What is the intention of China

In every conversation, forum or western think tank talks, this question would pop up. What is the intention of China's growing economic and military power? What a stupid question to ask. The Americans and the West are getting stupid but they should not think the Chinese are stupid. What kind of answer are they expecting from the Chinese? What would they think they would do or intend to do if they were in the position of China?

The only sensible western academic that has some sense of propriety and reasoning is Hugh White. His answer was simple commonsensical. When one is rich and powerful, one would just be rich and powerful just like the Americans. Are these westerners and Americans still believe that China would live in a world created and dominated by the West for the last two hundred years and continue to be subject to the rules of the West and the existing balance of power?

For more than two hundred years since the invading hordes of European colonialists went about conquering and colonising the rest of the world, the balance of power is such that they should be holding all the powers in the world and the rest of the world must be subject to their power. They would want to possess all the weapons of mass destruction and no one else should have them, and if anyone else has them, the West or the Americans must have 99 pieces while the other one can only have one. And every piece of the American or western weapon is to be bigger than the one possess by the other one. This is the balance of power for the last two hundred years. The Israel is trying to impose this formula on the Arab/Muslim countries as well.

Any country that want to have more than one weapon, even two or three, is immediately branded and demonises as aggressive, unconstructive and destructive, and not playing by the international rule they created. The Americans can have all the military bases around China, fly and sail their military craft on the coast of China, and this is the norm. The American Carrier Battle Group can sail freely in the seven seas to challenge and threaten any country, including China. China cannot fly or sail its military craft out of China or the seas around China. China cannot have military bases outside China. Doing so would be an aggressive and provocative act. China having anti carrier missiles to deny American CBGs from threatening China is accused of being an aggressive act. The Americans sailing CBGs to the Taiwan Straits to intimidate China is not aggressive? The bombing of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade is not aggressive? The rapes of Iraq and Libya and Syria are not aggressive?

The Americans can build military fortresses in the Indian and Pacific Ocean filled with nuclear weapons and WMD and not aggressive. The Americans proliferating nuclear weapons all over Europe and Asia not aggressive? China cannot have a few aircraft or naval ships in its islands in the South China Sea. This is provocative, expansionist, aggressive act that upsets the balance of power?

What is China's intent in doing all these? Do the Americans and the West believe that China, with all its economic clout and military might, would continue to be holed within its land and sea boundaries and allow the Americans to have free play around its borders, flaunting their military prowess and might?

Do the Americans and the West really believe the Chinese are so daft that after being invaded, their country looted and plundered during a time of weakness, would accept the same status quo imposed on them by the colonial and imperial powers of the West then and today?

China may not want to be like the colonial West or Imperial Americans, to want to control and dominate the world militarily. The least China would want to do is to look at the Americans straight in the eyes and to tell the Americans to back off and not to cross the path of China in its economic development and growth and in building its military power to defend itself. The least that China would want to do is to stop the Americans from telling and coercing them in whatever they are doing. China would want to be an equal member in the community of nations and would not allow the Americans or the West to dictate what China can or cannot do.

The balance of power would be 50:50 and no longer 90:10 in favour of the Americans and the West. If the Americans can have 11 CBGs, can have 1000 military bases all over the world, China would also want to have the same if their economic and military strength allowed them to do so, not that they would go that way.  China did not have the ambition to be an Empire and need all the military bases and CBGs to protect the Empire, to bully the world and to rule the world. China just want to be a rich and powerful nation, to chart its own destiny for the prosperity of its people and perhaps also for the prosperity of the rest of the world, without being a military Empire.

Did I answer the stupid question being asked by the West and the Americans? Or are they hoping that the bankrupt West would continue to dictate the terms of international relations in their favour when China is strong enough to say No to them, that China must continue to be push around by the West, by the Americans?


Rocket said...

The intention of China is the same as the intention of any other countries, that is, to protect herself from being bullied, intimidated, dominated, controlled or conquered by the US or any group of Collation of Countries, like what had happened to China before.

Anonymous said...

Very simple answer..For China's survival, peace & prosperity, they dun want to be that pig tail slaves of the Qing Dynasty anymore.. China gonna walk with their head up & tell its aggressor to mind their own bziness after suffering for hundreds of years of being robbed & conquered..can the dafts Sinkies be like China? Or r they slaves in their own country?

