American Arrogance, Aggression and Imperialism : PART ONE

In the early 1830s the Western countries of England, France, Russia and America forced China to open up her country for trade by using Gun Boat Policy. Using force of arms to open China to unfair illicit opium trade confirmed the Chinese belief that the Caucasians were basically uncivilized, savage and wild. The white men had nothing good to offer to China except opium and that they exploited it to the full dimension.

China, not only had to pay millions of silver dollars for the illegal opium trade but also had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars as war indemnity to England, France, Russia and America for the wars they imposed on China. These Opium Wars not only impoverished China but also brought down China's self respect and dignity and almost destroyed the Chinese, heart, soul and spirit.

In the 1910s to the 1940s European countries, USA and Japan fought two world wars largely because of unfair terms related to international trade. After the Second World War they still believe China could offer them a huge lucrative market for their trade and commerce. USA quickly  seized the opportunity in the 1970s when the honourable Chinese supreme leader Deng Xiaoping opened up China for international trade. Hundreds of USA countries set up offices and factories in China . The USA government and its commercial and trading companies make huge profits of thousands of billions of dollars and smile happily to the bank.

The American companies in China export the products they make in China to America. Soon the American government found the balance of trade is largely in favour of China to the tune of hundreds
of billions of dollars per year. They began to cry foul and accused China of unfair trade.
China as a member of WTO- World Trade Organization, is trading under all the rules and regulations of WTO which are largely dictated by USA. USA cannot beat China in a fair and open trade due to its inefficiency, less productive workforce and spending beyond its means.

USA  surely cannot expect people to believe its accusation that China indulges in unfair trade. This will be an embarrassing contradiction to earlier USA proud  statement of Alfred Thayer Mahan who in 1880s saw China as a vast land and contended arrogantly that "The Chinese were not entitled to control their own country . Imperial USA will take over China and develop it into a new country to serve USA and The West."

Indeed President Trump is making a fuss and a mockery of Alfred Thayer's arrogant statement when he and his government accused China of unfair trade though in the light of what America wants , isn't China  now serving the needs of America and the West. 

USA must not expect special deals just because others are more efficient and productive. However, though the benefits of the China trade largely go to the one percent American elites but the ninety-nine percent masses also benefit from cheaper and affordable Chinese goods otherwise the disparity of their income to the one percent elites will make their life miserable.

President Trump and his government should stop making false and fake accusations against China as it does not reconcile to USA's arrogance both past and present.


Wednesday, 31st January,2018


Rocket said...
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Rocket said...

Power comes out of the barrel of the gun.

Big Power comes out of the barrel of the Big Gun.

Super Power comes out of the multiple barrels of multiple super Guns and ICBMs.

In order to have Super Guns and ICBMs, China must have MONEY. In order to have MONEY, China must TRADE and DO BUSINESSES.

In order to DO BUSINESSES, China must SEEK PEACE.



In order to EXPLORE SPACE, China must have Scientific and Technological Advancements.

In order to have Scientific and Technological Advancements, China must have MONEY, TALENTS and the POLITICAL WILL to see through EVERYTHING SUCCESSFULLY.

Virgo49 said...

Whoa!Today at 10am DT gonna give his State of Union Speech just like our Loony ND Koyoh. CNA gonna to telecast live besides the American Media.

Why no telecast on China Assembly? ? Bananas still think poorly of China. Trump gonna give his Koyoh Motivating Talka just like many Sinkies Motivation Talks which many part their monies on them.

These are the Super ConMen and Women who tricked the Fools talking to them like Birds from the Trees into their hands and then into the Boiling Pots.

Likewise those parents who send their children to those so called Super Brainy Classes hoping to make Elites out of them to be the Cream of the Upper Echelon.

So they still thinks Commie is bad just like the South Koreans and their young not wishing to be reunited with their Northern Breathen.

Still thinks the West and their decadence lifestyle is best. Infested with morals breakdown and full of hypocrisy and AIDs.

They will pretend to give you Aids but they gave you AIDs.

Virgo49 said...

The Americans sang themselves as Heros and not Murderers.

Praising themselves to the nigh of their heroic deeds.

Knowing that their stupid "heroic" deeds are stemed from their stupid policies and actions.

Just pretending what they are but NOT.