Old thinking versus new thinking

When the founding fathers took over Singapore, there were very few local talents. In those early days, there was a saying that the talents in a block of 5rm HDB flats would be enough to make a govt. That was all the talents we have.

But fear not, the founding leaders were not going to let this lack of talents derailed the building of a new nation. We will train our own talents. In every field, in govt, in the police force, in the armed forces, we will train our people to take charge. How to do it? These people got no experience at all, they knew nothing, would they foul up everything? That was the risk the founding leaders were ready to take. Any Singaporean that they saw some potential in him or her would be thrown into the deep end, to learn to swim or sink. They learnt on the job. They learnt fast to survive, to make the grade. If they failed, there would be no Singapore of today. They could do the easy way, buy foreign talents and flood the country with foreigners. They did not.

When the govt had faith in its own people, the people rose to the challenge. Some failed, but many made the grade. Now we have our Army, Air Force, Navy, Police Force, Civil Service, JTC, SIA, DBS, and what not. These organizations and institutions were built during a time when there was a dearth of talents, by Singaporeans.
Today, we have plenty of talents. We have more than 5 universities and many polytechnics. We sent hundreds of scholars overseas and in local universities annually, to the best universities. But shit, we have no talents today. We need the fake talents from the third world with fake credentials to take over our top jobs in our countries because our top graduates did not have work experience, did not have talents.

Today, the new thinking, we need instant talents, all trained, with the right experience or else cannot do. We demand instant trees, even plastic or fake trees also can. We do not need to train our talents. We sneered at our locals especially the fresh graduates for lack of experience because there are plenty waiting to come in with their cooked experience and fake certificates. We bring in any crackpots as long as he can show some papers claiming how good and experienced he is, and can talk his way out, he is the talent we need. We even bent backward to accommodate the fakes by claiming that no degrees never mind as long as the person can work.

When we have so many good universities, so many graduates with straight As, and still went begging for fake talents from fake universities with fake degrees and fake experience and credentials to replace our real talents, is there anything wrong?

This is the new Singapore and the new thinking, old thinking of relying on our own talents no longer relevant. They insist on instant talents. They need to buy, beg and borrow from the third world villages for talents. And our country is degrading closer to the countries where these fake talents came from. From first world to third world. The belief that when you push a button, everything works is passé. This is no longer the case in a third world Singapore. The standard of efficient and tolerance for mistake are taking shape, just like third world countries. Nevermind is the word. It is the new normal.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

“The hard work done by our founding fathers has been squandered." - Kishore Mahbubani, TODAYonline.com July 3 2017

Anonymous said...

The above description of the talents in the present day little red dot is absolutely correctly to the core, RB u hit the jackpot ( but then u didn't win a single cents). U see the present lot of garmen is only doing one thing- grow it's economy at all costs! They r looking for Profits After Profits under the name of this island city has got no resources & need to build up its own reserve by hook or by crude. This present white Garmen doesn't trust its own citizens saying the Sinkies r a bunch of lazy choosy lot ( not true). These elites garmen think that there is no point training & grooming Sinkies local talents as they r worried that the local talents would migrate elsewhere or don't vote for them during GE. The elites garmen also blamed its citizens of the declining demographics & so on so forth. Jobs for Foreigners & National Slavery for the locally born Sinkies. The locals r told that they can't eat on a degree therefore r told to become HAwkers, taxi drivers, cleaners or screwty etc.. This little red dot is regressing & the garmen has no confidence on its people so much so that in Chinatown also hanged up Chinese phrases likes " 安邦定国"or "团结奋进" asking people to celebrate National Day instead of CNY, its absurd & stupids has no antibiotics nor antidotes can cure ..

Anonymous said...

Rb, after reading your article, it really upsets me. But I know it's true cause all my kids, my friends and Neighbour kids all work overseas as they can not get decent jobs dominated by the black ants. All of them are doing very well overseas and unfortunately don't think they wanted to come back. So as country and parents, we spent our whole life preparing them and the foreign countries never spend a cent but benefited from their contribution. But what to do? If your own country does not want you, then you have to move elsewhere to take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lao hero: //Old thinking versus new thinking//

Old thinking = GKS Wisdom?

New thinking = Botaknomics' "TLLM" ...?


Political Scientist Chua Chin Leng //When we have so many good universities, so many graduates with straight As, and still went begging for fake talents from fake universities with fake degrees and fake experience and credentials to replace our real talents, is there anything wrong?//

Pig-No-Kyo: //What do yew think?//

Are the "products" churned out by Botaknomics "TLLM production lines" meeting the "specifications"?

