Fake news stifling free speech?

In thenewspaper front page news on 11 Jan was this heading, ‘Will fake news end up stifling free speech?’ What a dumb question to ask? What are the factors that limit, restrain or control free speech? Fake news? What has fake news got to do with stifling free speech? At the most fake news would be misleading, telling untruths and falsehood and lies. As to stifling free speech, the answer is obvious. I will deal with this later, no rocket science.

The govt is setting up a high power Select Committee to look into the issues of fake news in social media. This committee is headed by Charles Chong, Deputy Speaker of Parliament and 7 PAP MPs and one WP MP. No fake news in main media? What about half truths or select truth or alternate news? Would these constitute fake news? Was the statement that CPF is not the people’s money fake news?

Would the committee also look into the definition of fake news and include half truth, select truth, alternate news and propaganda as fake news, to mislead the readers? This is the first and basic step to take to define what constitutes fake news.

Singapore today has the highest percentage of its citizens with tertiary education, more than 50%, not like the days under colonial rule when less than 3% went to university. In many instances, such high percentage of tertiary graduates would qualify the people as smart people, a smart nation, not a smart nation of daft and unthinking zombies, waiting for the govt to spoon feed them with real news and fake news and telling them what are fake news. Is this not a sad state of affair, when a highly educated people cannot differentiate between fake and real news? Has our education system failed the people to reach this pathetic state of affair?

Ok, the Select Committee is not to deal with the stifling of free speech. Many wise ones in Parliament have commented that it is falsehood that is the problem with fake news, spreading falsehood to mislead. But telling half truth or select truth can also mislead right? MP Sun Xueling said repeated falsehoods can lead to crying wolf. Would this exercise of setting up a committee to look at fake news and to justify stronger legislation be also a kind of crying wolf? Misleading the readers is not only a result of fake news. There are many kinds of falsehoods in all the media, even in so called reputable American and western media, telling untruths, fabricated truths and outright lies. Social media is not the only source of fake news.

A notable comment from Seah Kian Peng is worth mentioning here. ‘Heavy handed legislation may backfire on the Govt, acting as the judge, jury and executioner of what constitutes credible information. We may end up freezing free speech online.’ NMP Kok Heng Leun also cautioned against abusing the law against people who were just expressing their opinions.

What would stifle free speech is simply power and the abuse of power, not fake news. No need to elaborate this simple fact. It is everywhere. What is dangerous about this issue is that it will end up with more power than necessary to deal with fake news and ended up with the stifling of free speech. What is the real intent of this expensive exercise? To curb fake news, to help to educate the people, or to curb free speech? The grey area is so grey and fussy, more like fake news, more like crying wolf.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

What would stifle free speech is simply power and the abuse of power, not fake news. No need to elaborate this simple fact.


But you cannot expect PAP to say it the way you say lah.

So PAP will of course say it to make themselves to be seen like they are victims of fake news, hence they need to take strong action against fake news. No need to elaborate this simple fact.

And if opposition cannot defeat PAP in elections, no choice but to let PAP say or do what they like lor, since PAP got power and can also abuse their power.

Anonymous said...

The whole of this so called a committee to clamp down fake or false or lies/untrue news is an lamb excuse to curb freedom of expressions & free speech. What happen the garmen also spread fake & untrue news? Will it happen? Even God also make mistakes not to say human beans. An over legislation of any form will force a dog to jump over a wall or 狗急跳墙. This Select Committee is like 指鹿为马, just like telling the dafts Sinkies " I say is right is right ", the garmen think its people r stupids & Stupidity is no cure .

Anonymous said...

An over legislation of any form will force a dog to jump over a wall or 狗急跳墙.
8:55 am

force a dog to jump over a wall?

like what?

dog will vote for opposition?

Anonymous said...

The issue of fake news arises because of MSM is not providing REAL news. Their reports are never complete and skew towards one side. If only MSM is professional and give full and true news to readers, there is no room for fake news. Remember the war days, people relied mainly on BBC which was considered as a source of real information.

Anonymous said...

If only MSM is professional and give full and true news to readers, there is no room for fake news.
9:15 am

If MSM is professional, PAP may likely become a victim of full and true news.

And MSM is controlled by PAP. So how to expect PAP to let MSM become professional?

Virgo49 said...

Any adverse comments Against the PAP are FAKE NEWS.

Any praises for the PAP are True News.

Besides, we have stronger ISA Section 55, Detention Without Trails to silence dissents and too vocal bloggers.

Have the Taiwanese Auxiliary Policemen to screw your asses.

Having Foreigners to control Singaporeans, how demeaning.

Others to Lord over Singaporeans. The worst, Singaporeans called up for National Service to defend the Nation but kena checked by foreigners who know a fark about Security.

Really going to the Skunks.

Anonymous said...

The only people or thing stifling free speech in Singapore is the PAP.

Anonymous said...

