2020 GE is a conscious choice if the people still want to go along with the PAP

The govt will raise goods and services tax (GST) from 7% to 9% sometime between 2021 and 2025. This is to help fund growing expenditure in areas like security, healthcare and other social spending.

2021 is the year when the PAP may decide to raise the GST. Why 2021? 2020 is likely the election year and the people will have to decide if they still want the PAP in charge. The 2020 GE is critical as it will affirm and confirm the choice of the people, meaning that the people do not mind the hike in GST to 9%. It will be a mandate for the PAP to do whatever it intends or proposes to do. GST hike is just one of them. The taxes raised, among other things, would be channelled to more foreigners to increase the population and thus more infrastructure needs. Hopefully the compulsory Eldershield, which is likely to be another profit making scheme has not been forced down onto the people and the people also have the chance to decide on this issue.

The PAP is holding back the GST hike to after the GE not without reasons and concerns. Raising the GST before the GE is as good as casting the die and there is no room to manouvre. The people will feel the impact of the hike and will vote according to how the hike affect them. By delaying, the people would still be kept in a quandary, not sure whether it would be raised. The hike would also be an issue in the GE and the PAP would be able to feel the reactions of the people. Despite all the crap talks that the GST is good for the people, all the taxes are good for the people, the PAP is still cautious that this could the bridge too far.

A big vote of approval would mean that the hike is accepted by the people and will be raised. A big fall in popular vote would have the PAP thinking if the hike should go ahead or to go ahead with the risk of losing more votes.

The people are given an option, an opportunity to vote for the GST hike in 2020. It would be their decision and after the GE they should live with it.The PAP is not taking the risk to raise the GST first and hope for the best or come what may. They knew that this is very painful on the people, especially the lower income group as the hike would affect everything and the cost living.

The 2020 GE is a gauge as to how far would the PAP go to raise more taxes, to bring in more foreigners and all the unpopular and extravagant policies and projects.


Anonymous said...

The people are given an option, an opportunity to vote for the GST hike in 2020.

If the opposition is still not ready to be govt by 2020, majority Sinkies will still vote for PAP, regardless of GST increase or what not. There is no option in this case.

And PAP is very confident the opposition will not be ready to be govt by 2020 or even forever, that's why PAP show their confidence by even giving advance notice to raise GST because PAP will still be the govt after 2020.

So the critical issue is not about GST increase but whether the opposition can be ready to be govt by 2020. Can they?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

psp will still form the govt in 2020. its only the popular votes they are watching and may loose a few seats

Anonymous said...

Can the opposition be ready to be govt in 5 years or less if they cannot even be ready even after 50 years?

Can you become a senior staff in the company in 5 years or less if you are still a very junior staff after 20 years in the company?

Based on this analogy, PAP is very confident they will still win the next election, and win big. I share PAP's confidence, and also understanding how Sinkies think and behave since 1965.

Goh said...

GST up mean my salary oso up.
Think positive .

Anonymous said...

GST at 9% is still very low compared to many developed countries. This extra money collected by the government is for building infrastructure, security and for the fast growing old population. In UK it is 20% !!!

I think come 2020 GE, Singaporeans will still vote largely for the PAP because they know that PAP will continue to be the best people to steer the country forward. Tell me, who do you think in the opposition parties has the experience and the qualification to be PM?????

I cannot honestly say that the opposition parties have the any idea how to run a government.

So Redbean, do not get your hope up for a change in government after 2020 GE.

Anonymous said...

According to an analyst, if the cards one is holding are all bad cards, no matter how much u reshuffle the cards, they are still all bad.

Anonymous said...

In parliement yesterday WP Singh suggested using the land sales monies gain to finish the future infrastructures & help the mid-low incomers. But was shot down by Lee Ah Huay MP saying that money will be all used up even when the G has mountains of monies or Chinese says '金山银山也会用完的一天', her boss Ah Long upon listening this smile at her.
See WP kena whack by the white men / women, how to form govt Leh? Majority or 80% or more will still vote the PAPies in the next GE Lah, no need guess PAPies will again WP pants down Lah.

Anonymous said...

