Tharman must be on standby and be ready to take over

The 4G young turks are still not sure of themselves and not sure who should be the crown prince to take over the premiership. Hsien Loong said they needed time to feel for each other. The big question is how much time do they have and need to choose a new leader? And the assumption is that the new leader will be better than the two DPMs or other senior ministers today. Is this assumption valid, that the young turks would make better PM than the not too old senior ministers? Is the system of renewal, to appoint young turks to succeed a PM, by passing existing ministers, cast in stone and good for the country?

While some may think that time is on the side of the young turks and they can take their leisure walk pondering and musing who should be the next PM, there is also another saying that time waits for no man. A situation may crop up against the will of man, that a new PM have to be appointed quickly before the young turks knew what is happening, assuming that they are the one to make this decision, the two DPMs would be the natural choice to assume the premiership or like in most cases, be acting premier for the time being. And if historical precedents are to go by, taking the example of Thailand, an acting premier is not going to give up the premiership and would want to continue with the premiership himself.

Should such a situation become a reality, those people that wish to see Tharman as the next PM, and those people that fear Tharman becoming the next PM, would have their wishes and fear fulfilled. In all probabilities, Tharman is the most likely candidate to stand up to the plate when there is uncertainty and a power vacuum. He has crafted a fine image as the most desirable candidate for the next PM. None of the young turks has that credential, no achievement to their credits that can be used to justify their rise to the premiership. Their current position as potential crown prince is based on a system designed by the PAP, not based on merit in the sense that the best man should be the PM, regardless of age or seniority.

Given the current scenario, Tharman should prepare himself just in case. Saying no is one thing, but the forces of nature may push him into the ring despite him saying he is not interested in the job. Many things in life are unpredictable. And Murphy’s Law may prove that it is still relevant and real. Whatever can happen will happened. The longer the young turks dilly dally, the more remote would be their chances of becoming the next PM. It only proves that they are not ready or could not decide who should lead…and the natural choice is….

Singaporeans must brace themselves for an Indian PM if God chooses to dispose the schemes of man.


Anonymous said...

For all we know, the young Turks are all to eager to become the next PM much there are so many opposition parties around...

One cannot stop from thinking if whoever wins the PM, their spouse would take over HC as the head of TH and he himself head of GIC? ๅ‡ๅฎ˜ๅ‘่ดข?

Something to ponder about?

Anonymous said...

Tharman will be the next one.

LHL is leaning towards US.

India too is not on good terms with China.

An Indian PM makes sense.

And daft Sinkies will suffer the consequences.

But who cares?

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, you be surprised that without appointing any DPMs in the forth coming reshuffle, it might be a ploy that Botak may be the next Pee Ayam.

After which he then will appoint his DPMs.

They want to wayang that all Races be given High Positions that Sinkieland is very Non Racial Nation.

LKY been cajoling the Mats to do the same but was kicked out.

That's why we have LBW and her fellow ex-Malaysians in abundance in SINKIE land.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 8.35

LHL loved Indian curry. Report that there might a new Confrontation between China and India at their borders.

Wah, Put to good use all the training and exercise of our Security Agencies.

Now you have the Real Opportunities to show your Calibre.

Anonymous said...

Go said he was watching similar to whom an Iran old folk he met, both are watching for their countries. So what r they gonna do by watching? They are not the legal responsible custodians. In plain words, the legal custodians are "ELECTED" to be pm and dpm.

Social media is far out. One social media said in an article, if the 4g are not ready, take in the 3g first. This is something like 4g handphones cannot find a suitable model, he the writer wanted a 3g to replace 4g. The whole process is NOT succession at all. It is replacement of the present PM. Is the present PM suffering from problems? That point is unrevealed.

If all are equal, someone wants to start a coup to take over?

This succession plan is not a coup to replace the present pm. It is a plan to find new ideas with a new team headed by a new pm.

If someone has the rights to kick out the current seating pm, he must be the who? There is no constitutional rights provided in sinkieland.

Dont get such succession plan be turned into a coup like kinda political game. It is not constitutional. If the current pm resigns, the the dpm should take over. This person should be one of the dpm agreed by the 3g team.

