When value is irresistible

Many snobs in the West are still sneering at any product made in China. Some have cultural biases and would never buy Chinese because of their deep inherent negative upbringings against China and Chinese. But when value for money does matter, Chinese or not Chinese, the products sell by itself. The consumers would want value for money and they know if they are getting value or otherwise. Wallmart would have gone backrupt long ago without Chinese made products. Apple would not be able to sell its handphones if they are not made in China.

With greater interconnectivity, with online shopping crisscrossing the world, Singapore as a shopping paradise and Orchard Road in particular would see its day numbered. No consumer would want to pay through their noses when they can get the same product at a fraction of the price in Orchard and within the reach of a finger hitting the keyboard. The state of denial that Orchard Road can reinvent itself and Singapore continues to be a shopper's paradise is over despite the hype of the Jewel in Changi. No retailers can afford to price its products beyond its competitors. Orchard Road is a microcosm of what Singapore is all about, unsustainable, high price low value, high salary low productivity joint.

Look at the sales transacted over ezbuy, taobao, aliexpress, Qoo10, Lazadas etc etc, the amount is hundreds of millions daily. The numerous distribution points set by by the likes of ezbuy are all over the islands and with numerous repeats per day per point and with long queues of consumers happily collecting their value buys, mostly goods made in China and South Korea. No one is complaining. One can get a genuine mechanical or automatic watch, made in China, with genuine Seagull mechanism for less than $50, the same mechanism that many western brands used.

And Chinese cellphones are flooding the markets across the world. Even in India, a country that would not want to buy anything Chinese, could not resist the value for money Chinese cellphones and other products that could be had at even cheaper price than Make in India products. The Chinese cellphones are dominating the Indian market with a controlling market share.

Value is irresistible. No amount of talks or negative commentaries could beat products that are value for money. No amount of gimmicks would make consumers pay more for less. The retailers may think the consumers are stupid but would have to live with the realities when consumers just stay away when they could not find value in their goods.

This value is irresistible can be expanded in scope to cover AIIB and BRI or One Belt One Road. Both are great initiatives from China that would benefit all the participating countries. The Americans and its allies have put all the stops and obstacles and offensive propaganda against these two projects. American allies were told not to participate. But the values of these two projects stood up glaringly and those countries seeing their goodness found them irresistible and went against the dictates of the rogue Empire. They joined in full force and the Americans, while trying to isolate China found itself isolated, together with Japan.

When something is created that is of value, there is no fear that it would be rejected. But things that are of no value and overpriced would soon be rejected and dumped.

PS. The European Central Bank and Germany and several western nations have include the Chinese Yuan in their reserve currencies to hedge against a US dollar that is going to turn into banana currency soon.Saudi Arabia is going to sell oil to China using Chinese Yuan, not American banana currency. They knew that they have been had by the Americans. Their hoards of petrol dollars would vanish like smokes in thin air soon.


Anonymous said...

It is not fair to say Chinese products are inferior. You get what you paid for. They are also quality stuff from China or else how would you explain they can build spaceship and aircraft and even nuclear bombs.

The World needs cheap and good-enough items and that's what China is making for them. Certain products under established brands were also make in China. Their quality is as good as what the brand had determined.

Those who keep saying China product is no good are merely sour grapes. People like Trump and some whites and pseudo whites are just jealous of China.

Anonymous said...

RB, good morning, u r spot on in this article. Products MIC now compared to 5 - 10 years ago is different. U see the MIC aka Made-in-China products getting betterer each day with affordable prices. Many consumers products r made in China now, when the UaSs wanto create a price war with China, the Americuns consumer markets will lose more. It's the same here in SinkingLand. China is already on competing in the high end products with EU and UaSs, in the next 5 to 10years time China will be the world #1 economy, both economy & militarily China is going to lead the way in this 21st century..

Anonymous said...

How about the future of S$?


Anonymous said...

Anon 8.50am

Tat depends on which SinkingLand PeeAm akang datang la, when present Long San up lorri ( opps no cursing him la) choses wrong chap than S$ gonna decline. & when the China BRI ready probably S$ dives further , who knows a Saviour of Moses Like Sinkies Leader will emerge & bring Sinkieland up again .

Virgo49 said...

