Old World Order OWO versus New World Order NWO

The Old World Order, OWO, was created by the American Empire post WW2. The key elements of this OWO is all about an Empire and either you are with the Empire or against the Empire. The Empire also believes in war as the main solution to international relations and has been expanding military gangsterism using the guise of military alliances. War instead of diplomacy is the guiding principle of the American designed OWO. War is also the means to create instability and dependency on the Empire’s military might. Thus, war becomes more and more prevalent and widespread in the world under the OWO. War is also driving the major industries of the American Empire, the weapons and war machine industries, the most profitable industries but without contributing anything good or benefiting the people of the world except destruction and loss of lives. And for war to be relevant to the Empire, enemies or demons must be created to justify war. It is all about creating a state of constant tension and conflict between the Empire and their demonized states.

The New World Order, NWO, led by China, is about economic growth, trade and cooperation for the good of the people of the world. In pursuit of this new reality, China has embarked on a major initiative in infrastructure development all over the world by injecting trillions of dollars into several international and national banks to finance these developments and to promote trade. War and conspiring to build military alliances to conduct war are furthest in their policies and agenda. Many developing countries have benefited from the Chinese initiatives and enjoying higher rates of economic growth through trade and infrastructure developments. Without the Chinese pumping money into these countries, many would register low economic growth or negative growth.

In spite of the economic progress that China is bringing to the rest of the world, in Africa, Central Asia, Latin America and SE Asia, while the American Empire is conducting wars all over the world, destroying the economies and lives of many in the war torn countries, China is branded by the western media as a belligerent and warlike country while the warmonger American Empire is trumpeted as a peace loving country. The saddest part of this tragicomedy is that many silly leaders and their people still believe in the American lie, in the OWO that is plagued with constant warfare, and refuse to accept the new reality created by China. They refused to see the economic growth that China is bringing into their countries and still want to join the American formula of military alliances and provoking and fighting wars.

The Philippines under Duterte has seen through the American lies and is turning to China for economic cooperation and development. So is Malaysia and Thailand and to some extent Vietnam and Indonesia. The Americans are getting wary and suspicious of the Philippines and have sent James Matthis, the war hawk, to try to get the Vietnamese and Indonesians to join them in their military gangsterism. They would not want to leave SE Asia in peace. They would not go away. They want to sow more discord and division and to plant the seed of war in SE Asia.

They want to maintain the OWO with American primacy and to be the ruling Empire of the world. Would the Vietnamese and Indonesians be lured by the evil Americans and join the world’s number One gangster to be enemies of China, their number One trading partner? Malaysia and Myanmar have seen the evil hands of the American Empire messing with their domestic politics, trying to create instability and even to do regime change against their interests and are keeping the evil Americans at arms length.

If the warmongering Americans succeed in what they are trying to do, to keep a tight grip on the OWO, the world will be in a constant state of incessant warfare and the war zones shifting from one region to another. Which country would be the next target of the American Empire is as good as anyone’s guess. There is no neutrality, it is either becoming a stooge member of the international gangster or be its victim. The Americans are relentlessly recruiting more countries to become international gangsters.

For the NWO to establish itself, to replace the OWO, countries of the world must see through the American hypocrisy and evil ploys, the warmongering, the military threats, and resist any attempt to recruit them to be part of the international mafia. Trade and economic development are the ways for peace and prosperity for humanity, not war, not military gangsterism. The OWO must go and be replaced by a peaceful and prosperous NWO. Wherever the Americans go, there will be military alliances and war. Instead of peace, the Americans create tension and instability, start war. Wherever the Chinese go, there will be investment, infrastructural development, trade and economic growth.

The choice is clear and obvious, but not to those who are suffering from stupidity has no cure. China was a major victim of the OWO and western colonialism and imperialism. China has seen the obsolescence of the OWO and war. War must not be the norm to conduct international relations. The future is about peace and development, interconnectivity, trade and cooperation. The Americans still cling to the old belief that war is everything and war is the only thing they know. They have been threatening everyone with war while claiming that they are for peace. The wars in modern history and today are all created by the Americans and more to come if they have their ways.


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Lap hero //The choice is clear and obvious, but not to those who are suffering from stupidity has no cure.//

In other words, these pple "mei zhang nao"?



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*Lao Hero

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"They have been threatening everyone with war while claiming that they are for peace. " - RB.