GST @ 9% is good for the country Good government cost money. So do not grumble because it is still much lower than most European countries. Hope for 85% mandate for PAP come 2020 GE.

I will pay 9% GST and willingly too.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

çAlthough no one can predict the future with 100% precision, we can still make "guessimates".

In fact, it is impossible not to. The human brain is many things, but its fundamental purpose is to function as a prediction engine. It gathers data from the environment, abstracts it, then integrates it, ultimately performing various sorts of calculus to arrive with "predictions" which then guide actions.

To be effective at manipulating people and leading them astray from acting in their interests, and instead act to benefit you (the manipulator) is to "hijack" the prediction mechanism of the brain. There are many techniques for doing this, varying in efficacy, according to the situation and objectives.

OK, back to the next GE. My prediction is that the PAP will storm back into parliament with a landslide victory. The support from "new citizens" will, IMO, be around 90%.

Non-PAP "outliers" will grab a few seats, but they will be "PAP-friendly" rather than outrightly opposed to all PAP policies. Whether you can actually call them "opposition" is going to be an interesting conversation, which will play out online rather than in the real world.

Taxes are going to increase gradually. 1% here, 0.5% there....people will complain (as they do) but the increases will be slow and gradual, the noise will quickly die down, and Singapore will continue to eat, shop and be the hippest, coolest, and wealthiest people in Asia. The PAP will "move with the times" crafting policy to ensure that the locals don't step out of line (too much...a bit is OK), and that the nation gets its game on to continue with NATION BUILDING.

Since the PAP has embraced disruptive technologies, and is very "free-market friendly", you will see an increase in entrepreneurship especially in the tech areas. Singaporeans without the proper STEMA (Science Technology, Engineering, Math, the Arts) will be increasingly disenfranchised and marginalised. So my 2 cents worth of advice is for everyone to learn something relevant, and become as good as they can at it. Thankfully, there are huge pools of resources available for anyone who wishes to improve themselves.

This idea of "one government forever" has now been picked up by China who are removing term limits from the presidency. China is copying the Lee Kuan Yew model of government ---i.e. one "strong man" at the top, with his "select team", directing the whole darn show for the rest of the people.

Whilst Singapore has a soft-dictatorship as their preferred style of government, the China-copy is likely to not be quite as soft. Will it work and deliver the same results as Lee Kuan Yew's methods? Or will the whole thing become corrupted because whenever there's a concentration of State Power, corruption is very likely (probability). For e.g.: Most SE Asian soft-dictatorships from the political histories of Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia.

I guess, only time will tell!

Virgo49 said...

Is there a need for the Opposition to form the Government? ? Many Daft sinkies still do not understand the mechanics of what's Democracy.

Why take over the Government when there are so many unanswered doubts that the incumbent Government has yet to answer? ?

Sinkies must learn from the Democracies of other Nations like for example the UK and the USA or even Taiwan where the Ruling Government and the Opposition are equal or almost equals in numbers.

There be Alternative Views and even deadlock bills that the Ruling Government can pass with their whimps and fancies that are advantageously in favour of them and determintal to the citizens.

This are the safeguards that a wise and not daft citizens must exercise to have a balance of governance.

But daft Sinkies been daft Sinkies with no medicine to cure their Stupidty will still prefer a One Party Government to screw their Arses.

They will sell their souls for a few hundred dollars.Or maybe they been squeezed so dry as sugar canes residues that they need this forward loans from our Greatest Loan sharks to pay back later with principals and interests. This sugar is actually your MONIES lah. You think the JLBs so generous from their pockets???

Sdr Najib thought to himself, I should have learnt from Singapore long time ago to also give this sugar and last elections may be don't have to lose so many seats.

When 2020 comes, the Loan Sharks Fininacial Director will calculate how much to loan to the dafts at GST 9%. And how much interests plus principals they gonna take back. Just dispense 1200 or more to the Sinkies and you get 90% votes.

Many would ask when when hah? CPF top up or cash ah?? Aiyo,Ah Kong gave no MONIES vote Ah Kong lah of course. My children DONT even give me this much. Why? because they are like the sugar cane residues themselves also need these loans.

