Pale attempt by the ST to clear the air on Eldershield

In an editorial piece in the ST on 10 Feb, it had a title, Clearing the air about Eldershield, and concluded with this paragraph:

‘Basic concepts ought to be explained now so that people can appreciate how lowering the enrolment age “makes sense”, as experts have observed – both to cover every Singaporean and to smooth out premiums. Of course, it’s natural for many to seek bigger benefits over longer periods. That’s why pains must be taken to show how costs will then rise and why a basic scheme must remain affordable. As for calls for a state subsidies for all, people need to see how this could lead to a blowout of healthcare expenses, especially when the Govt is obliged to offer premium support to the needy, and ensure the poor and frail elderly are not neglected. Any compulsory insurance scheme deserves to be closely scrutinized but first, the fundamentals must be made clear.’

After talking so much about the fundamentals, the most important question is still avoided, not to be spoken. Is the Eldershield Scheme a profit making scheme? Why should the people be compelled to pay for a profit making scheme and who is going to benefit from the profits? A compulsory scheme, a national scheme, forcing the people to pay from their life savings CANNOT BE A PROFIT MAKING SCHEME. Period.

If this point is addressed, all the woolly talks and deceptions about subsidies, helping the poor, high cost low benefits, overblown expenses, etc would take care of itself, would be non issue. The devil is that this scheme is going to be a profit making scheme, squeezing the people’s life savings to make profits…for who? Unless this is categorically denied by the govt, with a clear statement that the scheme is a NON PROFIT MAKING SCHEME, you can smell a rat.

No need to go round and round the bush. Profit making or Non profit making is fundamental to the real intent and agenda of this scheme.

More theatrics would not make any difference.

PS. With so many schemes, and so many scheming to empty the people's life savings, you can guess the financial health of the country. 


Virgo49 said...

Why every time Costs must GO UP??

They cannot keep Costs DOWN? ?

They must keep piling up their Million Dollars Salaries? ?

With modern technologies and what's Productivity, they cannot keep Costs DOWN? ?

Must kept slaughtering the Masses?

Learn from Mr Tooth pick King.

Cheaper, Betterer and be Battered.

Anonymous said...

" What's wrong with collecting (more) $$$? -- the old fart said"

Pui And Pee going go people monies at all costs to make Profits After Profits.

Pee And Poo wanto Heng Ong Huat Ah not only for this year but year after year. U will see the men in whites lou hei taking selfies & welfies in the next few days CNY year of dogs...everythings here r gone to the wolves n dogs.

Goh said...

Glad that they are listening ...to my proposal.
Yes.Cheongkong all cpf and give free medical and hospital stay to all local sinkies.
No need so many confusing schemes.Just cheongkong.

Anonymous said...

Agree, want to rob, be bold and take everything. No need to be shy. The people are gong gong and will not resist.

Anonymous said...

Rb analysis is clear and right. Both Virgo and angkongkia need to be fucked till they come to their senses. Best be sodomized to wake them up.

Anonymous said...

Simisheild works similar way: collect 10k pay $1 under contract for routine claims, balance take for good pay in fintec sector, and put in a "fun" for "investment". Insurance companies never go bankrupt? Reliance Insurance was heard of to many pmet. Angmor company. It had huge over USD1.2billions profit in 1999. It went into liquidation bankrupt in 2001: took long time to sort out how much it owes OldTung.

Did reader heard of one local investment firm sold one batch of shares and it incurred USD4 billions below its purchased cost? Buy high sell low strategy in investment. By looking at Reliance s profit in billions, readers should know what is the magnitude of 4 billions in one batch loss.

The whole story is telling readers: never believe the word "investment". it is a speculation word being legitimized to bluff the "gong gong". There are many hierarchy marketing company will sell their products, up line buy more, get huge discount, low line buy less get small discount. So it is worthy to "invest" to profit from the biggest discount. This kind of scam readers gong gong might go into it because they perceive they will be rich as up line in "future".

