When the people trusted the govt

There was a time when the people trusted the govt. Believe me, this is true, was true, in those days the people totally trusted the govt and would support the govt in many of its hard policies. That is history now, but it is good to reminisce and recollect how and why the people trusted the govt then. Some silly buggers are out there decrying that the older generations were stupid to trust the govt and they are to be blamed for the shit that the new generations and future generations are facing and going to eat going forward. I would say that this blame is partially right in the sense that many of the oldies could not see the change or did see the change but unable to change their mindset to change the govt of today that is very different from the govt of yesterday. The transition was initially slow, and like the proverbial frog, the pioneer generations are slowly being cooked to death.

What kind of govt then that could gain almost absolute trust from the people? In the first place the PM was getting a salary of $7,500 pm or thereabout while a minister was getting $5,000, and MPs were getting very much lesser. And the people could buy HDB flats at really subsidized prices, $6,800 for a 3rm flat, $27,500 for a 5rm flat. Anyone earning a 4 figure salary, ie $1,000pm could buy a simple car that cost $6,000. Anyone earning a 4 figure salary, ie $1,000 or $2,000 could get married and raised a family quite comfortably, even owning a car.

Anyone in the uniformed services, to serve and die for the country, would have priority in getting a subsidized HDB flat. The govt went further, and built flats exclusively for the uniformed services. And more, the most important factor, the govt then trusted Singaporeans and looked after Singaporeans, not looking after foreigners and giving good jobs to foreigners.

Under such circumstances, there was unspoken trust, trust that was given by the people to the govt without being demanded, without being asked. It was voluntary and involuntary trust, at times unquestioned trust.

Today the trust for the govt is in doubt, in question, and they have no clue why the trust was lost. Sure, the income has gone up, people are earning 5 figure salaries. But what can the 5 figure salary buy? Many earning 4 figure salaries are struggling to bring up a family, all in debt for the ‘highly subsidised’ half a million or more HDB flats and cars, expensive medical and education and high cost of living. In fact many could no longer afford to buy a simple car costing more than $100k. And things are spiraling downhill in double speed. Many have to sell their properties to spend their twilight years, not to hand down to their children. And once sold, nothing is left.

Still trying to figure out why the trust is gone? Millionaires, natural aristocrats, immortals have no clue? How about more theatrics?


Anonymous said...

The old PAP give us - for that we are grateful.

The new PAP plunder us.

Anonymous said...

The whole process of "3rd world to 1st World" was a disguised CON JOB! Period.

Anonymous said...

When the garment don't trust the people, how can the people trust the garment?
When the garment don't take care of the people, how can the people trust the garment?
When the garment keep taking money from the people, how can the people trust the garment?
When the garment don't trust the people with their life savings, how can the people trust the garment?

You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

The Skills of Plundering and Corruption have been refined to such a Fine Art, using the Parliament as the Vehicle and the Engineered Laws as Umbrellas to shelter all repercussions, that all grounds have now been covered for Greed of money and power to flourish with ease. This is the decadence that results in the loss of TRUST.

Anonymous said...

Fine Art, sure or not? You think the people so stupid did not know what is happening? Heard of the story of the emperor has no clothes?
Wait for the little boy to shriek and ask mummy why he has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

One Old Man destroying the good works of his colleagues through his super elevating of his Clown Son & Daughter in law n his love of recognition n power n himself. A Shakespear tragic drama.

Anonymous said...

The Thing is clear for the past 15 years + this little red dot life has gone from bad to worse under the leedershit of Ah Long San In his economic lie on growth at all Costs, he claimed Sinkieland always no resources & even Sing & Tell with his minions to go for Profits After Profits, when erection comes Long san change slogans to Promises After Promises 4 u with tyew & 70% dafts die suffer with pee and poo cry woof also no use. This bunch of new white pui and pui elites r like wolves & always kbkp in parliement & change goal posts as they wish to suit their own power grip..it's too bad karma barking them too slowly & they r the protected lot let's wait n see..

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's Singapore Air Show witnessed a plane crash. The plane, which was part of the Republic of Korea Air Force Black Eagles aerobatic team, crashed and caught fire at the side of the runway, was seen lying upside down. Photos and videos of the crash were circulating in Cyberspace.

Instead of reporting the incident, the authorities were more keen to find out who have been circulating the videos and photos. Was it to discourage citizen journalism and assist in covering up so as to keep the public in the dark?

How not to lose TRUST of the people like that?

Anonymous said...

