Fendi chooses Singaporean celebrities to parade its fashion wear

The famous Italian fashion house has roped in Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Fann Wong and Jeanette Aw to parade its latest fashion at a store opening in Ion Orchard. This recognition that local celebs are in, saleable and marketable is a new trend in this former British colony where everything white is good, and local is pariah. Many advertisements are still selling the idea that only the rich and fashionable are the whites and locals are poor and tasteless.

A good life is an angmoh strutting around with a local lass sticking by his side, looking so happy and pleased to be the sex toy of a successful angmoh. Compares this to American ads when the good life means a black hulk strutting his physique and success and a white woman by his side, adoring being beside a successful black man. What is the story of the choice of candidates for such ads?

The Koreans and Japanese did not have this queer taste for angmohs. They are proud of being who they are and their ads would be Koreans and Japanese. It is not just a matter of wasting foreign exchange, but a national pride, a people being proud and confident of themselves, secure, and not a sub standard specie compares to the angmohs.

When would Singaporeans be proud of themselves as a people and give up this colonial western hangovers? Our local celebs need to be celebrated, be the choice for such ads and to make the money that for some stupid hangovers would simply go to the angmohs.

Fendi is confident that local celebs can sell and is the way to go. Would other fashion houses follow suit? Would other local companies also follow suit instead of portraying our local women as the sex subject and angmohs as the successful dominant half with his prized collection?

In this Asian Century it is about Asians and a diminishing western civilisation. The rise of China and India have also set this trend rolling. The Chinese and Indians are also flaunting their own celebs, the other Asean states too, except this proud colonial outpost in the far east of the British Empire. And we are going to celebrate the bicentennial of the colonisation of this outpost in a big way. Maybe some would be dressed to their nines in British garbs, in hats  and headdress and flowing flocks, and drinking tea, and waving the Union Jack.

With their followers and fans, Fendi is going to sell well here with the local celebs.


Anonymous said...

Its hard to believe sinkies are subject to mood swing so much when other do things not favoring them. One article rebut why bother to survey and table sinkieland is the boring place. The writer said, the survey results are up to who the surveyors asked. The writer said reader should read the sinkieland "innovation ranking" in economic forum. Lost generation who has no own mind. Its true. Tiobor ahiar?

If the place is boring is the place and not who u ask. This is the fact. Go to chinatown go to little india go to club, not those near river where fighting could any time occurs, to see if u are exited. So it is a question of where are the exiting places, name them for people to feel exited and not scolding the survey.

Then come this modeling. Will modeling using local celebrities bring in business or angmor modeling bring in business? Readers can straight away predict the results lah: gathering crowds, local is better than angmor. Local if wearing cny fits will look more like chinese and chinese like chinese is a simple theory, except u take a local airline, the air hostess are famous to like angmor only. But those watching are locals not taking airlines and non air hostesses, they may not all like to see angmor charbor lah.

Unless the business hires famous angmor like Hillary to model the cloths, the business modeling is nothing special tio bor? Second is: will modeling increase purchases. That is million dollar question. From observation: not likely lah, it is a purchasing power question. Purchases has nothing to do with who is who modeling the cloths. There are numerous shops having "moving model" on shelves at Owechard road. Those shops closed down subsequently after so much modeling.

Readers should not be a mood swing living person. Angmor or chinese are the same living things when first looking at him or her. Its the behaviors that irritate people to have mood swing. Let say u pay for the airline at economy class, the air hostess belittle u go slow for your request, u tool lan tio bor? Same class, and angmor gets thing done. But u see how the airline name goes down bc there is cathay hk airlines to go with or air china, southern, xiemen, ana etc. As long as u dont buy the bad service bc u want to take that airline, u will not have a bad trip. But modeling is non of your choice, u want to buy the cloths or not only. What s the reason to be so concerned of who gets the modeling money?
Go somewhere to watch things going without modeling, there is nothing to watch on going liao. One laugo like this: he said he was "watching". The model being "watched" oredi told him, he was not "responsible". Dont watch lah. Ahiar, tiar uo bor? O si tiar bor? Boh huat tor liao.

Anonymous said...

Probably this Ang Moh Tua Kee thing comes from the elites white men & women of pee & poo, its been there since colonial times. Until recently things start to change Ang Moh now r not so rich compared the the Asians Chinese with the rise of the Dragon. Even Ang Mo here work for the Local provision shop in Chai Chee. In the coming century more China Chinese will be affluent & overtake the Ang Mo Tua Kee, some says is YayaPaPayah ..

Anonymous said...