Why one of the present dpm must be the one? It is again unconstitutional. It has to be done with support from the 3g team and not anyone like go or social media writer s preferred candidate.

All these social media talks derived from the current pm s reluctance to spell out proper steps and procedures to ELECT one pm to succeed the job. Many people in the city use the words to succeed "him".

It should be to find the right person to succeed "the position pm". If the current pm agrees to plan for the steps and let the 4g peers to ELECT one leader with timeline set properly, there is no such talk from Go or some social media suggested on 3g dpm "reluctant pm" to be pm, as if "him" is to be "succeeded" by "him". The whole process is unconstitutional. It arouse questions of legitimacy. If this is done, someone should put the whole process to the courts to see if it can be done to appoint one pm that way. Suka suka say this is the one, just because the 4g cannot process the team leader as per their wishes. Will court judges agree that is the right way? Why cant they wait? Ai tann lah.

Anonymous said...

About this Darman thing, there is a 50% chance he would take over as the next seat warmer of PeePooAm. However, there is also a possibility that he might choose someone that eventually handover to his red Yee son. KeeChiu is the next choice but seem like the current batch of antpee did not like him..watever who the next peepooAm nobody in red dot cares wat they cared r their own survival in Daftland

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please do not be confused with what is constitutional and what is PAP. The succession plan is a party's plan, PAP's plan, nothing to do with the constitution. The constitution does not have such a succession plan, does not sanction such a plan.

Anonymous said...

no lah!

KBW must get ready to be the next PM

he is the most popular man

must be him

no mistake!


Anonymous said...

What is PAP's plan over-rides what is constitutional.

Anonymous said...


You are absolutely right!

Maybe he will volunteer again!

The man for all seasons!

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Mr923am is 1oo% correct!

Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

Notice from CNA pictures that if Lee Bee Wah cut her hair short, she looks like Khaw Boon Wan !!!

Don't believe, see for yourself at:


Coincidentally, both are ex-Malaysians !

Anonymous said...

The plan for Pap to pick a PM cannot ignore the fact the present seating PM was appointed by the President under Constitution.

This part is ignored by readers. Under the Constitution, the seating PM must resign his job through submitting written to President.

If the present seating PM does not resign, Pap has no right to replace the appointed PM. So it is not the Pap affair, in this sence.

Therefore, if the appointed PM loses his majority support in his party, he might have to resign from PM position, to avoid a problem to him.

If the present PM is also the leader of the party, who can remove him as PM? It is not who say who is PM, it will turn out true. One MP who was a PM holds not commanding position to decide who is the PM. This is a fact as current events show. Therefore, the cabinet will have to agree with who is the PM. Out of the 3g and 4g. But the last one 3g pm refuses to resign, the newly elected pm will be just hot air.

In other words, that ex pm s words was hot air. The 4g has no real power to elect someone to be pm. But they can have some consensus on this job.

It is no easy job under the present declining trend: if there is no guarantee of GDP growth, poor getting supported, jobs available to NS men, he or she will be shamed, even he refuses to go after taking over.

Majority voters should hope the 4g rationally select one Pm that will not shame their entire team. If they allow one who talk rots to be Pm, they are digging own graves, be ready to face defeats in election, without the leeder. If they avoid picking the talk rots, they still can enjoy the high pay and let the situations slide. Its the situation created by the current Pm and the dpms. So why not to the 4g?

But the idea for picking the 3g dpm as new Pm is a sign to prolong the slides for sinkieland. If they prolong further to pick one with hong and rain to be Pm, the 4g deserves to be defeated in 10 years time in GE.

Sinkieland is talking about making recovery in competition for its citizens, not spending more out of the reserves and not the son will do type of outdated unreliable concept.

Watch this figure: IMF said 2018 growth is 3.9% for the WORLD. Is sinkieland included? No one can bluff IMF s prediction. Sinkieland has been below average for long time, under the Pm and dpms team. Still want the dpm to show what?

Anonymous said...

Tharman is the most likely candidate to stand up to the plate when there is uncertainty and a power vacuum. He has crafted a fine image as the most desirable candidate for the next PM.

Correct. Tharman has a fine image.

And I think that's the only good thing about him. The rest sama sama lah.