Najib said Not buying votes but help the poor. Ethically loan sharks said the same.

Adam and Eve said...

Corrupted minds with crooked intent will always twist around the actual reason of their corrupted deeds.

Daft, stupid and moronic voters with greedy mind and small heart will swallow hook, bait and sinker.

That's why the whole world is filled with ruthless, pretentious, corrupted, crooked and vicious politicians. Good, honest, sincere, trustworthy political leaders are few and far apart.

Cunningness in politics is a game played everyday by so many to take so much to benefit so few.

Justice, equality and fairness are dreams for the young idealistic innocent minds.

Anonymous said...

GST increase is real cash into coffers. It will have to. Pockets are empty, who is paying the highly paid elites?
Readers voted for the team. The top figures on revenue was a wooping 15 billions from some investment returns. What kind of investment returns?

It is a failure or success for a so called country to depend on investment returns as revenues. Taxes on citizens is the only major source of cash government can depend on. The money is short, so cash is needed from 2% GST. But it shows a surplus to make readers feel good. Look at the investment returns, was it cash? No one knows, so the surplus 9 billions was it cash? Who can prove it? If it was cash, there is no urgent needs to raise 2%.

What have the teams been stirring in the past? Start from the White Papers. The son went ahead to let in 3 millions foreigners.
Has the team set up a silican valley on sinkieland consisting of foreigners?
Has the team built up a Samsung on sinkieland from foreign capital?
Has the team built up a supply chain of subcontractors to support whatever industries sinkieland good at?
The team was proud of a web base reachout to capture foreigners. Its last success story featured one ang mor with longer than Kin Jong Un hairs. Do u know where is this ang mor now after entering sinkieland as success story of talent? He was in jail. Dont know if out oredi.
There were talents who broke some helper s nose bone at Suntex, and ran away after years of "investigation", at least one never caught.

The real results of foreign talents had close to 3 millions foreigners living with 3.3 millions citizens. This is a cross road; the author was correct. Voters must decide. Do they want the foreigners to increase to 4 millions. In 10 years time, Pap s target in White papers was 7 millions population. Pap is spending money to build houses to cater for these foreigners. It is not a want or dont want. It is oredi done. Therefore, increase GST by 2% is too little. Should increase by 20% so that these foreigners are taxed heavily.

The most important things voters need to do is not to vote for Pap. However, it will be the minority 40%. They will not vote for Pap because of Pap playing with population to create the fake boom in GDP figure. The hard core 60% will still think GDP grows. GDP grows because the population add in more households, add in more demands on toilet papers, so the super mar sell more, and so the rental of flats still moving.
Where can the foreigners earn their livings? Where else, no farming in sinkieland. Jobs lah.
So the 60% has jobs. The still cling on to Pap. It will need 2 more 5 years to bring down this fake GDP. When the foreigners increase by 1000000 from 2020 to 2030, jobs available on sinkieland will run short. Voters of 60% will dwindling down. Why?

Listen, there were no real jobs being created by the added foreigners. All of these foreigners are from tamil nadu or mumbai or philippines. They ask for lower salary. They are happy to get the small salary and ship home to tamil nadu mumbai or philippines islands. They are like maids. Go home to build a better home. What about the existing voters?
They are fooled. They will drive around to fetch fellow citizens for a fee. Jobs of technology needing their train experti from Nus or Ntu can hardly sell on market who needs manual labor like hawker helpers, cooks, guards. The army generals are the team leaders. They are not salesmen who can talk to China chinese, UKUS investors, to throw in money on sinkieland to create jobs. They simply tell their policy is best of the globe: globalization. Trump threw globalization out to win election. After one year of Trump, US voters are happy with him. Trump create jobs for them. Improve their income. Do army generals create jobs for you on globalization? It will take 15 years from now to conclude. By then, generals oredi living overseas enjoying sunsets. U kaput, and will not have turnaround with 7 millions populations without good jobs.

No Need Rocket Science said...

GE 2020 or GE 2030 or GE 2040, all will be a Foregone Conclusion. PAP will still carry the vote.

