If Singaporeans were to decide or elect their PM – Tharman it shall be

Below is an extract from a post about the curious case of a wildly popular politician by a Augustine Low posted in the TRE on Tharman.

“Tharman Shanmugaratnam is a one-of-a-kind politician. He has more ardent fans than any other. Netizens have long clamoured for him to be Prime Minister. Even critics of the PAP have heaped praise on him.

Yet Tharman never sought adulation. On the contrary he seemed discomfited by it and has done his best to deflect attention, protesting “I’m not the man for PM. I say that categorically. It’s not me . . . I know myself, I know what I can do, and it’s not me.”….
How cool is that – a poet and a David Bowie fan who became a Deputy Prime Minister?

The supremely smart and brainy side of Tharman is most apparent to people. He has a sterling record as Finance Minister and is the first Asian to chair the G-30 – a prestigious global body of top financial experts. He has also been named Finance Minister of the Year by Euromoney magazine.

For someone who is not attention-seeking or rhetoric-driven, who is in fact diffident at times, he actually has a great common touch and rapport with citizens. In the 2015 general election, Tharman outperformed all others, securing 79.3% of the votes for Jurong GRC….

In fact there are a surprising number of people who still harbour hopes of Tharman being Prime Minister. It may be wishful thinking. But it just goes to show that Singaporeans are not looking for sound and fury in their leader, for someone who is ever generous with promises. Rather, Singaporeans are dying for someone who is smart yet straight talking and sincere, and whose imperfections make him all the more human and relatable.”

If Singaporeans were to elect their PM, Tharman will win hands down. Unfortunately Singaporeans do not have this right to vote and elect a PM of their choice. The PAP elite, the inner circle, or is it one man, will decide who will be the PM of Singapore. Singaporeans have been living with this myth for a long time, that the electoral system allows them to elect the PM. No, never will they be allowed to choose or elect their PM. The PM is not the people’s choice, then, now and going forward under the current system.

In the same sense, Singaporeans did not and will not elect a President of their choice though they think they did. The system has excluded the people’s president and allowed the ruling govt to decide who the Singaporeans can elect as the president in a small pool of you know who.

But if providence would have its way, Tharman looks set to be the next PM. All the factors and schemings are working in his favour. The more they schemed the more likely Tharman would become the PM.


Virgo49 said...

One Anon Bro will lamented the Botak nmics failures of the Economic Policies for Sinking Land.

To him just as clueless and use less as the Others.

Can talk talk and sweet talk is but real results and results? ?

Anonymous said...

If Darman b next PeeAyam of Sinkieland, he wud be only the seat warmer. But then Ah Long san may not select him as this make Big Nose Teo useless or incapable of being in top post cos big nose has vast experiences in screwty of cuntry but screwed up in population issues. Darman may be well accept by party members but Long san worried he may not handover premiership to his son, current 4G not up to mark so Long san of handling over is like tan ku ku Liao..

Anonymous said...

The system built by one Old cunny man was meant for his family. It was all along about himself, his selfishness & his greed. Though he masterly used propaganda n pubic organs to deceive n con the daft sinkingkies. Unfortunately for him n his legacy was destroyed n exposed by his incompetent dishonorable son n a power hungry n very incompetent manlike-in law-Jinx.

Goh said...

Besides having a charge of contempt of court which may not be applicable here ,we should oso have one charge for those bolinchor,for posting anyhow in tre or whatever .
Contempt of parliament,contempt of political party,whatever....
Come on lah,in Asia we are humble,whether Chinese clan,building mgmt,...Who will openly claim he want to be a leader even if he is qualified.
If thing dun work out,it's you people who want me become leader one hor,not I ask for it.
But I am happy if this mentioned is willing to be one.
Having the opportunity to deal with him personally many years back,me found him a humble man then.
A humble man is one that I will prefer,to lead.

Anonymous said...

Yes! He is the man!

YES! He must be the next PM!

Do it now!

Now! Now! Now!

Anonymous said...

Agongkia all I am Glad is u will not be the PM cause with your character, likely u will behave like Saddam Son. Plus you hunger for animal farm type of activities will make thing worst.

Anonymous said...

