Foreign talent crutch mentality or inferior complex

Comments by Ben Tan, President of Singapore Sailing Federation on foreign talent as reported in Channel News Asia.

The Sailing Federation does not have foreign sailors.

"We have had offers from world class sailors and we turned them down because there are other ways to benefit from them without awarding them citizenship. For example, we formed a sparring alliance with the French. On the coaching side, the core team is all local, and only  supplemented by foreigners. Prior to 2010, it was the reverse. The core team was expat, with locals reporting to them. Any investment must lead back to, and benefit Singaporeans."

Dr Tan feels there should more conditions tied to the use of foreign talent.

"I'm fine with foreign talent only if we use them as a stepping stone to develop our own talent. For example, if we hire a foreign coach, we must add a clause in the contract to mandate transfer of knowledge to one or more under-study coaches; or if we bring in a foreign player to spar with our local-born player. Often, people bring in a foreigner with no defined and specific KPI in terms of benefit to the local ecosystem.

"Another mistake that most people make is that they pay foreigners a premium simply because they perceive the foreigner as superior."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ben-tan-singapore-sailing-federation-on-the-record-9985092
What Ben Tan said should be the guiding principles for the employment of talent in Singapore in all sports and business appointments. It is not just about pride, but about believing in Singaporeans. Failing to believe and practise this principle will bring about shame and distrust of Singaporeans having the talent and ability to compete with the best in the world. A country that hides behind foreign talent is a shameful country that has no future for its people. 
The policy of bring in plane loads of questionable and dubious foreigners to replace Singaporeans is sick to the core and must be terminated immediately. It is an opt out, a sell out of Singaporean interests and the country. With so many foreigners given citizenship freely, it is as good as giving away the country to the foreigers. What is there to defend when the country is already handed to the foreigners? 
Why continue with National Service when foreigners are already taking over the country?


Anonymous said...

What Ah Ben said on grooming local talents in sports will be white washed by the white men n women? Why? These whites elites will asked how much u need to train & groom local Sinkies talents & the price to them will b astronomical, which os why they prefer foreign talents tgan local. They dun care whether the FTs will stay here or not ( like Li Jia Wei or many who left after winning some medals). What these whites men/women want r Olympics Medals especially Gold medal who sing Majulah Sinkieland for the world to hear. They really dun care the local Sinkies as long as Sinkieland is market to the world or even sold to foreigners..like what Ah Long said Sinkieland is belonged to everybody here ( he means everybody on this planet), so what wrong with foreigners winning for this little red dot?

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! At last a Goh Kheng Swee in sports for the nation & Singaporeans. Well Done! BEN TAN!!! Respect to someone who has the guts n loyalty to make a difference with the rightloyal philosophy in line of our national interests. I remember Dr Goh telling foreign MNCs...we can offer you low taxes but within 3 years you must train our locals to takeover as CEO. Dr Goh believes in Dingapore, Singaporeans, in creating the best opportunities for us & many mnay had benefited. Unlike want quick easy results "traitors" who are willing to replace n offer top opportunities to FTs. Sulate to Ben Tan!!!

Anonymous said...

Whose KPI? surely not yours.

Goh said...

Hello hello uncles.
NS is good.
Why bring NS to the picture and I am one who support this noble privilege that is given only to local sinkies.

On FT,I agree that this sport talent is actually not a necessity and I am confident that sinkie can win medal with sinkie style so No need to depend of others .Sinkie are too free so can afford more time to train themselves .
However,other than dubious and questionable foreigners ,allowing some FT here is good to wake up our lazy n choosy entitlement mentality eat full too free sinkies.
My towkay oso think like many uncles here,allow only sinkies in his payroll.
But he suffer cos he refuse to believe that sinkies can only work harder or contributed longer hours with FTs around to compete.
Moral of story.Sinkies should forget what qualification they have, work harder n longer hours,if they want to reduce numbers of FTs.Kpkb no use one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe due to the thinking of the too many naturalised Singapore citizen MPs in Parliament ?

Dictionary on naturalize - admit (a foreigner) to the citizenship of a country.

Anonymous said...

If Kim Jung Un as as smart as ah long san, he will hire an american or an india from mumbai to lead his NK delegation to O Game. That will solve his problems on sanctions. Foreign talents will always work for the native nation hiring them. This is what pee and pee believe in its core values, and all voters support and love it.
Talking about foreign talent, the best story was a foreign talent hired to grow grass. Grow grass need one ang mor over few hundred ks. That s how sinkieland becomes so attractive to ang mor. This talent not only grow grass on sinkieland, he also grow grass as moonlighting jobs in other places.
The result: grass was never grown. Ah long san was happy to see a white elephant. Increase gst and taxes if no revenues generated. Voters are equally happy and vote for the pee and pee.

