) to intervene & try prop up the rate (but "inadvertently catching falling knives & eventually a futile & costly retard/ imbecile adventure"?)???

With oil prices recovery from the low of USD27 per barrel in Feb 2016 to current prices of USD50+ per barrel, it is a forgone conclusion liao?

Recently many matlanders KOW BAEY KOW BU their salary shrinking & many said if no increment after cny to make up for currency kew chui then they likely quit and jump ship liao after that...?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 21, 2018 6:19 am
//Then to KL proper to see any demonstrations against Najib.//

If like that means Retard-nomics or Imbecile-nomics or Botaknomics wan dang liao?

Najibnomics alone already Botaknomics cannot handle, if combined (the formidable) Mahatir-nomics & Anwar-nomics (then) Botaknomics stand no chance le?

Under Botaknomics "TLLM" since 2003/ 2004, the Economics std among the younger generation since the 2007 batch under the (Botaknomics "TLLM") H1/ H2/ H3 syllabus is among the BIGGEST CASULTIES, if not the biggest?

Go backward retard liao ...?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 20, 2018 10:22 pm
//Each trio to Melaka back with at least 150 to 200 doggie food and accessories.//

Good lah

Doggie eat more can Pee & Poo big chunk at her favourite spots?

The person in the banner under the poo will be very lucky under some belief cos to some Chinese, poo is "cai" ... aka $$$ luck?

So your doggie poo more make that person more $$$ lucky ... aka more "cai"?

Huat ah!!!

Anonymous said...

Some Chinese belief that stepping on poo even better?

Then better faster cheaperer go pray to the swee swee and go nearest lottery outlet buy toto or 4d?

They say step on poo means $$$ luck coming ... gigomous "cai" presence ...

Virgo49 said...

Sinkie land once a while 10M or even cascade 7M hue & cry.Some more draws at 9.30pm.

Some More play dirty. Cascade supposed to be 7 plus 5M as offreed should be 12 instead of just 9.7M in last cascade draw.

Matland lottery as much as 60M and even 4D jackpot at 30M before cascade.

They don't make Hue & cry. NORMAL Draw time. RM60 Eqv Sin 20M.

For even less amount get BIGGER prizes.

That's why I buy Matland lotteries more. Also accounts with them so easy and simple to bet online and all winnings transferred to your Bank Accounts. No hassles.


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 20, 2018 10:22 pm
//So have to make big transfers to Matland banks and visit or stay there more b4 it's too late.//

Matland really interesting lah ...

Met this uncle at Bt Chagar behind custom last time

He talked about how this Sinkie bizman (construction worker agent) transferred (BIG) $$$ to HSBC bank in JB ... (that was in the 90s)

The 1st time he said he met this guy was at Jln Trus ... along the same stretch of Jln Wong Ah Fook but opposite side of City Sq & near the Jln Segget/ Trus junction ...

According to him, this guy was quite poor in the early days when he first came to jb jln jln see see & look at road side "chicken" ...

One time the uncle said this guy told him he had a dream and living in a house made of glittering gold.

Abt a week later he visited jb again to while away his time & see the "road side chicken" for fun cos he no $$$.

As he walked pass this Jln Trus/ Segget junction, he felt sthg wet, slightly heavy and warm fell on his head ... he looked up and there was this metal piping horizontally above him running across the small junction. Alas, there was a "ton" of pigeons sitting neatly one whole row across the metal pipe above the junction.

Actually this guy was on his way to a lottery outlet there to buy some 4d/ toto that day ... so after that that night this guy really kena big ... how big he nvr said ...

Later on he went blanga and started this construction worker agent and few years later bought a bungalow in central area in SIN city

1990s Laogonomics was the rage in Sin city & everywhere build build build

Suntec City was under construction in the early 1990s and this worker agent supplied tons of workers to that project alone & making a big pile every month ... so every 2 months he will go jb bank in his $$$ ...

Somehow he along the way was good fren with this uncle in jb

The point is this guy got his first break after kena the pigeon poo at the jln trus/ segget junction ... uncle say got luck lah. The pigeon dint release on anybody who walk pass ... only those lucky chap will "kena" ...

So far havent tried yet. Told the uncle if really broke one day may go there try kena by the pigeon poo and buy lottery ... ha ha ha

There is one hsbc bank btw further up near another side st just nearby ...

According to the jb uncle, this guy believe in feng sui so since he got his lucky break in that area, he subsequently oso always bank in/ transfer his $$$ (BIG SUM) every 2 months at the bank nearby for many years ...

Virgo49 said...

Just toaa add Sinkieland 10M queue from Changi Village to Tuas.

Matland, just walk in and out in 10 mins.

Aiyo, Mr RB gonna censor lottery talks soon.


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 January 20, 2018 10:22 pm
//So have to make big transfers to Matland banks and visit or stay there more b4 it's too late.//

There are at least 4 possible ways the trf can be made in outflow direction?

Either way ("clandestine" or not), the surplus currency could likely "end up" in the forex mkt as excess supply and placing downward pressure vis a vis the other currency in typical pair?

So just look at certain indicators & the pic is likely crystal clear as daylight?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aiyah, relac lah everyone. All reports, accounts, opinion, editorial, blog post, forum rant, kopi tiam cock-talk...et al; all these things are narratives composed in human minds.

These creations are influenced my current mental states, cultural and ethnic filters...and topped off with the person's own internal delusions and internal dialogue composed primarily of BULLSHIT.

Having commentary inthe MSM by ang moh's is one thing...and that's almost always predictable it's boring lah.

However when the commentary is authored by fellow Asian emigres, it turns out to be generally more entertaining, funny and scathing.

I have annecdotal evidence to support my claim because my clients are primarily form China and India. Whilst they absolutely enjoy being in Singapore, and have buckets of praise for the overpiad PAP, they are less complimentary about the behaviour and character of local Singaporean people.

In a nutshell, as a generalization: most of you locals are ASSHOLES. You are whingers, irrtational, rude, untalented, sheeple, racist, xenophobic....and in general don't deserve your (OUR) wonderful cuntry.

So there you have it: the unvarnished opinions from your (our) "Asian brothers".

Meditate on that, motherfuckers. Happy Sunday!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. China Chinese and India Indians almost universally think average Singaporean over-value themselves---they have big dreams and expectations but are not up to the task of making that shit happen. i.e. apparently our local work-ethic SUCKS DEAD DOGS' DICKS---which is why we need foreigners to keep Singapore successful and awesome.

You can disagree and get angry about this....but I doubt it will change their (our foreign Asian brothers and sisters) opinion.

Got thick skin? ^@@^