The author put up those figures in the past is to contrast with the present figures. The first impression is: those old figures on charging flat prices were based on concrete support of average folks income. Olden days, average folks sell kajanputeh or angkukwei in morning market to make a living. The exchanges enabled them to pay for installments of flats. One lives now cannot say those prices were "cheap". The point to highlight is: those prices were backup by real income gained from exchanges.

In contrast, the current flat prices were based on imaginatively raised prices. A 3 room new flat cost 350000 to 450000, while the family earning is zero at extreme to $2000pm on average. The income does not progress as fast as the inflated flat prices. This range of flat price is the minimum if one wants to live inside sinkieland. It will be mistake to buy 2 room when one as single cannot have few kids. When changing place to live, it will cost a bomb, the leeders will not even know it cost money.
If u borrow 300000 from hdb as starter, for 25 yrs, at 2.6%. The installment is $1361pm, from online cal. U know straight, u cannot live with income $2000pm.
But remind u, the job market run short of guards, if u bother to search the stjobs to verify. The basic salary for guard is $1100pm, for 12hr, a guard has to do 4 hrs ot to make around $1600pm. That means he cannot take care of children, just sleep and wake up and do the guarding job. Same applies to cleaner, delivery boy, whatever that need more personal time than brain work.
These work are most general and the salary is controlled by foreigner. U want higher cleaner pay, foreigner takes over, so u cannot be "spur not stuck on hides" or "kiasu" on salary. Be humble or foreigner takes the job.

Can u trust the elite for charging high priced flats and controlling the job market by allowing free flow of foreigner job seekers?

In US, EU jobs has minimum salary. In China too, there are minimum salary in different provinces. On sinkieland being so small, the local population is surrounded by almost equal number of foreigners who are all job seekers.
This is a problem: the foreigners demand housing and so the leeders charge housing prices high. The foreigners demand hospital beds, medicines, so the leeders charge them high. Water, electricity, coe, erp, parking, foods, all goes up. But this foreigner job seekers free flow has one feature: stagnant or reduce the salary.

If readers can trust what this model can bring good income to sinkies, they must be figure blinded. Some may say, sell the flat can make profit. There is resale levies to pay the elite. Make sure u sell your flat with all the calculation. Remember, moving house needs reno, furniture appliances, and new transport costs for kids to schools.

Sinkies have to relook at the situations. The flats are over priced to support the condos prices. But who can prop up the job market salaries when they keep flooding employment passes and whatever staff passes and PR to dilute the demand on higher salary?
Go look at the sluggish job market, the sluggish retailers, the open and close cafe shops, and the empty commercial buildings. One cannot flush the savings to open cafe if they cannot find jobs: it s suicidal move.
Yes, the killer point of loony s immigrants policy is to drive down salary, while prices naturally push up due to 2.5millions foreigners flooded into the small market.
U dare to trust them with their judgment? Yes provide they can create good paying jobs for u. No, when u lose your jobs and cannot find back one that can pay off the bills. U decide at the end bc the bills keep flooding into your mail boxes. u cannot run by keep saying sinkies are kpkb. at the end u want to end your life fast bc u cannot pay the medicines and operations. No hospital bed for u lah, NS men, so what?
U still want to trust: trust your kids and family members who join u for the reunion dinner. The elites s poor judgment cannot trust or if u do, u kaput.

Anonymous said...

RB, , you are dead right in your article. I for one too trusted the government 100%. But I realised in 1999 or almost 20 years ago that things are no longer the same. That is when I switched my vote but majority of friends do not see the temperature kept going up till recently. They are already dead duck now for themselves and their children. 😰😰😰😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

They the voters are dead ducks now. They are learning new situations like how to be the 44000 private taxi drivers. Pay 10% to uber, pay fines, pay all including car washing. Can the net net sustain family expenses?

Any trust on any body is learned from experiencing it.
Eat at one place gets abdominal pains, diarrhea, vomiting., will he not go there to eat second time?

Pap politicians ignore voters can turn against pap when the latter takes away the people s income too much to them, and the latter s incompetent to create/increase good jobs . Losing trust to pap, one politician blames "fake news" erode pap s trust. This idea trust is fixed on pap forever. They never ask what have they given to people s living? Trump a newbei politician knew it and he is doing exactly all things to gain trust on his people, while Obama did the opposition and taught loony to do the same. GE s outcome will teach them, hope they pap are not the dead ducks too soon.

Anonymous said...

PAP's Chee Hong Tat implicitly kena scolded by ST's Salma Khalik in her column "ElderShield review: Scheme should not be compulsory."