In any country, the political party that controls the military, police, intelligence, judiciary and finance, holds the power.

The party that holds the power will logically and naturally get the votes necessary to form the government, by hook and by crook.

In Singapore, the PAP not only controls the military, police, intelligence, judiciary and finance, it controls everything - from cradle to grave. It controls your birth, your schooling, your food, your toilets, your health, your businesses, your banks, your living quarters, your jibs, your entertainment, your assembly, your movements, your speech and expression, and even your death and funeral. And most importantly, it controls all the grassroots organizationsl, the Elections Department and the Mass Media.

None of the various varied opposition political parties controls anything!

So, barring any unforeseeable catastrophe or disaster, the PAP will rule Singapore until the cows come home. Is there any cow in Singapore? No. None! There are only "COW PEH COW BU" aplenty. So, how and when can the cow come home?

Anonymous said...

I predict PAPies will give a few thousand dollars angpao in 2020.

Stupid fucking sinkies will give 80% votes to PAPies.

You all deserve the fucking govt you voted for!!!

Virgo49 said...

Hello Rocket Science,

There is still one very very Important Indispensable Human Commodity that any government can not Control in Total.

That is the Voters who hold the REAL power to give them another term in Office or to OUST them.

Your combined votes holds the REAL POWER.Unless they seized power like the Thais Junta with the barrels of the Guns.

Anonymous said...

Have u seen how these valued Pap guests created the low quality life. Once a woman complained to buscaptain got molested. The bus stopped on road, poli car flashing light stopped in front of bus. All innocent passengers at the end were inconvenienced. The bus turn "no service".

The values guest was charged. This became day to day things on public: 60% over increase on molestation. Voters never realized life is to progress not going backwards to life in sunnyland where undergrad got raped in bus and killed by poking iron rod into her someplace. The generals dont take public transport, never got inconvenienced. Voters have the votes. Think about their own future. There will be a day when all this is just not right for drawing people living in low life into this once an honest society. The change will come. Its a matter of when. Is it within our life time?

Anonymous said...

With the two-percentage point GST hike, the costliest place to live in on this planet has become even more costly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Sinkies must learn from the Democracies of other Nations like for example the UK and the USA or even Taiwan where the Ruling Government and the Opposition are equal or almost equals in numbers. <<

I think you'd better practice what you preach, and learn about democracy ;-)

Having a 2-party system is hardly a democracy. If your only choices are "either-or", then what you have is a 2 party system, or multiple parties which give preferences to 2 major parties; which still boils down to and "either-or" choice, which is a FAKE democracy. People being what they are will delude themselves into believing that what they have is "real" democracy. The fact is : THEY DON'T.

Also, populations in general are quick to criticise other cuntries political systems. Politics is DOWNSTREAM from culture means that whatever the political system is of a certain cuntry, it will always evolve out from the CULTURE OF THAT CUNTRY. For e.g. Singaporeans won't choose a system like the Norwegians because they are culturally different. Singapore Indians and Chinese won't choose the systems of India and China because ethnic Chinese and Indian Singaporeans are culturally different.

We are essentially, broadly speaking PERANAKAN. All the ethnic groups are more or less INTEGRATED. Some general traits of Peranakan culture:

1. Respect for education
2. Conservative, respect for tradition
3. Fiery women, independent and ambitious
4. Great entrepreneurship
5. Family oriented
6. Focus on material security (hence education)
7. ---add your own observations

...and so our politics evolves with those cultural traits as "anchors".

No Need Rocket Science said...

@ 1206 pm:

"There is still one very very Important Indispensable Human Commodity that any government can not Control in Total.

That is the Voters who hold the REAL power to give them another term in Office or to OUST them.

Your combined votes holds the REAL POWER.Unless they seized power like the Thais Junta with the barrels of the Guns."

You are generally, rationally, sensibly and courageously correct to say that collectively the voters hold the POWER

The perennial problems with the Singapore voters are:

1. Their talents have been General-Lee Generals-lized to become golden rice-bowl-career materialists and easy-money instant millionaires.