If readers get into simisheild insurance, will they get the claims ie cover the actual injury/illness recovery cost? This is the catch. Often the coverage is not 100%. Let say the hospital cost keeps going up, while the salary stay at $1200pm, the % of "claim" is the tricky part. If the bill is 5000, and the coverage is only 25%, will readers have savings to cover the raised hospital cost?

This kind of sheild scheme is some political comfort to politicians who need to cater their budget to cover the needy called "welfare". With similsheild, and the claim is not enough, politicians are no longer responsible to these poor souls. Ni Ting Dong Mah? At the same time, money from 3.3millions citizens pour from their pockets to this "fun". Again, the jinx can use the money to "invest" to make "u" rich rich. Can be the same story like some funds, they will make 8% forever. But one said it can make 3% over only. No use lah, 3% is similar to interest from banks. Give me back the money better. Many will think better to own the big sum and "ownself check ownself". Tioh bor ah hiar?
In deed, chiang bu ko yuong. But the reserves has trillions, just ask the president to sign mah. Correct? Why bother to collect small sums here and there, they accountability becomes problem to next leeder. They still want the troubles. So the guess that money boh kaw is quite true leh.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for a second key to protect our Reserrves because the Vault where our Reserves is as good as EMPTY! That is why there was no Election for an Elected President. That is why there was a deliberate effort to make the Presidential Election a mere WALK-OVER. That is why there was an elaborate stage-play of wanting to have a Malay President but in the end NONE of the TRUE MALAYS were nominated for the Shakespearean Theatric Presidential Election.

The desperate hurried increase after increase of different forms of taxes is another indication that the Reserves is EMPTY.

The losses made by GIC and Temasek Holdings and the secret rounds of bribery going on in business dealings around the world by Companies under Temasek Hildings, GIC or GLC must be tremendous.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Eldershield is owned by a private corporation. The investors in insurance are there to make a profit. In fact, it is the fiduciary responsibility of the managers of the parent insurance company to make a profit for their investors.

People have been thinking of ways to get "their" (no, not really theirs) CPF out.

Well, not to worry. Your govt has figured out how:

1. Make insurance compulsory
2. Hand over the underwriting and premium collection to a private company.

Objective achieved: "your" (no, not really yours) CPF money is going out...not to you directly, although you get some (invisible) "benefit".

This fucking joke keeps getting better and better...πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

The continued scheming and manipulative compulsion of siphoning and eroding the life-long hard-earned blood, tears and sweat CPF savings of the People is a very clear indication that there is a series GREED for More Money to satisfy someone's unquenchable thirst and sick desire.

Sinkieland is a Gonner. Wake up before it is too late!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.36

You know how to read Eng Lol or NOT? ?

When did I propagate that the CPF be Cheong Kong??

Go back to Kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

Question for primary one student:

"If collect premium money $2.6 billion from 2002-2015 and pay out $0.1 billion in claims, make or lose money?"

Answer: "Make $2.5 billion !!"

Anonymous said...

You think after scheming so hard for what? You think they would do anything for nothing but to help the people, work so hard if there is nothing in it for them?

Rocket said...

There should be a second key to protect the CPF Savings.

Anonymous said...

How many keys also no use of the robbers are the ones who hold the keys.

Anonymous said...

How many keys also no use if the ones who hold the keys are the robbers.

Anonymous said...

Support sinkieland s assets in difficulty or pledge without facing the flag. Important to show u support Pap, buy the shares now u be patriot.
"It is understood that the lawsuit was filed to the New York Southern Court on Tuesday, Feb 6, titled “EIG Energy Fund XIV, L.P. et al v. Keppel Offshore & Marine LTD.,”. The relevant court documents filed are available on Law360’s website.

The report stated that the EIG funds filed a $660 million racketeering suit against Keppel O&M over the latter’s role in a “Brazilian bribery scheme connected to a failed drill ship venture, for which Keppel recently reached a $422 million criminal settlement with U.S. prosecutors.”