Goh said...

Another case of playing guitar to a cow.對牛彈琴。
No use telling those leaders with no brain to think as they only got mouth to talk and use their imaginative power to bully or threaten others just becos they think they Tuakee.
Many are khongcum,but their ego can bring disaster to their fellow countrymen and the innocents.
A good leader is one who is capable to get along with its neighbouring countries and not one who think they becos are trained or got toy equipment and talk big like small boy.
They dun know they will be bringing disaster to their countrymen one day.
Moral of story.
All future leader should go for brain test,check whether they got psychiatric problem before you vote for them else they will bring only disaster.
Pity the harmless folks.Lets hope for peace .

Anonymous said...

With plp Stooges of Whitemen in power, Sinkies are bound to sink together with the weigth the banana paper generals have been punching. They heavier and higher they punch, the heavier and deeper they sink.

Anonymous said...

Why the rust in increasing taxes and creating new taxes? Probable reasons:

1. GIC lost at least $10 billion of Taxpayers' and CPF Savers monies.

2. Temasek lost at least $24 billion of Taxpayers' money taken from the Ministry of Finance.

Check out Bloomberg for details.

Anonymous said...


Replace "rust" with "rush".

Anonymous said...

What intention? This author raised a big US foreign relation question.

The intention can be seen from the drama between the "little rocket man" Mr Kim and the "totally destroyed" in "fire and fury", claimed by US big man. Mr Kim s candid reply "the button is on my desk". And the big man countered claimed "bigger button" is mine "more powerful".

Similar one: when US had shown sign of invading Cuba, then USSR put missiles at Cuba. It was at edge of nuclear war. Cuba urged USSR to use nuclear against US. At the end, missiles removed from Cuba and not invasion till today.

So the intention of China is the same. In 1950 60s, US suka suka would sail its fleets to Taiwan, as a threat to China, similar to now as threat to North Korea. Now, China warned, if fleet harbors at Taiwan, its the day China attack Taiwan.
Really attack Taiwan? Not so. Attack US ship is the clearer warning, and taking back Taiwan as a mobbing task.

What did US do? Trump never talked about harboring at Taiwan any more.

The relationship is: US can impose "coercion" to achieve its will. Small boot licking countries will bow down: oz, japs, sk, and famous punch under their weight countries.
USSR grew from accepting coercion to showing deterrence. It developed into cold war.

China was sanctioned in 60s for its political system and nuclear weapons (coercion). Now US accepted the deterrence of China s weapons. China continues to develop its fighting force. No blank rounds used in exercises. All live rounds real battle practices. US will have to face such powerful battles from China when triggering war big or small. Therefore, US back down on "harboring at Kawshiong port".

This one is still developing: Kim told US is nuclear deterrence against invasion. US continues to bet on "surprise attack" on NK using SK and US war games, non stop. Kim s NK can alert day and night? Its hard on NK. Trump might still having chances by "sudden" attack after an exercise, when NK thought the alert is over and stand down.
In other words, the coercion will continue to impose on Kim until he kneels down. This coercion now include China stopping 90% refined fuel to NK.
It was unknown how NK have economic growth, with oil was said to come from Russia rail route.

In 2016, NK GDP grew 3.9%, higher than world average 3.5%, higher than punch under its weight.
Therefore, the deterrence against US s coercion is not over, but having light at tip of tunnel for NK.

Among the 3, the show on clear characteristic: high in own race and preserved own culture> russians, china chinese, not taiwanese or sinkies chinese, pure koreans in the north.
These races are able to develop deterrence against US s coercion. So US ask why, they themselves know why.
Among the 3, NK is the new comer that both US and China dislike for having nuclear weapons. Putin accepted this fact. How these 2 will play with NK?