Just like PAP. They are plundering our savings - latest scheme is to make the Eldershield compulsory and with higher premiums to pay - while claiming that they are taking care of us.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


There is a glaring similarity between RB and the western MSM: although they are diametrically opposed in their individual views of global leadership, they both agree it is an East vs West thing, like as if the white and non-white cultures (here we go defining cultures by the skin colour of their peoples--the predominant red flag in every one of these arguments), like some upcoming prize fight on UFC. Both contenders are strong. Who will be victorious? Will the fight be clean? If sports is entertainment, then this East vs West MMA bout is bound to be a doozy. Call it East vs West or OWO vs NWO, or whatever neologism one might creatively conjure---they all essentially mean the same thing: a race-based global war played in the global arena with a few loosely-enforced rules, but essentially a no-holds-barred Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris Chinese dragon vs Game of Thrones dragon.

Spineless shithole cuntries (thank you DJ Trump) like Malaysia, many African nations, and a bunch of ASEAN assholes have been recipients of generous US Foreign aid (aka bribes), and they know how to shift alliances due to changing politics. Trump apparently misspelled his campaign slogan, however is performing par excellence in Making America GRATE Again, and he’s just grating everyone on the planet making people mad, pissed off and frustrated. Good job Donald! Keep doing what you’re renowned for: being a huge asshole!. Obama made friends with the planet’s non-white inhabitants, The Donald just fucked up the whole show.

The latest CIA report casts doubts on the transparency and honesty of the toxic Najib-plex with his UMNO lapdogs now running an “Apa lagi China mau?”---a disgusting attack on Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese to draw attention away from Najib’s blatant kleptocracy. (in Dr Mahathir’s words---go read his blog)

The former darling of the social democrats now leader in Myanmar is routing the ethnic Muslims, virtually inviting ISIS & Co. to intervene and bring “justice”.

So what then for Asia and Africa. China needs to “win friends and influence people” and the best way to do that is to find out what others want, and give it to them (or appear to give it to them) in spades.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Guanxi, Guanxi, Guanxi… how many times do I have to repeat this? An enterprising Singaporean woman I know earns a tidy income (SGD 4,000 per day per client) teaching Mat Saleh senior execs posted to the Far East the importance of Guanxi and how to do it effectively and sincerely.

America comes in with foreign aid (bribes), and just to make sure they have their 6th or 7th fleet just off your coast to make sure you become their “friend”, and to deliver the message that if you don’t accept “friendship”....well...don’t piss off Washington.

China OTOH comes in as a friend...they want to make money, they want to have global influence...and so they are happy to embark on building genuine long-term relationships. One more time for the people in the cheap seats: Guanxi

American Foreign Policy depends which administration is in the White House. China plays the long game. America uses coercion and hard persuasion. China uses human psychology. Different styles. Similar short-term outcomes, but very different long-term results.

The way I see it, China is much more in touch with human nature than the Americans could ever be---with all their bluster about freedom, democracy and dig this piece of bullshit: equality. For good measure, throw in a few more of those sterling “liberal values” like women’s rights, human rights, children’s rights, animal rights, environmental rights, religious freedom, political freedom...anything you can throw a philosophical stick at to make heaven possible on this earth.

But anything can happen. For all our cock-talk, some black swan event can occur and catch everyone unaware. We can easily have a New World Disorder.

I remember the day, 26 Dec 2006. I was sitting al fresco in one of Joo Chiat’s fine, funky eateries when the breaking news informed us that a tsunami had struck Thailand and Indonesia. 200,000-300,000 people wiped out like some “God’s pissed off” shit from the Bible.

Life is fragile. And despite the hackneyed and pithy aphorisms, you should take it for granted, and squnder as much of it on fun stuff. Because when the unpredictable and uncertain catches all of us by surprise…it won’t make any fucking difference.

Anonymous said...

The OWO vs NWO summarizes 1 main issues here:

Or in Chinese say: 贪得无厌 对 道法自然
Yin vs Yang

Modern day China adopt 儒释道 to tackle the UaSs ( God bless America), China has a lot to teach what the West has failed in economy & peace in this modern era..

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

One of my favourite political commentors. He does it thru music.

Name Wee: Apa Lagi Cina Mahu? Chinese New Year 2018 Song

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, what a coincident, I just wrote a piece on Yin and Yang, the complementary relationship of USA and China. Will post it in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean, maybe telepathy at work ha.ha..akan datang ur Yin and Yang, it will be a masterpiece...keep it up man.

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The wars in modern history and today are all created by the Americans and more to come if they have their ways.

Not really lah.

Because the Americans cannot create war with countries which will not allow them to create or to have their (American) ways.

Why America did not create war with North Korea?

Because North Korea being smart, did not allow America to create war mah.

So countries need to be smart in order not to allow America to create war with them.