WP's Pritnam should opt out of the committee. His inclusion is to give legitimacy to whatever curbs PAP might set up later to curb freedom of critical speech in the name of fighting fake news.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.37

The PAP is very smart (cunning) to have one Opposition MP to be in the Committee. They knew WP is Second Team PAP and if everyone agreed to the New legislation, they will said we are very fair people. Even have WP, the Opposition in the Committee.

What Can Pritnam Singh do in the majority of their MPs, Ministers and the kaypoh chiak liao bee pai kai NMP,??

Already supported the PAP, CPF is not your monies.

This Singh and that NMP just want to have Prestige.

Next election Singh will be PAP Candidate. Played safe before WP disband or kick out.

jjgg said...

They don't even know what fake news is.. u want fake news just go to marketplace..price of veggies up cos of hot/wet/Cold weather.. price of ABC stock went up/down cos of everything but not market manipulation .. ST under reporting all the data manipulation by the gov't n over reporting the absurd $8 heart bypass operation n purchase of apartment on $1000pm salary? I would suggest the biggest culprits of fake news generators is the gov't n msm.. unfortunately for these 2 people.. less and less are believing them.. u want us to believe in u .. u got to show it not legislate it

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.04am

..r u that dump ass whom don't understand Chinese Proverb? No excuse if u r a Chinese, even a Pakistanis also learn Chinese might try to understand its meanin..That's why Minister need to come out regulations to curb people like anon 9.04am to make this daft understand the meaning.

Anonymous said...

Fake news should not be curbed, unless the news involves national security such as terrorist attack.
This is sufficient laws to cover this area.

Taxi driver earning $7k pm and managers resigned to take up driving taxi was real news turned out to be fake news later. Who was right or wrong? No body was wrong unless they believed what the news said and resigned from jobs.

The elites cannot contain real news, such as poor people needs help, even $20 one time payment, they go for it at cold weather queuing.

This will be fake news when if is not reported in main media, if there is a law to punish fake news, and someone complains to police about its validity.

So fake news law is a way to intimidate news when people see events on streets and write about it. It is a way to curb such street news not politically correct, or against what the elites think it should be.

Let them curb those writers willing to pass the news around. There will be nothing to read about on internet, except shit times some days. This sinkieland will be avoided by business men.

On the other hand, daily the main media on tv in english bombarded viewers about bitcons surging prices. How many voters are being conned into believing bitcoins are real? Kids are asking parents bitcoins and wanting to put their savings on it.

Is reporting bitcoins spreading fake news? Yes it is spreading harmful news that might induce losses. No when reading news, viewers must act according to their rational knowledge.

Daily the main media will spread such similar news by talking to "experts" wearing nicely. Are these people spreading real reliable news? No. The are broadcasting personal opinions only. One cannot fault such broadcast but to bear own consequences if he relies on such "expert" s opinion.

That should be the attitude to deal with news. There should not be laws to curb so called fake news because not all news are real on main media. Net writers will be worst source of news as they are known NOT to be licensed news agency.

It s a good news to see Pap tie ropes around themselves. Some days, this place will have so little to read about, so much so that the locals including foreigners will source news from abroad web sites. Everyone will spread news through coffee shops. The Pap cannot control coffeeshop news anyway.

Anonymous said...

Look at this para from independent sg:
"The first instance was regarding a question on former Keppel CEO Choo Chiau Beng, who was Singapore’s Ambassador to Brazil from 2004 to 2016. The question: Was he removed from the post because he had knowledge of, or was involved, in the bribery? Indranee said she did not have the info.

She was then asked the name of the Keppel Offshore & Marine subsidiary in Singapore cited by US Department of Justice for paying bribes of US$17 million to an entity in Miami, Florida. Indranee again said she did not have the info.

How inexplicable! This is despite the fact that Parliamentary questions are generally filed in advance so answers could be adequately prepared.

With such goings-on, it’s easy to see why the government has repeatedly turned down requests for Parliamentary proceedings to be telecast or streamed live."

Who is spreading fake news? Questions asked in parliament cannot be fake news. Answers cannot be fake news. But was the answers fake untruthful? Readers will find out themselves if inquisitive or can deduct logically what led to the answers.
So there is fake answers to true facts. There is fake news about events. Up to readers to decipher.

Tertiary education s value comes from such further steps. Pap cannot curb these steps. They can curb questions in parliament? So WP did a useful job.

Voters must cast votes for opposition to have more questions in parliament, and read the answers about Pap s replies to do their own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Singaporeans have the constitutional right to read "fake news"?

Just as PAP Ministers have the right to read documents that PAP has decided to classify as "state secrets"?

Do you think Singaporeans and the Singapore President should also know how much assets is in our "national reserves"?

US Army Finds $830 Million In "Missing" Helicopters As First Ever Audit Begins

After several decades of nation-building and trillions of dollars missing or improperly recorded, the long-awaited audit of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has finally begun.