Anonymous said...

Sing garment is very very rich with more than $1 trillion in reserves. Pay themselves very very well. Despite huge losses by jinx n paper general fake business ceos. Continue to tax & collect from sinkies more n more very very well. Welcome to uniquely Sinkingpore. Sinking for daft n not daft sinkies....king for pappies n cronies. Most voters love self infliction n keep asking for more from their voters. No wonder patient tong king Low TK also gave up.

Anonymous said...

145pm indeed stupity has no cure. Never throw more good money at bad management. The right thing to do is to get to the root of wrong foolish philosophy n policy of putting paper scholars to run our Glcs. The very expensive n costly n detrimental experiment continues without cutting losses on holijinx n gang. Stupidity n stubbornedness are even worse. The pappies show must go on.

b said...

God 10th commandment is Do Not Plunder. Will get karma lah. Better stay with honest business otherwise empire will soon collapse.

Anonymous said...

b: this is not correct. Plundering or looting has price at different place. Not all will want to follow u. In one place, someone helped an impeached president to peddle money for free about S$18milions, she got 20 years jail. This is abit too long as life has few 20 yrs to go. How about looting S$50millions for 2.5 years? NS also 2.5 yrs for some. Its not karma but short break away by force. Looting is common crime, if you look at various places, including China, Taiwan. Taiwan has on case borrowed huge sums for building submarine, but the real money was siphoned out. Is this looting? This case is going on. The looters are ex president chen s kaki. So life is full of looters. Dont take this commandment by the book.

b said...

Life is of cos full of looters so no empire ever lasts. God will be the best judge what karma they will get.

Anonymous said...

China has now 500,000 troops deployed along the border with North Korea. An increase of 200'000. Latest.

Anonymous said...

After a 4.2% fare hike, SBS Transit posted An increase of 8.5% in revenue in 2017, S$1.2 billion in real terms. And it's profits increased by more than 50%.

Where have all these profits come from? From commuters, of course.

Where do these profits go to? To the SBS Transit.

But costs come from taxpayers Money because SMRT is now owned by the government. Why?

Anonymous said...

My grandma used to tell me that all forms of insurance were a kind of indirect "cheating". I did not understand her. But I partially believed her because she spoke with conviction and confidence.

Then after grandma passed on, my father told me that all insurance policies are subtly cunn8ng "cheats" because of the tiny little words which are included in clauses difficult to read and difficult for commoners, without legal training, to comprehend, let alone understand. I tend to agree with him but it never dawn upon me that it was actually a kind of scam that will ensure very few insured would live to collect their investments. Even it is problematic for the beneficiaries to collect the sum insured of those deceased.

Then when my father passed on and when I had the honour of going to the insurance companies to make claims (because I was one of the beneficiaries my father had assigned in his insurance policies), after what I had to go through, I began to understand what both my late grandma and late father had told me about insurance.

Now I will never trust any form of insurance, especially those done with compulsion, forcing down our throats against our will, by those who are responsible to protect and increase our savings insead of reducing and depleting them.

One word stays vividly in my mind:


Anonymous said...

Virgo the reason why I said that u needed to be sodomised is because u said go learned from tooth pick King. U insane or what? That is why I was hoping u Kena sodomised then u wake up😰😰😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

CPF board do not keep money.money is in dbs bank if bank got problem then get back 50k only the depositor I think.

Virgo49 said...

Tooth pick king advocated productivity cheaper, betterer and bestest.

Don't know what's sort of EngKok.

So costs should be down instead why must every time Costs Up Up and Up.

So those with limited income or savings die die.

Go and study from Kindergarten your logic and EngKok.

The Papies are duds, you will want to follow them??

Really Stupidity got NO cure.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 10.09

Insurance Agents likewise the Property Agents are the Parasites who sucked the Blood from those who worked truly the hard way for a living.

They are ranked the same as Pimps And Prostitutes- aka PAP.

