More taxes to build boldly

This is what Lawrence Wong said. More money for mega infrastructure projects. For what, to bring in another 5m foreigners to create more jobs for Singaporeans to drive taxis?

How about building a castle in the air, like another city above the present city? This would be necessary for a 10m population. Singapore has a mission to provide good jobs and homes to the people of the world. If I am not mistaken, listening to the great thinkers, Singapore could be planning to bring in another 10m foreigners to share the good life in the island. And to serve such a population, there will be a need to build a high speed train running in circles, from the city to Changi, Punggol, Woodland, Tuas, Pasir Panjang and back to the city. This running in circles high speed train would definitely cost billions but not to worry, just raise taxes to build boldly. It is good for the economy. Wah, with 15m population, Singapore would become a vibrant and flourishing island of the future. Just not sure what is the economy and industries the island would be depending on to support such a population? More hawker centres, more shops, more HDB flats?

Please do not question the wisdom of growing population by importing foreigners to share this little island. After all this island if for everyone, not just Singaporeans.
And we can build another airport in Tuas and passengers can fly from Changi to Tuas and vice versa. Make it budget, cheap and good. No need to buy Boeings, can buy from China, Russia or India. Their planes are good and would not need billions.

Now with a castle in the air, a high speed training running in circles, a 10m population, and two civilian airports, one international and one domestic, what else is needed, what other mega projects can be built to turn Singapore into a fine city, the most expensive city in the world? How about building roads that lead to nowhere like what the Aussie woman said? Nope, bad idea, such roads would be too short and would not cost much.

Maybe build a virtual city and Singaporeans can buy virtual properties, big good class virtual bungalows to park their virtual limousines like Rolls Royce and Bentleys since they could not afford to buy real cars anymore.

Dreams are made of these. Big dreams, fanciful dreams, can be built with more taxes. The people will love it. After all their big CPF savings need to be spent wisely for the good of the country. Singaporeans, this is National Service. You need to pay boldly in taxes for a fine city to live in. Taxi drivers are not exempted from high taxes.

Yes, yes, build boldly, keep building, and keep taxing boldly.


Anonymous said...

Just yesterday Shit Times reported that the Garman gonna come up 3D master plan in next year to build Underground City. Its like a multi level Hell City beneath the island Chinese say ' 十八辰地狱'. Will it have 10 or even 20M people on this red dot? will this island sink? In event of crises many wud trapped underground like Maze Runner? Or to prevent a catastrophic nuclear war? Its insanity is no cure.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland's territory should not be just limited in the Matland tip. It should 'leap frog' & go beyond its own geographical location ( Laogo said tat b4). What if after Underground City the G go for Underwater City, Trans- South China-India Ocean Aquatic City? Or maybe Sinkieland live in Moon, other planet or even other Stars systems? See that's wat Lauland said plan boldly under the no limits of taxed.

Anonymous said...

They are very bold and generous when it is the people's money or CPF. Just take and spend and good for their salary and bonuses. KNN.

Anonymous said...

More CPF money taken hostage. The ponzi pyramid needs to be salvaged. It cannot withstand all the withdrawals by foreigners, home buyers and retirees.

Anonymous said...

They have destroyed the CPF scheme. This will be their downfall. They cannot see it coming and deluding themselves that all is well.

The hole is so deep that it is no longer possible to fill.

Anonymous said...

More migrants coming in to take pap away. Its very good news. Just years back, Merkel was like santaclaus grandie opened the border for millions of migrants traveled from Iraq Syria Turkey to EU and Germany forced other 27 members to absorbed these migrants. UK started to feel the heat bc they had bad experience from Tony Blair who absorbed 3 millions, together with a little island that absorbed 2.5 millions. UK could not tahan the migrants undercut wages, resulted widespread jobless averaged folks. Tony Blair s Labor was badly defeated due to jobless woman complained, and the then PM Brown called her "bigot" broadcasted live. The problem was wage stagnant and average folks could find averaged jobs. Imagine jobs like cleaners are taken over by migrant workers? Those local british averaged workers like carpenters, plumbers were badly hit. Sinkieland absorbed 2.5 millions with great celebration in parliament. One MP mr Ong praised foreign worker hardworking. He said his tc fired the old and lazy local cleaner. No one complained about migrants taking over their jobs. Hawker centers jobs, guards jobs, then clerks jobs, admin assistant jobs, accounts assistant jobs, then accountant jobs, engineers jobs, some doctors jobs, IT jobs, IT managers, COO exchange, CEO, CEO train companies and down the lines. Good to let these jobs go bc local citizens do not want to do those jobs. The minister promised only those jobs local did not want to do went to foreigners. Citizens trust pap. So all citizens love only one job: National service. They never want to give up NS.