On Wednesday, the Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist told lawmakers in Washington that the DoD’s first-ever department wide audit will cost about $367 million in 2018 and an additional $551 million to fix the problems.


Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans allowed LKY to tell us who we should marry and fuck (graduate women) .... why can't the PAP government of LKY's son tell us what we can or cannot read?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.33

Another interesting link to the Keppel Corruption.

https://anticorruptiondigest.com /.../keppel-the-story-of.../

True or False News ???

Let the readers decide.


Anonymous said...

Caste votes to Opposition to have more questions in Parliament? What is the use of more questions when you can't get the answers?

Ancient Chinese Proverb:

Even a fool can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should conduct a National Audit to make sure we have "real" assets instead of "fake" assets?
- just like "real" new versus "fake" news

See below Yahoo news article:

Former Keppel Club executive admits to $37 million fake membership scam

A former executive from a country club who duped buyers into paying more than $37 million for fake memberships pleaded guilty to multiple charges of cheating on Monday (4 December).

Setho Oi Lin, also known as Setho Irene, 70, was convicted in the State Courts on 60 out of 3,000 counts of cheating people to buy Keppel Club memberships over 11 years between 2004 and 2014. Her remaining charges will be taken into consideration for sentencing.


"Low crime does not mean no crime."

Anonymous said...

U spoke the truth: reading fake news is sinkies right. If u read china s or pro china web sites, such as china comments or zhongguo pinruien, its commentary twisted Kim Jong Un was thought he was smart to win US, he was stupid to have develop nuclear weapons to stand against the whole world.
That was the conclusion. It was made to match China s official stand.

Most official writings in whole china will take this stand on kim Jong un in their writing. That is also what Pap wishes for, such as the think tanks elder care group voiced about China s not following Hague tribunal judgement, and the main media followed exactly in 2016. The consequence was terrible. Crisis started when amoi cars were arrested. Loony was known world wide not invited for 1r1b world forum.

Pap millionaires continue their increased salaries. Voters paid for the bills: businesses suffer, fewer china tourists landed, forest city to siphon cargo and more ports are built around sinkieland to see its own downfall in port importance.

On the other hand, the once tightly media control Russia was more opened to facts and logic. Putin a day ago commented NK won strategically. Putin commented Kim jong un is smart and mature as state man (at 34). Of course, China will not agree with Putin about Kim. But readers of both countries will find Russians education is far better for their citizens and kids.
Russians are opened and dare face the facts, good or bad. Sinkies dare not. Facts about China s Hague judgement sabo was twisted as legitimate to feed the local readers. Elite was feeding with more doubts in parliament questions from her answers.
Sinkieland is sinking much faster with such attitude to transparency.
Elites s attitude is only official news are real, others are fake. But go back to the crisis of sinkieland s official news on Hague tribunal: it was not Hague tribunal when Hague international courts declared that, and Ocean laws court also declared that the judgement was a private tribunal nothing to do with them.
Who was spreading fake news?

Anonymous said...

Currently, the peesai balek (kong)Kumpung (pussy cat?) already ranked 150+ ...?

After further (JS) "revamp", (totally) "unshocking" if plummet all the way down to "top 10" from the bottom?

By then, (kong)kumpung is too modern le?

More likely balek "jungle"?


Chio Si Lang?

Anonymous said...

Putting all the blame on littering in Singapore on the 3.4 million Sinkies but nothing on the 2.3 million foreigners working here - is this fake news ?

Virgo49 said...

Anyway, how can they stop the News Fake or Otherwise on the WEB???

Singapore to be a SMART nation. Clamp down on their blogs and postings??

Want to prostitute the bloggers internationally? ?

Only main objective to clamp down Singapore Bloggers and Social Media.

Section 55 Detention Without Trials. Operation Lallang and now Carpet Grass.

No more Lallang in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

After the brutal & ruthless First Emperor was summoned to see the king of hade in BC 210, the Qin Dienasty started to wobble ...?

In BC 207, as with all die-ing stars fading away, the Qin regime up its repressive laws in an attempt to hang on to its grip ...?

As the law of nature is always indefiable, the fate was sealed and further repressive means were tell-tale signs of a corrosive regime in its last days of impending demise?

Indeed, after its final few laws to further repressed (& choked) its pple (till almost cannot breathe), it came crashing by end 207 BC ...?

By 206 BC, the despotic, brutal, ruthless, authoritarian, nepotic Qin regime was history?

The 2nd Emperor was murdered by his chief Eunuch in his summer palace?

While in power between BC 210 to BC 207, the 2nd Emperor killed or forced numerous of his siblings into exile ...?

To hang on to their lives, many of his siblings, nephews, nieces etc had to run road to escape the 2nd Emperor's state apparatus persecution?

Goh said...

Alamak.I agree that those giving fake news should stop doing so .
But what is more worry is to get the wrong person to head a committee .