AUATRALIA Meyer Grace stock with most China Products. One Enterprising Malaysian businessman in league with one Malaysian Datuk- Mahtahir business associate in Sinkieland had us shipped for him imitation T Shirts of Clavein Klein printed in HK and transited thru Singapore to Australia for Meyer Grace in Australia. Sold like hotcakes.

Brought in Melaka two miniature gadgets like speakers with various functions of blue tooth functions, music, radio and Aux inputs from china at S$10.00

Worked as good as Atlas or Bose speakers of same models.

So for just a fraction of other branded appliances can one shot buy two or three for varied use.

Anonymous said...

All the talks & weak policies in Sinkieland since Goohchoking & Looongie on productivity are just mere talks. Their policies are low productivity & high cost policies in effect build upon offset of myopic massive indiscriminate import of people. They maintain and grow the costliest & biggest & most unproductive and most overpaid government & bureaucracy ever possible for a tiny state nation with 25 years from a lean & mean state. In addition with Jinx and paper generals anchored on buy high, sell low investment & trading business strategy. How to compete? And latest national strategic answers: cure diabetes & electronic hawkers' payments & hike more taxes on squeezed citizens & leadership change can wait at good time.....Hahaha...How to compete? You tell me...no eye to see....Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hi 904am

Who you think will be the Mr Akan Datang?

Anonymous said...

After brotherYang & nepShegWu expose of dishonorable one cannot put up RedShirtYi too fast & too obvious.
Likely stroke Hengie 1 term....in between Clownprince get into politics despite not my cup of tea. Then UpHand yes-man....in between Clownprince become DpeeM.
Can one tong cancer for so long?
Can Sinkingpore tahan further losses in very-holey jinx tummysick, gisee & more screw ups n high costs while neighbouring states become more competitive? u tell us in good time. jio see lang.....

Anonymous said...

Anon @9.30am

As wat Min Ah YiKung said " ..need some time to know each other.."..probably is he guessing his boss need some time to understand one another or is Min YiKung already know he is the chosen one & need some time to know one another or is it someone else a RedYee Son need some time to get to know all the cabinet minions, only Long San knows Lah tio boh?..

Virgo49 said...

Together for so long still need to know one another.

Aiyo, Birds of same feathers or Yoo Yars Yi Yang Hei.

Just nominate and let the people of Sinkieland vote.

Simple as ABC.

Goh said...

How to expect the West not to look down on Chinese products when many sinkie name themselves with western name.
Fortunately China president no angmo name that's why China prosper.
Moral of story.
Stop naming yourselves ,your children or your grandchildren with western names.
You can find not only China product in demand .Taxi uncle oso can be assured no more being treated like punching bag.
The West will not see you no up.
Where's laochek ? Oops Virgo.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49. SMRT CEO was in his position for 5 years and he said there is a deep seated culture problems that caused the mismanagement. So, maybe this is the way they do things. Not solving problems within a year but many many years.

Anonymous said...

When u ask ordinary china chinese in china, they will tell u china products have one feature: cannot not last long. This feature is true. Most sinkies non millionaires will know what to buy. eg buy fan, washing machines, they wanna buy japanese made or korea made. Buy routers, mother boards, they wanna made in taiwan. Why? prize slightly higher, but save a lot of time to keep changing the products.
Chinese govt is taking action against inferior products producers. Their target is by 2025, made in china is no longer lousy.
What are sinkies doing on made in singapore? There used to be a productivity board. Since the son took over, the building built by Japanese was no longer a productivity center.

Sinkies products depended on "foreign talents", mainly pinoys and indians. If u buy a made in singapore product, u probably go to the manufacturer at the east the next day. Its true. The product will need the pinoys or indians to re test bcos user cannot install to make it work. At the end, they also cannot make it work.

For handphone users buying products, they dont go to owechard road. They know the prices are over charged. They check online. This kind of BEHAVIOR kills serious shopping crowd. Have a look at owechard road crowd walking along the road, how many are carrying newly purchases walking along the road? Mostly the crowd are walking and talking crowd.

