Contempt of Court?

Below are some discussions in the TRE regarding MPs writing to the courts. This issue was also reported in the main media. The discussions assumed that it was alright and an acceptable practice to write to the court on a pending case or a case under trial. Do these people understand the meaning of contempt of court?

What is contempt of court? To influence the judges to make decisions for or against the parties in a case. And knowing how sensitive and easily influenced are the judges even to social media, Shanmugam had warned the public not to anyhow write about a case when it is in court. Think about it, if the judges can be easily influenced by public opinions of nobodies in social media, not I say one, how much more would they be affected by letters from MPs or even ministers? (Personally I think the judges are highly trained professionals and with high integrity and would not be easily influenced by any Tom, Dick and Harry). Read below and form your own conclusion on the arrogance, ignorance and insensitivity of MPs writing to judges on a case.

And the party has no specific rules regarding writing to judges except a few words by LKY not to do so but nothing about writing to the judges is contempt of court! Is influencing the judges a contempt of court?

"Two weeks ago, High Court judge See Kee Oon questioned an appellant’s use of a letter from her MP Lam Pin Min (Sengkang West) to play down the offence she was convicted of. (Juz wondering? MP White Horse? Or spouse White Horse or grassroots tua kee?

Kee Chui, Minister and Chief Whip, was then quoted by ST as saying that the PAP has “no specific governing rules” on the sending of MP letters to the courts or other agencies or ministries.
A retired district judge, Mr Low Wee Ping, who was the Registrar of the Subordinate Courts and Supreme Court in the 1980s, in a letter to ST, said one Harry Lee had instructed all MPs, in writing, that they should not write such letters to the courts.
Mr Lee was also of the view that if the MP’s constituent resident perceived his sentence imposed by the court as lenient, he might attribute it solely to the MP’s letter, and, therefore, feel obligated or grateful to vote for the MP in an election wrote
MPs approached by TODAY, such as West Coast GRC MP Patrick Tay, said they are aware of the “long-standing practice” for PAP MPs not to write to the courts on behalf of their constituents*."


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland would be in a big mess & even greater trouble if Kee Chiu were to become the next PeeAyam. A simple matter of MP writing appeal letter to the court thereby influences court decision can also be overlooked by Kee Chiu. And need an retired Judge to remind him about the old fart way of handling the law. It's like hokkien say Gu Kia Um Pa Hor or Jiao Kia Um Pa Lastic..maybe that's why Ah Long won't wanto appoint the next 4G PeeAm, because most aren't up to mark yet, it's total failure.

Virgo49 said...

All these Papies Supporters think that they can get away with Murders. Using their MPs influence specially the PorLam Pars Grassrots and Loots to gain special favours.

They had already so many privileges and favours granted to them in many Orr Amm transactions behind the Silver Serpents Departments which are yet to be leaked out to the Public.

Contempt of Courts are only for the Peasants and not the Elites.

Let me related that my nearly been charged with Contempt of Court.

My supposely criminal turned civil case against one bloody Brit upstairs tenant who rented a unit above us and gave us fuve years of mental plus physical torture was referred to the Court for mediation.

That's the best way that they can close a case.For three consecutive mediation sessions He don't give a Damn to attend.

At the final session, the lady magistrate told me that nothing could be done if he does not turn up.This piss me off and I told her that this barbarian do not give a Damn to your Court.

She told me to repeat one more time and she will charged me for Contempt of Court.

Anyway, she punished me by having the SPF giving me Letter of Warning by creating a Farcas with this Brit who goes Scott Free.

Might as well put not as Fracas but Farking.

Rocket said...

The Sinkieland courts like to use contempt of court. Why?

Think about it. How many instances of contempt of court happened in Sinkieland and how many happened in the UK, USA or Canada?

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about 'legalised contempt' or 'illigalised contempt'?

Like all things in Sinkieland, I guess that depends on who you are.

And please do not talk about reasoning. You never win against those who used the law to justify their arguments.

Talking too much about the law may land you with an invitation to 'lim kopi'.

Anonymous said...

Want to build Tuas mega port - increase taxes on Sinkies.
Does the man in the street benefit from Tuas mega port?

Want to build Airport Terminal 5 - increase taxes on Sinkies.
Does the man in the street benefit from Airport Terminal 5 ?

Anonymous said...

Today is third day of lunar new year but since the ban on lion dance drumming when in lorry, it does not feel it's lunar new year. I think it was banned since last year after Govt enforced banning Indians for music in their procession and some complained how come Chinese can make drum noise. So to be fair Chinese on dance drumming also Kena?

Suckers Are Made Everyday said...

Ban this and ban that. It's become like a military camp run by dictatorial paper generals and power-hungry black ants who seem to be all out to suppress the Chinese Majority for their own minority interest - i.e. to have more power over the Majority. And the sad thing is the Dishourable One has succumbed to the whims of the black ants. It looks like the black ants are in control of everything - from Judiciary to Legislative to Executive, plus Presidency.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.08.

Court gave Verdicts or Decisions against the Logics of the Sane.

So the Sanes KPKB, they will use the Lightnings Logos of Contempt of Courts to silence you.