US is likely attack NK to take out Kim s deterrence ability. But Kim has more than 1 millions troops. Kim may invade SK as full scale war. Kim s talk with SK thus invited suspicion. Will US s sudden attack goes without SK? That will scare Trump. If not successful, NY might get a nuclear bomb. Tho many US assume Kim s nuclear is not able to reach US yet.
The US coercion is diminishing in power. When US vs NK war breaks out, Japan might have to kneel down to China instead of US. By then, US s camps in Tokyo will be "annihilated" by NK s nuclear bomb.
Japanese will bet on the next coercion: China.
NK if survive, might be a :deterrence against China. Near its border: the SK and NK power is a mighty force. Therefore, China s coercion on NK is unavoidable. But the NK SK might play out a surprise to both US and China, while Russia is picking the final benefits by helping Kim.
Eventually, Kim might succeed in his deterrence against the big powers, similar to China in 70s.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, it would be ecstatic in our life time to see the Whites be labourers and doormen in China and in all Asian Countries.

Let them have a taste of their own medicine.

Also, double ecstasy having the blondes and red heads to be comfort women.

Leave out the White heads.

Ahgongkia will be readily agree.

The bananas as theur Aides clean the toilets with toothbrushes.

Anonymous said...

All I am Glad is that China now treats all overseas Chinese with the right of abode to China so we all have another option and would not ended up as refugees in the future. Knn that is the best news ever to all the Chinese globally. Thanks to Rb for letting us know in one of his posts in the past. Knn Rb, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.27am

Might not be true that China treat all overseas Chinese as if their own people. This wudn't true in this little red dot as the white men party allow the white Americuns & Ah Nehland to use Sinkieland naval base to guard against SCS, this is against China's interest. China Chinese will not treat these Sinkies Chinese bananas as if their own people, in times of crises or war, China wud not hesitate to open fire at these bananas Sinkies when they sees that as a threat to their territories & existence, look at the the past Tiananmen incidence when the CCP wud not blink an eye when they use their tanks to ramp over their own people to teach them a lesson of sucking up with the foreign whites men demoncracy.

Anonymous said...

Very candid assessment. China sees sinkies similar to those DPP and its supporters, on Tai Du, advocating Taiwan independence. Now the DPP are whitewashing away Chinese history in Taiwan by changing the text books. Its similar to sinkies who know very little about China s history, except the older ones who read China s publications.

China will treat sinkies in the way similar to their arrest of the amoi cars. Look at how they treat the loony on projects 1r1b. Until now, they never asked loony to join in. It could also be that loony boh liu liao. Boh liu want to be treated as China chinese?

Sinkies better clean their eyes. China today is AI and handphone based civil societies not burning coals. Clear air and green country, eradicating poverty by 2020.
Look at sinkies: 80s yr old queued overnight for $20 angpaw in 2018 opening time.

It will continue to be so in 2020 under the Pap. Poverty will get worst among sinkies, as jobs are given to foreigners even at lower level to build population to 6.9 millions by 10 years time.

Can tell easily, by the time 2030, poverty under Pap rule will be a time bomb with 7 millions. China will look down at such poor state which is their neighboring city, while their Malacca wanderland might be booming with 1 millions forest city.

Want China to take sinkies as their citizen, may be . Can these sinkies read chinese comparing to malaysian chinese?

When China take back Taiwan, watch how they will arrest and treat those pro independent politicians.
Sinkies are similar to these anti china chinese. Both groups by then will be poorer than China chinese, based on the GDP growth of sinkieland and taiwan, against the China s rate.

Anonymous said...

/// Are these westerners and Americans still believe that China would live in a world created and dominated by the West for the last two hundred years and continue to be subject to the rules of the West and the existing balance of power? /// redbean

Why not?
If PAP's slaves (oops! I mean Singaporeans) can live in a Singapore created and dominated by PAP over the last 50 years; and continue to obey PAP's rules and PAP's laws ... why can't China also continue to live on her knees?
- what is so special about China?

Anonymous said...

"Instead of leading Singapore to embrace the aspirations of a new generation, a new century, PM Lee has obsessively taken on the mantle of being his father’s son and father’s keeper. As the dutiful son, he has achieved his mission. But in doing so, he has scorned the opportunity to break free from his father’s coattails and carve out a legacy of his own. It is his loss. It is an even bigger loss for the nation." Independent sg

When tv shows black and white video of someone shouting while raising his right hand, do u resent it as a gimmick of using someone else s name to advertise/promote the current policy acceptance?
When someone keep quoting what one late old man said this and that, do u reject such minds trying to convince readers using words out of context to force the idea applicable to current situation?