Why not Botak sell his "TLLM" at the WEF at Davos?

And Kee Chiu can sell his "XO Chataokuey" & "KueyRabis" in Davos to the World Leaders in the World Economic Forum as the PoopAm(designate) to fart, pollute, melt the polar ice cap & submerge the sampan in eternity?

Anonymous said...

Knn how come the Song Dynasty poster not posting anymore comment especially on this vital area?

Anonymous said...

That's the difference with own people and imported ones who will go back home one day. This is not their home. They came here to make money.

Why do they care about quality or whether the things they made fall apart after they left? Why do they worry about productivity as long as they get they monthly pay and when their contract ends, they take all their CPF and head for home.

Many Malaysians I know never want to take up Singapore Citizenship. Most prefer to remain as Permanent Residents for upteenth years. They made good money here, live in private condos and have properties in Malaysia. They want to retire in Malaysia, where everything is cheaper. Homes, cars, healthcare, cost of living are really affordable. Not the kind of affordability that are fed to the dafts and they believe it lock, stock and barrel.

Anonymous said...

The author brought out a scheming that last for 30 years at work place. It was a term called "foreign talent". Local work place white collar workers waited patiently for the scheme to hire "foreign talents" to bear fruits. Majority white collar was retrenched, would re apply jobs that they thot they could do. Priorities were for foreign talents bc once a job ads put up on stjob or whatever, the foreigners emails will swam the HR address: from pinoys, from india, from hr agencies. Foreign talents ask for less, local white collar ask for same, still will not beat the lowest offer.
The scheming against local white collar does not end at liberty in work pass, employment pass, s pass, dependent pass. One killing step is to allow foreigners to find jobs with extended visiting pass, staying on sinkieland for half year, and can renew for half year if unsuccessful to have interviews in every half year.

HR would have met such foreigners jobless for so long on sinkieland.

Sinkies who are jobless still believe they can find jobs. They did not realize the scheming against their families declining financial sustainability.

HR would tell u, when a foreigner looking for job coming to end of half year, his or her asking salary would be far lower than local white collar. His or her saving runs low. She is like beggar asking for 10 cents or $1, employer s bargaining power raises tremendously.
HR quickly hires at lowest salary, convert into PR, if can apply citizenship for her. Next foreigner on the shortlisted hiring name.
Fake certificates are recognized, as someone said in parliament, HR hired her on sighting some master degree, but when on inquiry, HR would say her mumbai university is world famous. Ok liao. Botaichi.

Sinkies are making noise for what? They are born to be NS men. Like yesterday heavy rain, these goondu NS men still had to make way to camp to do IPPT. Employers are not happy to see this kind of lazy employees, absconded during office hours to simi ippt during heavy rain. Boyahlah, wayang in the camp, tiobor?

Hire foreign talent is a national project to lower salary. One cay sinkie will be marked and marketed as the world most lowest salary country. Investments on 1B1R will flush inward investments throu sinkieland at least 33%, and outflow at 85%, bc salaries for bankers are so low, legal assistants and lawyers eat instant noodles only. Not only this good point, sinkies will increase its non NS citizenship for job market to sustain the demand from 1B1R business. Like gathering different money lenders to give loans to one borrower: that s big business for 1BR huge projects, according to one keechui big name.

There is new thinking, non NS men new citizens and PR are for job market to be sustainable for the huge influx of bnss from china. NS men are for in camp training and wayang in office. All of them need very low salary to survive their instant noodle purchases, while the elites will collect million dollars, and TELL their voters to TRUST them, the foreign talents will benefits their grand sons and daughters, they as NS men father should drive taxi now to help the state to grow business. Another 30 years, sinkieland will be a powerful country with talents everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Started with Selfish hypocrite Lao Goh...own son eat scholarship n do medicine...n Poppies ministors tell citizens send children n do engineering. Flood tens of 1000s of 3rd world engineers n screwed n continue to screw our naive citizons. Dont follow what they said. Watched what they do. Their children eat scholarships on ah kong money...careers in tummysick, glc, silver serpents n politics..professions are in law, banking, medical. Dont keena trick n send your children to do enginerring...it is flooded with 3rd world low wage competitors intentionally introduced by your own garhmen to screwed the most diligent n studious local Sinkie students. Naive sinkies have voted hypocrites to screw them.

b said...