The Insurance Companies and their Agents just simply Issued Papers for your Real Hard also Paper monies.

The Property Agents talked their ways for you to part your also hard earned monies.

One just issued Papers for your monies just like COEs for your monies.

Another gift of gabs also conned your monies.

That's why I have even a friend's wife who insulted own husband as useless in his so called noble profession.

Akin to useless parasites who indulged in easy and free and easy life non contributing to the economy of the country life.

These are usually the relac relac Malay said lepar or lazy type of occupations who just gets a few sales and than laze around.

Anyway, those countries without Real economic industries have lots of them in this line as these are the only jobs that available.

Seen in Malacca and many states without Real Enconmic Industries, most are in these lines. Only internal enconmy slaughtering own kind.

Sinkieland services are just these hollow commercial services. Plus what's Financial Services in Commission Earnings.

Once yearly, they have what's Awards Diamonds, Golden and what's not in boosting their infamous Prestige.All these bullshits of legal conning of own people.

In Genting, they have Annual Grand D&D at International Ballroom with Associates from all over Matland for the Awards.

These are the Useless Non Economic so called Professions.

Anonymous said...

Virgo no wonder the anon said that u should be sodomized to get back to your senses. I am a Real Estate agent, I never point a gun at my customer head to use my services. They can sell or buy the properties themselves. Sometime to close a deal, I have to show the property to 50 customers over several months period and that exclude cancelled appointments etc.

You don't know the line and anyhow Attack our profession. Not only that you need to be sodomized, someone should stick a banana or dick into your big mouth too. I hope you are not the type that love this cause then instead of a punishment it becomes a pleasure for u.

Goh said...

Ah lao ah
Dun condemn insurance agent or financial consultant can or not.
Many years ago me oso agent,knowing that in years to come ,sinkies will never appreciate but curse so I quit long ago.
Agent can honourable type than those jlbs everywhere.
One of my potential prospect want me go bed with her before signing up a million dollar policy.I turn down the offer ,rejected her instead .
Not that lao gor type hor.
Got class one,look like mingster wife type.
Simply cos she married woman.
See?Agent oso got those with integrity type.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, don't bluff lar. That woman must be very ugly to be so desperate.

Virgo49 said...

Insurance Agents nothing to sell but just Papers for Monies.

The worse is that they gave promises that in time simply cannot be fulfilled.

For example, the AIA what's Critical Illness Plan.

Promised that reached a certain payment, no further payments. Later they informed the Insured that still need to pay to carry on the Polices or they cN terminate and get back whatsoever they paid less what's charges.There a Hue and Cry on many Insured been conned by them.

Just go and check if its true. AIA, American Insurances that's the way the Americans work.

That's why to keep their businesses running,they have to devise all sorts of schemes and many crooked Agents kept churning unnecessary policies for the clients which the Watchdog try to put a stop to it by repeimanding them.

The TRUTHS always Hurt and the Hawkers will always said that their wares tasted nice when it is Shits.

At one time even old uncles and aunties like Ahgongkia represents NTUC part timers Without whatsoever knowledgeable to con the illiterates just for the commission fees. Later they throw to the Main Licensed Agent to close the Policy.Later they wayang made it more prestigious by having what CEHA or to me CB course.

The so called themselves fanciful names of Associates or Directors or Partners will trick the motions to put a ranson for the course.

They are just like Multi Layer Marketing PyrAmid ConMen to get clients.

The TOP just sits on TOP and the Rest below gets the victims and they shared the proceeds.

These jobs are for the Lepar or Nua or lazy people who don't worked really for a living.

Just hang by the lounges or coffee now higher cafes to wait for next kill.

The saying Saw an Insurance Agent like seeing a Devil is very apt.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 6.50

You are the dumb Ass who don't even understand that I am poking fun at the Tooth Pick Picker when he mentioned about working smarter, Smarter and Smartest.

Or Cheaper cheapest.

You think I believe the PAP Duds?