The difference between NK and sinkieland is: NK has the technology that ang mor fear and envy. Sinkieland lacks the basic knowledge to grow grass on wet ground.

The issue of this sport story is passing of skills. Its like growing grass on wet ground. To ah long san, he would believe ang mor can grow grass better than local NS men who used jet knife to cut grass in camps some days back. NK native play with limited access to internet provided by Russians, yet there emerged or claimed to be the top hackers s nest. The US keeps uranium away from NK, yet these fools exploded hydrogen bomb.

What can sinkieland voters learn from NK and its own story?
1. sinkieland citizens are not given the chance to learn how to grow grass.
2. sinkieland citizens are too pressured to find foods to feed their basic needs for children and old folks, the dont bother to learn skills. Once they are fired from a job, they jump to another job to survive.
3. the politicians like to see point 2. They will retrain engineers to be security guards as long as these people want to be. At the mean time, these politicians hire foreigners with premium salary to be engineers, to be business advisers who never have worked in local sme.

Voters have got the message clear? If they still do not. They should continue to vote for pee and pee.

It is a matter of language not directing to the subject if one goes straight to explain why doing so: inferiority complex lah. So what? It is not inferiority complex, it is a way to make the whole population become foolish, good for nothing. Sounded cruel to pinpoint the motive. But the real results are creating fools. Engineers drive taxi, is that an economic problem? It is because, the engineers have the skills to rework engines. Through rework on engines, these engineers reinvent the engines to fly on sky. NK learn from these steps. Can readers deny this theoretical deduction why NKoreans can do so much with so little resources? They never hire foreigners to do the jobs.

Germany was created from this theory: they learn by steps after the war to make cars, pens and watches. All these mechanical items are the best in the world. Now the PM Merkel let in 1.38millions foreigners. The industries will have a downward revolution similar to sinkieland. The firms that hire foreigners to work for them in these industries will produce products with faults. Watch how their quality decline similar to those sold by sinkieland.
Germany has a new party Alternative to Germany. It won 12% support as third biggest party in recent election against Merkel s party losses. The new poll shows Alternative support has risen to 15%.

Voters should note Germans voters are wiser than them in intelligence because they are ang mor Germans, worth alot of salary if they land on sinkieland to grow grass for sinkieland. Learn from the ang mor how to vote in general election.

Anonymous said...

/// What Ben Tan said should be the guiding principles for the employment of talent in Singapore in all sports and business appointments. ///

What about the employment of Ministers in Singapore?

Do Ben Tan's principles also apply?

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia's family including himself previously must be Tang Chiak Pangs. Boh Pengs Yau See.
That's why he die die supported National Slavery. No fresh recruits no more beans to bully and brainswashed.

Your Towkay, aiyo paid 5cts want people to give back $10.00. Must be PAP CCCCCCC or RCs grass rots and Loots.

No qualms in tipping ladies of the nights hundreds of dollars and sting on even $5.00 increments for workers.

Not knowing the workers are the ones who earned MONIES for them.

Aiya, Sports in Sinkieland can be just for hobbies, not for competition. Now even IPPT also many cannot pass.

Our Chiak Liao Bees knew this.So for instant prestige and honours to them,they just have the FTs to try the Medals and claims credits.

From start, LKY already dont encouraged these wasteful activities that does not contribute to the Enconmy.

Even our footballers half dead and they tried to stop them smoking.

Where's got hope? ?

Anonymous said...

The policy of bring in plane loads of questionable and dubious foreigners to replace Singaporeans is sick to the core and must be terminated immediately.

Not that PAP want these loads of questionable and dubious foreigners lah.

If these are only what is best available to PAP, what can PAP do? Not getting foreigners because they are no good is also not an option.

If the opposition is not ready to be govt, what can the 70% do except to vote for PAP by default? Not voting for a govt is also not an option.

Goh said...

