The International Criminal Court should charge Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton for Crimes Aagainst Humanity

It is outrageous for International Criminal Court to initiate probes against President Duterte of the Philippines and the government of Venezuela for the dirty work of alleged crimes against humanity. The ICC has always been under USA and Western control. It is mischievous and unethical for ICC to do the dirty work of the Evil Empire. USA the world's most brutal state tries to flame Duterte and Venezuela of crime against humanity to deflate from its own horrendous crimes against humanity by Trump and each and everyone of the previous USA presidents.

ICC should bring charges against USA government and CIA as well as all its seemingly innocent NGOs for drug trafficking and killings of innocent people in the course of its illicit drug and heroin smugglings in the Philippines and many South American countries like Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Nicaragua, Ecauda and Brazil.

Duterte and Venezuela are cleaning up the drug problem by legally killing CIA drug runners . America is not happy because it is losing billions of dollars from drug trafficking when the local governments of the Philippines and South America as a reaction to evil CIA indiscriminate illicit trafficking of drugs and heroins took actions to stem the tide against CIA activities.

ICC should charge USA and its presidents and officers of CIA and the Pentagon for war crimes against humanity for organising and supporting terrorists activities against countries which refuse to follow American dictates. USA instigate open conflicts and in due course start indiscriminate bombings against the establishment government troops and military resulting in hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens being killed which they just dismissed it as collateral damages. 

Since ICC is a proxy arm of the evil empire it will only serve its insidious agenda and look the other way of all the brutal and inhuman actions that the evil empire carries out against other countries which it deems unfriendly.

The world need to unite and take a stand against USA the most evil and monstrous country in the world.


Friday, 9th February, 2018


Anonymous said...

The ICC has yet to bring USA for its war crimes against North Korea during the Korean 1950 -1953,against Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam from 1965 t0 1975. The indiscriminate bombings of Korea during the Korean War caused millions of innocent civilian deaths and suffering. Similar holocaust happened in Cambodia,Laos and vietnam from 1965 to 1975.

Anonymous said...

Corrigendum: The ICC has yet to bring USA to justice for its war crimes against North Korea during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

February 9th 2018, 11.59am

Rocket said...

The Free World should unite and form another International Court of Justice to deal with crimes against humanity by USA and its cronies and allies.

Call it the Universal Court Of Justice.

Virgo 49 said...

Daily, we have Comedy Drama on CNN, FoxNews of the Americans sabo each other thinking they are Superior Beings than the Rest of The World.

CNN camp supporting the Democrats and Fox News for the Republicans. Daily they washed their dirty linens sabo each other.

Now the North and the South mending their Cold War Relationships and the Japs and the Americans are wary that they might be Reunited.

So they trying to talk with Kim and Forced their denuclearization.

Kim does not want to negotiate.

The Terror Anarchy is created by the Americans and they should be brought to Justices together with their Little USAs.

Let have AhLongSan and the Hen be charge in the International Court of China.

Let's have Kim tied them to the ICBMs and fire away.

Anonymous said...

Who would dare ask the world's mightiest nation to account for its actions, however offensive and inhuman these actions are and the consequential loss of human lives and damage to properties?

Anonymous said...

USA ought to carpet bomb Redbean to get rid of this anti-USA rhetoric. Go migrate home to China is you love it so much and are blind to the attrocities commited by this commie country.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Chow Ang Moh Trash, go back to your Aids Infested, Drugs,Alcoholic Guns killing Beautiful Land of Free.

That's Full of Hypocrisies, Paedophiles World.

DONT find a Sanctuary in the East to offload your Already Hai Kow Yew Saved by your White God blasphemy.

Will burn some joss papers for finding your Way to HELL when the time comes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

For fucks sake, I look forward to the day when Asians in general and Chinese in particular could just relax, laugh along at themselves and take a fucking joke, instead of taking offense (offense can only be taken, not given---the right to insult and “offend” part of the right of free speech).

“Historically oppressed minorities” are now ex-spurts in playing The Race Card https://goo.gl/images/C41H2z .

To add gravitas to their claims of “suffering” and “loss of dignity” (a meaningless phrase---i.e. it’s an illusion), they deftly play The Victim Card https://goo.gl/images/ggAUX0

In the background, The World’s Smallest Violin Plays The World’s SADDEST Tune...to set the mood so that others whose lives are also shallower than a snake’s armpit can cry, moan and protest in shared outrage and sympathy.

It is great to note that RB is one of the foremost enablers of the Asian non-sense of humour, and helps perpetuate the stereotype that Asians will take offense at any small thing...even a joke.

Me? I’m Asian too...and I love to fucking laugh at offensive jokes. If you would like to take some offense, please know that I will always generously let you have some.

Later, motherfuckers!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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