Therefore, will these crowd to go Jewel to shop? Yes they will go there to talk cork and enjoy the atmosphere. The price is the key, and buying things is no longer hype. Its troublesome queuing.
Go talk to teens, if they want to shop at mtuc that make people queue? Only old folks dont mind. Therefore, those shops like at ngee ang city that make shoppers wait and wait during sales, guarantee few sinkies are keen to do so. Tourists? China crowd was in the past, now hard see them, after some political problem. Japanese tourists dont buy. Ang mor tourists dont buy. Indonesians, Malaysians are the crowd tiobor?

Buy watch? That was a behavior only old folks will do while buy handphones, old folks hardly keen. Look at teens, how many wear watches? Sioa tio bo? Handphone got watch apps mah.

The author said about value for money concept is very true for young people to do their buying. Once they have bought enough from online, u can observe they have too much fashions at home. Will they still buy? No. How many will buy iphone each time it appears with new model? Those queuing over night are siao nan: what these kids enjoy is the publicity shots on tv, and they pay thousands dollars to get the shots. Now few is willing to part with the money and queue overnight. Bet? No value lah. The value to be seen for owning a new model has dropped to no value: goodu buyer is the name. Many teens now keep their old phones and keep using them.

Therefore, buying goods for buying sack is no hype and fashion to young generation. These young hold the info about price. Ask them what handphone model sold at what price, they will tell u, but not foods prices, which neighbor aunties will tell u straight, as they also shop online. If shops owners thought they got a shop at "centers" and huat liao, sinkies better beware. The number of retail shops is excessive, with malls all over the island. The consumers are going for value for money. Unless shops can sell cheap, they cannot grow. But our youths are dependent on retailers and f n b to get jobs. That problem is what the new pm needs to think about. A paper pasted general may not be able to develop answer. Go back to do manufacturing, say to make rolex type of winding watches, "foreign talents" can do? Investors will not come here.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo bro, my old timer friend strong supporter of China products have what's a genius mind.

He said buy China products for example a fan. Just a fraction of what you pay for other branded names.

When fan spoilt, aiyo change new one and still cheaper than the old branded name you brought for many times the price.

Like Magic, you have a New Fan that outshines your old one.

New model and no need cleaning up for CNY spring cleaning.

Rocket said...

Value for money. This is the 🔑 to many things in life.

From buying a cell phone to investing in stocks, from buying a decent home to marrying a life-long partner, from electing an MP to be your representative to running an efficient and effective government serving the people instead of exploiting the weak and powerless, and from setting down a fair and just Constitution to installing a non-elected Puppet President, all these and more, they all involve the concept of VALUE.

One can keep denying. One can keep projecting and spreading propaganda. One can pretend to stand on high ground. One can keep creating new laws to force obedience upon the unwilling and awakened. However, one day the truth will dawn upon the land, and the majority of the people - those mesmerised, intoxicated, indoctrinated, sleeping and conned - will wake up to the realisation that they have been taken for a long meandering ride through the concrete jungle of fantasy and make-believe.

How long can one continue to keep the people in the dark? How long can one continue to force upon the people's throats? How many nonsensical schemes can one continue to implement against the people's will by compulsion through unjust and unethical laws?

There must be a limit. Everything in this World has a limit. Even all lives have a limit. So is power. There is no such thing as unfettered power. The moment one's life expires, one's power dissipates. There is no way one's power can last forever. All of us, every single one of us, our days started to run out the moment we were born. Our days are numbered. We can't live forever.

Everything in this Wonderful World is in Cyclic Existence. Nature provides a great wealth of knowledge and wisdom for us to learn and assimilate, and most importantly, live by.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter come and go without anyone able to stop them. Day and Night come and go without a care. Tides rise and receed without a hitch. Water goes up as vapour, clouds come down as rain water, snow and hail. Who can defy Nature? Who can change and challenge the Wisdom of Nature? Not even Man of Men, God of Gods.

Likewise, man-made ideas, designs, schemes, systems and things can never last. What man constructs, Nature destroys.

Empires rose in power to dominate and control others, empires disintegrated in disarray and confusion. Dynasties rose to glory, dynasties fell in disgrace. Dictators rose to terrorise, dictators fell in terror. These are the facts of life (not fake news).

So, while you are alive, always strive for VALUE - Quality of Life!

Rocket said...

Quality of Life is the highest Value for Money.

Goh said...