Sometimes I suspect you are one accomplice of that former Kdb ex ssgt.who duck sus in pond till he died.Who's more tanchiak?
At least my finger not stain .
Coming back to topic,whether bloggers or those earning millions,you all miss one very important foreign talent that should be given priority that can contribute well to our society..If a gongkia can notice ,no reason to overlook.
That is ..Foreign Bedroom Talents.
With so many local bachelors,foreign workers,husband with wife who refuse sex,we SHOULD seriously consider to get an agent like my sifu Matilah,or me assisting him to go oversea to interview n bring in more BT.,to cater for these group so as to reduce sexual crimes.
This is the only talent that can help us,a privilege for our citizen ,or even discount for our NS men.
Forget about whatever sport talent or free flow of dun know what fake cert talent .No use one.
My sifu can easily distinguish anyone below 18 by looking at the hair.Sure no fake.
Yes We need BT.No 1 priority .
Please consider.My sifu here talented expurt.

Anonymous said...

With people like "Agongkia" (meaning, a stupid son) supporting the National Service Policy, the SAF's good image is bound to be badly tarnished.

Like any big national organisation, the SAF requires credible people (not self-openly-confessed womanizer and low-life) and honest people (not bull-shitter and shit-stirer) to help to advertise and promote its image and credibility. Using the incorrect type of people as a mouth-piece, spells disaster to the organisation, for sure.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners likely to exceed citizens total. Korean war is coming from the NK s intelligence chief words, in principle, NK can talk to US with "enough willingness" and Moon only said the talk was useful to address "korean peninsular issues". These words are suggesting NO talk also ok to the NK.

With 4 millions foreigners, male citizens should let foreigners to defend this island. There was some training for foreigners, out of thousands, the elites selected only less than hundred soldiers, and officers??. Where are these talentedly selected NS men? They should lead the citizens NS men. They must and should, go front line if Korean war needs sinkieland to send soldiers to "help" the US marines.
Please, dont send NS men to help the gangsterism in regions. If US loses in this war which is harder than Vietnam war, Sinkieland NS men dont want to get entangled with the Koreans, ie the unified Koreans under the communists.

Voters should support the hundreds over NS foreigners to defend sinkieland. No doubt about it. Train more foreigners in NS to replace citizens. Every citizen will be happy with 4 millions foreigners s great contributions.

Is mindeaf still training foreigners NS soldiers?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, I was about to write to fuck u upside down till I see a very sensible post that I agreed with. U are right, we need this BT thing to be set up asap to reduce sex crimes especially molest cases on the rise. To make it legal will also drive down the prices especially currently the white BT is a bit expensive 😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean,
RB,u may know about this Sporean old man - Mr Kor Hong Fatt ( 86 y.o.) who won the Gold Medal in last year 10km run Masters Athletic Int'l championship in Rugao China last year. Mr Kor is featured in today Straits Times Newspaper, as Hard Kor- Run for your Life, he is a true sportman despite suffered an heart attack at age of 70 he took up running to keep fit & had took part in running 22marathons. At his age he still aiming for another gold medal for the 90-94 yo category ( if he survived) , this is the record that no one in Spore can break it ( may for a long long time)...Hardy Kor should be given a National Day Veteran Sportman award by Ah Long & be crowned the Oldest Gold medal Athletic sportman in Sinkieland - a salute to Mr Kor ( ho mat ...ho mat senjata)..

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Anon 11.38

Any Singaporean who won any Sports Event less Prestigious than the International Ones who will bring prestige and honours to our Elites are not recognized by them.

The White Parasites always thought that they are the Ones who build up Singapore and to go with world class first world nation not only for her Economy must also be world class in Sports and Elitist Cultures to go with it.

So, they want to be recognised also as a Nation to win Olympic Golds.Silver like Mr Tan Howe Liang not good enough.They can adjourn Parliament just to see Li Jia Wei played for Gold in the Table Tennis Tournament.

Hoping that she will win to boost their Prestige and Honour.Others to them Kachang Puteh honours. Not comparable to my Airport Jewel and also our F1 Race which shown Singapore by night.See how we built Sinkieland.

They only want you to sacrifice for their Glories.But our so called Sportsman and Women also a have their personal Agenda.

If you get a Gold for us Don't worry we know how to take care of you. Your NS liability aiya, we know what's to do lah! DON'T worry Daft Sinkies got very short memories and most are just too Dafts to know. Either in long run, you be exempted as your glory to us is considered as NS.
Or alternatively, you be given a cushy cushy vacation, oops Vocation to while away your time.
Let's have the peasants chiong sua and be dunked in Kranji Detention Barracks.You be classified as White Horse like us. No worries just bring us Glories.

Just mark my words,Joseph Schooling won't be serving any NS.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

When it comes to foreign women, I think most of us chee kopek uncles have a healthy crotch mentality. :-))

Aiyah, Why can't Singaporeans just chill the fuck out and stop complaining about every small fucking thing?