Politicians these days are different, not only in smalland. They will lie to get votes to milk the people, corporations and country for their own selfish gain. They will use the money to party and buy up properties overseas so they can run away once they lose power. There are so many rich fugitives in the west that have asylum status. That is the main reason those countries signed up for asylum accord. There are only dirty politicians left.

b said...

Smalland is only a stopover. People are milk until they only can have flat and bike while so many people work so little in the west also can have house and car. Live is very short to work so hard for politicians that only want to give you flat and bike instead of house and car.

Anonymous said...

With the present type of self-praising, self-glorifying, self-enriching, self-protecting, self-checking-self, self-righteous, self-blinded-self, insensitive, unethical, immoral, unconscionable and unrepentant leadership, Sinkies are in for a long haul in the next 10 to 20 years. 100%!

Anonymous said...

Three more adjectives to add to the above perception:

Ruthless, Unscrupulous and Pretentious.

Anonymous said...

IN china Fujian LongYuen (near Fuzhou) overnight shifted a train station from old to new. The tasks included shifting the signalling system and tracks. All was done by 8.5 hours. Total manpower 1500.

This is engineering precision work. Do u expect sinkieland s ketleng "engineers" able to organize that kind of man to machines precise interfacing? Ketleng engineers cannot talk, might not have the basic training in engineering, if they bought the certificates, or they did not attend classes, or they cheated in exams. All the above are well known, that why mumbai university is ranked world 3000th. Yet swee swee claimed it is world "reputable" and IDA hired one charbor in its service.

Sinkies NS men want to be side line to drive taxi, so that their engineering degrees can hang at home walls tell their sons and daughters to get ready to rent one more taxi to pay the bills. The sons and daughters will know how smart their fathers are. Tiobor? If they are not smart, they would have voted opposition to get rid of the pee add pee, and their father will have to practice engineering jobs. That why one old fart pointed out at sinkie NS men: "furs not stuck onto hides, its their problems." That old fart oredi predicted these NS men would be useless fathers. What to do, these fathers dont know how to break the addition in voting.

b said...

Some great man did mention that nevermind its white or black so long as it is cheap. Thats what the world is based on today. Trumpie put a stop to it, making many angry.

b said...

Maybe the pee and poo know very well that smalland is not substainable. The only way is to emigrate to have a better life. Having an engineer degree provides an easy way out. Engineers are highly soughted after in europe, us and oz. After few years of work, can easily satisfy points system for many countries and emigrate.

Anonymous said...

Between emigrating and voting out the present party, almost all voters will choose the second choice. Voting is so easy to do. The thrill comes from the outcome, when successful.
Emigrating will land the person and family members hardship. The future voting in white or black men system (eg africa) will be fixed bc yellow skins are not majority. Forever gets stuck.

The foolish will emigrate to change the governing team. Almost sure will be unhappy ending. If a person is so accommodating, he can stands any one, he needs no emigration. If a person is rational and not goondu, he gets frustrated when the system is not working for him. Emigration will work against the latter group too.

Only no brains will emigrate. One bookwriter emigrated and wanted to come back, he was banned, tho he had a court case to back him up. Can any body see this guy is problem? His family relation is here. Emigrating did not solve his problem at all.

Voting out the rulers putting voters at disadvantages against foreigners is so easy to do. Why take the dead end no u turn path to end your happiness with family relations? No brain right? if u do it.

Anonymous said...

On the past misdeeds in Brazil, Keppel Corp management says: "With this chapter now behind us, we look forward to continuing on our growth trajectory and building a more disciplined and sustainable business . . . "

The Group recorded a net loss of $495 million in the fourth quarter, against a net profit of $143 million in the same quarter last year.

In FY 2017, Keppel O&M incurred a loss of S$835 million compared to a net profit of S$29 million a year ago, mainly due to the one-off impact of the financial penalty and related costs (the one-off financial penalty arising from Keppel Offshore & Marine’s global resolution with criminal authorities in the United States, Brazil and Singapore, and related legal, accounting and forensics costs amounting to $619 million), an additional S$81 million provision for losses made on the Sete Brasil projects and S$54 million in impairment on other assets.

As a result, earnings per share was at negative 27.3 cents.

Although they announced a dividend of 14 cents, that is paid only in May 10, and the ex-div date is April 25 - that's 3 to 4 months away!