If Tharman thinks he can be a better PM than Hsien Loong, he would not want to work under Hsien Loong as DPM.

He will go and tell Hsien Loong straight: ""Please get lost and let me take over as PM to do a better job".

But did he? No!

And what's worse, he even publicly said he doesn't want to be PM. Maybe should ask him why he want to be minister or be in politics in the first place.

Rocket said...

Why DPM Teo Chee Hean cannot take over as PM? Why must be Tharman?

The President is already Indian.

Chief Justice already Indian.

Minister for Foreign Affairs already Indian.

Minister for Home Affairs already Indian.

Minister for Law is also Indian, and worst still, being the same person for Home Affairs.

President of Law Society is also Indian.

So, if the PM is also Indian, most the Key and Important Ministries will be in the hands of Indians, except Defence and Finance.

Singapore would then be perceived as an extension of India.

Singaporeans would have to be prepared for an unprecedented increase in the influx of India's nationals to become New Citizens and PRs. Racial tensions would inevitably arise. That would not be in the long-term strategic interest of Singapore.

Therefore,the present situation does not favour an Indian to be the PM because the majority Chinese would never accept it without a fight.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who is PM, PAP will still win elections.

That being the case, that's why Hsien Loong feels no urgency to appoint a successor.

He can remain as PM until he is going to die and then died in office as PM. Just like how his late father LKY died in office as Tanjong Pagar GRC MP.

And then his son will take over when that happens.

Still got a lot of time before Hsien Loong dies, isn'it?

So why the hurry to have a new PM?

Anonymous said...

If Hsien Loong dies suddenly, either Teo Chee Hean or Tharman will take over as PM.

4G ministers? Not yet lah.

But if Teo Chee Hean or Tharman also dies suddenly, only then will one of the 4G ministers become PM. But the chances of this is very low lah, with all of them die suddenly.

So what's the problem with no 4G minister named as successor? No need what.

Virgo49 said...

Right, die in Office got the Last March on carriage tua pow.Wah, I say man, Say Bin!!

Some more can go Kranji Heros Resting Place. Just like the Americans, whole body kena blasted and mouth still cannot die they called Patriot and Hero.

DT said must build up Nuclear Arsenals to deter aggression on USA but North Korea Arsenals are threats and not deterrent.

One giant and one dwarf and Giant says deterrence and dwarf Agression.

What's a World we live in.

Anonymous said...

The mishandling of 2.5millions influx of foreigners was the doing of Thaman and Teo. The White papers had glaring mistakes was from Teo. The slow control on prices raise in properties was from Thaman. Dont pretend people are daft.
Jobless NS men should thank these pm and dpm by voting for opposition. Only those who got benefits from cheap labor like father running factories will find cheap indians labor good for sinkieland. That s why the economy is not competitive. The construction sector are using cheap indian labor bcos of these pee yams. China spent money on construction, but their workers improve tremendously on building technology still rely on labor. The speed of completion becomes world top. Sinkieland spent tons of govt money on constructions, only see constructions still using hand drills years back. Hand drilling machines? hahaha. One 4g potential still bla in switzelan, sinkieland has got software transfer to chinese china. Lau kwee but thick skin.

Anonymous said...

Only those who got benefits from cheap labor like father running factories will find cheap indians labor good for sinkieland.
12:52 pm

Correct. And they will also join PAP grassloots and vote for PAP.

Are these Sinkies the majority? If not, how come PAP can get 70% votes?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero: //Tharman must be on standby and be ready to take over//

Why is Botaknomics better than LaoGoanomics?

Anonymous said...

70% votes bc of a funeral. The son wanted to keep using the video after wards to remind these daft his father was so helpful so the voters should help the son. But another son was said to be unhappy to use such images.
There are grassloots being caught and fined for running dirty hostels for workers. There are many of these small factories use cheap labor and their bosses are working at night to "serve" residents. Once cow s ward pointed out by auditor: its grassloots directors in committee also had contracts to do under their charge so coincidental, and these people made claims over hundred k with no receipts. swee swee said those were for funerals expenses. agains huat silang chye.
Joke aside, all this kind of slacken business practices and matching with cheap labor in big number has swung sinkieland from believing in productivity to going slow is better, more people more easy to get things done, no receipts also can claims public funds, based on "trust". As long as u like it, no one will object as voters dont mind this kind of small things, even keeple also dont mind. U will see voters put in another 70% to make everyone happy go lucky. Just vote for pap, the world around them will huat liao, like kongheehuatchye, can get lots of money and squat at corner for short while, will come out as rich man at sentowsa resident. People will bow to the car passing them, forget the background story. pap has its real skills to contribute no doubt about it.