My lakopi kaki in his 60s has bladder problem.Suddenly rain and he need to panjio while smoking .Seeing taegoo around he know holding a lighted cigarette into the kopitiam toilet is an offence.Threw the butt into the rubbish chute pool before he enter the toilet in the kopitiam so as not to be book for smoking in kopitiam first then enter to panjio.
Once out of toilet door before stepping out he was book for littering .
Lao uncle pick up the butt n explain but still got to pay fine .
Khongcum uncle went to see his engpee to explain his problem hoping to save 300.
After one month no reply n went back again to see the khakia.
Adoi,khakia found letter not send but uncle saw the letter .Appeal letter turn out to be few short sentence saying uncle feel it's ok to throw at the chute area.like that see engpee for what.in the end still got to pay.Uncle only want say it's unfair to say he litter in public as he can't control his bladder but cannot bring lighted butt into kopitiam but will pick up after stepping out of toilet after panjio.See engpee is to hope to explain and save 300 as he oso another supporter of the you know who n never throw before.
We need a respectable leader to lead a committee n not those who sign letter blindly.
This one no fake news.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd Emperor was murdered by his chief Eunuch in his summer palace?
January 12, 2018 12:40 pm

So who will this modern day chief Eunuch be?

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing lays out key leadership qualities needed for Singapore’s future


So guess who is PAP going to choose to be our next military leader (oops! I mean Prime Minister)?

Army style Command and Control ???

Anonymous said...

Taiwanese auxiliary police officers to be deployed at land checkpoints: Shanmugam


/// This is a very shameful state of affairs. It shows clearly the bad policies and incompetence of Lee HL and his ministers.

We have so many unemployed PMETs and new graduates who have to drive private hire cars to make a living. We cannot get them to be auxiliary police officers?

Our pay structure and cost of living is disastrous.

If matters are really so bad, someone could have suggested to Lee HL - give an option for NS men to sign up as APO for 6 years. They will earn a good salary and be exempted from the 2 years of NS.

I am sure that there will be many takers. We cannot rely on Taiwanese to be APOs.

Agree? ///

Do you think the above is a good observation/suggestion?

Anonymous said...

@ January 12, 2018 1:04 pm

Actuallly hor.
If Shanmugam don't give the jobs to the Taiwanese ... then how can the population target of 6.9 million be achieved?

Please be more "constructive" in your criticism of ShamMugam

Anonymous said...

That s good news. Choose a naive the weakest to head a team of tiger and fox. Sinkies vote them in, have the cake, make sure eat it, dont be sad or angry.

Anonymous said...

We are breeding a generation or two of Sinkies that do not have the capability to compete with Vietnam, Myanmar and even Cambodia in years to come, not to mention the mainland Chinese and Taiwanese. These are hungry people and they are hardworking, hardy through years of poverty and strife, that help build stong characters to withstand hardship.

What have we been doing in Sinkieland? In order to remain in power the PAP government resort to too much nannying, which in two generations will make them unable to compete. Right now, have we can see that small businesses run by mainland Chinese putting local small food and retail businesses out of existence. What will happen in the days to come when the Vietnamese and Myanmarese join the fray?

We always hear of how successful our business people have been competing overseas. But how much of this success is due to real entrepreneurship and not through 'kelonging'. I am talking about Keppel using underhand tactics to garner business. How many other Sinkie companies are doing it and have not been caught? No one knows or if it known to exists, some people will still deny that they know. The powers that be who fomulated the laws will tell you that ignorance is no excuse.

It is reasonable to elect and have a Government that supports the people to have a better life, but not to the extent of nannying them in every fanciful way that they asked for, in order to get their vote. It is a sure way to disaster in the long run.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, Adoi, you also know Penankan? ?

Baba Melaka or half Penang? ?

Tell old Uncle why all the while He Voted the PAP.

Karma very accurate.If WP MP, may be no fine some more got rewards.

WP maybe pay on behalf from their funds.

You think vote PAP, they give chance??

Fat Hope. They forget after you voted them.

Anonymous said...

January 12, 2018 12:57 pm

Chan Chun Sing lays out key leadership qualities needed for Singapore’s future

In a democracy, who decides the leadership qualities needed for Singapore's future?
Singaporeans or PAP General Chan Chun Sing?

Has the General Elections been postponed or cancelled indefinitely?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, tell your kakis no waste time see MPs.

Ni use one.My old friend ex HDB seconded to his MP of his estate has to attend these Meet the People's Sessions.

They smile and listened to you but swept under the carpets.

Behind your backs they cursed for bringing all these stupid nitty gritty problems to them.

Their 16K Allownace one of the easiest remuneration in the world.

Just meet once a week and for this allowance, not salary, many had to work their butts out and still CANNOT smell the dough.

I DONT believe in seeing the MP cause I DONT vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Hsianzzzzz .... weather so gloomy and rain rain rain ...

