Beware of lightning strike

When the govt says it wants to help the people, be frightened, be very frightened. There is now another compulsory scheme to force the people to buy Eldershield Life Insurance using the people’s life savings. The concept is good but watch the small prints.

Chaly Mah, the review committee chairman said, ‘We want Eldershield to be a social safety net, and we all have a collective responsibility to take care of those with disabilities.’ Well said. But who is the ‘we’ and who ends up paying for the safety net, the govt or the people? I also have a grand plan to save the people of the whole world. I want to provide them with a life insurance, a safety net, so that they need not worry about no money. The only way for this to work is to make it compulsory for the people of the whole world to buy my life insurance, they pay of course. See, I also know how to help the people of the whole world by putting my hand into their pockets. But I must be wary of lightning strike if my scheme is to rob the people of their money to benefit me while giving the impression that I am helping them.

The govt is going to help you, be grateful, be very grateful. We have very honourable and benevolent people everyday scheming, cracking their heads, to help you with their great plans. They have your interest at heart and also your CPF savings. Trust them, they are planning and scheming to help you to take care of you with your own money in the CPF.

Lily Neo was asked what she thinks of the govt overseeing the scheme and she said, ‘ If it were you, wouldn’t you feel safer knowing the govt is taking control of it rather than have it in private hands?’ Do I trust the govt with my CPF money that the govt has full control of it and I have none? I am asking myself this question everyday and shaking my head.

One Chan Chia Lin, chairing the govt administration sub committee said, ‘The feedback was that being a national scheme, it should be administered in a non profit manner.’ Is this compulsory Eldershield scheme going to be the same as the other compulsory CPF schemes, profit making? Who is going to benefit from the profits made from compulsory acquisition of the people’s life time savings in the CPF? Why is the compulsory Eldershield scheme, and other CPF compulsory schemes profit making but the profits did not go to the CPF members who are paying for it when they are supposed to help them? Who is benefiting from the profits made?

It would be a different story if the govt were to say that since they are benefiting from investing the people’s CPF money they would now plough back some of the profits to pay for such schemes, using the profits to benefit the people whose money were used to generate the profits. Tiok boh?


Anonymous said...

You are right! When they become too concern about your welfare something is definitely wrong. Somebody is short of $$$ and is about to collect from us the people. This had been repeating all the while. Give you $100 but get back many folds at the end. There is nothing to shout about.

Anonymous said...

you asked........tiok boh....

my answer is.....tiok! tiok! tiok! 101% tiok!

Cheers 😀😀😀............

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Whahahaha.... I keep telling you stubborn fools that CPF IS NOT, repeat NOT YOUR MONEY.

It only appears to be that you own the money in your "account", but in fact it is not under your absolute control.

Neither is the HDB you live in and paid for actually yours. You own a lease---that's all.

How's your Pozi going? Going...going...GONE!

Anonymous said...

Actually this Eldership scheme shows that 1) the G is money no enough ; 2) many opt out the scheme when they reached 40 yo & become jobless or retrenched by then, so the G is bringing it forward to 30y.o at their most active prime years & make it mandatory so they will not opt out! See how brilliant idea to entrap more of ur ceeuifxx monies, one bai kar char bo antmp already said Liao ceepuifxx monies is ah Long monies..

Unknown said...

I have my personal experience with medishield n terms of my past claims. Claims does not go strictly through cpf board but the claimant has to deal directly with the insurance coy who is covering. In the past, I have to email directly to cpf board to ask why are they not acting on our behalf?
This better 'insurance coverage' is a ploy to upping the premium only. Don't think it is ever for our benefits!!!

Anonymous said...

Shocking revelation!

From today's ST : In Parliament last year, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said $2.6 billion in ElderShield premiums was collected between 2002 and end-2015, and around $100 million was paid out in claims.

Wow, and they still want to make it compulsory, start paying at younger age, and raise the premium !

What happened to that $2.5 billion profit made in 2002-2015 from ElderShield ???

Virgo49 said...

