APO - Stupidity has no cure

I have been ranting at the stupid for so long and the result is the same. It is an exercise in futility. This APO thing, to leave the guarding of our immigration checkpoints to foreigners is so atrociously unbelieveable. How many strategic assets and functions of a country, a nation state, would be left to the charge and control of foreigners?

What are Singapore's core interests that must always be in the hands of true blue Singaporeans, not those that were given a pink IC one day and called themselves Singaporeans immediately and all the guards can go down. And the stupid often do talk about the importance of strategic assets, functions and interests on one hand and handing them to the foreigners and new citizens in the next second.

We have a nation of national servicemen trained and pledged to defend this country with their lives. They are entrusted with the nation's secret, security and to carry weapons. Many are senior NCOs and officers. Now these defenders of the nation are going to be screened and searched by foreigners with unknown background and history when they leave or return home. What a sick joke. It is alright if it is a joke. When it is a reality, it is no joke.

How many of our strategic functions and assets have been taken over by foreigners, with foreigners in charge? Our defence, home security, banking and finance, IT, human resources, the media, the ministries? And foreigners with unknown background and affiliations are allowed to live in the heartland in great numbers without a care on the safety and security of the citizens, the olds and the youngs.

Everything is fine, not to worry, the foreigners are all good people. The people that commit crimes are Singaporeans, not foreigners. This is not stupidity has no cure. It is worse than that, deceiving the people into a false sense of security and put to unacceptable risks.

When would the stupid learn? Sorry, I am asking a stupid question. The answer is obvious. The stupid would never learn. Stupidity has no cure. Enough said. Or is there a hidden agenda?

PS: It is  a misconception to think that they are stupid. Many are acting this way due to ignorance contributed by not reading history, not knowing how they arrived here except the few years of their existence. Some may know the agenda but pretend not to know as the money is good and objection is futile and will be in vain. But some are really stupid in the real sense of the word.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we r stupids unable to understand the rationale behind garmen wanting to employ the foreigners Taiwanese APO. For many years the Sinkieland garmen has been sourcing for security personnel to have same loyalty & fearless attributes of a Gurkha forces, till one day the Garmen spotted the Taiwanese security personnel working in Taiwan , the Sinkies Garmen was very impressed by the security personnel working attitudes - impartial, fearless & stern much like the Gurkha security personnel. Once back in Sinkieland this Garmen minister convinced his Boss & colleagues to bring in APO of Taiwan as they r have found an alternate source of a rare breed closer to the Gurkha, when stationed in land checkpoints these rare breed of APO Taiwanese will be fearless & impartial screening & guarding important facilities in Sinkieland, it will be an important force to be reckon with, as for language wise some can speak little of English & can be train, they aren't that that kind of the Chinese Taiwanese people, these APO Taiwanese r the mixed of Natives Taiwanese some look like Chinese Taiwanese, they have no relations with the Chinese Sinkies or Malaysians or Indo, so these Taiwanese APO will screen without any kind of a abang Adik relations & be impartial & just. That's the tea reason why Ah Shame wanna put these APO in land checkpoints cos they might be able to do a better job that the counterparts of Malayasians or Sinkies to protect vital installations in times of crises & war.

Anonymous said...

This Taiwanese APO thing it goes to show that the Sinkieland's Govt of the day Don't Trust ItS Own Citizens or Sporeans. In times of chaos, the Gov don't believe that Sinkies will protect this little red dot, the Gov may even fear that they be attacked by their own people or be terrorize or sabotage by its own people. The G is going all out to recruit security from All Over The World not just the Taiwanese guards, the G want reliable sources that they can depend on in times of crises, NS men to the G is the last resort & they knew most will run away during war time so recruit foreigners sources in batches is a more sensible thing to do. What happen this G in future hv station 'phantom' forces in overseas or home so that in future of a political unrest or chaos this unknown phantom foreigners forces will be activated to attack the rebellion Sinkies.,scenario like this do happen & the G may be planning for that who knows.

Anonymous said...

What would happen if tomorrow some smart alec said I can provide the same service with half the cost or 1/4 the cost? The source will be from third world hungry people. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Then what?

Anonymous said...

Commentary: As information warfare enters a new age, time for a Total Defence upgrade

With the establishment of a Parliamentary Select Committee to address the dangers and response to “deliberate online falsehoods”, Channel NewsAsia Digital News' Chief Editor Jaime Ho suggests a careful assessment of the real threats, and a re-look at what Total Defence means.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/commentary-as-information-warfare-enters-a-new-age-time-for-a-9855832

How about farming all our national security to foreigners, cheap and good. Caveat, if one day they turnaround and take over the country then how?

