The Lunar New Year homecoming

2.98 billion trips, not 2.98m trips would be taken in the 40 days before and after the Chinese New Year of the Dog. Hundreds of millions of Chinese would return home for family reunions, a modern day migration of people working in the cities and overseas and making it a point to be reunited and to be in touch with parents, children and siblings during this festive season. These people will be travelling by land, rail and road, by trains, coaches and private vehicles, and by air and sea/river to be home all over China, some in remote villages, in the mountains and in the deserts.

The logistics to bring these people home safely and on time are a nightmare to the transport providers. Additional trains, flights, coaches, boats etc etc would be added to the routine trips. What is unspoken, unimaginable, are delays, breakdowns or accidents when the travellers commute to and from their homes and places of work. If errors or mechanical faults were to occur for 3% of these trips, it would mean 90 million trips affected.  A 1% error would mean 10 million trips affected.

The wonder of it all is that this annual mass migration have been going on smoothly, like clock work precision, with very little delays. A coach delay, a flight delay may just affect that coach or plane, a breakdown in a train, or track fault, would bring down the services of that particular line and many trains and passengers would be held back. It would not be simply detrained and the passengers walked to the nearest station and all is well. The journeys are in hundreds and thousands of kilometers and the stations are tens of kilometres apart. The providers of these services cannot afford to have train faults and delays. They did not have such luxuries to play with. They cannot simply apologise for the delays as thousands of people will be affected and you can have a riot in hand.

The Chinese transport providers have silently been providing these efficient services and have been taken for granted that it is part and parcel of life, normal, nothing unusual. The passengers, the govt, did not even have to say a thing or to acknowledge such seamless and efficient moving of people, transferring from air, sea and land services as if it is routine, to their destinations in time.

It is all about efficiency, technology, meticulous planning, work attitude and responsibility and many things more, to make this migration a success every year, every Chinese New Year, for the hundreds of millions of Chinese travellers. Nothing to crow about.


Anonymous said...

Rb, to be fair in sg, the constant rail breakdown is also part of parcel of life leh

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, understand previously many Chinese Nationals had to take connecting routes in jumpy stuffy conventional like KIM trains packed like sardines with only standing rooms on ten to twelve or even longer hours journeys home.

In coaches or buses have to set off journeys two or three days in advance. Many still at that time unable to fly by air. Also not many internal flights for them.

Now they flew all over the World and even had to spend 2500 over pounds to have the Brits have their daily bread. Home land goes back in Comforts in Bullet trains in half their journeys previously. Flights all over the Mainland and even connecting bridges and highways from Mainland to their Islands. Our

Whilst Sinkieland First Day of Lunar New Year had to disembark and walk on the Rails.Our Ministers want to export technology to them.What's a JOKE!

Our PM said will give a better train service with only breakdown every alternate day.The whole all over human beans still No Shiok with China.

SpeciAlly the whites and the Blacks. China been diplomatic even in their New Year shows and greetings invites all human genre of all colours to their celebrations. But a little joke will set the world accusing them of Racism.

All the World's Sour Grapes will be never be Happy with China.The worst is that those bananas that still thinks that they are Superior to the Chinese are still in Dream land.


Anonymous said...

Virgo there is nothing that sg can sell to China. In fact it's the other way round. There are plenty of things that China can sell to sg. In the past, China learn from sg but the student has already overtaken the teacher but the teacher still in Lala land dreaming.😰😰😰😳

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.12

Our Leaders very smart. They looking at India. Still lots of si called Technologies that they can export to them. Our Yault with KOH Bros can built Sewerage with time tested still no defects to them.

Darned, oops Dams think cannot. We have not build any Mammoth Dams with the exception of Marina Barrage.

Should go to one You Tube video of how the Indians themselves built a Gigantic Mammoth Dam in one of her State. Took eight or more years to complete. Wah, opening ceremony with all the Ya Ya, Ga Ga and VVVIPs. When they let go the water to fill up the Dam, within five mins the whole Dam collapsed.

SINKIES can still go and be conned by the Indians by offering our Sewerage drink sewer waters and build toilets technology. But later they will calculate Indian accounts and instead we owe them instead of they owe us.

So CPF's withdrawals be postponed to age 90.

Good luck

Virgo49 said...

Just to add: Few examples of Great Indian Technology.


Anonymous said...