Also, the CEO said while there is growing optimism in the O&M industry, following the recovery of oil prices on the back of extended supply cuts by OPEC and other oil producers, the rig market continues to be plagued by a supply overhang, and both utilization and day rates remain low. Whilst oil companies restart their oil exploration and exploitation programmes, it may be some time yet before they translate to orders for new drilling units.

Sell, buy , hold ???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

DBS Bank on hiring spree from India

According to its MD and Head of Core Systems Technology, Soh Siew Choo, the bank has a “huge pipeline of digital transformation projects” and there were challenges to finding developers “locally”.

The bank is aiming to recruit 200 IT technologists in 12 months.

Soh’s comments show up the paucity and vacuousness of the PAP’s announcement two days ago on the creation of the Punggol IT District which it claimed would generate 28k jobs for locals.

If DBS has trouble finding even 200 locals for its IT department, your guess on who will be taking up these 28k jobs is as good as ours.


Anonymous said...

Soon DBS will become an IT company instead of a bank.
Soon DBS will become a foreign company instead of a Singapore company.
Soon the management staff of DBS will be taken over by foreigners instead of Singaporeans.

Goh said...

I am more concern about those New thinking so claim sinkies who never fail to repeat telling sinkies that the best way is to emigrate.
If they are not khongcumkias,then we have to be careful of them ,for they may be one who penetrate here ,telling sinkies to emigrate elsewhere but will be asking their kakis to be here bringing in their imaginary god too.
As a true blue sinkie,I urge all to be united,stay strong against all odds.
Together we stay put and protect this island our forefathers chose to settle down.
Be a stayer.

Anonymous said...

agree. stay & vote them out. only the ballot can talk to the pappies. when they lost aljunied, no taxes increase for a few years, instead ministerial pay cuts from super super high embarrassing levels. after big win at 2015, non stop tariffs & tax hikes & talk cock n sing song and double talk all the way. Your votes are powerful to change the pappies. that is the only thing that can put some senses into these hypocrites. your votes are very important & much needed, if not they wouldn't be bribing you always every 6mths before each Erection with vouchers n rebates. Votes are very necessary that's why pappies are dishing out citizenships to 3rd world ah nehs N ah tiongs.

Goh said...

Anon 10.36
Besides not migrating elsewhere or charboe and leaving our love one here to be boss around by foreigners,another way Sinkies can help is by working longer and irregular hours.If 1 million sinkies can work longer hours we can easily cut down on the need to have foreign talents by a million.
One week work 44 hours not enough lah.
Shorter working hours for family gathering are just bullshit.
Want less foreigners,Sinkies should work harder and contribute longer hours.
Who say sinkies not talented .Who say employers prefer foreign talents?

Anonymous said...

First, where got such thing as a true blur, oops I meant, blue Sinkie. I know fully well for a fact that there are many truly blur and stupid Sinkies. But never are there any true blue Sinkies. Unless, of course, they have been screwed multiple times until they turned blue. All motherfuckers are descendents of migrants. All their ancestors never came to Sinkieland to settle down. They wanted and yearned to return to their fatherland/motherland all the time. But because of the ban imposed by one horrible man, they could not return. By the time the ban was lifted, it was too late. Their children were growing up and going to school or working. No bian, they had to see to their children become responsible adults. So, they stayed on....and on...and on and on..... There had never been, in their hearts and minds that they had wanted to curve out a tiny island to be their home! They were firstly exploited workers cum slaves of the British Empire. Then became the comfort women, workers, spies, interpreters, translators and slaves of the atrocious evil Japanese Empire. Then they got conned and exploited by one man who wanted to curve out a name for himself by leaving behind a legacy of great achievement. Will this legacy be of any concern to them at all? NO! Of course, NO!

Sinkieland is expandable. So are Sinkies. The earlier the stupid idiots wake up, the faster it would be for them. Or they will become the dodo birds.

The Universe is our HOME! Wake Up!

jjgg said...

Haha.. if during boom times u need to pay millions to get jobs..what about during depressed times when jobs are few n far between? All the other aspects of ship building n retrofitting? No hanky panky? Keppel n sembcorp reported a decade long full order book.. they must have a marvellous sales team.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous January 25, 2018 9:46 am
//Knn how come the Song Dynasty poster not posting anymore comment especially on this vital area?//

@ Anonymous January 17, 2018 10:28 pm
//Anon 9.47 pm, Knn u can not sleep is it? Why post all these Song Dynasty thingi? Any relevance to the discussion topic or not?//

Anon 9.46am
u backside itchy? Peesai has some of the "best JLBs, cronies & grassrots" globally to secrewty your asshole ...? If u need such "lobang", probably a Virgo may know who/ where/ what they are ...?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Jiak Bah BAEY?

