Best social political blog and blogger

This is the time of the year when people sit back to relax and to reflect on the happenings of the year. The main media and several industries and organizations have been holding events to honour their champions, like best journalists, best actor and actress, best author etc etc. It has been nearly two decades since social media burst into the scene of news reporting, reporting news of the people, news that the people think are relevant and interesting to them, soldiering tirelessly without any form of financial reward. Just think of the hundreds of thousands that are being paid to full time news makers and reporters and the pittance or zero being paid to part time social political writers in the social media, it is like what they said, a thankless task and with the risks of being on the wrong side of the political divide and ending up behind bars or bankrupt or run road.

Perhaps it is time that social media readers and bloggers do something to honour this group of tireless soldiers banging away at the keyboards to air what the main media would not want to print. I was hoping that the bigger and more popular sites like TRE, Statestimereview or TOC would do the honour to put up some awards to give recognition to the relentless efforts of the bloggers, to keep the social and political news flowing to satisfy readers hungry for alternative news.

While waiting for them to come up with something in this line of thought, I would like to suggest two awards, one for the Best Social Political Blog and one for the Best Social Political blogger. Readers here can submit the names of their favourite blogs and bloggers and we can hold a small survey to honour them. The rewards would not be any monetary kind, just a name, Best Social Political Blog and Best Social Political Blogger. For the latter I have a few suggestions, Phillip Ang, Cynical Investor, Leong Sze Hian to start the ball rolling.

As I am initiating this project, mysingaporenews and redbean should be excluded from the nomination as there is an issue of conflict of interest. There are many blogs and bloggers out there to be recognised and honoured for keeping the readers informed of the real and important stuff that one would not read in the main media. This is a highly essential role that must be filled if the people are to be kept well informed and not be misled by fake news or biased news from the main media. These bloggers keep a balance of what is real and what is unreal and maintain a sense of sanity in this world of fabricated truths.

This is an effort to honour the people that are really making the news out of a genuine interest to produce news that affect our country and people, unlike those that did it for financial rewards. Not that it is wrong to do so for monetary benefits or for a living. It is that much more meaningful doing it out of passion, justice and righteousness.

Many bloggers and blogs must have contributed to the readers knowledge of current affairs and helped them to form clearer and informed views of things and events. They deserved your support and recognition. Please get the ball rolling.


Anonymous said...

Rb, I know u mentioned that your blog and u be excluded but I still wanted ro nominate your blog. As for Writers I like to nominate u and Phillip Ang jointly. I can contribute small amount for the winners with others jointly say $10 per contribution.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to Uncle Redbean. May all your wishes come true.
May all the blogging forces be with you.

Anonymous said...

Healthy and Happy New Year to uncle RB and all! 👍👍👍!

Goh said...

Haven't read statestimereview before but TOC can be considered though I have stayed away for some times.
Definately not Tre,biased ,only good in instigating and supporting netizen to condemn prc in its blog before I left .
But not interest to honour blogs that can't arouse my interest and I would ,instead,prefer to choose the most gracious and interesting commentor.
My vote goes to commentor Lao Chek VIRGO.He is interesting and cool.
I wish him ,and everyone here ,not forgetting uncle RB who has spent his precious time writing ,A happy and prosperous New Year ahead.
Cheers .

Anonymous said...

New year start with a good sound sleep in cool weather. Some hinted sinkieland needs to elect a leader among his "cohort". Some openly said he has button on nuclear weapons on his desk. His first and day one new year wish list started from Putin. He is not afraid of nuclear dust. US is afraid and wanted to die with nuclear s extreme heat.

A blog needs to have traffic. That comes from the contents and consistency. As readers, they are free to choose the contents and positioning. To be the best is ambitious as the contents will have many readers following consistently. Its a good start to be ambitious in 2018.

For ordinary folks, eat healthy foods now. When nuclear war lands bombs in Japan, and Korea, or USA, foods chains will contain nuclear radioactive contamination.I

Serbia now found many people suffer from cancer. The communities trace back to Nato used depleted nuclear bomb containing uranium 235/8 when Nato bombed Kosevo. The weak radio active materials can spread so wide. If there is a DPRK vs US nuclear war, sinkieland s imported foods will have problems. Enjoy now. Watch kopple s whitewashing story and the new leadershits. May be lau go still want to try when the son is tumbling. Its always in thing to contribute like mahatia at 92, still going strong: to be influential, where every body cheer around him. Every human s happiness is dependent on how others see him: this could be why the son refuses to let go.