Go and learn from Kindergartner for a start.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add The Government in league with them for the sake of them to keep their businesses humming and for capitals to flow in the internal Enconmy cause they hAve no External Economy has to every now and then devise new schemes which I called plots to milk the Public and Masses.

That's why this Eldershield comes up.

But now they themselves want to have the PIE to themselves knowing how much the Private Insurance Devils Companies had slaughtered the Public.

The easiest way to EXTORT. Made it Compulsory

Anonymous said...

Virgo, I think u need to go to pre kindergarten as They thought too highly of you to start at P1. Insurance serve a useful purpose if u understand risk management well. As an Insurance Agent I don't cheat the consumers. I always go through the risk management process with them. The first thing to start is1) identify the risk. 2) to check whether one can then avoid the risk or minimise the risk 3) if can not avoid, then to mitigate the risk to decide whether the risk can be self insured or need to be transferred to an insurance company.

For u to label all Real Estate agent and insurance agents as useless people just show your lack of depth. From my own personal experience I have made meaningful claim both on health and auto insurance claims. But if you are a dumb ass to Kena con by some agents, don't blame the industry or the majority of hard working agents. You can only blame yourself that you are dumb and that is why u need to start from 5 years old level. Alternately like the anon said may be get a short cut to get sodomised to wake u upπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Virgo49 said...

Hello Insurance Directors,Associates or Managers or just simply Insurance Agent.

If so called Directors or associates with flashy name cards conned those fresh grads into your lines as running slaves to channel businesses for you without you making much efforts.

Like like you just a silky agent who has to explain so called Risks Management and after sales submitted to your parasite Higher Ups for your patry and their Big Commissions

Need to have a Tabke space and employed a clerk to take care of some correspondence and phone calls and spend your time in Cafes or Talk cocks group chats.

I had lived long enough to see for myself and with friends in the Insurances and Property lines know the Odours of your trades.

Your partners in these businesses had boasted of their fabulous tales of how they conned the Dafts in these businesses.

DONT talk to me about Risks Management. Insurance Companies own Risks are practically Nought.

Take for example the one time Critical Illnesses Polices. They do not envisioned that with a wink of an eye, many policy holders would have fully paid up their final premiums and thereof the Insurance Companies had to pray and bear any future claims on the Critical illnesses policies which is substitianal.The hospitals bills with the Doctors treatments and drugs can killed just anyone with terminally illness.

So they told the Policy holders that either they must continue to pay balance years of premiums or cancelled and been void.

What's Risks Management you talking? ? They thought that given a period of "X" years for the premiums, most will drop off or forgotten when the time comes.

Little do they know Sinkes are very aware of the Costs of Terminal sickness and will stick to the end.

You only looks good with your black suits and nothing else.

All are false and pretentious.

Only lines for the "Lepaar" or lazy in Malay.

Virgo49 said...

In the end they get plucks from the Income Tax department who wants to tax on their commissions which most do not declared.

Also the COF Board for their Medisave partments as self employed.

Many had to pay backdated enormous sums of their plunders which they spend lavishly thinking these are easy jobs and easy monies. Many had to pay in instalments and go to Ah Long Sans.

Eldershield is a ploy that all pay to a common pool with the ables supporting the disables without cost to the Management Agents or Companies and still able to take their fees from there.

How many disables can make claims with such stringent requirements.

The Doctors will also played safe by not certifying border line cases as disables.

So it's a Vicious Circle.

Anonymous said...

Wa, alot of propaganda across many media on the upcoming budget.

Must be one that's going to make many Sinkies very angry !

Goh said...

Laochek.Ntuc was too late in replying to my application n I was selected by Axx.I got to turn down Ntuc offer since I had oredi joined a rival company.I left after some years .
Probably you referring to a plan call Financial Guardian.
I left partly becos of that as I believe many will forgotten after years that the paying period is not guaranteed n I avoid selling that plan to avoid allegation that they are not told.
Nevertheless I understand your situation as me too was not satisfied as a client cos no one attend to my accidental claim which I bought .Referring me to here n there that I finally gave up my claim of few thousand dollars.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, These policies are from the AIA Assurance on Critical Illnesses Plans.