Some say Sinkieland will go back to Matland. And China will pull the strings behind Matland.

All the action up North points to this scenario.

Anonymous said...

Fendi is confident that local celebs can sell and is the way to go.

Correct. The keyword is confident.

PAP is confident majority Sinkies will still vote for them and hence to continue to screw Sinkies hard hard, like raising prices for this and that, is the way to go.

And I am confident that PAP's confidence is well founded, although I am not so sure whether Fendi is confident that local celebs can sell is also well founded. Have to wait and see lah.

Anonymous said...

PAP is confident majority Sinkies will still vote for them is based on their 50 years of solid track record, reaching even a whopping 70% of the votes for PAP, as in GE 2015.

Any track record of Fendi using local celebs that make them sold their brand well? If not, still too early to say lah. Have to wait and see. Anyway also no harm trying.

Anonymous said...

Readers can straight away predict the results lah: gathering crowds, local is better than angmor.

Gathering crowds? Hahahahaha.

Opposition election rallies gathered very big crowds what, even in GE 2015 but PAP rallies very little crowd.

But how come PAP could get 70% of the votes, despite very little crowd at their rallies?

So vote matters or crowd matters in Sinkieland, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

/// When would Singaporeans be proud of themselves as a people and give up this colonial western hangovers? ///

When Singaporeans can vote out the anti-Singaporeans PAP government
- only then can we be truly united as one people
- true or not?

Do you think the PAP hangover and LKY hangover is a bigger problem than the colonial hangover?

Anonymous said...

Pap s articles are non fake news is not new at all. Its old pinion and not news. The Forum has conditions like money throws into RnD in relation to gdp, sinkieland scores higher than other places.

Can sinkies expect china throws high % on RD from state funds? That will be huge sums. HK also throws lower sums bc it has china as backing, near by shenzhen has lots of innovations.

Is sinkieland really "innovative" as the Forum said?
Look at the number of "registered patents". The Forum dare not to mention. Wander how much is the Forum gets in contribution from sinkieland. As year goes by, sinkieland s top position on "innovation" should be questioned: why so few patents?
Its like boring places, few patents registered mean the fact is like this. It is not fake news, someone suka suka pointing finger at.

Pap elites need to drop on the ground to check, if they have been innovative and exciting, not pointing fingers at people who reported so. Its time to face the fact on ground, not keep bluffing with statistics and pressed controlled articles, no use at all bcos China is surrounding sinkieland with huge investments to attract businesses from sinkieland. Pap can win in argument similar to asking back the armoy cars? Wait for 3 years when Forrest city take effect, it will be down hill trend, where: owechard road. What modeling also no use lah.
Important for Pap to do is to give good jobs to NS men. They have money will help to buy the things from owechard road. They dont have money, they will buy from hdb town centers clothings. Can use lah. Or buy from online lah.

Anonymous said...

What did u mention LKY? Can help to increase income or find jobs to pay bills? Where can u find LKY? If not, dont waste others time to read.

Anonymous said...

U are living in the past years. Yet u are talking about election in coming years by relating crowds in past years. There is no relationship at all. The coming year results will not be 70% for Pap. The most recent test was 61%. 1 more test Pap dare not to do, where one minority in grc resigned. What is your guess if there is an election in this grc? Cannot be 70%, or 61%. 49% possible?

Anonymous said...

What is your guess if there is an election in this grc? Cannot be 70%, or 61%. 49% possible?
11:56 am

In BB by election in May 2016, Chee Soon Juan got only 39% of the votes. Some more it is only a SMC, and a straight one man to one man fight.

So why should a GRC by election outcome, if there is one, be any worse for PAP, and with lesser opposition mortals than Chee Soon Juan to fight PAP?

So no need to guess one, PAP will still win a GRC by election, just that they are super kiasu by not calling for one. SDP can fight in court for a by election but also no use one, believe me.

And after Aljunied GRC outcome in GE 2015, WP now is no more seen by majority voters as the WP that contested and won Punggol East by election in 2013, or the WP of GE 2011.

Anonymous said...

U are living in the past years... There is no relationship at all.
11:56 am

U mean what u are now has no relationship at all with your past and also no bearing for your future?

Please reflect before u make statements like the above in 11:56 am.

Anonymous said...

Mr or Ms confused mind. Past crowd size in opposition rally has no direct relationship with future Pap s election score %.