2. Their emotions have been rational-Lee transformed to become irrationality irrational.

3. Their brains have been sensibly social-engineered to become insensible, unimaginative and pathetically unthinking.

4. Their hearts have been encourageously turned into discourageous, frightened and cowardly.

The only hope for a change in government is as easy or difficult as ABCD:

A = Almighty God's Intervention. This is merely a dream of those who have already surrendered their fate and will.

B = Bad, extremely BAD economic performance that almost each and every single household has been seriously affected to the extent that it caused havoc in the livelihood of the voters, so much so they lost total confidence in the PAP government. This may happen only when the PAP leadership become totally callous, insensitive, arrogant, unlucky and unimaginative.

C = Converted new citizen voters have turned against the PAP for one reason or anothher, so much so the collective common decisions of all the voters become overwhelmingly and undeniably a powerful measure to get rid of the PAP government at all costs. For this to happen, it will require the PAP to commit suicide by dishing out one blunder after another without any effort made to correct the situation.

D = Dead men tell no lies. Bloodshed and assassinations probably instigated and supported by a foreign power aiming to take physical control if Singapore. The only country that is able to do this is USA, through her networks of spies, hitmen, etc.

b said...

PAP will win. Needless to say. The world is not fair (it is round) so is elections. People will forget about gst going up when they see their house prices going up.

Anonymous said...

According to Martin Wolf of the respected Financial Times in his Feb. 27 column about strongman rule - the concentration of power in the hands of one man as the state moves from a collective leadership to autocracy - the only rich autocracies today are oil exporters, while Singapore may be viewed as a "guided" democracy!

Of all countries, he mentioned Singapore! This is what outsiders are seeing.

Anonymous said...

Martin went on to say that autocracy is a high-risk system and it may lead to gross excesses, known as the "bad emperor" problem !

Anonymous said...

Free Money in Spore @ Raffles place this noon. Just insert S$3 into cash vending machine & get S$50 note, q was super long, free money where to find in this little red dot? Some say money �� drop from machine who dun wan Leh, same Papies idea when erection comes most dafts will be fooled onto collecting monies & gone with their future & future generations..stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong's budget unveiled today proposes a tax deduction with a ceiling of HK$8,000 per insured person for those who join the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme.

In Hong Kong it's voluntary, in Singapore it's compulsory for Medishield Life, CPF Life, and now Eldershield !

Anonymous said...

Lao Ah Pek Bean //2020 GE is a conscious choice if the people still want to go along with the PAP//

With Jinxland firmly under the (K)Long Tao (spell), Jinxkies (die die) will helplessly repeat past mistakes till Jinxland implodes like the Qin Dynasty in BC 210 and collapsed in BC 207?

Anonymous said...

In historical records, the Qin Dynasty Eunuch Zhao Gao was supposedly reincarnated to bring the downfall of the Qin Dynasty for its brutality and cruelty?

In Jinxland, just like in Qing Dynasty where Dowager CiXi was reincarnated to bring about its demise, the wheel of motion is set?

Bb, gg Jinxland ...?

Anonymous said...

The moment GoaLaonomics was set in motion in the mid 80s/ early 90s (followed by TakBonomics in the 2000s) with the tacit, implicit & explicit go head of the old horrible fart, the (eventual) conclusion is lo(ooooo)ng 4GONE?

What awaits?


What is Jinxnomics?

Triangle pegs in parallelograms?

Anonymous said...

Emperor Qin Shi Huang destroyed & massacred milliona of lives?

In the end, all his sons, daughters, 9 clans were exterminated by his own son, Eunuch Zhao Gao & King Chu?

Old (horrible) fart destroyed how many lives?

Anonymous said...

Karma being a bitch may knock on someboli's door in the year of the DOG?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Chan Ah Siao aka Chan Joker Clown will not be the seat warmer otherwise Jinxland becum stock laughing of the whore?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, don't be a retard and a fool. Your salary is not linked to gst but on market forces and your company performance and your boss. So wishing a salary increase due to gst, u better be sodomized to wake up man!😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

1109 pm, fully agreed with you. Agongkia is talking cock as usual. Always shitting through his mouth and talking through his ass. The thing he needs is to get screwed good and proper in his ass.