The Onus is that the government does not want to spend a single cts on your medical upkeep.

We need the MONIES ourselves for our million dollar salaries and also for my Ho Jinx to punt.

Now back dated to 30 years old and many have to cough up backdated payments. The criteria to make claims!

How many really qualified to the claims??

So stringent the qualifications for the claims. As good as in Coma.

The doctors will simply said : Oh he can still move his legs a bit or his little coco still can erect when I show him the photo of our Great Leader's daughter photo

So still can move, disqualified.

Our time, how many joined? Throwing good monies into drains.

Only the Dafts been conned.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Doubtful, the hospitals will tell you that we will help you to process the Insurance Claims but the claim is process by the respective Insurance Company.

Then, next step, the Insurance will sieve thru your policy and like Shy Lock Crook will try to find any loophole like any exceptions to your insurance.

They have all sorts of Exceptions and Clauses to your so called pre existing illnesses that they will dispute or cut down the claims.

Haha, you think you can make full claims? God Help You. You might have to bear maximum cost yourself if you opted First Class Wars and medicals.

When the hospital asked you, Hello you have Medical Insurances? ?

You said yes! Aha,the scalpels goes into action.

Recommendations for the best medical care when you have Medical Insurances as well as abundance Medisave Savings.

In the end, the Operation is successful but when you are told that you have to foot the Max of your Bill which the Insurances Company disputes, then you have to be transferred to the Singapore Casket.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Lookout: Moral Hazard ahead!

By forcing people to take out Eldershield “private welfare”, the govt has given a massive multi-billion dollar free-kick to a privately-owned, publicly listed corporation: Great Eastern Life.

Now I must take issue with people like RB.

The root of Singapore’s The Paying Public vs The Govt who is supposed to serve them problem is that instead of facing the hard, cold and unpleasant FACTS---that life is hard and essentially unpredictable shit, and that everyone beats their own path trying to best the odds of “bad luck” and “poor judgement”, they instead to believe and hold on to a National Delusion that some magical people can be voted into “save them” from the vicissitudes of human existence.

This delusion is of 2 interrelated parts:

That the money in CPF belongs to each individual member.

That the HDB they’ve struggle to pay for is theirs

Election after election are run on these 2 misconceptions, aided by people like RB who keep insisting that “your CPF belongs to you”, when it states quite clearly in the constitution (amendment) that the CPF is to be managed by a board...which doesn’t fucking include the majority of contributors.

At least in a public company, every shareholder has a say. But nay nay as far as HDB and CPF are concerned.

The moment people begin to accept the hard, cold and very unpleasant facts of reality, perhaps then we can see a change OF government, or a change IN (the incumbent) govt.

Although the future is unpredictable, we can make an evaluated guess (aka prediction) that the PAP is going to win the next election.

The PAP government is an extremely efficient govt. ~87% of taxes get converted to govt. functions and services. There is very little waste. Most private companies don’t even come close to this number, and their CEO’s and senior execs get paid about the same as our “expensive” parliament.

But the kopitiam uncles and lay-long aunties of The Democratic Heartland Republic don’t give a flying fuck about how good and capital-efficient the elite PAP is. All they care about is their HDB and CPF.

And so,to win the wallets and minds of the masses of The Heartland Republic, the PAP has to play the long, pragmatic game of allowing people to believe in the National Delusion about CPF and HDB “ownership”.

Redbean et al can lead the way by facing the facts, and then developing ideas from that point. Getting angry because they hold the view that CPF and HDB are “yours” is ineffective, as the evidence clearly shows. Year after year they beat this dead horse, and the govt keeps on screwing.

At some point, your asshole must get sore and tired of being slammed by the same kidnapper/ rapist. When the thinking of the “victims” change, so will their strategies of “escape”.

Anonymous said...

Would the daft be smart enough to know they have been robbed and to know who are the robbers?

During the dying days of the Qing Dynasty and the warlords, the peasants were robbed by the bandits in the mountains and the bandits in the uniforms. They did not know who were more vicious, both were just as bad, in fact the bandits in uniforms were worse.