For the Insane verdicts on their own insane against Logics -No Contempt of Courts.

The AhNeh minister will exhorted DONT use pressures to influence our Courts. Ours are always Right.

State Courts judges gave Verdicts based on their Interpretation of the Laws under respective Articles or Sections.

Then the Appeal or Final Apex Court said wrong interpretations and overturned the Verdicts.

So they think the State Courts or Sub Courts Judges are DUDs? ??

Appeal liars will look for loopholes in any small interpretation or misinterpretations and appealed on that grounds. After which the Law Ministers can said Oh we have to plug these loopholes.

Every Companies /Organisations or even Charitable Affiliates Managers or Management should be subjected to these stringent laws.

Why in the first place, for donkey years with so much free time in the world shaking their balls they did NOT look into it.???

As an escape loophole in cases their own cronies or themselves got charged? ?

Anonymous said...

Including Immigration and the Job Markets?

Croiked Politicians Are Bound To Act Crookedly said...

Attempting to influence the judges' decision and colour their judgement is worse than contempt of court. It is a criminal act of intimidation and political strong-arm stretched too far and deep, as well as an unethical act of indiscretion. Such action may on the one hand help to garner votes but on the other hand tarnish the integrity of the MP concerned and that of the judge concerned (if he or she had acted upon the MP's letter).

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, u are very quiet, hope all is well with you and u managed to keep your balls intact. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

As in the City Harvest Church case, how in the world could judges differ so glaringly in their interpretation of the law?

How did some judges gave a stiff sentence but upon appeal another gave a much shorter sentence? It boggles the mind to no end.

Sounds like masak masak to me. No wonder they say that with money you can get away with murder. I agree.

Anonymous said...

4.45 pm, what you wrote u are referring to a specific case and under sg very strict law, I think they can charge u if they wanted to in comtempt of court. Sobe very careful and don't ended up in new year also Kena arrested and ruin your New Year.

VIrgo49 said...

Anon 4.45

CHC High Court charged under misappropriation by The Management I.e. the Directors, Persons holding the Offices in charge of the Finances that misused of Funds.

Section Forget what as I not liar.

The Appeal or Apex Court accept their lawyers argument that these Office Bearers are just as AGENTs and not like The Management or Directors that misused the Funds.

So under this Section the penalties are not so severe or heavy. Thus the reduction of their Original Sentences under the Other Section.

So now they want to plug the loophole that it should be applicable to all.

Whether Agents or Whats not Agents or Truely Office Bearers

My contention is that whether they are Agents or Office Bearers, they must accept the fact that the motive is the SAME.i.e. The Misuse or if a Property Agent absconded with the Funds - the Criminal Act is the SAME.

How can Office Bearers be punished heavily whereas as an Agent who committed the same crime is sentenced lightly? ?

The Crime committed of misappropriation or absonding is still the Same.

Anonymous said...

No more cash top at all MRT by March.

Cash card top up for MRT travel at convenience stalls kena service charge 50 cents.

Want face, make a cashless society to catch up with China, but increase costs of transactions for Sinkies, costs of living rise further.

Anonymous said...

It is all excuses to suck more money from the pockets of the commoners.

Goh said...

Laochek ah.
I so worry you kena charge for contaminated of cork for talking about this.
There is no such thing as fair or not ,for there is no more Pao Kung in real life .
I know one horse face,I call her BB,not big backside but Bay Bin, who boasted and claim she has 40 over boyfriends thru a news that I read in Chinese paper years ago.
BB can escape the news even if she benefit most from a case that her so call hubby,a khongcum ,oops keong hee..huat chai..Dun know whose money the hubby take to groom her to be popular on stage,scantily dress hug by orlang..botaichi...
And you have many khongcumkia out there still worshipping and giving percentage of their hard earn money to support them than to give to their biological parent or grandparents,leaving them pick cardboard or looking forward to see gaybird hoping to get free handout or a pathetic lao yu shan dinner at the cc.
So I say ,life is never fair thru my many wan ong cases I went thru myself..
Just believe in fate ,dun get too involve and concentrate on your genting trip or melaka otah n enjoy the new year.
Forget n dun regret your past support for your you know who and continue to support them.

Anonymous said...

Budget Feb 19 - some ignorant cocks still hoping for Ang Bao. Be prepared for Ang Tua !

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, the Outcome already OUT. What's wrong with talking about it when they themselves even admitted their lapse in not looking at the loopholes or flaws earlier??

In Main media CNA, one Ciffton Foo even wrote boldly about this case. With his photo on his postings.

If everybody were to be Blind And Deaf And Dumb, it would be a pathetic Nation of unthinking morons.

In fact the PAP failed in its responsibility to have a credible Opposition Parliamentary Members to have better debates in building up a healthy and robust nation in debating national policies that affect and concerned the lives of their Citizens.

They were not been woke up of their wrong policies without any probing of alternative views.

They should be thankful of real opinions and not parrot rote repeating of their own members who most do not give their honest opinions.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, they don't like to be criticised even when they are in the wrong lar. You can talk about the case after the trial but you can not criticise the judgement as it will be a contempt. I think the way you wrote is ok but not anon 4.45 as he was criticising the way the judge passed the sentence so he may Kena.