Hardly any customers ...

Is this real or fake news?

Nothing to do (at the forlorn stalls) blogging better than pak mang (swat flies) while waiting for the next (elusive) customer (to drop by) ...

Like that (the boss) how to sustain?

1 week sale not enuf (to pay) for a single day (sky high lapgonomics adtronomically inflated) rentals (much less profits, workers salaries, admin costs, borrowing costs, opportunity costs etc etc)?

No choice but to blog to pass time (& remain sane)?

Besides (more & more) repressive laws during the dying days of the Qin regime, the 2nd Emperor issued Imperior Edict to extract the last drop of blood from the Qin dynasty peasants (to feed the decadent bloated Qin bureacrazy, countless (porlampa) eunuchs & cronies ...?)?

With (repressive) laws & taxes of all names, creeds & what have u been rolled out & strapped on the (increasing frail & fragile) necks of the Qin dynasty peasants, it is clear as daylights the days of the Qin 2nd emperor, his eunuchs & cronies are numbered ...?

In the cold winter months of BC 207, (some where) in the middle part of ancient China called da zhe xiang, the last straw of repression broke the Qin empire's back & open dissent broke out among a group of repressed peasants ...?

The rest is history ...?

The 2nd emperor chief eunuch knew the end was near and the masses were baying for the 2nd emperor's blood ...?

The chief eunuch Zhao Gao, to save himself, pushed all the blame to the Qin Dynasty 2nd Premier Li Si and had him tried (in their kangaroo courts). By then, Li Si already relinquished (his premiership) & no longer the premier?

The chief Eunuch Zhao Gao's kangaroo court sentenced the former Qin 2nd premier Li Si to death (& punishment by execution of the most brutal form - chopped into half {at the waist level}, back then known as "Yao Zhan") ...?

Next, to save his own skin, the chief eunuch knew the Qin masses anger & anguish could only be placated by the severe accountability of the (mis)deeds of the 2nd emperor ...?

So in late BC207, he lured the 2nd emperor to the vacation palace and in the midst of the 2nd emperor (usual) tryst with his women, the eunuch barged in with his fellow eunuchs & henchmen cronies ... he told the 2nd emperor he must die to atone (& appease the subjects) for the chaos & extreme sufferings of the Qin masses ...?

The 2nd emperor tried to resist & escape but was quickly subdued by his ex subordinates & (porlampa) cronies ...?

While held down by the lower ranked eunuchs, the 2nd emperor was knived by a super sharp bao qian or imperior sword (ironically made by the best goldsmith in the Qin empire using the best materials) ...?

----- The End -----

Anonymous said...

"Having this trust enables effective leaders who do not shirk away from making difficult but necessary decisions, such as introducing mandatory National Service ... or requiring land acquisitions so that land can be redeveloped and used more efficiently."
- PAP General Chan Chun Sing


"land acquisition" - does this mean we will have to give our HDB flat back to PAP for free after 99 years?

Anonymous said...

These speeches matched almost exactly made by Danabalan and GY. Please do not copy lah. Useless words. All gone liao. These words are good for old fart to nod. Nobody will agree.

Anonymous said...

January 12, 2018 2:53 pm

But if Chan Chun Sing becomes Prime Minister ... then the words will have very important meaning liao.
How can you call the words of our future Prime Minister "useless"??

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.39

Wah piang can write Qing Dynasty History, how can you be stall holder assistant. Lucky CNY next month or else stall holders lose their pants in this rainy season cannot even make enough for the rentals.

Especially the RC leased stall holders on their barren or grasslands which is the citizen's land.

As for Anon 2.40 CCS is just quotating whats his Mentor and Nemis LKY style of tough government.

Do not be afraid to be land robbers to acquire land from you idiots who are in our pockets.

Also, have National Slavery for you to protect our interests.

Daft sinkies never learnt their lessons.

Anonymous said...

January 12, 2018 3:10 pm

"The evil that men do; Lives after them.
The good is oft interred with their bones."
- Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore's leadership succession planning a myth?


Anonymous said...

@Virgo49 January 12, 2018 3:10 pm
//Hi Anon 2.39 Wah piang can write Qing Dynasty History,...//

Uncle Virgo,

Qin & Qing dynasty no same lah ...?

They are about 2 milleniums or 2,000 years apart?

Qin Dynasty from BC 221 to BC 206 ...?

Qing Dynasty from AD1644 to AD1911 ...?

So it is not the same lah, means u got it wrong cannot write "Qing Dynasty History" lah ...?

So means stall holder assistant lor ...?

Free time read sword fighting novels (in chinese lah) by Gold Normal, Ancient Dragon, Liang Yu Sheng etc lah ...?

Why not?

Yew looked down on stall assistant bo tak chay (like the kongcumkia?)?

b said...