Rocket said...
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Anonymous said...

When someone of potential claimed in switzerlan sinkieland could transfer software in suchow parku, probably the audience were uplifted. Bear in mind, china chinese has shown in 2015, and reported in wsj: china could build a bridge (sanyuanqao) of 1300 tons concrete, within 43 hours.

Sinkies have such ability to claim they could transfer technology in building in 2017 is far beyond no doubt. It is like the author said beware of lighting strike. He should continue by telling readers that after the lighting, the thundering sound will close the hearing completely. Tiar bor liao.

Again it is playing with cpf. From ms for some, not all, to ms for all including 80 yr old whose cpf she kept inside yrs ago, but could not get it out. It was raised in pulic. Dont know irene have gotten the coffin money. The recent last was ms to increase to 181k. Lagi latest is the raise in shield. More is akandatang.

R sinkies so super good, can teach china how to build? Then why these sinkies graduated from local universities are left driving cabs? One article by gibird s source, said one ntu grad had been jobless for 3 yrs. He dignifiedly took up a production operator job at $7.5 per hour. There is no doubt he will be promoted to supervisor bcos he can write better than the a neh workers hired to do the same job.

Why bother to read the routine issues among sinkies? It s relevant and pertinent to cpf. The cpf comes from jobs. If readers do not see the link, they will find not enough to pay the raising ms and higher and higher shields. Never discount the chance that prescribed medicines cost will raise further. Trump said yesterday, he wanted to cut the medicines cost for it people. Hey, his people are happy to have increase salaries last year, and bonuses. Cut tax gains at least 4k per head, Trump said. Sinkies is raising the shield first, before raising the taxes. Will there be PR to take up employment passes?

That means jobs for sinkies to pay raising shield and ms will be harder to meet. No wander one could say sinkies had software to pass to china builders. In hot air only. No jobs how to meet the cpf demand? No tech can pass to builders oredi well equipped? Voters need to step in to cast the rational votes to correct the chaos. No way out if it continues like this. Tiobor ah hiar?

Rocket said...

Robbing the weak and powerless citizens of their blood, sweat and tears hard-earned life-long savings in broad daylight at gun point, using whatever ways, disguised under the term "collective responsibility" (which can be applied to anything under the sun) is not only a cunningly unscrupulous and dastardly immoral and unethical approach to deceive and short-change the citizens, but also reflects the depth to which dishonourable minds and evil hearts are lurking in the shadow, ever ready to deliberately strike at the unaware at each and every opportunity. This demonstrates the degree to which legalized corruption has been refined and further extended to encompass all areas of irrational, illogical and illegal modus operandi.

It is now very clear that the Days of Dr Jackals and Mr Hiddens are now at their Zenith, operating in conjunction and collaboration with Cunt Dracula.

The only solution, from now on, is quite obvious. The Citizenry must exercise its Collective Responsibility decisively in one United Stroke when the Time For Action arrives in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Stealing the people's CPF savings is a crime against the people, outrageously sinful. Only in Sin would people have no qualms in stealing the people's life savings.

They could not see the horns growing on their heads. They did not know what is wickedness.

Anonymous said...

Singapore boh kieu leow. Birds of the same feather flocked together. They cannot see anything evil anymore. Lily Neo also said can trust your money under the full control of the garment.

Anonymous said...

Teresa May UK PM is visiting China, signing S$17 billions contracts on 1R1B, and also talking about establish a tech town in XiongAnn.

Sinkies leeders have good relationship with China, has not been signing billions contracts with China. Why is sinkieland being left out by China? Not giving face. Chinese dont like S$?

Sinkieland has plenty S$ to throw on 1R1B. Endless CPF: another 7 millions PR is rushing to sinkieland to contribute CPF.

Its time to teach China sinkies economic laws so that they know who has the gold and silver mountains.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:41 pm:

"Its time to teach China sinkies economic laws so that they know who has the gold and silver mountains."