U swayed to another topic about present living and past. This topic is too general. U wanna learn? Past of u have absolutely NO BEARING for anyone s future. U must learn: think out of your box. Reflect now. All u have done has become your boxing walls, this cannot do, that cannot do. Unless u damaged your brain in the past or u injured yourself, that is not past relating to future, that is damage cannot be reused. Got it? eg damaged battery cannot use on handphone, is that easy to comprehend? Past crowd gathering in rally related to past weather that night, and the opposition presenters turning out that night. No JBJ, no crowd, no LTK no crowd. Got it? It has nothing to do with Pap s election score.

Anonymous said...

Readers can straight away predict the results lah: gathering crowds, local is better than angmor.

Crowds of window shoppers? Hahahahaha.

But now even crowds of window shoppers also don't have, even in Orchard road malls.

So what does this tell?

Anonymous said...

Rb, I think for normal fashion, use local ok lar. But if for bikini fashion models, it's better use blondes with large tits to best portray the products.

Anonymous said...

Garmen elites will say yours fake news. There are many speaking takalog crowding at Ion and opposite unlucky plaza. Got parade of models, they will crowd around to watch. Try that on sunday. But these crowds similar to those local crowds speaking mandarin or singlish, they will not buy. May be Indian hudi or tamil speaking crowds will have money to pay for the dresses. The new found rich are indians executives. They ask those chinese models oredi known in channel 8 long ago to model is wrong. Should have asked bulliwood india models to do the jobs. Sales will instantly shoot up for frendi. Indians pmets make lots of cash money here.

Anonymous said...

No JBJ, no crowd, no LTK no crowd. Got it?
12:57 pm

JBJ died long long already lah.

LTK crowd? He nearly lost Aljunied u know, despite the crowd.

By the way, are u confused where u came from? That was in the past. Not related?

Goh said...

Reason chosen is becos one is a bolinchor.
Using bolinchor to brainwash our younger generation to get westernized ,name themselves angmo as if their ancestor are angmo.
Nothing to be proud of these celebrities.

Anonymous said...

The Straits Times editorial blast Singaporeans for not returning trays at hawker centers (Dishing up the self-cleaning society - http://www.straitstimes.com/opinion/st-editorial/dishing-up-the-self-cleaning-society

The current population in Singapore is 5.6 million, consisting of 3.4 million Sinkies and the 2.2 million foreigners brought in by the PAP.

How come the Straits Times editorial never scold the foreigners also ?

Anonymous said...

Everyone not sleeping knows that the Straight Times is the mouth-piece of the PAP government. If the Straight Times' Editors blast Singaporeans, that means it is the PAP that blasts Singaporean Voters. So, it seems probable that The Straight Timers have been infiltrated by Anti-PAP elements within the Editorial Team. They must be aiming to turn Singaporean Voters against the PAP. Otherwise, how can you explain their weird behaviour?

Anonymous said...

Aiya we talking about using local models lar not anti pap. I agreed with earlier anon that for normal fashion, we should use local. But for bikini, as most of those local mentioned are A cup girls, won't look very good, it's better to use the blondes with big tits to fill up the little bikini cups lar like in Baywatch.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 3.34

It's not that the Shits Times is infiltrated by anti PAP Editorial team.

It's because for their survival due to Subscribers readership and also Advtg revenues that they have now have to write some adversarial news of the Silver Serpents.

Just wayang wayang a bit to confuse the Dafts.

Just like our Great Aunty LBW who lambasted the Evil Serpents and got chided off by TCH.

It's the Truths of the Ministers and their Evil Serpents who put obstacles on the CitIzens lives.

Goh said...

You are right but sad that many fail to see the logic behind.Cannot think out of box.

Anonymous said...

It is all the fault of the eunuchs.

Like the eunuchs of olden China, they are the ones who caused all the troubles for the dynasties and their eventual fall.

Virgo49 said...

WP Golden Mouths or their Chief Party Whip to keep silent had some PAP MPs who are born outspoken to crtitsise some Evil Serpents and the Ministers like Dr Lily Neo which is more on the soft keys.

So their Ministers felt offended thinking they be in the Bad Books of LHL.

Examples of Amy Khor who strongly advocated the use of pedestrian walkways sharing with bicycles and other electric machines that harm so many elderly folks.

They do not want to admit their follies and think Sinkies will bear with their stupud ideas.

Many Trashes of Third World dont have the courtesy and considerations for our Old.

So those brains in their Arses Ministers complained to the PM citing how can criticise own kind.

Jeopardize my Promotions

b said...

Fila also hire many angmo sportsmen to promote brand. Its ok for fendi to hire asians. Rojak is good and delicious. Pure breed has many genetics issues.