Oops ..... No ....... yewr doggie morning Pee & Poo BAEY?

Heard abt Uncle RB Old & New Thinking analogies?

Old Thinking = Poo is Huat Arh ...?

New Thinking = Poo is Jiak Arh ...?

New thinking means any shit come all welcome & just eat (the shit)?

No more huat liao (under new thinking)?

Ditto, your matland lottery jackpot dream how? :(?

Anonymous said...

Old thinking - Uncle RB:
// When the govt had faith in its own people, the people rose to the challenge. Some failed, but many made the grade. Now we have our Army, Air Force, Navy, Police Force, Civil Service, JTC, SIA, DBS, and what not. These organizations and institutions were built during a time when there was a dearth of talents, by Singaporeans. //

To paraphrase, EVERY STEP taken under (GKS) old thinking is filled & full of promise? EVERY STEP is towards FIRST WORLD, HOPE & PROSPERITY?

New thinking - Uncle RB:
//Today, we have plenty of talents. We have more than 5 universities and many polytechnics. We sent hundreds of scholars overseas and in local universities annually, to the best universities. But shit, we have no talents today. We need the fake talents from the third world with fake credentials to take over our top jobs in our countries because our top graduates did not have work experience, did not have talents.//

To paraphrase, EVERY STEP taken under (Laogoanomics & Botaknomics) new thinking is filled with & full of dismay? EVERY STEP is towards THIRD WORLD, HOPELESSNESS & POVERTY?

Virgo49 said...

The Anons who criticised those who are making plans to quit are the Real Dumb New Thinking Sinkies been numbed by the Papies for years that they are resigned to their fates to be sent to the slaughter house sooner or later.

Only those who are still able to think like the old thinking of their forefathers who took risks to better their lives and their children will make provisions to escape from a sinking Sampan.

One lamented that Sinkieland is open to all and its the universe.
This guy may be Matilah in disguise and a trash that infiltrated into the country.

Who said that our forefathers are restrained from returning to their homelands? ?It's their choice to stay and built up the Nation

Everyone loves their Nation and would not emigrate unless they have to.Its true that its the best solution to have a chAnge of government but with these daft unthinking Sinkies, is it possible?? Already numbed by them.

Only resigned creatures that are meant to be slaughtered make no plans of Survivals.

The foreigners are lording us over here and not we be under the mercy over there. Are the elites living in hell in SINKIE land when they are living here? ?

Sinkies still have to serve them what's they have to us if we stay there.

So wise up to the old thinking of Survivals as endowed by our forefathers and not dumb and numb of the new thinking who had lost even their survival and abode of rights instincts.

b said...

For those who want to stay, watch more bbc wanted down under. Why the britist travel all the way to the other side to oz? Uk have many benefits. Uk also have their families. Reason: Must be good lah. Anyway, oz does not belong to white people.

b said...

Only europe belongs to white people so why are white people bossing every other race and making up rules in every other continent? We must work together to stop becoming victims of their cunning ideologies such as communism and religion to divide us and rule.

Goh said...

Adoi laochek,
Since its our forefathers' choice to stay and built up the Nation,the more we should not quit but to stay put to make their wishes come true.
Else it's 不忠不孝不仁不義。
Alamak,how these simple minded babatai understand.
It's just a common excuse for young thinking quitting poothowkias to claim we are sinking ,as they cannot find a better excuse to justify their neglect or leave their elderly parent or grandparents here.
Older thinking generation Par see bo chow.

Goh said...

Only reason that is acceptable to quit is to migrating to one's ancestral land ,instrad of angmo land and end up our children becoming angmo,eat kantang ,naming themselves Dony tan or Josephine yeo what not.
But how many sinkies know where their ancestral homes?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, if you find that your sampan is sinking, you tee tai not fund a way to survive.

Just been lead to the slaughter with tears in eyes just like the cows and dogs in China.

Forefathers worked hand in hand with those who still have hearts for them.Now present self enriching loonies have only hearts for the trashes and their power.

So stupid of you to be slaves to them.

Better be a babatai and lived with freedom and dignity.

Babatai smarter than you dumb Cheena Sinkes.

Slaves to the Lee Dynasty.