It covers about sixteen of Terminal sickness like Cancers etc of all kinds plus tumors etc.

Premiums are quite hefty for a certain number of Years. After which, the Insured will enjoy all treatments that are in the Critical illness list.

Treatments, hospitalisation and what's necessary scanning or chemo are real expensive.

The Insurance Company felt that the premiums that they collected may not be sufficient to cover further claims after maybe quite a lot of hefty claims be submitted.

So, when the Insured finished payment of final premiums, they were notified that they still have to pay a further of "X" years to be fully insured.

Blaming that recent years of poor businesses affected the guarantee of their said policies.

Many were outraged and matter been referred to the Council. They arranged a compromise that both parties take a step back so that the Insured Company can still function.

Those who wanted to void the policy can do so. When good times, they swat all the profits and find that they had miscalculated some policies they requested compromises.

They were thinking that most had no Terminal cases in numbers so very safe to offer this policy. Not knowing that Sinkies Rich had many Rich Man sickness.

So, trash papers for paper monies, with nothing else to offer except their undertakings, also not secure that they will break their words of honour.

Many are just cherry pickings with all sorts of Exceptions and Clauses to negate your claims.

Goh said...

Lao Chek
Nothing can be guaranteed.It's all projected .
Like your imaginative seepeef.
Who can guarantee what you can collect at 55.
I dun even think of what I will get at 55 so I say it's best to cheongkong all.
Use those cheongkong money to give free medical or hospital stay to all.More than enough even to give free funeral services,free burial and embalming etc instead of giving insurance institution to make a sure make profit.
Maybe one day they may kapo my idea.Free coffin on the way.
My kachang puteh towkay oredi promise me free coffin.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, who asked u to buy all those insurance policies? That is why I considered u a dumb ass, ripe to be taken advantage of by agents as you are a fool. Use insurance as a tool to transfer risk that u can not afford the self insurance or risk avoidance or mitigation. Nobody is asking u to buy irrelevant insurance. U can only blame yourself for lack of depth and knowledge and be a pig to be slaughtered not necessary just by estate or insurance agents but by all kinds of people. I hope u also is not one of those that Kena the love scam where u fall for a pretty girl over the Internet and then Kena filmed. So be warned from here.

I think from my viewpoint, it will be faster you take the short cut to wake u up. May be agongkia can do u a favour and sacrifice himself to sodomised u for your own good. Don't blame other people, blame yourself to be so foolish and dumb.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

"More theatrics would not make any difference".

ζ›΄ 倚 ηš„ 戏 剧 葨 ζΌ” 也 沑 ζœ‰ δ»» 何 εˆ† εˆ₯

now I know this meaning.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.55

I DON'T buy all these nonsensical Coverage. It's just been in the Public's Spotlights that these do happened as brought up by one bro Anon about his experience.

Thru life with varieties of friends and foes with different occupations and keen observations tasted and have knowledge of how these people went to life. Many are hardworking honest beings bringing bread and cared for their families.

Whilst many are also Scoundrals conning and cheating others for their living.

To each his own. Many tasted their decadence lifestyles wants to be living their decadence lives all the way. Eventually, I always believe Karma will haunt them when time is ripe.

The exhortation from the Wise Gospel : What's does a Man gained if he were to own the whole World but loses his Own Soul is very apt.

Now with the exception of those with the Ah Kong's card as ex Silver Serpents who enjoyed practically "free" medical care, those with Private Insurance Riders and still able afford the premiums are advised to carry on till may be unbearable then give up.

This Rider extra coverage by cash is an extra layer of protection for your pockets if you are unfortunate to be hospitalised.

Understand that now most insurance companies are trying to ward off these coverage unless you already have them or been long time as insured by them.

