Singapore Dilemma – Should Hsien Loong rule to 70 years and beyond?

This is the new twist to the so called Singapore PM succession dilemma. Hsien Loong is now faced with a dilemma, to appoint a successor quickly as prompted by Chok Tong or to continue to rule to 70, thus avoiding the need to quickly appoint someone risking appointing another dud orchestra conductor without the privilege of an apprenticeship. The option for Hsien Loong to rule to 70 looks like the best solution at this moment, a win win formula.

Let’s look at all the good points for such an extension, looking at one side of the coin. The negative side I will leave it to your imagination. One, without having to rush to appoint a crown prince, a PM designate, Hsien Loong would have more time to observe how they perform and their suitability to be the next PM. A mistake would be very costly, the downward spin towards third world would be faster. Two, 70 year old is still very young. Just look at how healthy Chok Tong is and how LKY continued to serve and watch over the govt till past 90 years, age is no problem. Three, Hsien Loong took 14 years to learn to be a PM, Chok Tong needed 6 years to prove his competence, so on the average, the next PM would need about 10 years to learn the ropes. Given this proviso, 70 year is not enough and Hsien Loong should continue beyond 70 to give the next crown prince a fair chance to learn to be competent.

Four, since the current batch of potentials is not looking that promising, for Hsien Loong to go on beyond 70 would allow the 5G to come in and be in the running as well. The pool would thus be bigger, with the ageing 4G and the youngish 5G competing to be the best man. It would only benefit Singapore if the best man wins. Five, with Hsien Loong’s rule confirmed, it would bring in more stability and certainty, and no one can rock the boat, meaning more foreign companies would come to invest here and more good jobs for Singaporeans. And all wild ambitions would not have a chance to surface.

See, there is no dilemma if Hsien Loong would to rule to 70 and beyond, win win all round. Nowadays I got this strange feeling that my observations and analysis are getting wiser and wiser. Simply brilliant. I am sure the 70% would fully agree with my viewpoints.

What do you think?


Rocket said...

He has declared himself to be Natural Aristocracy. That means he is King. A king can do what he so decreed as he likes, when he likes it, how he likes it. No one in the kingdom dares to go against him. He is the Supreme Leader and Commander-in-Chief. Even the President of China and USA dare not offend him. See how powerful he is now?

Anonymous said...

Ah Long can seat on his PeeAyam post for as Long ass he like. But remember that Murphy's Law, when some kind of a disease gonna to strike on him, he need to standby an edict or a trusted lawyer for his handover of PeeAm position...when he strike with sudden death it will be like the situation of the Qin Shi Huang death & the rest is history..do u wanna let ur own countrymen to held hostage of ur own health ( big nose deepeeam say one)? These days the position of PeeAm is so secured that he can go holiday to let his minions run the show, he can go jalan jalan with his spouse at Orchard road, its a simple job to him as everything sui sui, nevermind mrt breakdown he got Ah Cow Mah, nevermind economy or jobless as he got Heng Ah to handle Mah, security he got Ah Tio & Murugam & AssGeeCee Mah, what problems ? No problem Mah? What Sinkies got cardboard collectors ? Ai ya Ah Chuan say got one can earn six digit salary wat, so everything is a okay here song song kow jurong, got Tharman can also PeeAm him awhile as seat warmer Mah.. Sinkieland political stability will be held hostage no need worry Mah? Fallen tree or flash flood also got Masako to handle wat..see ez willy pee zee job as PeeAm wat can work till die also no problem Mah? Sinkies ai ya most r daft one , come erection give them sweet goodies ho Liao & after erection just take back all that given can Liao...probably need to find a Longevity Drug or 长身不老药 & stay to live to rule Sinkylang forever so that the dafts wud shout wan sui wan wan sui, nevermind he die cos he wud make the dafts Sinkies cry for him by withholding people ceepuifxx coffin monies Mah..

Rocket said...

Of course, DEATH is the EQUALISER. No one can escape DEATH. Nobody, even a super body, with world best doctors and physicians at his call, can deny or defy the King of Death. Even Jesus, so-called Son of God, has to die miserably nailed on the wooden cross and bled to death. Then he rose from the Dead Body, which disappeared. But immortals who said they would rise from the dead have never done so and will never be so.

That is why all is fair in Love and in Death.

Death comes in many forms, in countless ways - mainly due to decay, old age, diseases, accidents and human, demonic or divine interventions.

So, no matter how cock-sure a "King", self-proclaimed other otherwise, is about his power and right to rule and reign, his power will have to end one day. That ending day is not decided by him but by the Most Supreme of All Powers. And that is called IMPERMANENCE!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The option for Hsien Loong to rule to 70 looks like the best solution at this moment, a win win formula.... I am sure the 70% would fully agree with my viewpoints.

Of course, and seriously speaking, I would agree too.

And here are my 2 good reasons why.