Rocket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocket said...

Why somebody (actually one-body) keep saying voting for opposition? You think voters are stupid?

First, opposition parties are so weak in all areas - talents, leadership, finance, supports from civil service, military, police, intelligence, and labour movement.

Secondly, opposition parties are so disunited. Can't even talk to one another without heated arguments. Can't even see eye-to-eye or sit side-by-side in an inauguration celebration dinner.

Thirdly, can't even get their acts right in terms of administration and management.

Fourthly, can't even get themselves out of troubles, both in Parliament and out of Parliament.

Fifthly, don't even want to be ready to form a new government. Only want to become co-driver. So pathetic!

Therefore, what can the opposition do for the people and country? What usefulness can they offer? Serve as a voice for the people? Speaking in Parliament also forced to apologize and lan lan had to apologize. What kind of voice is that? So ineffective, shameful and disgraceful!

Some more, last year, WP leader LTK instead of using the opportunity to nail LHL, went to his defence in Parliament against his siblings accusations of abuse of power and vote of no confidence. What opposition leader is that? Looks like WP is more an extension of PAP Instead of a real opposition party?

WP = Wayang Party???

Anonymous said...

WP = What's the Point Party?

What's the point of being in opposition if WP is more an extension of PAP?

No wonder LTK nearly lost Aljunied in GE 2015. A lot of Aljunied voters see no point voting for WP.

b said...

Smalland will have a malay president and an indian pm. Chinese will be melk cows. AhLong son will come to rescue. All will accept him as hero. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

WP is workers party. It serves the workers at HG for a long time and one GRC. WP is much hated by other opposition parties bc it has its own disciplines for its party members. Only those failed to meet the party s disciplines and got out of it are sour about WP. Another slightly bigger opposition party was initially making joke about WP, but now its leader has realized WP could be the only challenge to Pap.
U vote for Pap and u have nothing good saying about pap. It is hard to reconcile, comparing to one who has been consistent in support of WP.
U also hate LTK while he does not at all. There are lots of pap has done good for the people. U should help to highlight some, so that people can read about them. There is no point to attack every side like u, opposition is not ok and pap is not ok. U are foreigners eying for a slide of cake on sinkieland? If so, dont bother about sinkieland politics. Mind your own country. Blindly said, India politics has more fun than sinkieland politics. Just watch how Modi won weeks ago on his gujarat was so much to talk about. But the politics still is: support bjp or support Congress. There was hardly one comments both are lousy. That will make sinkies watching feel lost. Men/women hater: kowjarat, or sipeijarat.

Anonymous said...

/// Tharman must be on standby and be ready to take over ///

Do you think the Empress Dowager and son should also be on standby to take over?

What about LTK and his WP ... also be on standby to take over?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the 4G Leedershit will need somebody to hold their penis while they urinate (I mean choose a Leeder from amongst themselves) ???

What about the Singapore Armed Forces?
Do you think they also need to be on standby to take over?
Does SAF have any more Generals who are not yet in parliament or the civil service?

Anonymous said...

LKY had appointed a clown & BarLan endorsed a jinx....the whole country has become a joke & deteriorating to good for nothing.

Anonymous said...

How abt 2G, Lau Goh as next PeeM...average gdp 8% track record...still going strong & straight. Seat warmer can outlast. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 05, 2018 6:50 pm
//How abt 2G, Lau Goh as next PeeM.//

Likewise, all previous DPMs (TT, WKS ...) who are still relatively healthy & going strong and much younger than Dr M should be on standby as well and be ready if called upon (to serve) ...?

Anonymous said...

The only ones who should standby is the SAF.