Anonymous said...

Mick Davies, 57, was convicted last year of a single charge under the Passports Act for using the forged Hong Kong passport to return to Singapore, where he lives. Davies, also known as Lan Shili, is a Singapore citizen. (Once richest men list in Forb in china).
One recent example: viets informed sinkie authority, one vietnamese used fake passport entered sinkieland. He was wanted for fraud and was a loaded pocket man. (The Vietnamese property magnate who was arrested for immigration offences last Thursday (Dec 28) has been deported from Singapore).
One indonesia was wanted in Indonesia and its authority said he is in sinkieland. The latter denied he is. (MFA refutes reports that wanted Indonesian man is in Singapore).

Sinkieland could be full of tycoons carrying sinkieland passport, and wanted. Why and what is the motive and what is the reason and what could it be the reason that FACE scanning apps are available world wide, the hi tech sinkieland could not catch up with such low tech software installation?

In such cases like tycoons can move in out sinkieland, will there be harmful effects? Many tycoons are not running open businesses to make their fortunes. This place becomes their sanctuary for safekeeping the money?

In the first case, that davis escaped from china, went to vietnam, went to hk, and carry a passport from hk to enter sinkieland. After one week, he was caught at ICA probably for collecting his new sinkieland passport. It seemed china side might have demanded this man to be returned to china. So the following vietnam tycoon, he had no chance by deported immediately.

From these cases, one can deduct that sinkieland has ex foreigners holding sinkieland passports. They are wanted men or women. NS men will not be too slow to think what will happen to sinkieland when foreign country having intention to occupy sinkieland. The enemy can build up a column that is not loyal to sinkieland. There are room to do so. 7 millions foreigners is the target. NS men should watch if they can handle the additional 7 millions, the pee and pee might end up commanding NS men from oz at war. They are safe and NS men can only surrender to the 5th column. There is no security on sinkieland in the long run under such foreigners occupy sinkieland policy. The common people might have wrong conclusion that sinkieland does mind making distinction between sinkies and non sinkies. So they will check carefully who is who at borders. Not so if one can read from those cases. Got money tycoons, sure ok. No money swimming over, sure cannot. What is there to talk about who is to man the border? Hire blangali to do it at check points, its much cheaper. Taiwanese cannot read english but blangali can. Dont bother lah, unless u vote for oppies, then you are the right one to be concerned. There is no nation. When we pledged at stadium national day, we pledged without the flag on ndp. The foreigner occupied stadium admin found glitch at that moment. Si pei sweaui to be sinkies and trained in ns, tio bo? All because of the 61%. Otherwise, things should be consistent in loyalty to state.

Anonymous said...

The Trojan Horse is already inside the country. And they keep on celebrating and looking outside the walls. One night the door of the Trojan Horse would be flung open. And Singapore would have to change its name, fly a new flag and sing a new national anthem.

Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Let's analyze redbean's statements more closely:

1. "How many strategic assets and functions of a country, a nation state, would be left to the charge and control of foreigners?" - redbean

My comment to redbean
A better question to ask is "Who decides what is a strategic asset or strategic function?"
- does redbean decide?
- do Singaporeans decide?
- does the Singapore parliament decide?
- does President Halimah decide?
- does the Singapore army decide?
- ... does Temasek and GIC decide?

(To be continued with another post later)

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, Taiwanese Police just like Sinkies. No where to be seen until a call for help.

And they parked their vehicles with sirens blaring telling the criminals to faster run or we have big headaches making reports and also don't want to get bruise or Low Kew. Three to four guys plus help from residents pinned down one man.

See Taiwanese News channel's 827 Chong Tien of Starhub Every day of some many fightings in streets. This morning even their 7-11 or Family Mart store fighting with cashier.

Previous trip the Lady Guide said we have very few policemen on road as we are generally wellbehaved and the County Head man is the Mediator.

See one report of one insane gut slashing the children and others. During our time, front line first stop by our own Homeland Team of Immigration plus Real policemen. Not auxiliary part time half baked security guards like Cisco or now what's Ateos.

Only good for the Banks. Even their Cisco officers also so many criminal cases like the killing of the Father and son of his jewellery.

Next come us, Customs Officers who are been trained to spot suspicious characters and smugglers
Now they have these Lau Chabok and Lau Ah Pehs plus untrained Aetos jokers checked for these duties.

So bore, they played with revolvers and fired bullets and tried to cover up. Stupid idiots relegated the Customs just to sit and refer cases to them and the CNB for drugs cases.

If I know, I stay till now with nearly 4K salary and smoked cigarettes and shakes legs. Some More pensionable scheme. Class One Wards.