Rather, it is time for China to teach Sinkieland who has the power and upper hand to influence the World economy, including b Sinkieland's economy.

Wait and see 5 to 10 years down the road of no returns (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

The lighting strikes, deafening thundering will roll. Hawaii had shot 3 anti ballistic missiles. Only one in Feb last year hit target. 3rd one yesterday missed target as 1st one.

Time to see US on fire and fury. Haleluya bye bye amarryca

Russian warn Trump: Kim might start war.

"Ending North Korea oil supplies would be seen as act of war, says Russia
Reuters Staff

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The delivery of oil and oil products to North Korea should not be reduced, Moscow’s ambassador to Pyongyang was cited as saying by RIA news agency on Wednesday, adding that a total end to deliveries would be interpreted by North Korea as an act of war. "

Anonymous said...

5 years later, u might see sinkieland elite living at Forest city liao.
10 years later, they oredi live in eternity.

Sinkieland s tech is high, like after drinking 6 cans of tiger. High tech to transfer to china.

By 5 years time, 1R1B will be fully built from the speed China builders doing. 1 bridge take one week, one train station takes one night to shift, one storey high rise building takes 2 to 3 days to complete.

This speed is real now, not future. Sinkieland leeders claimed they have software to transfer. Got cans of tiger first then sure can do.

Anonymous said...


Hawaii is the closest US State to the Korean peninsula.

There are 40,000 to 50,000 US military and para-military personnel in Hawaii, 80% are of Japanese origin.

It is the headquarters for the United States Pacific Command, which covers about half the earth’s surface, including the entire Asia Pacific region.

Its mandate includes roughly 375,000 US military and civilian personnel, 200 ships, more than 1,000 military aircraft including long-distance Nuclear Bombers, plus about 1,000 drones and numerou specialized Singal Intelligence Units, spying on the whole world. This was where Edward Snowdon was once working for the US National Security Agency.

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang, Now instead Matland can reside in Hainan Island with 5 year visa for Overseas Chinese whose at least have one relative in China .

Luckily made right choice in marrying a Hainese woman. They had very close relatives in Hainan Island.

So Hainan like Tropical Sinkie land. Only just bear a bit Typhoons. Take it as experience.

Wah nice apartments and condos. Can see Jiang Yi Mao's Hainan Fantasy or Odessy Shows.

Wah Hainese girls in bikinis.

Better than Matland monthly allowed stay. Can go Macau for Roulette. No sweat.

Lastly, like to suggest that all Sinkies must keep their own or their next of kins Medisave statements current.

For when the CPF board give any one of you a final settlement of a cheque in the case of one beloved goes to Heaven, the cheques are in one lump sum with no breakdown of statement.

So, you cannot reconcile whether the amount is correct or not if you do not have any current statement of account.

They would ask you to file in Court if you insist of a breakdown. This is to protect your Savings or your Kind.

I have had this experience in my Late Mother's CPF deceased withdrawal under my name.


Anonymous said...

30 years ago you can safely say that your CPF belongs to you, and that was before the minimum sum scheme started. When one reach the age of 55, one could withdraw most of his CPF then. The CPF money truly and honestly belongs to you.

Today, your CPF is yours only in name. You can feel so rich looking at your CPF statement every year and that is about all. The Government keeps (confiscate may be a better word) your money, so that you can feel so rich and happy every beginning of the every new year.

And, in the year of the dog, prepare to slog like a dog to let the Governmen keep more of your money in the CPF with new schemes (what about scheming) coming your way.

Virgo49 said...

That's right Anon 3.24

ONLY your nominees OR you be nominated gets the CPF's savings. Thinks hard to taste your own fruits during your lifetime.

The Scholars are paid millions just to plan ways of Safeguarding your previous CPF savings.

Next change, CPF savings of their loved ones be channelled into their CPF's nominee's accounts with no CASH withdrawal allowed.

Have to keep up with inflation and more spendings for your old age.

MOT, it be implemented if the Dafts still have them in power.

Open cheques for them.

Anonymous said...

Tyranny at work it seems.

b said...