Employers are not thinking NS is good for them. They want their employees to seated fixed and glued on chairs. So they avoid hiring NS men. But NS men are so flexible, with degrees as high as doctorate, they drive foreigners around in licensed taxi. Self employed job is better than employee: no need to pay cpf.

However, parents think giving jobs to foreigners is not dependable. Selfish end lah. These parents find their sons leaving to overseas, china, australia, canada to find jobs and they marry local girls there. Many parents miss their sons and also daughters. They get old without seeing their sons, daughters, and grand sons strangers. Some pay huge sum just to see their next of kins abroad.

Pap are happy too. These sons and daughters cannot find jobs here will vote for opposition. As long as their parents still vote for Pap, they have new citizens voters to support pap.

This is the problem. Those cannot find jobs thot paying 100k to renovate a shop can bring income. They sell things, but they face abc, mtuc. So they do fb. They face coffeeshops cheap cheap foods and hiring foreigners to serve, again foreigners cheaper. So there are 10 millions for sinkieland. Good fr consummers. These people will use up their savings to support the numerous fb and shops. In no time, sinkieland will be a boom town forever to eternity. Ah loony s great idea on population create GDP and increase his pocket income, will be national policy forever for sinkieland. Voters are supportive. So?

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //More taxes to build boldly//

Ha ha ha ...

Think BIG ... oops .... no ... think Botaknomics lah ...?

More capital accumulation to grow GDP lah?

Remember (the multi-billion) PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit) scheme - another brain child of Botaknomics?

More capital accumulation to grow GDP?

To reach the golden rule level of optimal capital per worker?

Alas, whose $$$?

OPM lah?

Ha ha ha

Countless oldies sweat blood QUAH cha png & taxpayers $$$ (to subsidise businesses "PRODUCTIVITY" drive)?

Botaknomics - the greatest "socialist" economic engineering of robbing the poor to finance the rich ... oops ... or was it supposed to be the other way round?

Build build build is collect?

Before the oldies go see maker, must tax tax tax (their QUAH cha png)?

As uncle virgo49 said, "squeeze the balla to cough out the last coin"?

Karma is coming ... in the year of the bitch ... oops ... dog ...?

Anonymous said...

Today news that one Minister Masako said that it's not possible to build drains to cater for all extreme weather rains as the costs will be high. Can u believe it or r u kidding me? This Masako could have communicated with Minister LowLand mah? No money go & get from Lowland or Tummysick or Ah Long san. Could be he can't justify the cost or waiting for some to strike by lightning or drowned in a flood. Come on didn't he measure Costs Vs Death? Or Sinkies lives r dispensable? Or U die ur own bziness mah? As long as Masako & his familEes members don't get killed its ok liao. Anyway Masako got Almighty Allah protection mah, the rest no have its their problem wat? U see the G can build mega structures but building drains r like monies go down the drain?? Isn't it iRONY or Maluney? Masako wat say u..

Anonymous said...

Tan Soo Khoon and The “Seven Wonders” of Singapore

“I was born in a generation where every cent counts, so I believe we should spend our money wisely, and not on frivolities. Sometimes, I think our present Cabinet spends money on frivolities, and staging the F1 is my “favourite” example.” – ex-top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow

Tan Soo Khoon, an Ex-PAP MP and former Speaker of the House, made his first and his last (who was immediately “retired” in the next election) impassionate and only famous speech, arguably still the best parliamentary speech, in 2002 and wowed the whole nation with his well researched, frank and sharp criticism on the extravagance of the Singapore Government and the burden of the GST increases on the poor.

Sadly committed MPs like him are few and far between, Singaporeans will forever miss this great man who has made his mark in Singapore history

After his famous “Seven Wonders” speech, the government did review and reign in the unnecessary spending for a few years but sadly the extravagance has since returned….. the GST has since increased from 5% to 7% and there are hints that it will go even higher; more “seven wonders” mega projects that are not on the original list and have since sprouted e.g. Esplanade, SMU, Republic Polytechnic, Marina Barrage, The Southern Ridge, Biopolis, Fushionpolis, Mediapolis, National Broadband, YOG, $5Billion NRF, and Flower Dome (see article below) etc.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to Tan Soo Koon and The “Seven Wonders” of Singapore


Anonymous said...

@ February 06, 2018 10:43 am

LowLife Wong and his new 7 Wonders of Singapore

Anonymous said...