Two decades of extreme high pay system for poppies politicians n ka kee lan with directorships here n there n everywhere has build a vast network of yes-very fat dogs that bite n chew sinkieskies. Big money has bribed n corrupted the hearts of smartie-bookie worm scholars into twisted-tongue hypocrites with chio see lang intellectual self justification of pubic service n volunteerism.

Virgo49 said...

Where the Anon long long Botak economics? ??

Long holidays to Genting or China?? No time for Botak enmics or China Dynasties Lectures? ?

Come on Bro, Economics.


Virgo49 said...

Today's at 3.30 got HENG, ONG,HUAT for them economics.

Brace for shocks nimics

Anonymous said...

It seems the whole lot of PAP 1st Liners, 2nd Liners, 3rd Liners and Behind-the-Lines, are either not ready to be PM or are not of PM material.

Out of the whole group, the only one stands out is Shanmugam, not Tharman. Shanmugam has the ability, vigour, strength, wisdom and the spirit to harness and lead the herd more promisingly than anyone else. Moreover, he is aggressive and ruthless enough to deal with torny and sticky issues brought up by the opposing forces.

Tharman may be popular but popularity does not mean that he would be suitable for the Singapore Political Environment. Projecting about what he is good at is only half the story. As with interviewing someone for an extremely important job, the interviewer has to examine both the pros and the cons, i.e. qualities and flaws, and scrutinize the potential pitfalls, based not only the present but also his past, not only himself but also his family members and relatives.

Tharman has categorically admitted that he is not fit to be PM. If a man has been put in the post of DPM for donkey years, still thinks and states openly with conviction, that he is not fit to be the PM, that shows not humility nor wisdom, but weakness and a serious lack of self-confidence. What has he been doing as a DPM for so many years without learning the job, the functions, the responsibilities and the skills of the PM? The long years of understudy means nothing?

Moreover, his performances in the Financial portfolios might have brought benefits to the government but how much did the citizens benefited? How was the GDP growth achieved and how had it serve the Majority of citizens/voters?

In addition, he was the only Minister who was charged and convicted under the Official Secrets Act (though it was before he became Minister). This fact alone brings forth the question of total trust in his ability not to leak vital State Secrets to the outside world.

Anonymous said...

For someone who is not attention-seeking or rhetoric-driven, who is in fact diffident at times, he actually has a great common touch and rapport with citizens.

As one Anon had said, that's the good thing, or maybe the only good thing about Tharman, as compared to the others.

As another or maybe the same Anon had also said, if any of them can make a better PM than Hsien Loong, they would not want to work under Hsien Loong, maybe except for the good money.

And if they like good money rather than having a good boss or good policies for Sinkies, then morally speaking, they will not make a good PM.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 11.42

The Secretary General of any Organizations is like an Operations General and not Administration Manager who only pushes the pens.

A PM/President likewise is also like an Operations Man with hands only abilities to ward any instabilities threatening a Nation. Not the pushy pushy office Administrator who only knows their specialised scope of work.

A PM is like an Armed Forces Strong Man able to command respects within and also external forces that others would think twice to fark around with you.Like Kim Jong Un-the Rocket Man who strikes Fears in Trump and Mattis.

You are right that their Private affairs of families matters also mattered. One of my ex-Chinese Boss is a very smart man.Every CNY, he would insists that the whole families of staff attend his Annual Dinner.He will go round and talked (interviewed ) the families of those Management and Executive Staff whom he is eyeing for promotion to Top Posts.

Even the children status are not spared. In one causal conversation with him, he lets out the cat by telling me: If a man or woman cannot even have a family that is functioning as a stable and happy family, then he is not suitable to hold any post of importance in any Organisations.

A malfunctioned Family that is so small is not able to handle well, what's more an Organisation or Government? ? Ahgongkia with so Meis Meis ans mistress sure not qualified for Top Mangement Posts.That's why he needed two to three jobs to hug Meis Meis.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB and all other fans of TS:

>> Tharman looks set to be the next PM. <<

I'm a betting man, but only bet on (reasonably) sure bets. This is one bet I will take.

TS will resist any attempts to get him to be PM.

Those who know why, know why.

Anonymous said...

If a man or woman cannot even have a family that is functioning as a stable and happy family, then he is not suitable to hold any post of importance in any Organisations.
12:35 pm

It depends lah. For instance Lawrence Wong is a divorcee who became MND Minister.

Shanmugam was once a divorcee who has since remarried and also became a minister too, and holding the powerful portfolios of Law and Home Affairs.