When any gov mentioned the word 'help', it means help themselves to your money. Not only in smallland.

IMHO I do not mind to pay a small payment if it is really to help poor people. Unfortunately, most of the money went into some elites hands and into their investment portfolios just like any foreign aids. Can open the books and let the public audit them? The answer is always no. ''We know best'' mentality of the gov caused the sky high cost of living, university places free for foreigners, ns for sgmen, jobs for foreigners, big financial lost of investment by gov and many others. They sure get karma.

Anonymous said...

I always have this uneasy feeling about how the CPF can sustain the withdrawals, notwithstanding the monthly contributions collected, by:

1) Foreigners who left for home and taking out every cent in their CPF account. Not all are small potatoes by any means.

2) People whose CPF have been hollowed out to pay for the expensive HDB flats. And these are the same people whose bulk of their monthly CPF contributions will now go towards paying the instalments of their flats with little left behind in their CPF accounts.

3) Payments made to retirees every month with the numbers increasing, otherwise lump sum payments made to nominees for those who died.

4) Withdrawals by members for investment, healthcare, education etc.

Are the monthly contributions collected enough to fund these payments or will the ponzi scheme be able to be sustained in the long run?

b said...

Are the monthly contributions collected enough to fund these payments or will the ponzi scheme be able to be sustained in the long run?

February 01, 2018 4:15 pm>>

Most gov in the world run a ponzi scheme and that is the reason they are so eager to have wars. They can plunder those attacked countries and continue to upkeep the payment.

Anonymous said...

Meritocracy leads to Elitism.

Elitism leads to Elitist Mentality.

Elitist Mentality leads to Self-Enrichment and Entitlement Behaviour.

Self-Enrichment and Entitlement Behaviour lead to Expanded Budgets and Wastage.

Expanded Budgets and Wastage lead to Increased and Unreasonable Taxation.

Increased and Unreasonable Taxation leads to Hardship and Suffering.

Hardship and Suffering lead to Unhappiness.

Prolonged unhappiness leads to agitation and unrests.

Prolonged agitation and unrests lead to upheavals and revolution.

Revolution leads to ......

Anonymous said...

The catch are PR single keep working. After arriving few months, they get PR. That guarantee cpf, and they shift jobs around. The rush them letters to be citizens. Once they are caught, they are done. No 100% withdrawal on cpf.

Then sell them high priced flat. Come with grants or no contract loans. Once they sell off flat, all charges come in to take from the cash proceeds go to cpf. This is huge payment to cpf.

Citizens old folks can only withdraw small sums. They raise the ms. In future will likely to be 400k. Ms started at 80k, now it is 181k, more than 100% increase. In next 10 years, no surprise ms can be 350k. Can old folks take out small sums? Can lah, 5 cents 10 cents per month. They will keep it to $1 then pay them every 6 months. After the stamps fees, they ask u to donate to presidential charity, and o it for u.

The ending will come when sold flat proceeds is smaller than the grants and levy deductions. Then cpf will force owner to pay by cash. Or bankrupt the owner if old folk no jobs?

Anonymous said...

99 years lease, when reached 75 years, no banks will give loan. So, cannot sell HDB flat. When lease reached 99 years, value of flat is ZERO. Gobbler-men take back your HDB flat. You have no money, no house. Only one or two old skeletons left. What do you do?

You will die one way or another. That is for sure. Would you die with your eyes closed or would you die with eyes open?

Anonymous said...

If you cannot die with eyes closed, why not open your eyes now?

Why close your eyes now and then open eyes when you are dead?

Anonymous said...

Die with eyes open is too late.

When it is time to open eyes, they do nothing.

When it is time to close eyes, they open it, but cannot do anything.

Anonymous said...

When a dead person died with eyes opened, that means he died with a grudge in his heart and his soul would come back to take revenge upon those who wronged him or cheated him. If those who cheated him had also died, then he would go after their descendents for revenge.

How true is it? NOBODY can vulge for sure. Believe it or not, it's up to you.