The world doesn't owe anyone a living lah. Everywhere you go, in any society being "foreign" always comes with an air of "mystery"...that's the way our brains are...when somethingis "different", we take notice and then form opinions based on our BIASES.

IMO there is no such thing as a "right to a job". If you have the goods and the gumption, then you are employable...but you must duke it out with all the other contenders in the labour market.

If the person writing the cheque (the capitalist with the MONEY) chooses someone else over you, he is free to do so, just as you are also free to choose what products and services you buy using your own mind to choose, and your own money to spend.

Remember The Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules

Time for the PAP to open up the borders again!

Welcome foreigners, have a nice stay, enjoy our wonderful cuntry, earn lots of money, and spend lots of money so that the whole economy keeps on rollin' !!

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 11.31

Aiyo, don't waste MONIES,resources and time to train what Sinkies and Foreigners. Got use meh??

Sinkies now IPPT just blinkered your eyes to pass. Can fight meh??

Even Matland kampong askars askars with no what's Defence Exercises, Company, Battalions and Brigade exercises and no need Taiwan exercises can beat you hollow.

Tough and rugged kampong the less literate guys like the Gurkhas, though dumb dumb makes Good soldiers.Not Sinkies Bookworm with spectacles soldiers.

Only good for computer combats. We saw them in Melaka in just simple jungles training and that's good enough for what's your Detailed but always screwed up exercises.

The Israeli invincibility is just a Myth.Even Rodrigo wants to send his soldiers to China for training and not USA.

Anonymous said...

Pro-biz & pro-GDP people should be happy. Especially those with extra condos to rent to foreigners.

Budget 2018 has created new scheme to allow companies to bring in more foreigners as "trainers" & "knowledge transfer".

In reality, companies will just take advantage of this new scheme to hire more foreigners to replace sinkies or prevent sinkies from getting jobs. Just like how they have been abusing many existing schemes to collect grants from taxpayer money, and retain more foreign workers.

Pro-biz PAPies won't tekan or make things difficult for companies. Many PAPies themselves are biz owners or board directors.

Anonymous said...

U r talking about sinkieland national personality in sports. Li Jia Wei is most likely a Li Ta Mah on Beijing streets now. She has nothing to do with sinkieland. Most likely she will not want to pay for medishield. She can enjoy free money to retire in China. She should be rich as winners on both sides, thanks to the most foolish politicians on globe.

Doing NS should not be a problem to sports men. Many sports men do NS by playing their games and enjoy competitions on "official off" days. There was one known to do NS as "researcher", go ask kfc. Schooling s parents are not foolish, they will opt for their son to finish the obligation, so that they can migrate to US as US citizens, similar to one who migrated to NZ.

Anonymous said...

U talked like an outsider to NS. The war for NS men is exactly on computer combat, use remote control IA machines to fight those who can swing on mud and stones. That kind of rugged training will hurt NS men s skins: bo swee, foreigner employers will not want to hire. U want them to be jobless? NS liability is a killing point to many NS men s employment.

Let say US fights with NK now. US marines will not dare to move inside the mountains in NK. They will ask SK troops to put robots or fly the robots near the mountains, then they will run the robots into lobangs to see if they are tunnels.

I tell u hor, US soldiers once they are detected on locations from those NK soldiers hiding behind trees, they will be minced meat because they will be outnumbered.
So US will ask sinkieland NS men to do the same thing if they cannot trust the Koreans speaking SK troops. U better trust this observation. The Japanese will not want to join the war on ground. They too are well hated by NKoreans. US is likely to pressure ah long san to help and then more help and then wider help.

Therefore, sinkies better hope more foreigners are trained in combat. If to defend this island, learn this quick: foreigners malaysians will all run off at war on this island because JB sell fish, sinkieland will not have fish and vege: enemy blockage will put this island into drinking own pees. No water is enough for 7 millions when malaysian water is cut off.
On this part, as u look like not NS type, if u are trained, u can survive better than when u are not trained. NOT defending the border, but looking for foods and water, u stand a better chance. That s why the elites must train up the 4 millions foreigners. Otherwise, these hungry 4 millions foreigners may surround istana for foods and water. Tio bor ah hiar?

Anonymous said...

No problem for Schooling to serve NS lah...

During my time 2.5 years NSF in old Beach Road Camp --- white horse camp diagonally opposite Raffles Hotel. Now is South Beach angmoh & SPG area with atas restaurants & atas hotels.