Tio lah.laochek.This one I agree with you.
China men say their product not lasting is just being humble and not boastful.
My four made in China underwears which I bought from Swatow fifteen years ago still strong like never use before .
Never buy any underwear for past 15 years.Can penglaipengkhee if lazy to wash.Save on water bill.

Anonymous said...

Change fans or use lasting fans both are great taste.
If u use KDK, Mitsubishi fans, the motors can last for 20yrs or more. Mostly assembled in Malaysia but motors were from Japan. Made in Italy fan can also last for 20 yrs or more.
Made in Japan washing machine like Sanyo can also last and last. Its the materials used in the motors, and the circuit boards for the switches. China made used inferior materials. The total costs are not measurable bcos the service is immeasurable from these lasting products.
Seldom wear underwear given by ex lovers? The rubble flexibility will turn fatigue. If fiber is cleaned 15 years, it should be like "fur not stuck onto hides". If not, the quality should be super good. Only those made in UK beford can beat. Now made in china liao.

Anonymous said...

ST - "ElderShield committee proposes severe disability insurance scheme be made compulsory"

Yet another scheme to suck away our hard-earned CPF savings !

So many unpopular taxes they implementing now, taking advantage of being in mid-election cycle.

But we must and will remember when the General Election comes in 2 1/2 years time.

Anonymous said...

Wanna run road?
Chinese can run to China. Given 5 years visa.
"According to China’s official definition, a foreigner of Chinese origin refers to a former Chinese citizen who has obtained foreign citizenship, or the offspring of present or former Chinese citizens.

The applicant only needs to have one parent, grandparent or ancestor who is or was a Chinese citizen. The authorities specified no limit on the number of generations. " scmp

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Many snobs in the West are still sneering at any product made in China. Some have cultural biases and would never buy Chinese because of their deep inherent negative upbringings against China and Chinese. <<

You're trying to simplify unrelated ideas. The so-called "Western snobs" are not the everyday laypeople but special interest groups like big business, MSM trade, business and economic writers, the labour unions and nationalistic politicians who run on "hate agendas", like D.J. Trump.

Everyday people love buying Chinese because people like Jack Ma have made it so easy, and SECURE. They personally and individually might habour feelings against Chinese or China, but they will buy because as you say VALUE---THE BANG FOR THEIR HARD-EARNED BUCKS.

VALUE trumps all. People put aside other emotions like bigotry and hate when VALUE kicks in. Thankfully, the human brain can't process more than a few ideas at a time. And when it comes to thinking about money, everything else usually vanishes. ����

The idea of VALUE is what capitalism runs on. Value is what you get; price is what you pay or exchange to receive value. Local bitchy PMETs are cast aside for the foreign talent because the foreigners create MORE VALUE (in the eyes of employers) than locals. Since value is SUBJECTIVE, it can't be right or wrong...it all depends on individual preferences. Prices bring some sort of "objectivity" by converting (in the human mind) subjective value to an "objective" amount of money.

To me OBOR (One Belt One Road) and AIIB are still under developed. They are great strategies, proposals and initiatives, but so far it's only been talk, pledging of capital and allegiances. I think they will happen, and yes there are parties working against all of China's proposed initiatives. That is to be expected. Not everyone is comfortable with change, and will all change comes winners and losers.

China is itself facing challenges. It is no longer "cheap" to employ Chinese labour. With things like cellphones and consumer electronics, Chinese manufacturers have definitely raised the bar on themselves. If you look at Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus and Lenovo, you're looking at fantastic tech with plenty of "bang for the buck" i.e. VALUE. My last iPhone was the iPhone4. Since then I've only used Chinese handsets---Huawei was my first.

On the darker side, I also have a Chinese handset with baked-in MALWARE (i.e. can't be removed), which I bought from Sim Lim Square. So, as with everything else in ANY market, it's caveat emptor (buyer be aware)...not because it is Chinese, but because it is ELECTRONIC and you should never trust anything electronic which important aspects of your life have to depend on. (for e.g.: never trust GPS 100%. Never trust your pacemaker 100% or your blood pressure or diabetes monitor). On the plus side, electronics are very stable and reliable.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> The European Central Bank and Germany and several western nations have include the Chinese Yuan in their reserve currencies to hedge against a US dollar that is going to turn into banana currency soon. <<

The US has been technically bankrupt for about 60 years now. We've been internationally trading with banana money all that time...without any major issue.