Just because of one stupud so called Terrorist acts, they put immigration in front and these Aetos half past guards.

Become ICA- Immigration And Checkpoint Authority. Immigration knows fark about security and division four officers. Customs Division 3.

See how screwed up.One time put Aetos to check before Immigration. Now back to Immigration then Ateos.

Play Masak Masak.

Going to be bombarded by Ahgongkia soon.

Anonymous said...

False Missile Alert Sparks Panic in Hawaii -- this shows Americans are really scared of North Koreans.

"The whole state was terrified," said Brian Schatz, senior US senator from Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper, better and faster has taken on a new meaning in red dot!

Cheaper, better way to commit suicide and faster too.

Have we not learned our lessons from the MRT fiasco for relying too much on foreigners?

Have we not learned our lessons from some European countries, which now have terrorist grown on home soil, recruited from even locals and terrorist posing as immigrants.

The days of scotch earth policies of the powers that be is onimously not too far away. Create chaos and wait for self destruction.

Anonymous said...

This APO thing, to leave the guarding of our immigration checkpoints to foreigners is so atrociously unbelieveable.

No choice lah.

Because no enough Sinkies want to be APO mah.

Sinkies will rather be taxi or Uber drivers than to become APOs, u know.

And if Sinkies don't want to be APOs, also cannot force them to do it like NS, right?

Even if opposition become govt and Sinkies also don't want to be APOs, then opposition govt will also have to use foreigners. No choice one.

What so unbelievable when there is simply no choice, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

False missile alert will become real one day.

Crying wolf too often, and mankind may not be around to find out what is real and what is fake.

But perhaps this is a ploy to really start a nuclear war when all else to do so have failed.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that 70% voted for PAP in last GE but then they also have no choice, or rather no better choice, since the opposition is not ready to be govt.

If even the strongest opposition leader like Low Thia Khiang is not ready to be PM, which opposition leader is ready?

And if they are not ready to be PM, how to be a good PM?

Might as well ask me to be PM, since I am also not ready.

Anonymous said...

When people or even organisation or govts have no choice, they can do all sorts of unbelievable things, u know.

And this is not stupidity, but rather they have no better choice, so they choose the lesser of 2 evils, and that can be unbelievable since it is still evil, but lesser.

Anonymous said...

Reading state media, it seems Lee Jr very proud and excited to take over the chairmanship of ASEAN in 2018, a chance to punch above its tiny weight.

"Singapore knows what it wants to push for as it takes over from the Philippines as chairman of Asean this year," says ST writer Charissa Yong.

As if being chairman, all the ASEAN countries must obey Singapore's commands !!

Anonymous said...

Why would opposition want to become Government to inherit all the shit like problematic MRT, Rohingya problem (now that we have assumed the Chairmanship of ASEAN), unhappy CPF members like RB, jobless locals, worsening flood situation (no more once in 50 years event), and the threat of sabotage coming into play when taking over the Government (just like what happened to the town councils), rooting out PAP die hard supporters entrenched inside the organs of state who will do mischief and throw spanners, etc etc? The problems are too numerous to mention.

You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

As if being chairman, all the ASEAN countries must obey Singapore's commands !!
11:18 am

It's a separate matter whether all the ASEAN countries will obey Singapore's commands or not, but that doesn't mean Singapore cannot push for what it wants.

It's a separate matter when MRT frequently breaks down, but that doesn't mean Sinkies will not take the MRT. And they do take the MRT, even though it frequently breaks down.

Anonymous said...

They think the rest of the Asean countries are stupid and they are the clever ones and will be their leader and will set the agenda and all the stupid Asean countries would just follow blindly.

And they can promote the agenda of the Americans to attack China and Nk.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.58

I tell you Mah. Just commensurate these jobs with the higher salaries and Sinkies would line up even for construction workers, engineers and blue collared hard Labour work.

DONT always think of just fattening yourselves and give bones to others.

What's so difficult for checkpoints duties? ? Only physically tired and not all the time. DONT have to use brains cells much like white collared workers.

Some more can act like Heros with revolvers at side and when bored can play Russian Roulette for Genting Roulette.

Anonymous said...

ASEAN has not been and is still not a strong organisation that can achieve results. So what's the big deal being its Chairman?

Or what's the big deal being Chairman of a Sinkie opposition party which cannot win elections?

Anonymous said...

Is Dotard Trump really that dump?

Why did he push for America First policy?

Below is an extract abt the petition by ancient Qin Dynasty Premier Li Si to ask the Qin King (then) to rescind the "order to expel foreign immigrants":



Though Li Si got his wish, the order terminated, the Qin Emperor united the empire but it was short-lived?