PM Lee could not even hold his own family members together as one for a family matter and yet he is PM to hold Singaporeans together as one nation.

Trump married 3 times and yet won the Presidential elections at the age of 70 years.

Chee Soon Juan has a happy and supportive family with a beautiful wife and teenage children but the party he leads is not even able to win any elections for over 20 years.

So it really depends lah.

jjgg said...

All those who knows the inner workings of the government n the incestuous relationships of the glcs .. temasick.. gic..cpf want to remain n be chief honcho when the axe falls? Given the greatest disparity in our society which is destined to grow much larger..the axe will never fall? Better ts draw his salary for a few more years then retire.. with the sort of laws thats been passed.. i would suggest that a lot of present politicians are destined for old age in changi if ever there's a change in government.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 1.14

That's why Sinkies are caught in these turbulent and unstable environment.

If CSJ be in the Government then Sinkieswill have a more stable environment.

See one video of China President Xi visiting a Rural Area. His speech just around them with no Pomp and Grandeur. Telling them that you are the Shareholders of this Country. See how they Cheered and Rote for him.

Here, we are the Masters not Servants as they claimed and you are the Slaves.

An able and non Greedy Leader with his subordinates served the People.

Another point, my ex China Boss dealing with Trillions in the China PetrolChems Business would also not appointed anyone in the know to be habitual gambler to be in charge of any Finances.

So, frequent Genting only when you are retired and not whilst been employed in Big Organisations that held Top Management Posts.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt matter who next PeeM lah...they have all deposited their hearts n conscience in money while still calling n imagining it public servanthood n honorable volunteerism to one another n to daft sinkies.

Rocket said...

Whoever will be the next Pee-Aim, as long as he/SHE is part of PAP, his or HER hands and legs would be tied; tongue and mouth chastity-belted, eyes blinded, ears deaf, brain numbed and heart artificialised. And, most important of all, he/SHE will continue the same shirty policies and scheming schemes to suck the citizens dry. There will be NO significant change to elevate the quality of life of the people. 8n fact, more hardship and suffering for the common folks would be forthcoming, and more benefits to the elites. So, it does not matter who will be the next Pee-Aim.

Your pathetic life will not see any improvement. Period.

Unless, of course, there is a NEW Government to run the show and revamp the whole political, economic, social and immigration, and infrastructure policies and systems. This needs a great miracle to happen.

b said...

He is a sit warmer just like LaoGoh. Its a Lee monarchy here whether they are infront or behind the curtains. Better emigrate and go for house and car rather than stay here and pay sky high for rented flats and coe.

b said...

If want to stay here, then be a good lee dog and dont complain else try to emigrate to can or anz. Sinkies have unfair advantage when emigrate to can or anz, most degrees are recognised by them and no need to do translation like europeans.

Virgo49 said...

Right Mr Rocket, SINKIES so called Meritocracy Society had Barriers that segregate the segments of all classes. The Elites formed a Cartel where their own are given priorities in their First Choice of their Elitist schools. Then they had their children schooled in what's SAP schools and ext.Poor peasants parents tried to infiltrate into their Circle had to even con and lied and some are sent to jails for false declarations.

These parasite are been segregated from the Peasants masses and been cooned into thoughts that they are class above the Rest.

Being indoctrinated with such thoughts and later as Adults whether they are DUDs or SMART through connections among theshelves given cosy choice professions whether they are qualified or not.

Thus it is a Vicious Circle that they be always ahead and on top of the Rest which some of them could be smarter than them but was barred.

All so called scholarships channelled to them even though they can afford to have the less fortunates have them.

So, only punishments from Heaven is that they turned out to be DUDs and druggoes, and have an upheaval life of waste and sins.Many divorced thinking that they are Grand and Superior

They have the masses and Peasants to fight and to survive who is fitter. The Dafts does not use their voting rights to right the wrongs.

Just tune UN for five mins and switch off after listening and seeing the stupid smiles of the MPs behaving as though they understand what this HENG is talking.

Wah piang, what Innovations and Green City. Green City can be used for breakfast, lunches and dinners?? Singapore got Innovations? ?

Waste of time. Just see the last Part of how much you have to cough out for their Elites to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

The impact of the carbon tax will be small, at "about 1 per cent of total electricity and gas expenses on average", $million-salaried Heng Swee Kiat said.