Anyone trying to topple the present PM through shit-stirring or putting unnecessary pressures and stress on the mental, emotional or physical health of the present seating PM should be taken to task.

Any suggestion that the "Crown Prince" must be named by August or any date by the present seating PM, is tantamount to a hidden agenda (perhaps an evil intention of wishing him to die or to arouse disrespectful behaviour against him) and a demonstrations of no confidence in the PM's leadership. Such suggestions must be nipped in the bud. Otherwise, if allowed to go on, many undesirable and unnecessary ideas may be fanned to spread like wild fire.

The present PM is only 65 years old and he is still very healthy and alert, albeit a little haggard in recent years, perhaps due to too frequent hearing of his father's voices in the middle of night. He should be able to serve for another ten years, until 75, baring any serious health problems. Therefore, there is no need to pressurise him to name his successor this year or next..

So, the one that should standby is the SAF. The SAF should always be alert to counter not only external threats but also internal undesirable elements that may usurp power and overthrow the present PM or cause national disharmony and unrests.

This may seem far-fetched to some, but it is always prudent to be prepared for any unforeseen eventuality.

Anonymous said...

958pm...hahaha...no pressure million dollars job....got meh....

Anonymous said...

/// Anyone trying to topple the present PM through shit-stirring or putting unnecessary pressures and stress on the mental, emotional or physical health of the present seating PM should be taken to task. /// 9:58 pm

Ya lor. So poor thing you know.
Sayang, sayang.

Anonymous said...

Don know go will go away a not.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 06, 2018 6:15 am
//Don know go will go away a not.//


Yew see, this questioning style still makes a lot of sense?

It puts things into perspective ...?

If history becum "double history", would it hv even any rippling effect on the future?

But this Tharman taking over is a "BIG" issue (in many aspects)?

Sg is the only Chinese majority country outside GREATER China & it is likewise unthinkable if another Indian minority become the President in mainland China, Taiwan or the Chief Executive in Hong Kong or Macau?

This is NOT intended to have any bias or what not but the likely IMPACT on the ground & across the spectrum of the society?

It is not a "LIGHT" matter to be floated?

How would China see it (& react down the road) if uncle RB's suggestion materialised?

Can anyone enlighten what could be the (chain) reactions (& events) internally (& externally) if UNCLE RB's suggestion materialised?

Pls kee chiu!

One possibility is many pple on the sidelines may join the opposition (enmasse) and take on what they perceive as sthg that they have to react?

How about many other possible reactions?

Such as choosing to road run (enmasse)?

There could be thousand and one imponderables?

Can anyone be sure events will not spin out of control (given the fragility of certain circumstances)?

The people have voted and the institutions are there?


So for good or bad (for the voters), the protocols in the institutions are in place

Hypothetically, imagine if in mainland China, an Indian become President?

What would be the impact?

Likewise, hypothetically, a Chinese become President in India?

If hypothetically that happens and many Indians in India react angrily, can others say these people are bias etc?

This is likely a fundamental issue?

It is not a personal choice?

A fundamental issue that concerns not one person or a few people but the community?

The impact on the community is paramount and CANNOT be brushed aside?

There could be different voices in the community?

In the end, what is important?

A situation that is best in the interests of the country as a whole?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

This Tharman thing had been thrown up long ago to test the ground reaction initially.

But the ground has now been muddied intentionally, with the 4G debate and Laogo putting in his bony feeling into the fray.

When shit is stirred, only more foul smell comes to the surface.

Confuse, confound and control! The dafts will succumb.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 06, 2018 9:19 am
//Confuse, confound and control! The dafts will succumb.//

Not all sinkies are daft lah

And to "sneak in" some "convenient suggestion"?

Better come out with sthg viable?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Tharman is the smartest person in govt and parliament.

But he will never be PM.

Those who know, will know why.

Hint: it has nothing to do with race, or racial acceptance. So you all can stop playing out in your feeble uninformed minds any sort of "Obama-type saga".

How many of you "smart asses" actually saw the prospect of a female president happening?
I would say: a big fat ZERO.

How many of you "stuck in the box" motherfuckers can actually imagine a female prime minister of mixed-ethnicity? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Let that thought brew in your mind for awhile. ๐Ÿ˜œ