Any news not to their liking is fake news.
Any news to their liking is true even if it is false, for example, ''GST is good for poor people''.
These leaders have lost their ways.
God will remove them from power soon.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 3.34

I layman cannot differentiate Qing and Qin.

Just glance at his posting and type Qing.

Don't mistaken. I had high regards for this bro who can quote Qin dynasty history and claimed to be stall holder assistant.

I had typed an earlier post but was blanked out by erratic WiFi.

Praising him to be a Qin dynasty scholar who can write their history.

Hopefully he not replaced by the foreign trashes as brought in by the PAP. Now as stallholders assistant. Also a job but wasted his talents.

Just loved Donald Trump's speech of accusing his distractors of bringing immigrants from the Shit holes countries.

Should he tell this to the PAP. Whether LHL will smile at him


Anonymous said...

While so many sinkies are losing their jobs and driven to drive taxis by fake degrees, they went chasing after fake news. WTF.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 January 12, 2018 3:59 pm
//Hi Anon 3.34I had typed an earlier post but was blanked out by erratic WiFi.
Praising him to be a Qin dynasty scholar who can write their history.
Hopefully he not replaced by the foreign trashes as brought in by the PAP. Now as stallholders assistant. Also a job but wasted his talents.//

Uncle Virgo,

Yew are sharp?

And could be collect?

On the other hand, just like in ancient times, there could be many talented pple/ scholars who chose to serve the pple than the despotic, plundering, womanising, decadent, wasteful, inept, eyes-pasted stamps, ..... etc Emperors .....?

On the other hand, there could be oxygen wasting parasites who chose to (be eunuchs &) serve despotic, plundering, womanising, decadent, wasteful, inept, eyes-pasted stamps, ..... etc Emperors ..... and espoused hilarious (& near to
moronic talks & speeches making weird analogies to multi-layered cakes & xo yam cakes ...?)

Imagine the Han Dynasty stalwarts such as Zhang Liang & Xiao He serving chief eunuch Zhao Gao & the plundering 2nd Qin Emperor (though they were contemporaries/ from the same era) ...?

The Chinese have a saying:


If the Han Dynasty stalwarts such as Zhang Liang & Xiao He didn't choose the right master wisely but served under the brutal Qin Dynasty emperors, the Chinese descendants would not be what they are today and in far worst circumstances such as in present day South Asia ...?

Between 2 evils, it is a (far) lesser evil to "waste" a talent than to serve bad emperors and exact/ wrought more sufferings on the masses?

In history, it is not uncommon and littered with parasites who porlampa the reigning emperors to enrich themselves (and multiply the sufferings of the peasants/ masses?)?

Anonymous said...

The contents like what mentioned in speech related to old fart team s work. It was done on old generations. This man said the same things the young generations do not trust: After NS, good paying jobs go to foreigners and not them, even they graduate from local universities. Force acquisition in the past was done at very low price, due to protest, the prices are now close to market. Was the old ones trusted the old fart team? No: own Pap man sued old fart govt for price dispute, this man s sound like "how" something.

U believe what this young guy said probably u are PR dont know history. He is pm or not is nothing to do with the people living inside sinkieland. Really, no one will be celebrating. What locals want is jobs, to pay bills.

b said...

All the shit hole leaders only know how to turn their countries into shit holes. They should learn how to install proper peepoo system first.

Anonymous said...

"If only MSM is professional and give full and true news to readers, there is no room for fake news.
9:15 am"

They take it for granted your brain has been brainwashed when you read their news. Their motive is to get you further brained.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello b,

PeePoo is PAP.

Pee And Poo.

Everyday I walked my goD-spelled backwards I tell her to PAP.

Pee And Poo


Rocket said...

Instead of spending so much time, energy, money and high-power manpower to tackle fake news, which is a selectively perceived problem that is not a problem, the Parliament should pass a law for more transparency and honesty by organizations such as Keppel Holdings and Temasek Holdings to abide by. This will prevent such corruption incident as that of Keppel O & M from happening.

Anonymous said...

Rocket @ January 12, 2018 6:33 pm

You talk like the PAP government is a public servant ... collecting million dollar salaries to serve Singaporeans.

Do you think 70% of Singaporeans also think like you?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 January 12, 2018 3:59 pm
//Hi Anon 3.34 I layman cannot differentiate Qing and Qin. Just glance at his posting and type Qing. Don't mistaken. I had high regards for this bro who can quote Qin dynasty history and claimed to be stall holder assistant.///

Uncle Virgo,

Nobody can attest that Chinese history is 100% "accurate" but the death (execution) of the Qin Dynasty Premier Li Si is recorded in 《史记》(compiled by Han Dynasty scholar Sima Qian) as quoted below:

"《史记》中有一句关于李斯被杀的文字记载:“二世二年七月,具斯五刑论,腰斩咸阳市。” "




五刑实施起来是一个漫长、甚至无限延长的死亡过程,远没有被一刀砍下脑袋那样来的简单痛快。从脸上被针尖随心所欲的雕刻,到鼻子被匕首硬生生的割下,到两根小腿被砍刀一条一条的剁下,到整个身子被特制铡刀拦腰切断,再到脑袋被鬼头大刀嗖地斩下,在这一个极其复杂的死亡过程中,李斯感受到的是从阵阵刺痛,到钻心剧痛,再到痛不欲生,最后到了不知疼痛。李斯是看着自己一点一滴慢慢死去的,同时他也看到了自己为之追逐一生的荣华富贵、权势地位也随之而去。" ///

Anonymous said...

