Frank talks and evil plans of Trump and Turnbull in Washington

"Trump praised U.S.-Australia ties on Friday.

The relationship we have with Australia is a terrific relationship and probably stronger now than ever before," Trump said in brief public remarks at the Oval Office ahead of his meeting with the Australian prime minister.

Turnbull told the news conference that he and Trump had agreed on new initiatives to deepen security and economic ties....."

Above is a comment reported by Reuters during the visit by Turnbull to Washington in Feb this year. The two leaders have agreed on a common stand to deal with China. The two countries have many similarities and common interests and both regard China as enemy Number One. They would like to congratulate each other for conquering and occupying native countries in Australia and North America and for terminating the natives to near extinction. And both would be sharing their European heritage, that they are white Europeans and they should work together against China. 

White blood is thicker than water, better than coloured Asian blood. They must have signed a blood pact, to be the rulers of Asia and Asians and would oppose China in every way they could, even to go to war. For starters the Australians would increase its incursions into the South China Sea. In the home front Australia would limit and restrict China's economic interest and trade with Australia. The latest attack is to prevent Huawei from entering the 5G mobile phone market.

Turnbull and Trump must be thinking that they have all the cards to play and the Chinese are hapless and would be pushed around and be beaten. Just wait for the Chinese to take counter measures. The time is near for China to stand up to these white supremacist and invaders and occupiers of foreign land and countries. And China has started to bash the Aussies. No political leaders would be allowed to visit China. China has stopped or cut down its imports of Aussie iron and other raw material. Being the biggest importer of Australian mineral resources, this stoppage has caused a big slum in the Aussie economy. Chinese tourism and students to Australia also went down drastically. Chinese buying of Australian properties also gone to zero causing a property crash. Australia went crying to the US, Japan, Europe and India to buy its products, but none of them could help as their appetite for such raw material are minimal. Even at greatly reduced prices, the Chinese refused to buy Australia.

Asians must be united against the neo invasion and domination of Asia and the rest of the world by the white men. It is time to stand up to the bullying of Asians. Not only Kim Jong Un has stood up, Duterte has stood up, Hun Sen has stood up, Aung San Suu Kyi has stood up, Assad has stood up, and of course Putin and Xi Jinping and many others in Asia, Africa and Latin America have stood up. The latest is Erdogan and his Turkey. Many countries in central Asia and Africa have shown their middle fingers to the Americans and the Europeans in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of China.

The days of European Empires and dominance is numbered. They are fighting to cling on to the last few footholds but not for long. The rest of the world are not stupid, though some leaders are still beholden to the evil Americans, the little USAs. There is a new dawn rising.

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