Anonymous said...

With GoaLaonomics fully in motion & superceded by (the lagi worst) TakBonomics, there is only one ending?

Pretence and wayang everybolee can be?

But there is one ending and in due time, Jinkies will know the "taste" & "smell" ...?

Oldies "no tears to cry" ...?

As uncle virgin said, sell salted eggs "EYES OPEN BIG BIG" ...

No (more) "Quah Cha Png" (enuf) to "kiss gb" ...?

"All inside the leegalised lo(oooo)an SHARKS stomach(sick)"?

Pathetic Jinkies (in the end)?

Always ya ya (but like the Qin Dynasty & descendants, the stone is cast {& fate sealed}) ...?

(Served them right?)

(They deserved every torture, pain, suffering?)

(Best, Betterer, Betterest a slow grinding bit by bit demise by the most painful suffering till the end?)

Jinxland is cursed (forever & forever like the Qin Dynasty by Eunuch Zhao Gao & the kongcum Emperor Xian Feng of Qing Dynasty marrying the Jinx Dowager CiXi?)

Ha ha ha

Serve them right!!!

Jinxland & Jinxkies it will be ...

Starting on this 14th day of 2018 1st Moon @ renyin hours ...

"Clap clap clap" ...

Many Jinxkies deserved it ...

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia is a Silver Serpent or may be still a Tang Chiak Peng where we in the 60s always suan them - Boh Peng Yau See.

That's why he said his salary goes UP. Nowadays, it's the Safest I Bet to be a Silver Serpent than in the Private or Statutory Board.

Here, every quarter you have quarterly bonus whether the Econmy goes South or North.

Year end, 13th month full Bonus. Same time as MP Louis Ng said They are like the Three Monkeys See Nothing, Hear Nothing and Talk Nothing.

Just diam diam and collect salaries. Private Sectors you get Retrenchment Letters and Chiak Kia Ker when companies you worked for made 10 millions instead of 20 millions previous years.To them not enough profits and OUT you go.

What can our ex Tooth Pick Picker and NTUC and now Manpower Minister do? ?? Pick tooth picks lah!

Now the worse, most on what's contract,free lance with so much free time as only Lance Koporals and will never be Full Corporal.
Part time and many Lots of Time.

No only protection one month or more salary in lieu of one month retrenchment benefits per year's
of service. This will have the Employers having second thoughts before they get rid of you. They have to make provisions to have this amount to pay you.

Finally, Silver Serpents Salaries from where? From the Tax Payers of course.

So tell your Children and Grand Children and Great great grandchildren to opt for Civil Service. GST increased also increase pay for Ahgongkia.

Anonymous said...

//GST increased also increase pay for Ahgongkia. //

Seh kia bor ka chng ...

Virgo49 said...

Wah Anon 4.13, you also up and about. Cannot sleep, worry also for Singapore and her young generation? ?

Good morning.


Anonymous said...

Gd morning

Uncle, din yew previously said chiap got meh rolling ruthless and watching pussy cat dance in gents?

How cum still in jinxland cannot zzz?

Anonymous said...

//Cannot sleep, worry also for Singapore and her young generation? ?//

Jinxland die her own biz!

The earlier the better

The JLBs, LEEches, parasites then got no hm to suck blood

Virgo49 said...

That's right. Have to catch early coach.

Live Firecrackers Show. Missed them when young.Revive some nostalgia memories.


Anonymous said...

//Have to catch early coach. //

Driving up this morning also ...

See u in the cloud ... watching human pussy prancing and jumping around

The gong gong gong will be more noisy though

(In advance) Early donation (charity of the wayang $100 SgSAP) to lee ah hua & harakiri hmland ... via the tiger machine ...

Any balance buy Magnum (icecream) ...

Anonymous said...

Given GE 2006, why not 2018?

Both r ear of the Quan?

Just that the air number of jinxland this time is up le ...?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 28, 2018 9:02 am
//GST at 9% is still very low compared to many developed countries. This extra money collected by the government is for building infrastructure, security and for the fast growing old population. In UK it is 20% !!!//

(PAPigs) 9.02am,

Balls to YEW!