@ January 12, 2018 8:39 pm

Cancer can already lah.
Talk so much for what?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese saying:


carries a deeper meaning beyond self-enrichment?

Qin Dynasty Premier Li Si chose to serve a tyrant (& despot) and as recorded in《史记》was sentenced to death (in the end) by way of "五刑" (face, ears, limps, hip, head)?

On the other hand, Han Dynasty (which lasted 400 over years from abt BC 202 to abt AD200+) stalwarts Zhang Liang and Xiao He chose to serve the Dynasty founder Emperor Liu Bang (whose Han Dynasty heralded the 1st Golden Age in Chinese history, the other being the Tang Dynasty)?

During the AD200+ years period, at the end of the Han Dynasty era known in history as the period of the 3 Kingdoms, the Chinese saying:


is best exemplified by the continuous and countless rebuffs by (Warrior God) Guan Kong of (the devious) Wei Kingdom Premier Cao Cao wooings with unlimited gifts, women, titles, officialdom and riches ... etc

The best and most well-known strategist of that era Zhu Ge Kong Min chose to serve Han Dynasty founding Emperor Liu Bang's descendant King Liu Bei despite knowing (the fate) that his chance of success (& destiny) was preordained (to fail in the end)?

If the best talents opt to serve tyrants & despots, what would happen to the masses in the end ...?

The immense sufferings of the Qin Dynasty subjects served as empirical examples of the "best talents" but serving the "undeserving emperors" (& a horrendous outcome for the masses in the end)?

Goh said...

What's wrong with Taiwanese as APO.
They are the best, dedicated n competent and I have absolute confident in them.Should even allow Taiwanese here as security guard ,not limited only to only APF.
We need APO who are security conscious and not any Arthur Ah Kow who join just becos they need a job.
Taiwanese fit the bill , are serious when come to defence n security.See those ROC military policemen n guard of honour on duty.
No smile no standing on one leg like those tingtong jlb.,no pride in serving NS.悲哀。。。
It's a privilege to drivr private hire
n sinkies are very Heng.In Taiwan no chance to driver PH.
We shd instead encourage sinkies to work longer hour ,grab any job that comes along.
Welcome Taiwan .

Anonymous said...

Fake democratic government stifling free speech?

Anonymous said...

Welcome Taiwan .
January 12, 2018 10:12 pm

Your mother's chee-bye itchy is it?

World Without End said...

When the brain is infected with an incurable cancerous disease, the whole head becomes cancerous. Therefore, the whole body suffers. The suffering will not cease until the cancerous cells in the brain are totally removed by lazer surgery or destroyed by intense chemotherapy. Looks like it is too late for any cure to be available. The only thing left is to pray for a miracle to happen. Alternatively, be prepared for a Plan B.

Virgo49 said...

I say man, Ahgongkia, you is a real Singapore Sinkie slave who is not even have Self Respects. You just like the rest of sinkies who do not mind being Lord over by the Farangs in your own country.

Paid Security Personnel to frisk and hassle you. Like condo guards to check you when you go in ans out of your own abode. You don't find this demeaning.

No government will compromise their Homeland Security for others to guard for them.Except Sinkieland. Previous reports of them in league with those undesirable elements in inter boundary crimes.

Being defenders of this Nation in National Service and been frisked and hassle by the Foreigners who are on our taxpayers monies. Wah Beh Siong.

Donald Trump would not have the Latinos,Mexicans guard their borders. Only foolish naive idiots will have no second thoughts of the Security of the Nation in danger.

Do the mercenaries really give all to our Nation.

These silver serpents will only lament that we will do better next time when some disasters hit the people.

Only thinking of having their pockets full without at least fill our people a bit of extra dough for taking over these jobs.

Pay peanuts you get monkeys to the people and pay themselves caviar but also worse than monkeys.

Anonymous said...

"What is a more serious threat?
the ability of people to publish false claims (which have existed since humans developed the capacity to speak or write and are subject to correction),
vesting governments around the world to censor entire websites and social media postings on the ground that they have judged them to be “false” or “Fake”?

Since the advent of the internet, the one danger regarded as most menacing was having states and corporations assume control over the political content that one can express."


Anonymous said...