That amounts to around $30 a year to pay for this jobless Sinkie here.

Small meh?

Anonymous said...

Your maid levy raised from $265 to $300 !!

Anonymous said...

To encourage the spirit of giving for aged healthcare, for infrastructure (eg Terminal 5, Tuas mega port, rail to Malaysia), cyber security, etc - GST is raised from 7 percentage points to 9 percentage points !!! An increase of 28.57% GST expense !!!!

Huge mid-election-cycle tax increase! Banking on the forgetfulness of Sinkies come General Election time!

Anonymous said...

A summary of the 2018 budget - tax rebate for corporations increased ; tax burden for Sinkie man-in-the-street increased.

Lagi worse if u are jobless Sinkie, still have to pay more tax to help the corporation which prefer to employ cheaper foreigners !

Anonymous said...

Basically, the idea is to benefit the rich corporations, GLCs, Temasek, GIC and the millionaires; and to suck more blood from the masses in order to cause more heart attacks.

Anonymous said...

I just started to enjoy the $60 maid levy for few months now the age to get the lower levy increased to 67 from 65. ! Lucky they still Honour those who just got it so I don't Kena. As already no income but The Maid is essential to take care of the household, my Wife and me as we not so flexible now so the savings help.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, based on what Virgo has written, look like you are still hugging Mei Mei. U really wanted to get your balls sliced off or what?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 February 19, 2018 10:51 am
//Come on Bro, Economics.//

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." Napoleon Bonaparte

Anonymous said...

This government is hypocrisy n duplicity.

Goh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 February 19, 2018 10:51 am
//Where the Anon long long Botak economics? ??//

3 question marks or 3 gazillion, Laogoanomics is watching ...?

While botaknomics ruminates ...?

Or is it the other way round?

Laogoanomics advocates kopi better ownself buy ownself?

Does it matter?

"Childish threat"?

Mb botaknomics even afraid of its own shadows?

Sham(e) Sham(e) Sham(e)?

What did ay have for his cny dinner (in his basement abode)?

French fries, coke, pizza & hamburgers (delivery)?

Is this animal farm or 1984?

Botaknomics has no ans to many (fundamental) questions?

When there is no ans (to fundamental questions), is there hope???

b said...

This gov, just like many others in this world, addicted to M&M (milk and milk).

Virgo49 said...

Whoa, US,India, Aust and Japan in talks to establish Belt and Road alternative.

You trust these Four Wolves and Hyenas? ??

SINKIE land will be the First to join.

After agreeing this DT in his mood swings will reneged on the Pact.

Your savings in Indian Banks Trillion S $$$$ frauds.

Said bye bye to your CPF 's savings.

Now already like Pyramid style of conning. Gave you S300.00 to boost that All is Well.


Rocket said...

Hope springs eternal in the human breast.

Man never was but is always blessed.

No empires last more than 200 years.

No Kingdoms last more than 100 years.

No political power and dictator last foever.

Change there will be, don't say never.

Brave yourself and rise up for that fateful day.

It will happen someday in some way.

Have courage, cheer up and stay focused.

Relentless resistance against the cursed.

One drop of wster, one grain of sand,

Makes the big ocean and the huge land!

Anonymous said...

Hope DBS India will not be stripped bare of every cent. Got Singaporeans in charge and in control or not? Our straight jacket bookworms are no match to the clever Indians and they can take the DBS India to the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Was DBS India opened under the watch of Botaknomics?

Anybody knows?

Lao hero is a botaknomics die-hard fan?


Lao hero ..... or lao hu tu?

Anonymous said...

Why this Super Shrewd Asia Top Banker Wee Cho Yaw nvr expand into India & nvr setup UOB India?

Botaknomics better than Weenomics?

Whose $$$ has been used (risked) to "experiment" Botaknomics?

Anonymous said...

Why UOB not in India? Coz Wee not super talent mah. So he not so clever so dare not put money in India to be cheated. Wee knows he is not clever and better to play safe. He also gambles with his own money so must be very careful unlike people gambling with OPM, see suah, lose not my money what.

Anonymous said...

Tan cheng bock has a support level of 83%. A record high. And he speaks up. Tharman backs down. Need i say more? You may worship a coward, but dont expect hjm to change anything