She says: "Paternalism has to stop somewhere. People should be given the freedom to decide for themselves if they want to join ElderShield at the age of 30, or later - as is currently possible - and pay higher annual premiums because of their delay. Or not to join at all. They will have to live with their decision. If they suffer for it, so be it. It was their choice."

That should also goes for the CPF Life scheme !

b said...

Sg is not and never will be 1st world. Its all propaganda. No state pensions, no unemployment allowance, no disability allowance, no minimum wages etc. but have all kinds of hdb, cpf, coe, ns, scholarships for foreigners, open door ''schemes'' to plunder the people. 70% people are like frogs in slowly boiling water who cannot see the danger.

Virgo49 said...

Also withdrawals of CPF savings at aged 55 as promised when they first incorporated.

FAKE or True News??


One interesting Quiz.

What is the difference between an Ordinary Thief (OT) and a Political Thief (PT)??

1. The Ordinary Thief just steals your Wealth.

But the Political Thief steals your future, career,education, health and businesses.

2. The hilarious part is the Ordinary Thief will choose whom to rob. But, you yourselves choose the Political Thief to rob you.

3.The most ironic one:

Police will nab the Ordinary Thief. But the Police will look after and protect the Political Thief.
That's the travesty cum irony of our current society!
And we blindly say we are not blind.

Anonymous said...

Wat Shame- murugam criticism on oppo Uncle Lum as Theatics with no substances r all whitewashed by this black wolf. The extended old law renew again n again is to protect the political masters of attending courts & going to trial, then these political masters will be very bz when many dissenters arrested & go on trial in court. Having a no trial detentions law can lock any 'criminals' up without trial even now new terms like ' organized criminal activities ' was not clearly spelt out, again any persons overseas when return can be throw in prison without trial just like communist law, oppo was very worried minionster got so much power but Murugun said got Presi-Mah vetting in judicial wat, do u think tat Presi-Mah got chance to exercise her pressi right, already a lamped duck how to bark, murugun will just shout woof disguised as wolf & that's his theatics no substance argument Lah..

Anonymous said...

They are still mum about Eldershield and MedishieldLife Schemes as profit making schemes. Salma Khalik also dare not talk about it.

They are making profit from compulsory schemes using the people's life savings, profit for who?

Any MP dare to ask this question in Pariahment?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with collecting (more) monies from the people? -- by the old fart still stay on these days...papies old habits never die hard.

Virgo 49 said...

WP MPs as second PAP team asked only bio Lao questions.

PAP MPs will also kept their Golden Mouths shut.

Too try to be smart gets the sack No more standing another term.

Ministers said you own party asked this and that after kena picha lobang, they think we NOT competent.

This happened in Big Organisations. Meetings you sabotage other departments, their chiefs will take sweet revenge.

Some chiefs good good with the Boss will sabo you.

This is the cycle of life on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Time is bad a SingPost this afternoon kena robbed Lah, the culprit just tell the counter to give him all the money can Liao, the gal go hiding in a rm, so ez monies woah if anyone got guts can be like this guy high chance an Ft bc Sinkies mostly kiasi Lah

Anonymous said...

There was a time when CPF interest rate was 6% for quite a while, and you could use just the interest element to pay for a HDB flat.

After paying for the flat in full, oldies still had a substantial balance in their CPF, which they could safely withdraw upon reaching 55. A single wage earner was able to bring up a family, the spouse able to take care of the kids without having to work. That generation live on what they earned and saved, not enslaved by the debt trap of spending money they have yet to earn. The debt trap has enslaved the present generation, with both spouses working and some still unable to make ends meet.

Trustworthy or not, the older generation lived through both periods and should know who to trust and what has happened with the trust and why it is no longer there.

More good years? For whom?

Virgo49 said...

The First Generation of oldies born from their Pioneer Parents from whichever countries they came from suffered quite a far bit.

During the Japanese Occupation etc. Only those with golden spoons and forks like the LKY and Others also well to do descendants great advantage be the Top of the Rest.

That's where many of them are been spoon fed and planned in succession in both the Govt and Private Sectors.

Second and Further generation working class descendents had better opportunities in building up their careers and wealth.

They were lucky that the Pioneer Leaders as what Mr.RB stated above to be for the People.

We had progressed both in wealth and standard of living as the Costs of living is not been hijacked by the Present Lot of pampered No Brains Third or Fourth Generation Nincoompoos.

Many had made gains on the Present Lot of Citizens who paid a high price by their bad leadership.