Used to have many athletes serving NS in Beach Rd Camp. Mostly from rich families & chao keng with high-end specialist certified "allergic to lallang grass" & "allergic to SAF uniform" & "permanent excuse from combat boots". I shit you not. This was back in the late-1980s.

But those PES E sportsmen all got 8-pack abs and biceps the size of a man's head. Either drive Ferrari or BMW Boxster or ride Harley. Eat breakfast with camp commandant Col in officers' mess, coz their fathers all big fucks.

They were all lance corporal & corporal clerks in air-con office, 0800-1700hrs. But given permission to go for training & competitions during work days.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello when I served my NS you are still sucking your mummy's milk or still in the womb, sucking maybe a cheeky banana still want to go inside and disturb the foetus.

Our time, aiyo Parade and Oso courses all never faint one!

Kopi kias, San sens and what's have you. Malay Regiments Professional soldiers who fought the Indonesian Konfrtasi.

Our SIRs regiments instructors got to have bayonets on their belts when they go out of camps.Under SAF 100 ICs, even Mata matas kena whacked by PDF tattoos and lions and dragons soldiers.

Yours when specs dropped on floor cannot even see 2 beyond your hands. Want to fight? ?

Still wet behind your ears.CommAnding Officers only Majors and LT.Colonels can make you pee and shits in your pants.

See our Generals now, like Ah Gua.
Don't talk what technology.Wars are won by ground troops with guts. USA soldiers all hum bug.

One China platoon can slaughter their own company. Thats why Duarte also wants to send their soldiers there.

Anonymous said...

"Wars are won by ground troops with guts. USA soldiers all hum bug.
Every asian is betting US will thumb down NK Intelligence Chief. This Chief has "siat kee" on his face. He would prefer war than talk from reading it.

It will be nightly gluing to internet to watch how US troops invade North Korea in 2018. How SAF will fly its F16 to rescue US marines from hurt while they yell for helb. How our generals climb out of helicopter walls without helmets: to save injured babies with one hand on rope pull themselves back on board, super life saving stories in Korea wars. Bagus.

b said...

All forms of forced NS (aka labor) should be abolished. Teaching people to kill and murder attracts bad karma. Smalland is anyway only a vassal state to usofa. Just sign up to their protection scheme like hawaii.

Anonymous said...

Cannot find employment, be a TD, a very secured job.
"“Back in 2002, I was just into my mid 30’s and my career hit a setback. I was retrenched from my company due to restructuring and streamlining. I was too young to retire and too old to be employed as a junior. I didn’t had the luxury of accepting entry level job because of various commitments. Employers and governments bodies easily brushed the PMETs off as “lazy”, “choosy”, “demanding” workers and employed FTs because they are “cheaper”, “faster”, “hardworking”.

“I sent out hundreds of resumes and was not able to find a sustainable job for an extended period of 8 months. Than came this one incident that changed the way I looked at TDs."

But why pictures showed thousands of taxi kept in carparks? These are assets belonged to govt related firms. Indirectly public money used to buy these taxi was not producing revenues.
Go find the original story: pmet to TD. To many jobless pmet, they might walk home after mid night rather than taking a cab without enough money.

Foreigners create jobs for local, as long as voters want that policy, they inevitably end up being TD same old story again and again. Vote for this policy so that they being parents will not spend more money on their children to make them pmet. Finish primary six is enough.

Goh said...

Anon 1119
In time of emergency,the low life shit stirrer are the best soldier to defend you n the country..
Not those nerng khar peng only good in talking but no guts.
The ah poon ah can manage to attack here easily in those days cos they are beast,ruthless ,cheekopek and cruel.
This is one way to take over control .
They bring in comfort women,force and rape..
At times it's good to let enemy know we not only have womanizer,we have low life soldier like me who will not spare their kachng.
Enough to frighten enemy off:-)

Anonymous said...

Education in Singapore has become a burden instead of a plus. The whole education system has never been about educating the people to get out of the poverty trap but about catering for the business, commerce , trades and industries. When globalization came about, skills required can easily be available from other countries, so the forecasting of training requirements to meet the needs of manpower in businesses, commerce, trades and industries becomes a matter of oversupply and over-trained. As a result, couple with giving scholarships, bursaries and grants freely and easily to foreign students from 3rd world countries, the problem of fitting square pecks to round holes and vice versa arose. This problem of mis-matching continues for years. Instead of solving this problem of mis-matching, the eady way out was, and still is, to import more and more foreigners to supply the jobs demands. Fakes or real talents don't really matter because this has been a very lucrative business for both foreign and local human resource supply agencies as well as for the government who simply collect the Ever-Increasing levy per head emmployed.