Our leeders have become double tongued...they did not do what they preached expecting the sinkies to follow their talks (not walk) blindly. They have become fat & complacent led by a dishonorable son n a power mad unaccountable wifie. Eunuchs n yes men have filled key appts. How can things improved much then? Dont expect anything from such leedership but taxes n more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Ah Long & Jinx went to AssBS to distribute Ang pow, then the Sengkang LRT train broke down making people to walk. It showed how ' suay' are they to the Seng Kang residents, might as well these 2 go to japs holiday better. .Chinese saying 人在做 ε€©εœ¨ηœ‹,karma is speaking on this couple of the many bad deeds they r doing..

Anonymous said...

When a government is incompetent and its elected ministers and leaders are dishonourable and self-serving it always uses its propaganda machine in the propaganda department to disseminate lies repeatedly as if it is the truth and in time the people are conned to believe their lies as truth. It is the same in all Western Democracies and seudo western democracies in most of the former white men's controlled ex-colonies. Once in power they tend to enact illicit laws to entrench themselves in power and to fix and hound down and out opposition parties.

In western democracies it is the norm that the few elected representatives of their political parties who engineered themselves into position of power, they and their little elites and cronies will rule as a very small minority over the large majority of the masses of the population and all for their own benefits and selfish ends. Whereas in China it has always been the principle since ancient times that the government must sincerely and honestly serve the people for their well being. Any infringement of this time honoured principlle will always result in the forfeiture of the Mandate of Heaven. Many incompetent Chinese emperors and their governments had been removed by the people. There should be no difference with evil incompetent modern western democracies or western oriented democracies and they too should forfeit the Mandate of Heaven and be removed by whatever means possible.As examples there were the French Revolution which overthrown the emperor and established a republic and the Russian October Bolshevik Revolution which overthrown the Russian emperor and established the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic ( USSR ) as well as the Chinese nationalist revolution which overthrown the Ching Dynasty and later the Chiang Kai Shek clique of the KMT resulting in the establishment of the well beloved People's Republic of China ( PRC ) as the pride of all Chinese people for restoring Chinese pride and dignity and well being in all spheres of life.

Eagles Eyes political observer

Virgo49 said...

In times to come, we be like Rural China with our ten million population. Netizens on borrowed bicycles. Train with only standing rooms and half journeys walking on the rails for your Reunion Dinners if any.

Portable toilets all over like those installed for the construction sites and funeral wakes at the Void decks.

The Elites Foreign be in their luxurious limos and ordinary Sinkies be Uber, Grab and other taxis cabbies serving the Trash Masters who had already taken over.The sinkies elites will be fky away to their Paradises.

No eyes to see as be too shameful from 1st to the 4th.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely said...

Basically, SinKieland has gone to the Dogs in the last 12 years. In the Year of the Dog, it will be worst. The top dogs will eat the pariahs without any qualms and second thoughts.

There is nothing left to be proud of. Only doses of shitty taxes, one after another, increasing in percentage and intensity, are forthcoming and homecoming.

It is time to seek back the Motherland of our ancestors and start a New Life with better and more options and opportunities for the future generations, than to be confined to a tiny Sin City run by Unconscionable and Dishourable Sons who project themselves as "leaders" but are actually blood-sucking Vampires worshipping the Aristocrat Count Dracula.

Goh said...

Start of the year pls say something encouraging instead of talking about return to motherland.It's a khongcum idea and you not only let your forefathers down but gave up this land to others .
It's a lose lose situation.
Moreover not many sinkies know where is their ancestral hometown.
Mine is Zhangzhou Zhao An,where's yours?
If you are well to do,it's fine to return to your ancestral land to make it more prosper becos that's suppose to be the dream of our forefathers.
If not,stay back where you are.
Else,dun quit.
Together we can make this a land full of opportunities.Be optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Wa agongkia, this is the first post that you make sense and very logical unlike earlier posts full of nonsense and some more Kena caution about your habit of hugging otter people wives as free Mei Mei that anon has warned you that your balls may be sliced off. U make perfect sense this time so be careful and continue to contribute and avoid being in a ball less situation. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€happy new year.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely said...

This tiny Sin City built with SINS by LKY shall be destroyed by his own Dishourable Son. The process has already begun 12 years ago, in the Year of the Dog. Now is again the Year of the Dog, and the world has witnessed the decline of the society as a whole, led by the decline in moral and ethics.