The Pioneer Generation had still gratitude and be beholden to the Present Lot Leaders fore fathers which is Stupidty.

They still chose them out of servile gratitude. They should have kick them out long ago.

But the Present Lot of youngsters are equally to be blamed for their follies in also voting the Papies into Power. The 70% cannot comprise the lot of oldies. Also at least 10% of oldies are also Opposition supporters.

Had seen many instances of the Third and Following Descendants of Wealthy Families in booming businesses kaput when taken over by them.

The Present Lot do NOT processed the Tenacity, the Daring Qualities of the Pioneers as they are been closeted and pampered in different environments.

So, actually Sinkies are like Little Children in wandering land easily been bushwhacked by their more street wise ferocious hungry neighbours and the World.

Both what's nonsense First or Third World. All are Equally In the Animals Realm of Wolves Eat Lambs world.

Anonymous said...

With the present type of leecher-ship in Sinkieland, plus the type of subservient stupidity cannot cure citizens, Sinkieland cannot last for long. Day hope dreaming of another 50 years. Don't know can last another 25 years or not?

Once China's strategic Belt-and-Road Project becomes fully operational, the effects will be felt more intensely and significantly. Then Sinkieland will see her economy dwindled to twilight zone.

Anonymous said...

They are the most inefficient and incompetent lot and yet they are basking in tremendous wealth with the money they take from the people through many well thought ponzi schemes while the citizens by and large are suffering in silence. They are cursed by the people and by heaven and earth and all or most of them will soon suffer a slow death of cancer, heart disease, kidney trouble, diabetes or stroke and be eventually brought to justice in hell.

Anonymous said...

Many Sinkie PMETs serve NS lose jobs end up as Uber drivers, helping to drive the foreign PMETs to work.

Anonymous said...

More cars on road more accident productive growth.fastest way
To replace car n men.also more motorise vehicle needed on pedestrian walk so more accident.part 2 of car accident drivers.

Anonymous said...

With all the ministers talk about more and higher taxes, as a retiree I am having sleepless night how to cope living in the world most expensive city. They already increases many taxes and introduce many new one like Plumbers need Licence so need to pay fee and TCM shop that serve herbal drinks also need Licence etc. As more licenses are introduced more taxes are collected as as part of the business costs, these would have to pass on to consumers.😰😰😰knnchb

Goh said...

Maikaekae lah laocheks.
Dun think you can fool others by justifying it's the youngster or 70% that are dafts.
It was laocheks of your generation, not having foresight.Blaming the current chenghoo,pretending to sing praises of the first batch of chenghoo will not help .
These laocheks never teach their children well....Brought up to bully the poor ,abuse their power,even my CNY angpow burnt cos my towkay have difficulty paying my cpf on time and they fine him instead of helping him.
Nothing can change history.
It's PGs ,yes PGs that cause what I am today..
Pokkai ,lack of sleep..and misersble
Every week i can only pray to Tua Pek Kong,asking for numbers
hoping to strike 4D or toto consolation .
Else I know my future like what the hainanese says...
Tee Tee ngeh kai.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, you are also kicking your own arse when you kept blaming the PG for all the woes. Are you are still in your innocent teens? ? Still have not circumcised yet? ?

You are just as old as the PG generation, if not even older with your Chee kou comments of how many wives and those Aids infested Meis Meis that you paid to hug.

Your bad examples already good enough NOT to teach your younger generation upright principles

Don't be a hypocrite to criticise the PG when you are one of the worst kind with children been Fed by taxpayers monies in Either Military detentions barracks or Changi Resorts Hotel .

Anonymous said...

This idiot Ah Kong Kia, as his nickname suggests, is a moron who is a shit-stirer, with a fork-tongue like a poisonous viper. This is the most dangerous type of bean to associate with.

Ignore him totally. Don't engage in any dialogue with him. Just treat him as you would treat a pile of stinking shit. Period.

Virgo49 said...

Right Bro, well said.

Will heed your advice.


Goh said...

The truth hurts.
Moron or gongkia is always better than those who chose to kpkb n remain anonymous.
Oops,probably another bolinchor .

Anonymous said...

Agongkia one day sure Kena sodomize by Mei Mei Husband or Boyfriend if he is not careful😰😰😰

Goh said...

Anon 12.24
Told you I man of principal type.
Never go after married women or those attached like those michael or peter will do.
Long way to be around laocheks age .He jealous cos his life time only hug one hainan partner nia but I salute his faithfulness. :-)