If there are 2 million foreigners working in Singapore, taking the average of $750 per head per month, it means $18,000,000,000 (2,000,000 x $9,000) per year.

Do foreigners create jobs for locals? Yes and no.

Yes, foreigners create low-grade and low-paying jobs, such as maids, taxi drivers, security guards, entertainers, prostitutes, housing agents, insurance agents, office and toilet cleaners, hair-dressers and barbers, skin-care and beauty specialists, cooks, waiters and waitresses, hawkers, etc.

No, only the foreign investors (a mere 1% of all foreigners) create jobs. Not all foreigners create jobs. However, the top, prestigious and high-paying jobs mostly go to foreigners too.

So, whoever continuously spouts that foreigners create jobs, he or she is a half-truth propaganda addict. Must have used to smoking grass too much? Or must be a stupid con-man or con- woman.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, u very funny leh. The anon can not tahan reading your rebuttals

Anonymous said...

Good fuckers will not talk much about their prowess ie how good they are how long they last. Because almost all men are the same. Only those cannot do keep talking about prowess. Will it help to improve prowess through boosting? Like Trump keeps talking about women till he was caught at election time. Kim Jung Un should have the similar prowess, much younger. One can easily guess, Trump may have the problem.

Virgo 49 said...

Today in Parliament,they gonna talk about parents who lied to have their children in those prestigious schools that these parents thought ought to give their children a head start in life and also prestige and ego to themselves.

Why in the first place, the Elites themselves do not have to lie like the other parents? ?It's because they themselves with the Blessings of the PAP had built up barriers to insulate themselves from the rest with all advantages.

What's Farking Metro Crazy they talking when they have all sorts of advantages? ?The daft Sinkies should put things right removing these Vicious Circles that disadvantaged them. Instead they tried all sorts of keng to break their scheme falling into their traps and unjustly send to jails.

This is only one example of the unfairness going on and they claimed that these is a divide in our society that is not good for the future. In the first place, who created this Divide? ?

So daft Sinkies, only way to break out your poverty traps and all these unfair disadvantages is to Vote them out.

But frankly, its a also a Myth that those from these Prestigious Schools are the Cream of Society. Many are bums like Matilah and Ahgongkia from neighbourhood schools is so SMART.

Anonymous said...

Any form of compilsion at the national level is BAD, VERY VERY BAD!

No sensible and conscionable person will ssy it is good. Unless, of course; he has a hidden agenda or motive that he does not want to or cannot reveal, because of fear of exposing his real intent, which is likely to cause widespread unacceptance, disbelief, shock, uproar, upheaval, uprising or mutiny.

Whstrver reasons given to soften and pacify the ground are not and cannot be the real reason(s). That is why most of those reasons sounded wesk and illogocal, and cannot withstand deep scrutiny and crafty questioning, just like the cross-examination in a court of law.

So, is the CPF Scheme really and truly mesnt for your retirement as originally told to you? After so many years of the CPF Savings Scheme's existence, and after so many plastic surgeries, the face of yhr original CPF is now beyond recognition. The dubious snd devious monster of the blood-sucking kind has finally shown itself. It not only refused to return your life-long sweat, blood and tears money at age 55 ad promised but it wants you to supply more blood after 55 by topping up the minimum sum in your medisave account so thst its vampire called the medishield life can devour your life-line continuously even after you are already dead.

Next, is the Home Ownership Scheme reslly and truly meant for you to own yoir own house/flat? After so many years of the HDB Housing Scheming Schemes, you should have realised that the hoise/flat yoi have "purchased" still belongs to HDB becsuse HDB has the final say to anythinh and everything concerning your home/flat. And unlike a private condominium, the common ground, space and facilities do not belong to you collectively on equal share, but still belong to HDB. And you still have to pay carpark fee and food the bill for all repairs and maintenance to the common facilities and amenities. And after the 99-year lease expires, the value of your home/flat instead of increasing higher becomes a big fat ZERO! And you will have no more home/flat to stay becsuse HDB will repossess your home/flat and evict you in accordance with the fine prints stated in the lease documents you happily signed.

Next, is the ERP Scheme really and truly meant to replace the road tax system as originally explsined to you?

Next is the COE Scheme really and truly meant to reduce traffic congestion on our limited land space as originally set out to be?

Next, is the NS Policy really and trully meant for national defence?

The list goes on ....

You think about them yourself.


b said...

smalland has the most expensive public housing in this world.