This coverage is useful as it covers almost your bills and DONT hit you Peng San.

The Gun/Gan of the Papies not gonna to have any fore seeable low er costs of medical care in the future as they always harped that cost will be UP UP UP.

So if you have the Rider Coverage, you are in a way one Up on the Insurance Company.They cannot force you to terminate unless you yourself do so.

How much cash premiums you pay could be recovered with interests in the case you are been unfortunately hospitalised.

It's just like you losing an amount on the Roulette Table and finally one lucky strike with a big stake on a single digit number that you sensed going to be in and you get back all your lost plus plus plus dividends.

Anonymous said...

Virgo actually if possible never pay premium for rider on deductible and co insurance. The additional premium will kill you. Insurance is meant to take care of big bill that ruin u to bankruptcy. The rest u should self insured to minimize the premium paid. That is why most of your friends are dumb ass to get cheated. U must understand that the insurance industry is a business and not charity. The premium is to cover payout, admin expenses and selling expenses and profit margin. It’s a pooling if risk so if the premium collected is inadequate the next round the premium goes up. Unless hit by unexpected the insurance company never lose money.

I hope u now understand and stop blaming the majority of agents. To be prudent, I have both make money from insurance investment as well as claim. The health claim I received is multiple times the premium I paid the last 29 years so u need to be smart about managing the risk.

If u still not waking up do take the shott cut.

Virgo 49 said...

The Rider co payment is 10% of the Bill if ever incurred.

Present premium at my age still affordable.

Ten per cent for big bill should be able to taken care of rather than footing a big chunk of them.

An article not too long had Insurance Companies sounding that they are not taking in more Riders.

Hopefully, not to make any claim just for confirmation.

CNY'eve. No good tidings to talk on these topics. Better wait for Mr RB next interesting posting


Anonymous said...

Virgo, u die die must have the last say. So ok lar.

Virgo49 said...

It's true bro. Which insurance company give you 100% coverage.

As you said they are not a charitable organisation.

So, Rider is still the best hedge against hefty bill.

Now they trying even to cut down this coverage as many may wise up to be the best bet.

Just 10% co-payment and can have B1 or even A class if you can afford it.

Just like Ah Kong's card paying 20% ward charges and rest FOC.

For us just 10% on the Total Bill.


Goh said...

True or not I dunno lah.
My Ah Kong told me Insurance started by the Chinese,in good faith .Ah Kong said actually it's Tontine,a group of people chip in so as to help those in need .
However it's not so secured if one will to run away with the money .
So someone started but use the word insurance instead of tontine,tamba a bit so call interest or health benefit etc.but intention is to make profit not to benefit participant like tontine but self profit.
Tontine can call insurance ,saving provident fund etc .
Laochek's idol once said there will be no beggars in Singapore so I gave up paying my premium and trust that there will be free housing for me.,no need beg mah.
Nabey,today never know I am actually a beggar,paiseh to beg some more,every time got to beg chenghoo not to freeze my bank account cos I really no money to pay my income taxes etc.
Tolong tolong,paitok paitok,kamsia kamsia,butak hamnida..domodomo...
Got mouth beg till no saliva.
My new dog year wish is to hope that my garmen be kind and dun be Too harsh on people like me.
Really no money to pay my tax so it will be sinful to force me to rob.
Next year if I hosay,can even pay back double .Can sompah.

Virgo 49 said...

Ahgongkia, DONT bullshits lah.

If a SINKIE were to pay Income Tax in SINKIE land. They must be earning quite a fair bit.

No need beg beg. Buy bag for your Mei Mei.

Or you have spend your last cts on your Mei Meis and DONT pay your dues.

Goh said...

Accumulate few years cos many bills to pay to settle like many.
Thanks to you PGs so stop asking for free handout to pull jackpot oversea.
But....I am confident to settle in the coming year of the Dog.
Many say I got luck n prosper,even meimeis will approach me automatically .
Together we Heng,Ong Huat ah.