“Show me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men, without a consequent loss of liberty?”
- Patrick Henry (29 May 1736 – 6 June 1799)

Do you think Patrick Henry's timeless reply is applicable to PAP General Chan Chun Sing's speech about "building trust" ??


Goh said...

Laochek Virgo ah.
Really khongcum bo yeo ee.Stpp khooning inside yakak lah.
To many ,whether hongkies,chinamen or Taiwanese ,they are seen as Chinese.
For a minority here to announce that the country's security can be entrusted to the majority ,this can ,or is able to tell that one is colour blind and therefore should be the most suitable candidate to become a leader and have the support of the majority.
Back to condo.
Dun be ungrateful and see guard no up like many Peter lim or Rebecca Wong here.
Many dun realize they can sleep peacefully because we have these professionals 24 hours around ,foreign or not.
Sinkie self claim pmets who lost their jobs should join this profession instead of becoming jlb.
When there's a shortage of this guard,there is no choice but employers have to get from oversea.
It's those jlb n lazy sinkies that give them chance to be here.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia,Ahgongkia, now live till this age still do not understand the Psyche of our minority.

They are a sensitive lot and shouted discrimination is their norm.

They do not even know that they are taken care of better than the Majority due to our own discretion not to have any excuses of been accused of unfair practises to our majority.

These are their Traditional Heroic Professions of being in uniforms. We just always lan lan let them check and bear with the inconveniences due to our virtue of not looking for troubles until we have no choice.

If the Taiwanese Auxiliary Security Personnel were to be over zealous in their duties not knowing their sensitivities as we know, then things might get out of hand.

Cunning people used other people's knives to kill others. This is the best way to ursurp the the throne if things go wrong.

Wise up, don't spout what's Taiwanese Platitudes.

Goh said...

Taiwanese were said to be here in the 40s ,but time being forced and recruited by Japanese army to attack us.
This time their grandchildren are here voluntarily to protect us .
They are responsible n harmless .
Taiwanese meimei is the least problematic and proven the best among all my other nationality meimei.
Put more Taiwanese meimei here as APO and you can see many , including ah lao like you joining APF as APO as security.
But too late you liao.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, Ahgongkia. Taiwanese Treason you now disclosed.

Join Japanese and attack Singapore. No wonder they praised and loved Japanese so much.

If I were Xi, kick their backsides. Disgraceful like Grace Fu.These Taiwanese now gian png come to Singapore.

Also want to be our Front Line Security Defence.What happen if they collaborate again? ?

These Taiwanese are squared headed
and bullheaded followed the rigid rules creatures.

Once we are departing Taiwan and at Airport, one cheeks uncle from Matland in our group tries to kiss the Taiwanese meimei guide goodbye.We we amused ans laughed together.

The Taiwanese Security Officer came over and hushed us.

Also, check in baggage must be accompanied by the respective passenger at the check in counter standing side by side scanned to their satisification before you can move away.

Most passengers have to open their luggages for their physical checks for their abuse of power.

Most are safe luggages but they made things so difficult for you.

Poor ladies after opening their loaded luggages unable to close back.

So my dear Sinkies be prepared to face all these hassles.

They deserved our caring government.

Goh said...

Taiwanese those days are forced to go into battle by the anonae.Not like here who only give 2 years NS and help parents train their boys with good accommodation and welfare provided.
You another ugly Sinkie .
It's their duty to check luggage so dun go if you typical babatai.,coming there to howlian your angmo and cannot accept the importance of security like many sinkies.
Taiwanese mean business when come to security.You want to land safely or want your plane to disappear halfway?
Many here only wayang wayang but I would prefer strict security as I travel often to hug my you know who.
Once a Malaysian woman apnn here even grab my lampar when she felt mine unusual or special.
It's fine with me and I dun mind her to press press.It's for my own good.
Unfortunately another time saw a group of 50 apo inside a holding room like jlb.Knowing it's not an offence to take photo cos no sign to say so,I tried to see n test whether our apo got brain or not.I click 3 times,expecting someone to approach me.
True ,one approached me and I dun argue but ask his opinion.
He want me to delete and I only delete one to please him.He left thinking he won liao.But....I still got 2 extra photo taken.
See?it's attitude n brain that one need and Taiwanese are the best for security.

Goh said...

Oops.it cervix security that press my two dingdong at the entrance b4 entering holding room though no sound activated.

Virgo49 said...

Taiwanese Security and Armed Forces all for shows and ceremonial.

They just want to abuse their powers in unnecessarily checking.

Just whatsapp my friend returning from Genting on 10am coach.

Asked him reach Singapore?

He said after Yong Peng which is another one hour plus ride to Tuas alreday jammed.

See the Taiwanese guys tortured you.

Shamemugan to lan nak Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

The core of POPPIES real operation motto since the weeding of 1st generation leaders: "Leadership by hypocrisy and the making of hypocrites leaders under the mask of public service."
For the love of greed & SELF.