By the 12th year of the Qin Dynasty (BC 209), non-Qin "foreign-born" soldiers & security forces were mutinying against the Qin Empire & plundering villages & towns, many even swicthing sides to join the enemies of the Qin Empire?

As to Li Si, he was sentenced to the worst execution of "wu xing" (5 forms) which at that time starts with

1) Needling of his entire face in excruciating pain;?

2) Mutilating and cutting of his ears slowly and bit by bit;?

3) Amputating of his limps one by ine starting from his toes, then whole feet, then whole legs, then fingers, then whole arms;?

4) a special execution giant axe that slice a human body into two, separating the upp & lower body with the vital organs still intact in the upp body to keep the victim alive but in unbearable pain, watching his body sliced into two;?

5) finally his upper body was beheaded;?

These are all recorded in <>, the history annal compiled by Han Dynasty scholar & historian Sima Qian ...?

The biggest irony was that this most cruel form of punishment was authored by Qin Dynasty Premier Li Si himself ...?

In his dying moments, Li Si watched himself & his whole clans including his beloved eldest son executed by the laws he put in place in the Qin Empire ...?

Anonymous said...

Very like 3 and 4 !!

3) Amputating of his limps one by one starting from his toes, then whole feet, then whole legs, then fingers, then whole arms

4) a special execution giant axe that slice a human body into two, separating the upper & lower body with the vital organs still intact in the upper body to keep the victim alive but in unbearable pain, watching his body sliced into two

Goh said...

//Going to be bombarded by Ahgongkia soon.//
Laochek ah..
Having Taiwanese Apo to be here to protect us is the most brilliant decision to make by our leaders.
I have been writing in some blogs proposing for these talents and it should be done long ago.My dream finally come true.
They are the real talent and language wise,almost all speak perfect Chinese,perfect English,Taigu dialects,Japanese and other international languages.
Should actually allow private security to engage them to be fair n not restricted only to kakinarng.

Standard wise they are proud of their job,take pride to serve and perform their duties without fear or favoritism which is a must.
They are security conscious because they went through military rule and know how to protect their country from communist.
Blablabla,no need long story use knee cap think oso can know they are the best ,if not ,besterest for security.
With them around,terrorist see oso siam ,can start saving on those expensive device for they have sharp eyes.I now feel more secured.
Another good reason is that we must be grateful that they provide us a training ground,risk relation with prc,risk their citizen being molest,cheated and made pregnant by our nsmen going there for training.
We should grateful that the Taiwan Garmen willing to release their talent to us .
As a citizen I feel guilty that we are poaching their talents after I poach their meimeis,made their meimei waiting for me till neck long long.
How I wish to have her here as a Apo but being Taiwanese who are loyal,ask me give up citizenship and stay there.
See ?how loyal Taiwanese are?

We should say Heng Ah,instead of grumbling.Learn to appreciate.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:04 pm & 11:57 am

Better go look in the mirror.
Is this happening to you & Singaporeans?

How many new taxes?
Does your HDB flat belong to you anymore?
With COE, does your car belong to you anymore?
Is CPF your money anymore?

Is this a type of Li Si's execution by "wu xing" (5 forms)?

Anonymous said...

Dotard Trump: Make America white again!
No more immigrants from shithole countries.

Anonymous said...

Asean chairmanship talked about resilience and innovation. Nothing will measured after one year. Talk cock sessions to asean. Loony mentioned abt terrorism fighting. He should consult Duterte. Loony talk abt innovation, probably digital, is sinkieland a hub of such innovation? Much depends on china if wanting to help impart digital tec to asean. When china see loony, "bo huat toh liao". China chinese will say "how nan lor". Loony dare mention rcep, it was a xi plan to counter tpp. tpp was loony s grand plan started with "pivot asia". pivot asia was started from sinkieland s old man advise to hillary and obama. To xi, what is the point to talk abt rcep when tpp is dead?
China now oredi control asean states like combodia, loa, and heavily close to myannma. Thailand is on its side. China has enough to control asean s agenda working against china thro south china sea islands issue. China has no needs to entertain loony. U watch, loony will not be able to do much without china. Will indonesia want to deal with the "loser" loony? Indonesia has dispute with china on fishing boats taking indonesian water fish. Can loony come out with asean s version to deal with china on fishing and island dispute?
The moment loony say "international laws" china will boil in heart, again using the fake hague tribunal laws. Bad start for loony because the pinoy fake tribunal fake international laws put china in shame in 2016.
Loony cannot be too happy to take over chairmanship in 2018. China will ignore sinkieland whatever proposals from him under name of asean. China may not say yes. Only cambodia as chairman, the china will oblige as at now.
Loony should solve the rohinya problem by telling sui kee to take back the refugees, haha. Bolampar to say one word about this refugee real problem as chairman. Skirt away from this major problem will not make malaysia and indonesia happy.