Between my Wife and me we have 500 k in cpf that can see but can not touch. Plus my Son told me that the uber driver that picked him was a part time uber driver at mid night and his real job is airline pilot. I worry he may be too tire when he fly the plane but he said he needed the money for living in this expensive city.

Rocket said...

No eyes to see.
No ears to hear.
No nose to smell.
No heart to feel.
No brain to think.
These are the five NO's of Daft Sinkies' present-day political leaders, especially the 4-G parasitic and leeching critters, whose only contribution to Sinkieland is to cause more hardship and sufferings.

That is the real reason for the relentless, heartless and heedless increases in taxes. This also shows they have not an iota of new ideas and are very adept in finding the easiest way out, using con-men's explanations as their excuses to raise taxes.

Sinkies are in for a long long period of relentless and persistent sufferings. They deserve it because they asked for it.

Until and unless a significant majority of Sinkies are bold enough to change their voting pattern, there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Moreover, oopposition parties are too weak and too fragmented to be of any use in serving as a counter-weight to alleviate the people's hardship and sufferings.

So, all Sinkies have to lan lan suck their thumbs and suffer without respite.

Virgo49 said...

Now new BTOs also Makan less one piece Prefab slab for kitchens. Add insult to injury no Discounts.

LowRan you is the Can!

Liu Tar Ker good businesses.

Anonymous said...

11.04am //So, all Sinkies have to lan lan suck their thumbs and suffer without respite.//

Good lah ...?

Oldies will be very happy mah?

Can go peacefully with eyes closed ...

QUAH cha png heavily siphoned off ...?

That will be wonderful for future generations?

TQ so much to the PG for leaving such a wonderful future for their descendants?

Thank YEW ...?

The younger generations can sleep with peace of minds and with costs so low and hope so high, they can set up new families and multiply half a dozen offsprings given lives will be better, betterer and betterest?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I feel I've been vindicated!

Since the early 2000's I've said to my learned colleagues, frenimies (enemies pretending as friends, and vice versa), bros (drinking and banging kakis), and family (those who will still talk to me) that TAXES IN SINGAPORE WILL RISE.

Oh how I was laughed and ridiculed...Matilah has had too much Aussie weed, sun, booze and pussy...his mind is foggy...talking shit lah...hong kan lah...PAP good, tax lowest in the world lah... and so on.

Then they brought in "counter-measures" to curb property speculation. Utility prices, transport charges, taxi fares, ERP...all started creeping up...

And now bold Lawrence Wong want to TAX BOLDLY to build. But of course he has to say "tax to build boldly", because if he said what he really meant, people would go more nuts 😂🤣

The PAP, gotta hand it to them, groom their cadres well. They know how to use language to "hypnotise" the people and put them under a spell...an induced hallucination which keeps them in their little places, docile and obedient.

Which other cuntry has such a masterful calss of political elites? Maybe Russia...Putin is not a person to be trifled with...but anyway, we are not Russia. We are Singapore. Rich. Arrogant. World Class legends in our own kopitiams.

Vote PAP! Then bend over and take it up the arse.


Anonymous said...

1.03pm //Vote PAP! Then bend over and take it up the arse.


What KY?

The PG like it this way for their chillrunt and grandchillrunt lah?

Need lubricant for what?

Oldies last time kena shaft in with sand paper?

Now very good liao?

Anonymous said...

February 06, 2018 1:03 pm

Do you think this is why Lee Kuan Yew is called KY Lee?

b said...

Gov everywhere are enemies of people. They think they are God and forced the people to pay tax to feed them with luxurious houses, cars, champagne and caviar and they think of more ways to plunder the people. Its a vicious cycle.

Smalland is the worst. Work very hard all your life can only have flats and bikes. Sons and daughters are also born into slavery. Sons must also serve ns and commit killing even if God commanded DO NOT KILL. There is no way out except out. May God help to free us from the slave masters.

Rocket said...

Sinkies need a modern-day Moses to lead them to Promised-Land. If they continue to stay in the Boiling-Pot Sinking-Land, they will sure to perish and be thrown into Rubbish Dumps, because they are being treated as "Perishables" and "Discards" by the High-Almighty Elites of the Self-Proclaimed Natural Aristocracy.

To make things worse, they continue to think that they are living in a "Democratic" country run by people who really care for their well-being. However, in reality, for all intents and purposes, they are actually living in a dictatorial monarchy rule by a KING whose words are DECREES and EDICTS who can be flip-flopped like trying roti-prata and changed overnight like changing underwear.

Yes, they are being well taken care of - their monies - through CPF compulsory fund-depleting premiums that increase with age without respite and without ceiling of limits, and through perennial high tax increases and new taxes, and also through levies, licences and varied fees of all shapes and colours. In these aspects, Sinkies are very well taken care of.

