Japan continues to stoke hatred against North Korea

The North Koreans’ participation in the Winter Olympic has drew vicious barbs from the Japanese, Abe and Yomiuri Shimbun. The media slammed the North Koreans for exploiting the Olympics for political gains. It even accused the warming of relations between the two Koreas as ‘the start of a dangerous, slippery slope’…’Such concessions could be endlessly expanded’, referring to the conciliatory attitude of Moon to North Korea.

All being said, the evil Japanese are hysterical. They fear the reunification of the two Koreas which would pose a strong challenge to the dominance of Japan and a strong reminder of the humiliation and cruelties committed by the Japanese during its colonization of Korea. Japan would do everything it could to keep the two Koreas divided for fear of a strong Korea. Japan still regard the Koreans as their colonial subjects, with total lack of respect for the Koreans as an independent and proud people.

The repeated condemnation of North Korea by the Japanese and Abe’s rude and arrogant interference of Korean affairs have been rebuffed by a self assured and confident President Moon who pointedly told the Japanese off. Abe and the Japanese still think the Koreans are stupid and would be pushed by them to kill each other. Japan is not going to go away quietly. Even with the USA toning done its hawkish stance towards the North, knowing that China and Russia would not allow a preemptive strike against North Korea, the Japanese would continue to want to stoke more fear and hatred against the North Koreans.

The Japanese may not be able to rely on the Americans to do the pushing and would be looking at Asean to lend its support. And Japan can be sure that there will be some silly Asean leaders that still think the Japanese are angels, despite their countries being invaded, people raped, and countries looted by the Japanese during WW2.

Let’s count how many silly Asean leaders will rise to the occasion when Abe comes calling to attack North Korea.


Anonymous said...

He who fan s and spreads hatred shall be hated by many in return.

Rocket said...

All right-minded people must support Korea to be an independent United country.

This artificial division of one people of a name race, culture, history and ancestors must be dissolved.

Only evil hearts would want to ensure the Koreans are divided forever.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland Security Services is a Joke!

Now they want to conduct what's lam par courses for these Jokers??

Just see the Lau Ang Kor security white haired in Today's Shit Times. They wwre treated as Errand Boys to buy coffee lunches.

Many just to while away their 12 hours pocket monies. What's to spot terrorists? Then dared to Append the terrorists if really there are??

Many just one push and they landed in A&E and still hide behind pillars when they sensed troubles.

If only the PAP goons just don't take sides and kept their CB mouths shut, no need these wasteful monies on these parasites.

It's just a monies making plot just like paying for unnecessary airport securty taxes. This just to keep the old folks been employed.

Look at Matland and Thailand Securty Guards. As good as Commandos.

Anyway, got to have these jobs for the Insurance and Property Agents when they ran out of monies or when they longer made any sales.

Rocket said...

Fantasy News:

The Public Transport Council (PTC) yesterday (Feb 13) published a survey result giving itself a near-perfect score of 94.5% satisfaction rate from commuters.

According to the PTC, 5,000 commuters were surveyed at bus interchanges, train stations and bus stops. But it failed to elaborate on the critical essential details such as the criteria of the samples, the main questions asked; the way they were asked; and how the final result was tailored.

The PTC's Satisfaction Survey was introduced in 2008. Since then, it seems to have projected a fantastic image of the Singapore Transport System, having always scored a Near-Perfect Satisfaction every year. It gives the fantasy impression that it is the best ever public transport satisfaction rated in the world.

No wonder, despite having one of the worst performing railway services in the world, Singapore PM believes Singapore has a world-class public transport comparable to Japan and Taiwan.

Fantasy News is worse than Fake News! Fake News' intention is to bluff others. Fantasy News' intention is to bluff both self and others.

Be more aware of and careful with Fantasy News!

Virgo49 said...

Mr Rocket, not ONLY the PAP is obsessed with the performance of its Transport System, it is kidding and obsessed that Sinkieland economy is also doing well.

Still wants to be Masters of the Seas even without own National Shipping LINE.

Anonymous said...

Korea is like the guy sitting in the middle of a long narrow corridor. On both ends, are two big guys (China & Japan). When either one wants to cross over to the other end, they would give a kick or shove that guy sitting on the corridor. It has been like that since old times. A united Korea makes no difference, they are at the wrong place, wrong time? it depends on the mood of the big guys.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.34

Have to disagree with with your analogy. China would prefer a United Korea as a harassed North would be more insecure than a United Korea. At least the North does not have to make the last resort to survive by having a war which harms everyone in the Region.