Anonymous said...

Loony to tell Sui Kee to take back refugees? Maybe it will work if he tells his own 'feel so rich' Swee Swee.

Sui Kee may even suggest to Loony to take them into Sinkieland and sink it once and for all. Loony better not open his mouth or punch too much hot air.

Rohingyas intention now is to ask for independence from Myanmar. That is the problem why for decades there were no problems. If Rohingyas come to red dot, they may also ask for independence as well.

Hahaha. Head really big now!

Rocket said...

Remember Indies Gandi? She was killed by her two body guards. Why? Her body guards were Sikh. She ordered troops to storm the Sikh Golden Temple. So her body guards assassinated her.

If Singapore leaders move to employ foreigners as security guards and police, one day similar incidents will happen. Ministers may be killed by the police.

Anonymous said...

@ January 14, 2018 12:36 pm

China has the money.
China wants to solve problems on a bilateral treaty basis.
Trump wants to make America Great again.

Do you think there is any role left for ASEAN?

Rocket said...

Asean is just a loose economic bloc. Nothing else. What role can it play in the world stage of geo-politics when member states can't even get along with one another?

Anonymous said...

"Do you think there is any role left for ASEAN?" unquote

Their role is to talk cock and sing song to make everyone happy. They better not talk about South China Sea spat or about the Rohingyas, because Malaysia and Indonesia are on their side.

We already stepped on China's toes and are running for cover under the American umbrella. We cannot afford to step on the Indonesian toes. They have 264 million really big toes each and can kick red dot into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Ministers may be killed by the police.
January 14, 2018 1:02 pm

And we care because ....?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Mr.Rocket

That's why our Great Leader LKY had Gurkhas guards in Oxley Rise.

Don't even trust our own.Buy no one is infallible. They had Gurkhas at Whitley guarding Mas Selamat also escaped.

Gurkhas bravery, frankly is a Myth to be fearless and loyal. Seen their stupidity too many times.

They can be very dumb dumb. The Gurkha Guard let Mas Selamat in toilet for so long and did not even go in to have a check.

Another Sinkie officer supposed to escort him also act likewise.

That's why kena sacked.But WKS go unscathed.

When asked at inquiry, why he no check after so long?? He said I supposed to guard here at toilet outside, not supposed to go in and check.

So, at Oxley Rise if any intruders were to be inside the residence, he will also said I only supposed to guard the Gate. Not my business inside. Kena assisinated not my business.

I spent a stint at the old Mt Vernon Camp which is guarded by the Gurkhas in front and we at second checkpoint.

Behind are their quarters. Below is the Reserve Unit now SOC.

The Gurkhas under the SPF and at that time Ang Mo top brass in bungalows on their quarters.

The Ang Mohs children very mischievous and bored.

They used to go to the Gurkhas guard post sentry and pulled his revolver. The poor guy just stand like a dummy let them pull and pull his revolver. Luckily its has a land yard attached to it.

We shouted at them and they ran away. If I were that Gurkha, I take my Kuri and cut their kook kook chow.

See how dump they are. Now they dressed them like Ultra Men with paddings and Goggles and Bullet proof jackets thinking they are Invincible.

Aiyo, Vietcong only wears slippers and carry Mark 4 rifles and they defeated the Heavily well armed Americans.

Also, lots of Gurkhas children born locally studied in Mt.Vernon School.

They also as timid as Sinkies been bullied by our local lads.

So, no human are invincible, only courage and guts needed.

Think the Gurkhas will be on their best to have a Little India II??

They are after all abang adek.

Anonymous said...

Asean is just a loose economic bloc. Nothing else. What role can it play in the world stage of geo-politics when member states can't even get along with one another?
1:02 pm


One look only and can see that ASEAN is hopeless, just like the Sinkie opposition, when some member leaders are not even on speaking terms with each other.

Anonymous said...

Sinkie opposition leaders need not be on speaking terms with each other. They are competitors. They need to work with the voters, not working with the competitors.

Few can be fooled by those opposition keep harping on other opposition leaders. Voters will not think these opposition leaders running down others are capable.

Who are they? U can go back to check their total votes. These oppies are not having high scores.