Yet, being accustomed to the "Boiling-Pot" environment, they feel kinkily comfortable. This is ironic, pathetic and tragic!

This situation is called the Dracula Syndrome. They got sucked of their blood yet they still feel good. Not only feel good but also become curiously converted into Dracula Disciples and Followers.

Anonymous said...

Straits Times today: "A 40-year-old lorry driver severed his right arm in an accident in Tuas on Monday afternoon (Feb 5)."

Appalling journalistic standard ! Why would he cut off his own arm ?

Anonymous said...

New Law gives Minister K Shanmugam power to detain anyone without trial, irrespective of alleged offence. This is a sad day for human progress and the darkest hour in the modern legal history of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //Yes, yes, build boldly, keep building, and keep taxing boldly.//

In simple macroeconomics growth theory, capital accumulation is not one way ticket ...?

Capital depreciation kicks in once the project is completed and that contributes to negative capital growth?


To sustain at zero capital growth rate, huge massive taxes on oldies QUAH cha png & taxpayers $$$ are necessary?

So Oldies QUAH cha png and taxpayers are "double taxed"?

For new projects & offsetting the depreciation of existing projects the min they are operational?

IN GOOD TIME, Oldies QUAH cha png and taxpayers $$$ will have to be taxed even MORE BOLDLY?

For example, beside the billions used to build the white elephant ... oops ... LIZARD GDN ... oops GBB, the maintenance & capital replacement costs IN GOOD TIME will cumulatively amt to billions too?

Where and how to fund the capital depreciation?

Tax the OLDIES QUAH cha png & taxpayers $$$ BOLDLY AGAIN lah?


Be bold?


Build build build?

Tax tax tax?


Anonymous said...

Wah, with 15m population, Singapore would become a vibrant and flourishing island of the future. Just not sure what is the economy and industries the island would be depending on to support such a population? More hawker centres, more shops, more HDB flats?

Why you worry for PAP what economy and industries the island would be depending on to support such a population?

PAP dare to bring in 15m population, of course PAP will also know what economy and industries to support such a population lah. PAP not stupid, you know.

I think you worry because you don't know what PAP knows. If only you know, you will also not worry.

Anonymous said...

I am worried PAP will be voted out if PAP continue to screw Sinkies hard hard.

But looks like PAP not worried leh.

Is there something PAP knows which I don't know and so make me worry?

Anonymous said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️February 06, 2018 1:28pm
//IMO, they should have got more....like a good anal ramming with a fist full of rusty nails.Those fucking oldies...bought and sold with one pioneer generation "package", plus a few other goodies...topped off with Heartland Walk-abouts by their constituent (overpaid) MPs, ball-lick Grassroot leaders in tow...smiling insincerely to eager oldies waiting for their next "free" handout.Fuck em. Fist them! Kan kachng!!//


Well said?

How abt musang king durian (in lieu of a fistful of rusted nails)?

Anonymous said...

Boldness for novice risk takers & administrators (ministers) is folly.
In all likelihood Minister Lawrence will bet poorly & wrongly.
Tax payers will inevitably foot the bill & pick up the pieces.
This trend in Singapore where scholars are put in positions to bet BIG using tax payers money has been a very, very expensive experiment. Leading the way for 14 years is none other than Madam...HC.

"There is no old bold traders"....boldness has to be truly selective.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //More taxes to build boldly//

Ha ha ha

Let's see how "BOLD" the (new) taxes will be IN GOOD TIME ...

... on 19 Feb ...

Whether it will be sand paper ...

... Rusty nails or

Musang king ...

Serve on oldies (kc,) QUAH cha png & taxpayers $$$ ...

Anonymous said...

"Boldness" means using their balls rather than their brains to do things . . .

Anonymous said...

"About 170 flights delayed after Korean plane taking part in Singapore Airshow crashes at Changi Airport" - CNA

One passenger, whose flight back to Singapore from Bangkok was delayed by 3.5 hours due to the crash, asked "Why is the airshow practice on (the) same runway as the one being used for commercial flights?"

This is an example of no brains, very bold to use Changi Airport for airshow !

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.37

The PAP is not worried when they brought in 15 millions to Sinking Land and the Economy goes Kaput. With their accumulated millions and billions, they can fly anywhere they wanted.

Whereas you dafts can not even move an inch and left behind to scavenge for trash and drink sewer water.

That's why they are not worried. Famously slogan We Can Do Better Next Time till the Time can do any better than Cha Buk.

Away to our Paradise Land. What's leave no man behind.