Who is Japan as Tai Koh? ?Japanese is nobody without the Americunts backing. The Koreans are a hardly people especially the Northerners.They have fierce determination to be a Nation.The Southerners living the so called soft hypocrisy lifestyles of the west feared that they may be ruled completely by the North and unable to adapt their decadence lifestyles like the Sinkies to have dignity and honour.

That's why still have many against reunification. They still prefer to be slaves to the West just like Sinkies to the PAP.

These Japanese and the westerners criticised and ban Russian athletes for doping but instead their own are caught.

Anonymous said...

Abe is a hated person in SK. Pence is hated in his homeland, a joke was on him who said he heard god s voice: he is sick. Besides the slave woman issue, Dokdo island is claimed by Japan and owned by Koreans. Notice the flag of blue korea use in O Game, Dokdo island was enlarged. Japan protested and SK keeps it but NK lala team continues to show it.

Japanese has real fear for NK and SK stand united. Now Japan and US has one obstacle: direct channel between NK and SK. Moon spent 10 hours with Kim Yo Jong. He spent short meeting with Abe and ended up clash on resuming military drills against Abe. Pence attended late on a reception (Friday) with Northerners present, he left 5 mins after arrival. But Moon did not went out to pull him back or kneel down to beg him.

Now problem is on Moon. Want the drill? Kim Jong Un will not continue the reconciliation. The northerners scolded SK media for being naive to demand denuclearization. They said such demand insulted nuclearization efforts and its success. ie no talk on nuclear weapons.

This is the position. China or US will continue to deprive NK of oil. However, to some extent. NK might sell nuclear technology to Iran if these assholes are hard to understand. Kim siblings look far intelligent than Pence and Abe: at least more nimble and flexible than old bones. That will cause more problems to the Jews in US.

If China zero oil export to NK, Russia might have to be the sole supplier and break the sanctions. Else, Kim has warned of war. Against who? That will be difficult for Russia to handle.

Abe is not free of risk. If US attack NK now, NK will put enough chemical weapons in Japan s US camps. It will not take long for firing missiles. This view is widely shared.

When u meet a terrorist group, first step u hide. If u are soldier, what is first step? Fire auto. It does not matter if NK are hungry and weak. Firing auto will give Japan maximum joy of war. This is the most likely scenario. The North is hoping the South comes to senses that they are the same race, divided by some reasons. They should keep each other in peace, living peacefully with each other. This is what the world can observe how the North delegations were trying hard to induce the southerners to think with songs/music, pretty girls lala team, and the top powerful woman readily to listen to the southerners.

The southerners politicians are moved. Keep peace among them is the best option to the south to preserve the hard earn efforts in economy. If in war, all those samsung, lg will be flattern: the northerners have far less to lose as they are hiding inside the mountains, waiting for US marines to come. But the northerners will not spare Japan who harbor the US marines.

So in conclusion: Abe will be toollan, if Moon does not listen to his order to start the drill. Kono also asked one small island to push hard for sanctions against North Korea. This powerful small island promised Japanese FM, will do. So Kim Jong Un better be prepared from this island, there will be no meat, not oil, no lunar new year for North Koreans. Asean will go against North Koreans as a whole under the leedership. Si liao for KIms siblings.

Anonymous said...

The Asean leaders have totally lost respect for the leedership in the little red dot. They would show the middle finger if told to meddle with NK.

Virgo49 said...

Right Mr RB.

Just an example of the North and South Vietnam. Many feared that the North Vietnamese will rule the Southerners with Terrors.See the modern Unified Vietnam now full of economic activity.

No doubt still have traits of certain collusion with her neighbours. If North and South Korea were to be United, Kim being a Smart Man knowingly how China had progressed will let the Southerners be the Prime Mover in their Economic Pursuits.

They were not given any chance to be a Nation in Free Trade been sanctioned by the Evil West and their cronies.

As one homogeneous people, they be easily assimIlated and progress. DONT be not be surprised that they will be a head of many so called ahead developing nations.

With their tenacity and the North and the Capitalist seasoned south, they be a power to be reckoned with. As China is a non-belligerent Nation, nothing to be afraid of.

In Fact, China could deal with any threats from any Nations if need to. They do not want to fight unless have to.

Anonymous said...

Another Fantasy News:

The old spinster Indra's Knee, the daughter of a person who called himself King (Rajah), in trying very hard to defend the Budget of Desperation - the Ever-Increasing Of Present Taxes and Inventing of New Taxes - has deemed fit to put Singaporeans into the same category of animals called "OTTERS" on Valentine's Day.

She must have learnt this degrading trait from none other than Amos Yee's Horrible Man who habitually equated Singaporeans as animals like dogs and horses.

Anonymous said...

Yonhap news:
"WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 (Yonhap) -- U.S. intelligence chief Dan Coats said Tuesday that the time for a decision on Washington's response to North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs is drawing "ever closer."