Cryptocurrency (BitCoin in particular) was an extension of the idea of Gold as a hedge and a safe harbour. Both gold and cryptos have gone up and down. Their Evangelists have been predicting doom and gloom since...forever.

And yet the banana US Dollar is still going strong. It is used by tourists, to fund revolutions, to build large criminal enterprises...and governments alike. It is the world's reserve currency both hated and loved at the same time. It is the de facto standard unit of international accounting. It's not going away anytime soon. WHY??

Why would a broken currency from a technically bankrupt but still the wealthiest nation in the history of the world be the world's main and reserve currency?? It defies all logic and common sense. The main reason:

V A L U E. It is irresistible.🤣 It is...subjective. 😭😭

Anonymous said...

Uncles Red Bean, Virgo & Oldies in MSN,

Anyone know the number of the mental masterbedtion horsepistol?

One mental case like the Bedok siao lang recently (apparently din take medication???)..... (unfortunately no off duty to be seen ard to apprehend one siao lang, unlike the BEDOK SIAO LANG?)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 30, 2018 2:37 pm
//Wanna run road?
Chinese can run to China. Given 5 years visa.
"According to China’s official definition, a foreigner of Chinese origin refers to a former Chinese citizen who has obtained foreign citizenship, or the offspring of present or former Chinese citizens. The applicant only needs to have one parent, grandparent or ancestor who is or was a Chinese citizen. The authorities specified no limit on the number of generations. " scmp//


Huat ah ...

Wei Da De Zhu Guo!

Comrade CCP Party Chairman PRC PRESIDENT Xi Jin Ping wan sui wan sui wan wan sui...


Peesai JLB Paper Generals can go xxxx spiders, hands up or no hands up ...?

Anonymous said...


Family hp all OPPO, HUAWEI & XIAO MI ...





(Others no fighting chance)

By imposing tariffs on solar panels, dotard is only making COL hell for his supporters?

Anonymous said...

Solar panels tariff 30% was not targeting at China.
China mkt shr to US is 8%. Malaysia mk shr to US is 36%.
China has big internal consumption, what is 8% small volume? They dont sell to US. Ok liao.

Anonymous said...

Value investment in China?

Fitch Ratings said Monday it has sold its 49% stake in China Lianhe Credit Rating Co. to GIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, for an undisclosed sum.

Fitch is poised to become the first of the world's major bond-rating firms to operate independently in China after it's plan to exit its current Chinese joint venture.

One of the biggest challenges for Fitch in China is how it will adjust to a market where most bond issuers -- which pay for credit ratings -- are used to lofty grades from local assessors.

For example, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., a heavy equipment maker from central Hunan province, is rated AAA by Fitch's former joint venture Lianhe Credit Rating, compared with B-minus by Fitch itself.

b said...

"According to China’s official definition, a foreigner of Chinese origin refers to a former Chinese citizen who has obtained foreign citizenship, or the offspring of present or former Chinese citizens. The applicant only needs to have one parent, grandparent or ancestor who is or was a Chinese citizen. The authorities specified no limit on the number of generations. " scmp//

So long as china is still commie, it is a stopover like small island. Many want to get out. It is human nature to want to own house and car aka capitalism. It is gov responsibility to limit every family to one house and one car so capitalism stays capitalism and not evolve into extreme capitalism aka imperialism.

When it comes to buying stuff, it does not matter where and who it is made so long as it is cheap and good. Many china made phones are made from chips designed by the west, so the west will still continue to produce high value products. China acts only like a sweat shop. When that sweat no long comes cheap and they will look elsewhere.

The odin descendents believe in no karma. They like wars, plundering and dividing.

Anonymous said...

Senzheng 30yrs ago was rundown like Jurong. Now it has GDP alone bigger than Sinkieland. Buildings look much bigger and nicer than sinkieland.

There are a lot of jobs from foreign mnc for sinkie chinese who has advance chinese standard. No need to fight with Indians from chennai under the ceca in this small market. Go to china.