By the next Year of the Dog, most will become dogs - working like dogs, slogging like dogs, obedient like dogs, eat like dogs and live like dogs.

How are you going to create opportunities for yourself when whatever you created are taken over by foreigners. With a population of 10 million, foreigners, PRs and foreigner-turned-citizens outnumber 7:3, overwhelmingly the odds are against you. What togetherness will there be with foreigners who come to take advantage and exploit the situation, environment, economy, living space, breathing space, and you and your girls and women?

Even the government is no more with the people, let alone, for the people. The main message is "DON'T DEPEND ON GOVT FOR HELP"! That means "You die, your own business!" If the Daft remains so thick in their heads that they still cannot see, cannot hear, cannot read or feel and think, then they deserve to become dogs mixing together with running dogs, boot-licking dogs and guard dogs, waiting for the Master to throw you some bones or kick you in the butt whenever he pleases. And foreigners will also kick your asses!

Wise people see way ahead. Based on the existing signs, indications and trends, it is better to make hay while the sun still shines.

The whole world can be one's home, not necessary just a tiny Sin City, without resources but with escalating costs of living, too many restrictions, too many new laws, too many leaders motivated only by greed for power and by money, too expensive housing which has run-out dates, too frequent train breakdowns which cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, and too cunning ministers who are not accountable nor responsible for what the say or do.

Your time, money and efforts can be similarly invested in another country of choice, not necessarily Motherland or Fatherland. The main aim is the future of your descendents, not yourself. Think for them, plan for them and get on with it - to ensure that they will have at least a fighting chance (not struggling chance) to make themselves a better life than you now!

Make hay while the sun still shines. When it started to rain, it is already too late.


Virgo49 said...

Well said, Absolute Power Corrupts

Think for your next generation as what's that Loony advocated. But does he meant what's he said. Or just wayang.

Even that make room in small spaces woman dud also there be no change in the foreign employment policies.

The oldies are been blamed too many times and unfairly for been dafts in voting the PAP.The young dies are even more daftest or daftestest or daftestest in what Tooth Pick King famous Queen's English.

They comprises more than 50% out of the 70 % drafty ducks who voted for them. Out of the 20% oldies, 10% are opposition supporters. That's leave only 10%. Oldies of 90% who are LKY supporters already followed him to the graves.

Fortunately, my next generation stopped with my two unmarried children. If not there be a perpetual chain of their future generations be slaves to the Papies and the Foreign Trashes.

Cheers, Enjoy your CNY and balance limited time while you can.

Goh said...

Lao chek ah
Time to give pressure to your children and produce more grandchildren for you to hug hug instead of bringing dog peepee n poopoo.
Why let your future being affected by your so call bad policies.
How good if I can have a cheerful father in law like you.

VIrgo49 said...

Ah Loong San advocated must spare a thought for your next generation.

The best thought for your next generation welfare is to stop at this Generation.

Unless those that already cooked rice.

What for the Bleak Future for your next generation to be Screwed ty Guards ???

From cradle to grave got to suffer under the Papies. Daft Sinkies got no guts for Change.

Costs of living strangles you. Kindergartens fees will paralysed you. Now they called for more subsidies. Low pay lowers according to one Labour MP like slaves.

Good schools even reserved for their elites Peasant families ought to con and cheat to fight for place and send to jails.

Scholarships all grabbed and reserved for them.What's bullshits metrocrazy? ?

Ayoo, too long a list to list.

Spoil my CNY Mood.Stupidty got No cure to have next generation as slaves.

Goh said...

Tell your children to produce a dozen each.That's 24.
You can easily get them to vote for your you know who.
If everyone do so ,in time to come your wish can come true.
Already khongcum enough to stop at 2,when are you going to be smart.
Telling others not to produce is not wise.Act wisely.

Unknown said...

Sporean should get it fixed

Anonymous said...

Vote them out from more GRCs & things will improve.
WP candidates (who are brave to stand up against the Giants with no financial benefits but harassment) have the right spirit & heart for Singaporeans.... this is what really matter in the long run for nation building.
Sinkies must build upon what LTK has won in Aljunied and speed up the momentum before further grave damage is done to our lovely homeland by hypocrites & greedy men & women in white-washed tombs.

b said...

Most gov these days everywhere are MNM (milk and milk). No more care for people. Also milk people even after they died. Funeral also must pay GST hor. No free lunch by LKY.