1. I do not think any successor to Hsien Loong can do better than him, even though he/she may be younger. Why? Simply because any such person who can be better than him would not want to work under a boss like him. And if that person who can be better is only interested in good money to want to work under him, then that person has a serious character defect and not fit to be PM.

2. The opposition is not ready to be govt. So this effectively rules out any party outside PAP which can even win elections, let alone its leader become PM. Majority Sinkies have proven time and again not voting for such parties, so these parties cannot win lah.

So due to my above 2 good reasons, I think Hsien Loong should continue to be PM until 70, or maybe until he is going to die, or until he died, just like Mao Tse Tung.

Anonymous said...

There never was any intention to step down early all along.

The 4G guys were just red herrings - note none of them were even appointed DPMs.

The next successor likely to come, more than a decade later, from the 5G.

Anonymous said...

I have a gut feeling that Li Hongyi, son of Hsien Loong, will contest the next election due in 2020.

And then take over as DPM or even PM when Hsien Loong turn 70 years old in 2022 or shortly after, and which is only about 4 short years or so from now.

So this perhaps explains why no 4G PM successor has been named so far, or even appointed as DPM. No need to warm the seat as it is only 4 short years or so only, correct?

Who don't agree, keechiu.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Yang knows something regarding succession that outsiders don't know ?

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Yang knows something regarding succession that outsiders don't know ?
11:02 am

Lee Hsien Yang not only knows, but also wants the public to know, and to shame his PM brother, if need be.

So you can see how strong Lee Hsien Yang feels about the issue which he thinks is not right.

Anonymous said...

At first they say tax increases is to fund infrastructure, citing SMRT failures.

Then they say tax increases is to fund health spending, citing an increasingly aging population.

Now they say tax increases is to fund increased spending on security and defense as terrorism threats rise!

Anonymous said...

" Singapore’s next prime minister: what’s taking so Loong? "

Speculation over the Lion City’s next leader increases as premier says he will not name a new deputy in an impending cabinet reshuffle

Read more at:


Anonymous said...

...they say tax increases is to...
12:03 pm

As govt and being in charge of the budget, they can say what they want, as long as they can win elections.

U don't like what they say or do? Then vote them out lah.

Anonymous said...

Frequent SMRT breakdowns, now a new worry with NETS e-payment system breakdown - a sign of the rot . . .

Anonymous said...

Frequent SMRT breakdowns, now a new worry with NETS e-payment system breakdown - a sign of the rot . . .
12:29 pm

Something to do with those chaps doing the maintenance?

Guess who are these chaps? Local Sinkies? Or some others from outside Sinkieland?

Rocket said...

Yes, if he has his way, he will definitely hold onto the PM post until his son is ready to take over from him directly.

At present, it seems there is no one he can trust to be a Seat-Warmer.

Therefore, to play safe, just like what he did to the erection of his Puppet Non-Elected Press-See-Don, he would not hand over to anyone as Interim PM.

That explains why he is not appointing any 4G Minotaur as DPM.

Putting 2 and 2 together, it seems quite obvious now that he will not step down at 70, though he had said so. That was said just to test water

His son will most likely be in the next GE. And within 4 to 5 years become DPM.

Then he hands over and become his Mentor, pulling the strings from behind the scene, as an "Adviser"?

Anonymous said...

First of all, who said PM needed to change? He was no longer the PM and he wanted PM to go to the next. That he heard the real PM replied the not real PM. Politic is like this: "dont blame me if i dont warn u guys". That could be the reason why a non PM wanted to tell the PM must start to plan for change. There s a similar one: NK FM Ri told UN secgen to ask US to stop military maneuver to avoid a nuclear war.
Ri WROTE letter to UN. So when daft sinkies read that, it should be warning, "if U guys die of nuclear bombs, dont say i dont warn u first".
Politics is like this lah. Nuclear bombs can drop at NY city. Back to topic, why PM needs to change? The present PM see no Hong no chwee, no lee, no need to change. If the name has hong and water, and surname also matching lee, can change liao. May be daft sinkies are so badly trained in politically correct name as PM, they really thot the och are correct octane fuel to be PM. Only real PM know what octane is correct to run the sinkieland government vehicles. These 3 are low octane fuel, pei kar, cannot run. Give u example: if real PM go, who is the charbor to be tamachsick chief? They must come in husband and wife to achieve high octane burning, tio boh? All 3 names have no wife as partner, cannot do the job like 4 hands are better than 2 hands, faster mah, this is same in mrt repair, more indians faster to repair tracks.
70 year old for present PM is like living at 40 year old. There are 30 years more healthier than ordinary daft sinkies. Lets all vote for present pm to be next pm, and want no change for next 30 years. As one post keep saying, opposition has confirmed to him, they are not ready to form government. So what is the pressing reason to change PM? U meant the non PM knew some info that daft sinkies dont know that PM needs to quickly change? No reason lah: he has perfect score in health, better that Trump s sharpness. So give him another 30 years to delay, not 3 years. If by 30 years there is still no change? Its bc opposition not ready to form government. Face it, except heng ah, the other 2 are risky to be ignored by world leaders like Xi and Trump. But heng ah might not want to be unless he knew all give him solid support. How can he has solid support when the real pm does not support him? So 30 years are needed for the real pm to fade away before a new pm can be reached with perfect consensus. In other words, the handing over was half hearted, and not real efforts is trying to establish a set of rules for leadership contest. Only who suka suka, is the rule. That is the real problem on sinkieland leedershit.