Those having high scores like the WP team at east, they do not waste their reputation on other opposition. U go look at another party the talk cork opposition was doing badly: kept harping at WP was their reason for bad scores.
CSJ learned the lesson when he wanted to do at a single ward belonged to WP, and chickened out last minute. CSJ paid for high price for doing such stunt.

U like to harp on opposition thinking u can dissuade opposition voters. U are very wrong.

Opposition voters are not happy with pee and pee. U cannot play tricks on them because they once stop supporting pee and pee, they will not go back to that party. It will be life time, may be until people like loony ceases to be leeder and pee and pee can change back to serve the voters instead of foreigners. Pee and pee has permanent leeders never ending or changing in life time.
So u are wasting your effort. Its like Barison, once voters give them up, the party died by itself.
Sinkie voters are straight forward.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 3.00

Barisan Socialists under Lee Siew Chor made a fatal mistake in walking out of the Parliament.

Voted in 13 MPs and they vacated their Seats.

Afterwhich Sinkies lostb confidence in them.

SDP under CST also won two seats in Bukit Batok and Nee Soon but lost due to their incompetence. Acutually, cannot blame them for they have no supports to run their Town Councils.

You know, those government agencies silver serpents also gave them HELL.

Opposition parties candidates just need to get themselves elected. They will in common destiny and survival formed their alliance and coalition if necessary to be the Government

Times of crises thrown up Good And Capable People who will take the Reins to lead as they also loved the Nation.

If not, they won't be standing for Parliament. You think the PAP are also experts when they took over the Government?? They are also new birds and novices.

Thru time, they jelled and become stronger as One. So the Opposition first step is to get into Parliament as Opposition Members. Then thru the process of thrusts and parries in the House, they gained confidence and experience.

Just have them half or even one third in and later they can even be able to be the Ruling Government.

Sinkies must give them the opportunities. Don't say they have no capabilities or ingredients.

PAP MPs got Capabilities meh??? Or Ingredients meh??

Curry Low or curry laws.

Anonymous said...

During the reign of Ying Zheng, after he rescinded the <> policy in the Qin Kingdom at the behest of Li Si, it seemed to work for the betterment of the state and Ying Zheng eventually united all the warring states in BC 221 and founded the short-lived Qin Dynasty?

However, without the authority (& presence) of a strong man (like the First Emperor), the massive and imdiscriminate pro-immigrant policy of Li Si was doomed and the ancient Qin Empire is immuned to it or nature defying ...?

True enough, when the 2nd Qin Emperor ascended the throne (in BC 210), he neither had the ability nor authority of his late papa?

At the behest of the chief Eunuch Zhao Gao, he lured arguably the most capable member of the First Emperor family Fu Shu and executed him (on trumped up charges of treason) in the midst of the First Emperor wake in BC 210?

Seeing Fu Shu executed and power resting in the hands of chief Eunuch Zhao Gao, many siblings of the 2nd Qin Emperor ran road or otherwise went into hiding/ exile ...?

The damage inflicted by the massive immigrant infiltration was so fatal that without the authoritative 1st Qin Emperor presence, the cracks immediately surface at his death in BC 210 ...?

One year after the 1st Emperor's death in BC 209, the once greatly feared and invincible Qin army dwindled from more than 900,000 to less than half ...?

By BC 207, it was down to 200,000 & led by the famous and much feared General Zhang Han ...?

But due to the social disintergration of the Qin Empire, morale was hardly in existence and General Zhang Han had to call it quit and surrendered to a much smaller 80,000 rebel force ...?

Policy that worked under the stewardship of a strong man failed and fell flat on its face under porlampa eunuch and the ineffective 2nd Emperor?

The ending is written all over the wall?

Anonymous said...

When power changed from the first to the 2nd Qin emperor, the fate of the Qin Dynasty was sealed as Eunuch Zhao Gao was given the free hand to run the show from behind and the 2nd Emperor prepcuppied himself with his hobbies and mistresses, oblivious to the precarious state affairs ... everywhere?

Anonymous said...

With the fast deteriorating social conditions, many bloggers ..... oops ..... many scholars in the Qin Empire vehemently criticised the garment ...?

To silence dissent, Li Si suggested to the Qin Emperor to bury the bloggers ... oops ... the Qin Empire scholars alive ...?

To make sure public opinions in the Qin Empire vanish overnight, Li Si also ordered the burning of the internet ... oops ... burning of books ...?

Anonymous said...