Anonymous said...

I thought Mahathir said that after he stepped down as PM, he will not meddle with politics unlike his old enemy south of the border. So, he is no different.

The sons & son in law of several ex Malaysian PMs are holding power in Matland.

Mahathir is fighting hard for his son to do likewise.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, you are supposed to compliment the Bloggers and not to compliment commenter.

BLOGGER like Mr RedBean etc. Mr RB, one of the most interesting Blogger in the Social Media.

His articles to stir the awareness of what's happening around us and the world.

As commenters adding flesh to the structural fountain of their stirring blogs to have more ooen horizons of thinking to our fellowmen and women.
Not one tracked mind believing in just others progangada and Agenda.

Our comments may not be one hundred agreeable to the others. This is how the exchange of views
Everyone has different mindsets.

Do not be surprised that those in Authority may also be partaking these diverse views and channelled their policies to be more accommodating to the public opinions.

Even when in overseas or outstations, always look forward to Mr RB's daily postings in travelling or even having some rounds battling the Roulette and Keno.

Cheers and Happy 2018 to One And All.

CNY just round the corner in Feb. Now off peak for us and peak for the Rest in their what's 3Ms. Time for another few rounds of Roulette.

Goh said...

Laochek Virgo.
Without commenter giving their personnel view, blogger writing good article oso use .
My expectations on bloggers are different.
In facts many bloggers are interesting and wrote well.
It's ego.
One must not be too egoistic and
the ability to accept any views,whether against or go along,make a difference .
Bloggers and commenters like Gintai,Patriot wrote well too,but the problem is Ego.
Since that so claim farmer Patriot mentioned he was once my kampong folk,I manage to use my link n found out that actually both of you are on the same boat.
He has once even encourage his lakopi kakis to buy RB's book n even after he disappear from here,has encourage others to read RBs blog.
You all are uncles in your 60s so No need to galo in blog.
How I hope to bring you all laocheks,including Gintai, to lakopi together one day and let's forget about whatever differences .
But too bad,all ego type.
However I respect you.
Dun spent too much time on genting lah.
Aim for magnum,pamacai or sport toto jackpot.Explore further north.
This coming year you got luck.

Anonymous said...

My 2018 wish: Lee Hsien Loong to get terminal cancer


- guess who I nominate?

Goh said...

Oops,forgot to mention my idol sifu Matillah.
He's a genius,intelligent,wrote well and I am concern about about his disappearance.
Hope he is fine and not limkopi.

Anonymous said...

I trust rb opinions and analysis alot. Keep writing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

May 2018 wish is for PAP to split into two or three parties. With the present dictatorial cronies all locked up in jail to answer for their deliberate Anti-Sinaporeans Policies and "Leegalised" Corruptions.

Anonymous said...

The first webpage I go to every morning for Singapore-related news is Red Bean's blog !

Anonymous said...

My wish for 2018 and hereafter is for those who cunningly abused their powers be thoroughly investigated, charged in court and punished for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, I have bad news for you. Matilar died last year. His ashes have been thrown into the sea as many who knew him would spit at his grave so his immediate family decided this is the best option. You can Google into the lives of his Mother, Wife, sisters and daughters who suffered the sexual abuses by him. His daughters have few kids fathered by him in an incest situation. So angongkia please do not associate with him as your sifu unless you endorsed this motherfucker principles. It may be Kama as this motherfucker suffered a few months struggling to breathe before it finally took its toll. Please don't feel sorry for him. One of his close friends who is of the same kind as him now writes under the matilar brand name but this motherfucker does not write as well as him and he seldom post too as this motherfucker is not as smart as matilar.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah has not replied so far. I hope he is ok and not as suggested above.

This idea of best blog and best blogger is not kicking off. I still hope TRE or another bigger site could pick it up and follow through. The main media could blow their trumpet, social media can also do the same.

In terms of substance, social media bloggers are more substantive and meaty anytime.

Anonymous said...

They got rid of local reporters and journalists claiming that they were not good by not giving them the chance to write serious stuff but what to eat for breakfast. Then they brought in so called foreign talent from 3rd world and let them write on bigger and more serious issues.

This trend of not allowing local talents a chance to perform is pervasive across industries and many esp PMETs have been gotten rid off only to be replaced by so called FTs in this way.