US has power to cause "total destruction" "fire and fury". How much is feared among the NK decision makers? This is a point.

The northerners have to bet on Russia. When US strikes NK with nuclear weapons, NK will strike US and Japan with nuclear and chemical weapons.

Will Russia take the final blow on US? From logical thinking: Russia generals will recommend to finish off US, when it is weaken. US thinkers are threatening but they should know the ending is also on them. What do u think? If US ended, will one powerful dot stands still? It will fly its F35 to nowhere. Its equally dangerous.

Virgo49 said...

USA is just playing psychological warfare.They are just too afraid that the North and South may break thru a dialogue and come into an Agreement of sorts to get rid of them.

Also, desperate for War Sales of their Military wares as their Stocks kept plunging Southward with DT stupidity. The Hawks are just itching to hang low Tua or frighten Kim.

They have no guts to so so. That's why they have to get their Devils in Partners the Brits and the French cheese young punk involved. Call for water or reinforcements.

As to Anon posts of China leanings to the South Korea, it is quite true that the Chinese prefer a more beign South Korea. As the North is hardened by all these nonsensical sanctions which China is trying to be a Responsible International Community and followtheY U.N. Security Sanctions, this hurts the North Koreans who looked to them for support.

China is trying to prove that she is a Responible International Community Member to prevent doubts of the Devils instigating that she is an Aggressive Nation.

Just like our LTK who been schooled in Chinese education try to be an Honourable Gentleman and cautiously been very genteel to the PAP which caused unhappiness with Singaporeans who supported them. They are stupid to be Honourable to those Scoundrels who are bent to destroy them. Hope Pritram can do better. The Rest will be like LTK. Balless.

They must follow the Russians who care two hoots of what others said and they supported Kim unconditionally. Russia is a better ally to Kim.China will want to process peacefully and will follow the UN directives unless She herself is threatened and in no way not to retaliate.

If not, they be just lie low and played the Tai Chi game.

b said...

China can finish any country off using a drone. Japan better be cooperative rather than putting own people in danger.

b said...

The world leaders are so stupid to fight among themselves over some european ideologies. Communism, capitalism, nazism, colonialism are all created by europeans to divide and rule.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Virgo, don't be deceived by the double talk of that blogger everyday trying to drive a wedge between China and North Korea. China would not trust South Korea as long as it is controlled by the USA. China will back North Korea at all cost and would not allowed North Korea to fall to the Americans.

Once the Americans take military action against North Korea, China will stand side by side to fight with the North Koreans. China and Russia have taken a cooperative stand with each facing the Americans in one sector, the Russians in Middle East and Europe and China in East Asia. They are fighting the Americans on two fronts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans have been trying very hard to con and coerce China to attack North Korea or agree to let the Americans to attack North Korea. The Chinese have told them no and the Americans are very angry with China. Now you see the USA trying to increase pressure on China in trade.

The Americans have regarded China as their most important enemy and the Chinese also knew this. China would not cooperate with the Americans, their number one enemy, to bring down North Korea.

This is the real situation that is not reported in the media. What you are reading in the media is a hoax.

Rocket said...

Fantasy News:

AWARE wrote an opinion article in TodayOnline, exposing the latest Fantasy Income Report published last week by the government.

AWARE’s head of research, Jolene Tan, took issue with the definition of “household income” used by the government, saying that income inequality is actually higher than presented:

“First, the reported trends in “household income”, such as real growth in median household income, reflect only “resident households with at least one working person” because the data was analysing income from work. However, resident households comprised solely of non-working persons aged 60 years and above have formed an increasing proportion of households over the last decade, reaching 11.8 per cent in 2017. If this group was included, a much higher degree of income inequality would show. Similarly, if capital income such as rent, interests, and dividends from accumulated wealth were considered, inequality would have been higher.”

Read her detailed expose at TodayOnline.

Anonymous said...

Japan Abe especially is fearful of a united & strong Korea. As ultra nationalist Japanese politicians tried to white washed the tremendous evil they and their forefathers had done to Koreans, Chinese & Asians during their aggression on Asia.
Abe has continued his role as a shit-stirrer in North East Asia playing US against China, North Korea against South Korea, etc. All this is a reflex action of a guilty heart that has not been truly remorse of the evils committed on others.

Anonymous said...

Japan owes a tremendous blood debt to Korea, China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. This blood debt must not be forgotten. All future generations of Japanese victims must always remind themselves of this blood debt.

Blood debts can only be repaid with blood, plus accumulated aggrieved exponential interests.

Anonymous said...

The bananas and the chap chengs would say what blood debt? Japanese good, good.