Next few months, Chuhai is passable through a bridge longest in this world to HK. Its about an hour drive ok liao. Then its Guangzhou, again it is a city alone having GDP bigger than Sinkieland. Speak cantonese will have an advantage.

Chinese sinkies will have good chance to find jobs in Dongguan and Senzhen. Dont leave your old folks alone, bring them as well, dont need to vote pap, just leave the elite alone, so that this city sinkieland will have indians majority. Varakum.

U vote for pap, they want foreigners. When chinese run off, pap will kaput.

b said...

They are all globalists. They work together one lah. You take my people, I take your people. Everyone will need to buy more airtickets, hotels stay, furniture stuff etc to boost economies.

Anonymous said...

S'pore not invited to OBOR how??? Companies building infrastructure for OBOR are 90% Chinese .... Keppel & Sembcorp no chance ... like this how??? Die cock stand liao.

Ordinary Sinkies ... still got chance ... join the Chinese companies with plenty of projects on OBOR.

But horrr .... must be prepared to be sent to Africa or Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan & other stan or stun countries.

Anonymous said...

Rb, for me other than food which I still buy from ntuc, everything else from charger, power plugs, iphone cover and protector, light fittings, SIM card cutter, led bulbs, sensor lights, some clothings, usp extender, electrical drills, ladders , electrical screw driver, drill bits, polisher, batteries, toothbrushes, furniture wheels, kitchen cabinet t bar handles plus many more stuff, we bought from Aliexpress and qoo10. It's so much cheaper plus convenient as delivered to Our residence. So why buy from retail where rent is a big cost component. U can get cheaper cost even compared with hdb shops! So the sg retail trade days are numbered. The Changi jewel targeting air Travellers will attract many look see type but likely will not translate into sales and will end up as the biggest white elephant in sg. The days of high rental in today's world is over.😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

I bought a crystal chandeliers 30 years ago on promotion $4000. Now u can get from Aliexpress at $500

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 30, 2018 3:53 pm
//One of the biggest challenges for Fitch in China is how it will adjust to a market where most bond issuers -- which pay for credit ratings -- are used to lofty grades from local assessors. For example, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., a heavy equipment maker from central Hunan province, is rated AAA by Fitch's former joint venture Lianhe Credit Rating, compared with B-minus by Fitch itself.//

Lemon Bros was rated tripled AAA leh in 2008, by who arh ...? China rating agencies?

Or "top rating agencies" in angmoland (where it was the epicentre of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis)?

Is Fitch one of the "top rating agencies"? (The other 2 being Moodys & Std & Poor?)?

How come their central bank (FED) holding US$1.8 trillion of the "AAA" rating MBS (mortgaged backed security)?

How come other investors like Buffet "so stupid" dun buy and the FED needed to print US$4.5 trillion (under QE1, 2, 3) to buy the "AAA" rating MBS under their QE3 programme between 2012 to 2014?

If so high rating how come the "FED" dun dare unwind now & release all the US$1.8 trillion MBS into the market?

US$1.8 trillion = US$1,800 billion

When is the FED going to release this "TOP rating agencies" rated "AAA" MBS into the market instead of holding them in their balance sheet (bought with $$$ printed from thin air)?

Anon 3.53pm, how come u never recommend the "AAA" MBS to Tony Tan (GIC) & Lim Boon Heng (TH) since Fitch part of those who also rated the MBS?

Why are?

Btw, who created MBS (mortgaged backed securities) which were "securitised" with subprime mortgages?

Who created CDOs?

Who created CDS?

How come Lemon Bros collapsed huh?

Why minibonds kaput and even town councils supposedly lost abt $80 millions in 2008 and other sinkies at least a few hundred millions?

Anon 3.53pm, the Chinese got one phrase call "Gou yang de" ... u know the meaning?

Means the mother is a bitch?

Anonymous said...

3.53pm Anonymous January 30, 2018 3:53 pm //Value investment in China?//

"Gou ....." oops

Anon 3.53pm,

AIG kuching kurat or "AAA"?

Were they able to honour the CDS in 2008 which they sold prior to the 2008 GFC?

Why then US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson needed to hamper out .... oops hammer out ..... urgently a US$700 Billion taxpayers $$$ to bail out AIG and many other financial intermediaries in 2008 under the US$700 BILLION "TARP" programme (paid by taxpayers)?