If u do, you are not trapped similar to the son was said to be trapped by the fathers voice.

In coming GE, voters might see such black white images again and again. Make sure vote for opposition to leave the legacy far behind.

No sinkies have the time to live in the past. The world like China, Malaysia, Thailand will walk pass sinkieland for better standard of living if sinkies are fond of the son s game plan, and keeps talking about somebody has nothing to do with the current problems' solutions.

"bigger loss for the nation", this is the truth voters are facing.

Virgo49 said...

When Loony Loong have tiffs with his siblings and they claimed that he is still latching on his late Old Man's coattails, he in front of Parliament proudly declared that he does not need so.

See my last two terms of brilliant performance. If I still have to depend on LKY status and shadows to be the PM, then I am useless.

He is indeed useless judging by the Mess He Created.

Still boast that PAP don't need LKY's propaganda.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 @ January 08, 2018 1:08 pm

But is it fair to blame Ah Loong?

Singaporean slaves should be asking "Does he have unresolved daddy issues?"
If yes, should I still vote PAP ... because PAP will always choose Ah Loong to be their Prime Minister or future Senior Minister tio bo?

Is the above true?
Is it fair?
What do you think?

Virgo49 said...

PM must understudy few years?? You got leaderships quality means you got leaderships quality.

Look at Kim Jong Un, got understudy meh???

He puts Trump and rest of their cronies in pockets.

Must hold hands meh??

FOLLOW the Ah Nehs homos???

Men also hold hands and sometimes each other balls even walking.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Un never had time to understudy, he uses his own style. Loony had too long understudy, 10 years, that why he uses the 2 older than him pm s styles. Needs to hear his father s voice to do next step. His father passed to him thro a seat warmer, loony will do the same to follow his father. Where is the seat warmer, he is lost.

Anonymous said...

The Americans must know that when they attacked another country, like NK or China or Russia, these countries would hit America homeland directly. There is no two ways about it.

Rocket said...

USA has not learnt. The political leadership of USA has always think just because it is the only Super-Power, it can do anything it likes.

Even without nuclear weapons, the Islamic Fundamentalists can bring the War to the mainland of USA.

Any pre-emptive attack or invasion by USA or US-Coalition Forces on any Nuclear Country will be met with a Nuclear Strike upon US Soil. There is no doubt about it.

Very simple reason: because they cannot match the US' conventional forces.

Anonymous said...

Men don't hold each other's balls when walking Kar unless they have big balls like men in white or black ants ah neh?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 6.11

Let me recommend you the perfect place where you can see these happenings everyday.

Go and stationed at the Kampong Bahru /Neil Road junction a shelter to a bus stop.

Coming out from the old estate where the KTM is previously. It's now renowned as Little India II.

Walking out from the shelters they groped in groups holding hands and skipped once a while holding the balls. Sometimes the other party when they see the Pinoy Performing artistes going for rumba rumba at the Kampong Bahru stretch of Red Light Bars.

Too exited, they kept rubbing their organs.

Sometimes, they stationed at the Glass Penthouse of the RC office waiting for the call girls to pass in the evening to vent their bros for some air.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 7.50pm //Too exited, they kept rubbing their organs.//

Aiyo Uncle Virgo,

Why u worry for them?

Save your breathe lah ...?

Their parents should be the ones worrying about such behaviours?

There are too many of them for u to worry endlessly (& unnecessarily) for them ...?

Try take care of yourself more (as they may not appreciate your care & kindness for them & your concern that they have not been properly brought up and taught the collect values? U will run out of energy to change them so better take care of your own health more important?) )

Virgo 49 said...

It's not their parents should be concerned for them.

It's the stupid Sinkies who are in danger of these undesirables.

Time and time again, I sounded the Daft RC of these perverts in our estate and they kept blind eyes and ears to my sing songs.

What to do? Our Great Leader brought and allowed them in and have special instructions not to antagonize them.For we are going to be a colony of India soon.

I said ok equal miseries to you morons.

Hopeful your grandmothers, wives, daughters be the First to be molested or rape by them.

Or when times became desperate even killed by them.

b said...

All politicians cannot be trusted.

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