U have the point on the crisis situation. The voters are in 2 distinct groups. One group are pro foreigners, and are pee and pee s supporters. They support foreigners at cheap rates for whatever reasons, such as being new citizens to relying on slave like tasks to sell products.
The other group are service seller selling professional knowledge and service learning from institutions. They have foreigners to under cut their chances to acquire income. Their NS is a liability. Pee and pee do not care the disadvantage and believing dishing out employment passes are to solve industries needs and locally trained are not suitable to the employers.
Opposition needs the second group to support as the first group will have their own hard core pap support.
There will be a time when voters will have to break into such groups. The rich who hire and who are new citizens, and the poor and average who needs job income through social mobility. Opposition is popularity obviously is by support from the second group. This poor and average income will grow due to income disparity gap increasingly widened.

Opposition has good future if they know where they are heading for and who are their voters.

Anonymous said...

Now the eunuch is not a man but a HuliJinx. The mess has been accumulating and the die is being cast.

Anonymous said...

Despotism has turned into Tyranny already.

One more means is being utilised as an extension of the Tyrannical Power to become even more pervasive.

Dark times are coming fast when the Powerful enhanced their power even more extensively, deeply, pervasively and ruthlessly.

What can Sinkies do? Except to kpkb like buzzing bees without stings?

Either wait for your extinction or pray hard for Divine Intervention.

Anonymous said...


*** Fake News ***

Channel News Asia's Interview with Donald Trump


“It doesn’t matter to me. I have the responsibility in whichever role to carry it out to the best of my abilities to make the difference I can,” he says.

“I take this approach to life and my career, not just in politics but even in the Singapore Armed Forces. I go where the openings are. If I’m told that there’s this job and I’m going to be posted there, basically I take it up and then move forward."


Considering that his latest transition could spell the end of his political career, I wonder if he has considered the possibility.

“I don’t call the shots. If the party feels it’s time for a renewal, thanks you for your services and says it’s time to move on, then it’s time to move on and then you serve the public in a different capacity,” he says.

"We shouldn't be self-entitled to think that just because we enter politics, it remains in perpetuity. You serve only as long you have value-add and are needed."


Do you think this is the difference between Donald Trump and Tan Chuan Jin?

- One of them did not sit around waiting for his party to nominate him to be the Republican Nominee for President.
- One of them is not waiting for his political party to tell him what to do or when to leave.
- The other is waiting for his political party to tell him what to do and when to leave.

In USA, you RUN for political office.
In Singapore, you wait to be NOMINATED for political office.

Fact of Fiction?
Ripley's Believe It or Nuts.

Anonymous said...

It is the Empress Dowager who is the power behind the scene that has created all the hardship and sufferings for her own greed, selfishness and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

The signs of the Jinx Dynasty crumbling are getting clearer and clearer by quantum leaps.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few above average opposition leaders like Francis Seow and Tang Liang Hong could have created conditions for change. But the PAP knows the threat they posed and quickly got rid of them. One faced lawsuits, from you know who, using the organs of state and the other accused of being Chinese chavinist. Chee Soon Juan sort of self destruct by stabbing Chiam in the back.

Actually, before this there was promise in Lee Siew Choh and his Barisan Socialis, but they ended up committing the biggest political suicide in Singapore politics. He failed his supporters and they deserted him and his party after that.

Now who else wants to be the martyr when he knows the odds are overwhelming?

Anonymous said...

@ January 14, 2018 5:54 pm

“I don’t call the shots. If the party feels it’s time for a renewal, thanks you for your services and says it’s time to move on, then it’s time to move on and then you serve the public in a different capacity,” - Tan Chuan Jin

I don't understand Tan Chuan Jin.
Who is this person in "the party" that "feels it's time for a renewal"?
Is Tan Chuan Jin saying that if he leaves politics, it will not be his decision?

Anonymous said...

Is Tan Chuan Jin saying that if he leaves politics, it will not be his decision?
6:29 pm

Yes and No.

Yes, if Hsien Loong ask him to leave politics.

No, if Chuan Jin himself wants to leave politics to protest against his demotion to Speaker.

Either way, Chuan Jin will leave politics.

But since he did not, which means that to him, demotion with a 50% pay cut to become Speaker is a lesser evil as compared to he himself decide to leave politics to protest his demotion.

Anonymous said...

...he himself decide to leave politics to protest his demotion.
7:22 pm

If he has some self dignity, he should have done that. Or at least reject the post of Speaker and then join the private sector.

In fact there are precedents whereby ministers had resigned to join the private sector and still remaining as MPs, so as not to trigger a by-election.

By not doing so, it gives the impression that Chuan Jin cannot get better offers in the private sector, and this also further reflects on his worth.

Anonymous said...

