Trump's Hypocrisy in Condemning Terrorism

It is only correct we must condemn terrorism. But Trump like all American or Western leaders condemnation of terrorism is couched with hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

There are two categories of terrorism in this world. The Islamic militant terrorists and the state organized terrorism of the USA government. The Islamic militant terrorists consist of Taliban, Alqaeda and ISIS and others . And don't forget Taliban, Alqaeda and ISIS are the brain child of America. They were organized, armed and supported and funded by USA government via the medium of CIA to instigate and foment wars , distabilities and disorder in places or countries where USA decides to carry out regime change, topple governments disagreeable to USA  or cast dissension among neighbouring states. Ultimately from among the choas USA will grab power, control and hegemony over the warring states.

But the Islamic terrorist actions are disorganized and mild compare with the USA state organized terrorism. The terrorist arms of the USA government are CIA and Pentagon and other disguised NGOs or Non Government Organizations and they make full use of the American air force, navy and army in carrying out terrorism in other countries. The American terrorist bombers can kill hundreds or thousands of innocent civilians and they call it collateral damage. Why don't the Americans condemn themselves of their wanton and brutal terrorism instead of pointing their fingers at others.

It is high time to condemn American terrorism and its monstrous terrorist arms the CIA and the Pentagon and bring their evil leaders to justice.


Monday, 29th January,2018


Anonymous said...

The UN and countries of the world must stop pretending and point the fingers at the two biggest and most dangerous terrorist organisations that are killing people in the hundreds of thousands, ie the CIA and the Pentagon.

The Iranians and North Koreans are like kindergarten children compare to the evil Americans and their CIA and Pentagon.

When white is bad, it is bad. Stop living in delusion. Face the truth. Until the world faces up to this reality, the white devils would go on killing everyone and claiming that they are angels.

Anonymous said...

USA is born of savages and barbaric tribes of the Anglo-Saxon germanic tribes of Western Europe. Therefore it is iherently wild and wicked. USA has been terrorising every other country since before and after its independence from its satanic forebears England. Like cobras and hyeneas you can't tame them but just kill them and destroy them.

Certain ex-colonial ASEAN countries like to fawn on the Americans because either they don't know or choose to ignore the terrorism of USA because they think USA has the might and so it is right for the Americans to carry all their evil deeds to mankind so long as it hasn't come to haunt them yet.

b said...

All leaders are hypocrites or else how to be leader. Hypocrisy is the most important requirement for any leaders. Sell the people a rental flat but lie to them that they own the flat. IMHO hypocrisy prevails in this small island to epic level.

b said...

Look at how the chinese screwed the chinese in this small island, imho it has nothing to do with colors but greed. In white/brown/abo land, chinese can have house and cars so long as they worked hard and law abidding. In yellow land, people have nothing, everything belongs to the rulers, even if worked very hard and very law abidding.