Just as Sinkies need to be smart in order not to allow PAP to make them suffer money no enough.

If you not smart and have war and suffering, blame yourself lah, not America or PAP.

Anonymous said...

USA is a rogue state. It is run by crooks, rogues , charlatans and scoundrels. Behind the rogue state is the shadow government of the Deep State the ultimate power behind the Evil Empire. The Deep State is controlled by the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Cabal. The Cabal controls Wall Street, Federal Reserve and all the big banks, big business and commerce, insurance and real estate. It also has full control of Washington the White House, Congress, the Senate and House of representatives, CIA and Pentagon and the huge Pentagon military industrial complex. It has full control of USA Foreign Office and decides on all matters related to wars and warfare.

The Cabal is evil and it thrives on permanent warfare to make money and to bring the whole world under its full control, domination and total hegemony. It has formulated many evil doctrines to back up its heinous actions and permanent warfare . The world will never have peace unless the Cabal of the Deep State of USA is destroyed by Russia and China with the joint action and cooperation of all other peace loving countries on earth.


Wednesday, 31st January, 2018

Anonymous said...

US will not go into war with DPRK alone. This is the proof: USS PUEBLO was captured in 1968 Jan, and 82 crews were detained for 335 days in NK.
Peublo is still in NK and not returned to US. What war?

Trump is hoping US s allies like Japan Australia will go to war with NK. If Nato are willing to come up money and troops, US might want to do it, similar to Iraq s case, when Tony Blair and Bush, joined with France and Germany.

Trump s best hope is China engage war with DPRK. That will save alot of money and US marines lives. China will not go into war with any country, including Phillipines. It will not go into war with India, as people can observe. Not the mighty Vietnam too. Who want to go war with the stronger NK?

Therefore, there is no war bc NK is too strong and will incur great cost to US. UK will not be too keen. Who else? France and Germany will not help. Australia can talk only. Japan will be hiding behind US.

Anonymous said...

Not really. The US and Japan wanted to do a preemptive strike against NK now but China and Russia said NO. If China and Russia were weak and did not stand firm, NK would be like Iraq now.

The fucking Americans and Japanese really want to do it, a massive all out preemptive strike to take out every military bases and set ups in NK.

Anonymous said...

Preemptive strike of what? NK has numerous tunnels and holes. US can bomb some but not all. It is a mountain countries.
If US want to do it, will it ask Russia? US will just tell Russia, that s all. It similar to US wants to topple Syria. US will not ask if Russia wants Assad to survive. So the asking part is untrue. Its US find it impossible to win the war with the strikes. It will not do it.

US will do it to small country like Syria, not even direct invasion. It will not do it to big country like Iran. NK is far stronger than Iran. US will not do it. Dare not. r the words. The whole of SK might be lost if US cannot contain NK troops. US will not want to lose SK to encircle China.

So US will never do it. Japan is nothing but someone come along to pump fuel that kind of roles. Not fighting impact.

Anonymous said...

The best strategy to US is for China to attack NK. The US can protect SK and Japan. After the war, then US deals with China. But that might not be in SK s favor. SK will not want the north to be taken over.

Trump is trying hard to push China Xi to put NK regime off. Let say the son of the murdered man takes over, it becomes a place led by goodu. No threat to Japan and US bases. This is the greatest possibility acceptable to US and SK. Where is the young son? SK keeps or in China s territory.
NK knows all this plans which are known worldwide, started from China protecting the dead brother in Macau. So it may not work out.

b said...

I like Trumpie. He is pissing off everyone. So nice to see the whites so divided. Keep up the good work! Bravo!

Only europe belongs to the whites. Other continents are nonwhites. They stole from nonwhites. We, earthlings, either unite as one or stay divided. Mixing the race is a good solution and a step towards peace besides health benefits.

The odin descendents will always want wars but the love of God will suppress them all. Choose love not hate. Choose peace not war.

b said...

Man proposes God disposes. Look at the natural disasters in usofa lately. Maybe more to come.

Anonymous said...

Trump: "U.S. must modernize & rebuild its nuclear arsenal to deter any aggression"

The US must make its nukes “so strong and powerful” so as to deter any aggression that might come from state and non-state actors, President Donald Trump said.

So must CHINA !

And that's exactly what North Korea is doing !

Anonymous said...

Matilar no.2 your writing is getting more similar with matilar no.1 and you have increased the posting frequency. But please turn back on your incest activities as you know what happen during matilar no.1 funeral!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ January 31, 2018 11:18 pm

Don't even read one sentence this Fake MS writes. Ignore him.