Why arh?

Is US a capitalist or communist/ socialist country?

Why fat cat capitalists in 2008 abt to lose $$$ going bankrupt the US garberment used taxpayers $$$ bail them out?

To the tune of trillions?

Why arh?

Capitalist free market can like that meh?

Yew tell lah ...

The Chinese got another phrase: "Mei zhang nao" ... means what?

Means this person "dun have a brain"?

Like what uncle RB wrote last week?



Dunno how to think?

People said what they just parrot & nod their heads?

"Mei Zhang Nao"

This can be one of the Chinese versions of:

Retard, Imbecile ...?

Uncle RB, can recommend this Chinese term to u?

Next time in case u see another situation of "stupidity has no cure", mb u can apply this term to such "retards, imbeciles" ...? Can substitute with the Chinese term "mei zhang nao"?

b said...

IMHO the best will be a balance of power between east and west like the tao sign. This will be good for consumers as consumers will have choices.

Anonymous said...

Zhu Guo, Wei Da de the ZHU GUO


Wei Xa de Chairman Xi,

When will u issue (immediate) citizenship to suffering sinkies?

So that they no longer will need to bear mental etc torture day & night under the retarded laogoanomics, botaknomics & harakirilogy?

Anonymous said...

After my sagely advice to President Xi to increase China's nuclear warheads to more than 8,000 to counter the US hegemonistic bullying, the official paper of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) said on Tuesday that China must strengthen its nuclear deterrence and counter-strike capabilities to keep pace with the developing nuclear strategies of the United States and Russia !

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Regarding your idea of survival in the mountains in the event of some dotard trigger happy like the recent near apocalypse nuclear red alert fiasco in Hawaii, has been researching on bushcraft survival since last year ...

Indeed your idea seems quite good and it seems more than a fighting chance to have better survival in mountains than city ...?

Below one video which could be valuable survival lesson and hopefully the type of survival u were alluding to previously during our interesting discussions in MSN:


Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //When value is irresistible//

Uncle Virgo49,

How about the following video mountain survival skills:


Got value?


Yew Pi Yew Qi Yew Tua Liap Li?

Anonymous said...


Typo ...


Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 9.58

Just follow Marco of Taiwan travels to China on Channel 833 Starhub of places in Inner China and you can find the answers to the Survival of a Nuclear Holocaust in the Mountains.

Many had not open their eyes to the most remote of China which is so vast that the Americans had not even know about them.

The West only knew Singapore is somewhere near Hainan Island that that's why they proportionally gave Preda Blanca and south rock to Sinkieland and North Rock to the Malaysians.

They were wondering where the fark this Singapore is??

And all just took a dice to give their Verdict.

Anonymous said...

$8bln to $10bln foreign capital investments into Spore for 2018. (Our shittimes still boast-blasting to ignorant sinkies)
This has stagnant through Loongsan peeM ship.
It confirms how weak & unattractive SP has relatively become.
While our neighboring Asian countries foreign capital investments are increasing.
Hong Kong has run way way ahead of SP during last 14 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49January 31, 2018 8:33 am
//Hello Anon 9.58 Just follow Marco of Taiwan travels to China on Channel 833 Starhub of places in Inner China and you can find the answers to the Survival of a Nuclear Holocaust in the Mountains.//

Hello Uncle Virgo49,

Walked your doggie Pee & Poo at her favourite spot oledi?

Btw, r u referring to the house building skills in the mountains as illustrated in the video below:


Quite a comfy house to love in the mountains... cooling ... no need aircon or fan ...

Anonymous said...



*to live in the ...

Anonymous said...

A country that could not maintain a failing train system, could not even made a bicycle boasted about helping China with technologies for the BRI projects. A country with the highest debt boasted about providing finances for the BRI when China has US$4 trillion reserves and funding trillions of dollars to AIIB, BRIC bank, and with several national banks that are lending to the world more than what the World Bank could.

How daft can people be?

Anonymous said...

LIARS and deceitful people are not daft. They are just thick-skinned and do not know what shame is.

Anonymous said...

Cancer. Liability. Read new orleans drywall. Fucking rebuilding material has sulphur. Homeless got sick.