Anonymous said...

*** Political Parody ***

Singaporeans are slaves of PAP.
It does not matter whether LHL continues to be Prime Minister after 70 years old or not.

As long as PAP is the government of Singapore.
As long as Singaporeans continue to vote PAP.

Singaporeans will continue to eat shit and die.

Anonymous said...

Fake News! Fake News!

It is very clear all the 4G Leedershit is not good enough to be Prime Minister.
OYK, HSK, CCS ... all not good enough to be Prime Minister.

So it is very important for PM Lee to skip one generation and hand over power directly to the 5G Leedershit instead.

So who is the number 1 name of PAP's 5G Leedershit?
You guess lah.
Who has no interest in politics, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Lao Goh is out of the equation, brushed aside like dirt.

In red dot, I think PeeAyam do not have to worry lah. Since carboard policemen can do the job of detering criminals, he may be thinking of having a cardboard PeeAyam.

Red Dot will not sink or disappear with a cardboard PeeAyam. The sun will still rise from the East. If not, the old man will rise from his grave.

So, worry not!

Rocket said...

If the Lee Dynasty continues, there will come a time when the will of the People will be pitched against the will of the Lee Family.

No dynasties have ever succeeded in suppressing the will of the People forever.

No dynasties have ever overthrown the People but ALL Dynasties have been OVERTHROWN or DESTROYED by the People. When that happens, it will be very very ugly.

Vengeance though silly but is sweet, swift, sure, and exceedingly strong.

Virgo49 said...

PM after age 70?? Check in airport need to be presented personally at the Counter for them to check whether still fit to board the plane.

Secondly, need medical tests for driving license. Thirdly, need Urology to poke poke little bro to check prostate and bladder.

Three or six months need medical tests for Urine, Blood etc.

If not, someone has to prod behind and pushed upright for Mari Kita, Lau Teng Pua Luo Lau Ka.

So still needs to be PM after 70??


Anonymous said...

Rule to 70 or beyond is not for us or him to decide. Upstairs decide that!

There is such a thing as fate.

The first emperor of China wanted to rule forever. He searched far and wide for the elixir of life. He still cannot defeat his final fate which is death.

Anonymous said...

Now at the youthful age of 65 still very young. Can serve another 25 years to 90 by then the 4 and 5 generation leaders are too old already so we need the 6 generation leader. Don't blame him cause the 4 generation leaders are not ready and don't think it's urgent despite what woody has told them to decide Fast.😰😰😰.

Anonymous said...


Straits Times reported that 6 Keppel Executives were arrested and then released on bail, pending investigations.

Straits Times stated that the former President and Chief Executive of Keppel’s wholly-owned subsidiary Keppel Fels Brasil, Tay Kim Hock, was among the arrested.

Straits Times did not reveal who the other 5 individuals are.

Straits Times also confirmed that Keppel Corporation, which engaged in bribery, was let off with only a conditional warning by the AGC and CPIB.

Anonymous said...

ST: " reports of molest on public transport up 60 per cent last year ".

That coincides with the ASEAN tilt towards India.

Anonymous said...

*** Joke ***

Q: What did Oliver Cromwell say to Uncle Lee?

"You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately... Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"


Anonymous said...

"L'état, c'est moi."- King Louis XIV
"I am the state."

So if Ah Loong is the state of Singapore ... why is there any need for him to retire at 70?

Anonymous said...

is it a surprise to u when more than 1 million sex deprived black ants in Singapore, molest cases sure go up. With more police action on vice closed off the commercial sex providers that satisfied the demand to some extent. Lucky that worst sex crimes have not happened yet.

Anonymous said...

Lau Goh should do a Mahathir. Loongsan has no respect for Lau Goh. Lau Goh is much younger n stronger than Dr M. Lau Goh as next PeeM...no cancer, still can play good golf, taller, 600k peanut makes better tummysick ceo than hojinx, dafts still want more pappies. Gohstrike fits the bit. He should succeed SeeseeLoong.

b said...

It does not matter. The deep state is in charge anyway. Even he rules to 100 years still only can offer LH flats and bikes for sinkies while others can have FH houses and cars without even having to work as hard. Sinkies are slaves with no redemption for their kids as well.