UK has COE?

UK has 100%+ PARF car taxes?

UK has ERP all over their country other than the CBD area?

UK has oldies QUAH CHA PNG imprisoned for life (till death will part)?



(PAPig) 9.02am, dun try to pull wool over sinkies eyes lah .... even though many are just plain DAFT & KONGCUM

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.02 am also like agongkia needs to be sodomised to wake up lar😰😀😰

Anonymous said...

Virgo 4.04am //Now the worse, most on what's contract,free lance with so much free time as only Lance Koporals and will never be Full Corporal.
Part time and many Lots of Time. //

Old (horrible) fart (& the old fart's guards) schooled (& brainwashed) JINXKIES like dogs & robots till not unlike caged animals in the zoo?

Then they released the caged animals into the jungles against the wild hyenas, lions, crocodiles, cobras, scorpions etc ... by releasing the floodgates and flood the JINXLAND with 3 millions 3rd world non-dog trained non-brainwashed non-robot programmed foreign trashes & mercenaries?

How to expect caged animals JINXKIES to fight against wild jungles hyenas etc?

Old (horrible) fart (& his old fart guards) are plain selfish ...

Their kinds (& descendants) live goooooood lives can liao ..... the rest u DIE YOUR OWN BIZ ...

Anonymous said...

OTC woke u0 too late & kena karma and die miserable man ...?

But his descendants saved from further karma cos OTC paid his (karma) debts (himself)?

The same cannot be said of GoaLao, TakBo, CFK (chicken), Georgie Yeo (child kena blood cancer ... still lo(oooooo)ng way for debts to be paid)?

Georgir sign ceca, buold casino ... BAD karma increasing every secomd cos many gamblers lost & losing and will lose their life sweat blood earnings and their famiLEEs breakup bc of the gambling and eveLEE thing gone ...?

Some tourists jumped from 50th floor hotel rooms after losing more than their QUAH cha png ...?

How can georgie yeo & all the PAPigs JLBs (JINX) LEEches, PARASITES, WHITE TERMITES, WHITE DEMONS in himan beans skin have good karma?

Anonymous said...

Yes, for sure, Anon at 902 am has to be sodomized at least a million times before he can wake up and become same again. He must have eaten so much over-strong jin-seng and rich food that his brain becomes a nutshell filled with poisonous defective cancerous cells, waiting to devour anything that natural, normal, proper, sensible and of common norms.

If left unchecked, his poisonous defective brain will spread the dreaded cancerous disease to his immediate family, then to his relatives and to all others.

So, he should be screwed and sodomized immediately again and again, more than a million times by foreigners, before he can wake up to his senses!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I think the question "can the opposition govern Singapore" is moot, and it is also probably the wrong question.

Can the opposition live up and DELIVER the high expectations Singaporeans expect their elected govt to do...using unreasonable force when it deems necessary?

Whilst the dialogue might suggest people care about "demo-Crazy", "free-DUMB" and other floating abstractions of suka-suka ideas, when it comes to THE BALLOT people care almost exclusively about their real-world, material values...beginning and ending MONEY, PROPERTY and SECURITY.

The PAP has crafted a culture where they are able to exploit these cultural truths for maximum political gain.

I don't see one iota of this in the opposition. No one really cares about "helping the poor". The cultural narrative amongst Singaporeans is how can I improve my standard of wealth...because "I don't want to be poor like those losers!"

Are you ready for reality? Or still engaged in wishful thinking? ;-)

Anonymous said...

GST to fund healthcare, REALLY?
Higher healthcare costs from an aging population is a good whipping Dog, a good intellectual excuse for GST hike from Poppies.
But the closer truth is that most of the planned higher SPENDING are going to INFRASTRUCTURE....why???
For the open-leg FT policy to replace daft sinkies to get more GDP lah...
Sinkies wake up?
For You, With You....talk only lah.
You sick your own business....still pay up according to service level.....no money queue long long, wait long long....BUND BUND TAN SEE!!!

Anonymous said...

Sinkies, only your vote can make the PAPPIES repent.