TCJ knows he is just a party servant n not really to the country. However given his zero real private sector experience his employability renumeration is low outside the Garhmen GLC sector. So no backbone but kwai kwai be another por lam par. Most of time the test is between money n integrity. N most men n women consistently chose money. Those join party already opted in their hearts. Spore is the only place like XiJing Ping said go to Spore you can get rich n at same time be garhmen officials. Officially endorsed Tan Kwang.

Anonymous said...

It olso speak volumn that TCJinx is a parasite to the PAPies now. If he still got backbone he should be like Ah Luck resign from Minionster to be in private sector pursuing his goal or set up his own company to make it big to proof to his boss that he is no kuching kurak type, too bad as wat old fart said b4 Sinkies got no spurs stuck in their spine forever they r daft slaves just like TCJinx prefer be a slave to Ah Long & say wan sui wan wan sui..

Anonymous said...

Basically, all the Paper Generals reached their rank and status (and having spent millions of dollars of Taxpayers' money) were simply based on their "A" Level results, scoring at least 4 or 5 Asses. From then onwards, having given Overseas Scholarships, they were sent to the best Universities in UK or US. Then having got their degrees, with sure pass guaranteed, they returned to Sinkieland to be predestined Paper Generals through fast-track incubator environment with acceleration in promotion, protected and monitored by a "special" Mentor in the SAF whose rice bowl is inseparable from ensuring that the White Horse that he nurtures gets promoted according to a fixed schedule, baring any untowards circumstances. So, within a predetermined time-table of 10 years, they should attain their 1st Star (Brigadier General). That was how these Paper Generals basically gone through. Plain Sailing, with the blessings of the Unfair Elitist System curved out by Amos Yee's Horrible Man.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.32am "Matilar" //Plain Sailing, with the blessings of the Unfair Elitist System curved out by Amos Yee's Horrible Man.//

As far as readers are concerned, for one (who had worked the system from inside & outside?) to make certain comments, such more or less summed up "what was, what is & what is to come?"???

It is not "if" but "when"?


(And how bad?)

Who (generally) cares abt many things?

But if after paying through the nose and taxed up to (& beyond) the nose (& above the head such that pple need to thread water {every second} to "breathe"), things AREN'T looking good, what NEXT?

Regarding the comments made abt certain paper general, what is the scarest thing that can stare into the faces of taxpayers?

To pay some pple millions garmenting them when they are (possibly) worth (in mkt value) less than a 70-yo ah pek or ah ma fdct cleaner?

A truth that nobody wants to face?

A truth that everybody chooses to live with in self-denial?

Who cares if the politicians are (actually) worth less in mkt value than the toilet cleaners?

Why toilet cleaners?

Bc from the top job to the toilet cleaner, which company wants to hire them if based on (real) mkt value?

How scary can the truth get?

Nobody knows?

But time will tell?

Things will tell?

Prices will tell?

Situations will tell?

Why is there a pothole on the road (when tens of billions had been brought forward & spent on road works?) and worst one cable visibly surfacing (how come there is a cable 1/2 inch below the road surface? 3rd world or 4th world std and those paid millions are sleeping in their ivory tower yet tawking nonsense on stage every now & then?)???

Not scary?

What is going to happen to the teenagers in the midst 20 to 30 years down the road when they are in their 30s & 40s?

What would they have to contend with (given the present?)?

Let's all indulge in self-denial, ownself pay ownself millions, put on the act when there is a wayand kulit, eyes paste stamps (& everything will be fine?)???

For now, let's sweep every problem under the carpet and lock up every thing not supposed to be known in the cupboard?


Where got problem?


Now where are the millions?

Faster pay (& pay) $$$ ...?

--- The End ---

Anonymous said...

What is the worst thing in life?

To wake up every morning and continue doing the same thing each day?

But knowing (deep) in the hearts things ARE NOT OK underneath (but only appears barely ok on surface)?

Knowing that one day things will just crumble down?

But with the system built, there is nothing yew can do .....?

As Mr Teochew said (in paLEEment), (yew try? &) "get sued until pants drop"???

Some it is not onlt pants drop, some "panties will be sued until drop oso"?

But then what can yew do?

Just like Qin Dynasty Premier Li Si?

Watching the specially made axe dropping on his body (& cutting into half) and nothing he can do abt it?

Some chose to run road?

Some chose to wait for the day of reckoning?

Many got no choice (like Li Si) but to wait for the moment (of reckoning) to come?

Anonymous said...

Qn (Lao Hero): "I have been ranting at the stupid for so long and the result is the same."

Ans?: (Anon 12.32am) //Plain Sailing, with the blessings of the Unfair Elitist System curved out by Amos Yee's Horrible Man.//

b said...

The end of dynasty is near when the emperor cannot trust his own people.

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