As for agongkia, another good post and I am just relief that you still have your balls intact as otherwise you will not be posting today.😀😀😀

Anonymous said...

All this is a BS wayang by PAPies & making mountains out of molehills. PAPies' main purpose is to control free speech & discussion. And using comments by nobodies on social media as evidence to have laws to crack down on any & all commentators to ensure everybody speak according to how PAPies want info to be spoken.

Just like using zhui kong lampar song talk-cock stories about increased spending (really??) for elderly, medical, defense, terrorists, stealth fighters, stealth warships, stealth submarines, child care, etc as "evidence" in order to justify increased taxes, increased GST.

Frankly anybody who can be influenced by social media comments or coffeeshop talk-cock doesn't deserve to run a mamak stall, let alone a ministry, court, or govt.

BTW, MP letters nowadays are next to useless, unless it is written by PM or 2-3 other kuai-lan senior ministers. Those written by other MPs (even by some junior ministers) are usually ignored or just go thru motion, but result is the same.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Alamak RB, you embarrass yourself lah. You ask if people know the meaning of contempt of court. But you yourself don't know what it is.

Anyway, judges rarely get their mail directly. It's always thru their PA or secretary.

The best proven ways to "influence" judges and magistrates is to use "leverage" and/or "incentives"---bribery and/or threats. However, those scenarios are simply unthinkable in Singapore. Please, don't even think of trying any of that shit, you will be very sorry! 😁

Singapore judiciary is actually very consistent: they tend to uphold THE LETTER of the law. They don't tend to have "creative interpretation". Chief Justices have been known to scold lawyers who blatantly put their client's interests ahead of their sworn duty as officers of the court to always, without exception, uphold the law.

It is very easy to live in Singapore. The legal code---although there are portions which people disagree on---is lucidly clear. What you can and cannot do is laid out in plain English, so if you think you can suka-suka interpret the law according to your kopitiam philosophy, prepare yourself to receive punishment. 👍🏾

b said...

They do not like your face so they said contempt lah. They like your face, anything also can. Most courts are Kangaroo courts and they only side the powerful.

Virgo49 said...

So many ex Ministers or even ex Kawan Kwan fathers worked for them sons and daughters looked here looked there pretended to be smart and falling asleep chiak liao bee MPs and what's Senior Ministers of States are in the Parliament.

These shows their cronyism and favouritism of their own.

That's Desmond Looks so sickening plus that Indranee pretend to be wise sitting in front rows.

One pow tuuah looked lost.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are so out of touch with the happenings here.
One big joker even said judges can be influenced by social media. Now tinkling on how to ban social media with more laws.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hi redbean, I've just come back to Oz after spending 3 glorious months in The Motherland.

I am definitely not "out of touch" as you suggest.

Had many interesting conversations with some of the "elites" much despised (with good reason) by commentors on this blog. There are BIG PLANS afoot for Singapore, The Motherland. Mark my words, you will be noticing a lot of changes being introduced slowly but steadily. How will you notice this? By the amount of calls for "public feedback and comment" on the PAP govt's proposals. I won't introduce any "spoilers" in deference to my sources. You will know if I'm talking cock or not as we ADVANCE to the future.

The older guard of the PAP is very much concerned with "social cohesion". They know that the younger Singaporeans are well-educated, more daring than their forebears and exceedingly adept at the ne "democratic" communication channels of social media.

And so in their misplaced wisdom, they're attempting to control the conversation. I told my elite mates that such measures are built on sand and will fail, but they're unperturbed. Singapore being a "soft dictatorship which works" will strive to remain a soft dictatorship which works.

As long as the system continues to work and is overwhelmingly supported (70% landslide in the last GE), Singaporeans can expect "the same shit" from the government they deserve.

As I've said, I am definitely not out-of-touch. There are certain realities one has to ACCEPT in Singapore if you live as a Singaporean (I'm not one of those as I have choices most Singaporeans don't). No matter how much you gripe on forums and blogs or how many anti-govt videos you post to YouTube (sorry Amos...no one talks about you anymnore), Singapore will go how it goes because the govt are made up of Singaporeans and they are in exactly lock-step with the general population, not the "fringe-dwellers".

I am no fan of the govt...or any govt for that matter. But I would sooner have the govt of Australia be more like Singapore's...we have a cluster-fuck over here and they steal more and more of our money for bullshit. At least in Singapore, the small (but scheduled to increase) taxes paid goes to build such a fucking awesome cuntry...or as IRAS likes to call it "nation building". If you're going to tax to build a nation, then fucking build a goddamned nation...and the Singapore govt do that exceedingly well.

The people who are out of touch are many of your readers, even you sometimes. To transcend the vicissitudes of life, one must first accept the realities in your immediate environment...then maybe you can formulate plans of actions to make the thing better.

...but I doubt it. What everyone forgets is that the Singapore govt is made up of the same people as the Singapore population. They were voted in for the sole reason of management and leadership of the nation.

How in the fuck, are you or anyone going to alter that very OBJECTIVE FACT?