Asean step up effort to counter terrorism

It one thing to talk about countering terrorism. It is another to know who are the terrorists. It is even more serious to know who is the world’s number one terrorist and who is funding, training and support the terrorist organizations of the world.

Do the Asean countries understand this? Do they know? How many Asean countries are sleeping in the same bed as the world’s number one terrorist and even working with the world number one terrorist in terrorist operations?

What is terrorist operation? It is not just about indiscriminate suicide bombers. It is indiscriminate bombing of innocent people, invading a country, conducting regime change, and killing them in the thousands, hundreds of thousands. It is inciting wars, provoking wars, threatening wars. These are the operations of terrorists.

The Americans are fabricating another lie that the Syrians are using sarin gas and like WMD, would justify its military operation and occupation of Syria. It is increasing threats against North Korea to demand the latter to give up its nuclear weapons while it is upgrading its nuclear arsenal, the biggest in the world, to become more deadly. It is adamant to provoke a war between the two Koreans. Who is the real terrorist?

Would Asean be working against the real terrorist or be working with the real terrorist to create more fear and destruction around the world? If Asean do not know or refuse to see the real terrorist behind all the terrorist organizations, it is pure theatrics at best when it is talking about fighting terrorism.

What a joke? So pathetic?

Is Asean becoming a joke? The only good sign is that Asean is starting to see that China is a friendly power in the region and unanimously supported more joint military exercises with China. This is Asia and Asians must not continue to be ruled by the slayers of Red Indians, Africans, Arabs and Muslims. Asians have grown up and are capable of looking after themselves in peace. There is no need for war and for the world’s number one  terrorist from across the world to start wars in Asia.


Anonymous said...

In fact, there is another form of terrorism - the indirect, subtle and legalized terrorism. This is usually done through the passing of laws after laws to give special powers to governments, ministers and presidents to carry out terrorist acts against their own citizens. For example, in the US the citizens are subject to wire-taping, internet spying and surveillance and bank accounts monitoring against their will and without them knowing.

In some countries, the governments enact unjust and inhuman laws to detain their citizens without trials.

Yet some other countries, the police or security forces, fabricate cases against their own citizens by accusing them of crimes they have not committed.

Virgo49 said...

Indian Ghandi how Lian Sinkie land must help shape International Law.

Cannot even have own laws in order.After the debacle of the CH case, then said will review and amend the laws. All the while the time in the world and never look into this loophole.

Actually, this is to protect own kind in case themselves been prosecuted for same charge.

If they kept their CB mouths shut lije China, how many so called Terrorists will disturb them? ?

Who are the Terrorists? The so called hypocrisy Free World who killed them and are deemed Patriots and Heros and their retaliations as Terrorists? ?

It's human nature to retaliate for harming and killing their kind.

Also, they are retaliating against those who harmed them and not those who are neutral in their stand.

Why attracts troubles when you can do so. Spending billions on unwanted Security's Services on these world's most useless occupations.

Only for the disabled and those on Eldercare payments.

Anonymous said...

Indiscriminate compulsion to deplete citizens' hard-earned life-long savings, by whatever schemes, using whatever excuses, is also a subtle form of terrorism by the state against its people.

Anonymous said...

Pure theatics?
China to ASEANs--


that's China Law, no that Coat of Conduct Lah..pure theatics & no substances..woof woof ..

jjgg said...

Actually. Nobody knows who the terrorists are.. it suits the governments everywhere . If the definition is so vague and the laws are so encompassing .. as in the little red dot.. anybody can be locked up n the keys are thrown away.. look at what happened in the byelection couple of years back.. it was headline news that terrorist cells have been discovered and the terrorists were shipped out of this country.. what wasn't headline news was that on reaching the home country, 70% of the deportees were released by their own government. The damage was done and csj suffered a resounding defeat.. no doubt this charade will be played out again n I'm not taking bets that a yuuugggee terrorist cell is uncovered nearer the next election..)))

Goh said...

Trouble not trouble when trouble troubles you.
Terrorise not terrorise when terror terrorise you.
Laocheks can play jackpot without worry about friends or relatives approaching to borrow money cos the latter can work screwty for a good income.
Garmen can declare unemployment rate going down cos more people work screwty thus contribute cpf.
Think of the benefit of this so claim terrorism instead of being terrorise by it.

Anonymous said...

During the warlord days in China, the most vicious terrorists were the warlords and their soldiers. They robbed and killed the people as they wished. And they called themselves chenghu.

Rocket said...

In the history of mankind, the biggest terrorists have always been those people in power, both legalized political power as well as illegal dictatorial tyrannic power. They used or abused these powers against the powerless and defenceless commoners, forcing them to be subordinated to their whims and fancies, and do their bidding, e.g. to grow the economy at all costs (in other words, to make the ruling power elites rich at all costs of the commoners).

The citizenry's response to the atrocities of those people in power is called Resistance, NOT Terrorism.

It was George W Bush who coined the term "terror" or "terrorist" in order to use it as an excuse to launch his (USA) WAR ON TERROR.

Actually, this "War On Terror" will one day turn against USA because USA is the one that is creating, arming, financing, exporting, supporting and maintaining the TERROR UPON THE FREE PEOPLE OF THE FREE WORLD!

So will the little USAsses be turned against likewise.