I just lodged a complaint to Singtel

I am furious with Singtel and have just lodged a complaint to them. Below is my complaint that I want it to be sent to its CEO.

''I want this complaint to be sent to the CEO. I will also post this complaint in my blog, www.mysingaporenews.blogspot.sg

I have a data plan for 100MB which is sufficient for my use. I just received a reminder that my usage has exceeded my predetermined limit. On checking I found that 50.56MB was used up by Singtel Apps leaving only 15MB of my data plan unused.

Why is Singtel Apps data charged to me? This is unfair as Singtel could eat up all my data plan with all its Apps. Even if I have a 1GB plan, it can likewise be used up by Singtel Apps if this is allowed to happen.

I demand that the 50.56MB used by Singtel Apps be credited back to my data plan. Singtel must be fair to its subscribers and cannot use up subscriber's data plan this way.

Thanks you.

Chua Chin Leng


Rocket said...

This is called cunning white-collar crime - UNSCRUPULOUS CHEATING.

Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same problem too. And I notice this problem happening only recently.

Hope your complaint can be effective.

Anonymous said...

If one subscriber is cheated of 50.56 MB. 1,000,000 subscribers would mean 50,560,000 MB. Translate that to money, how much would that be?

Sing then Tell has about 4 million subscribers. So multiply that by 4. That is for one month. Multiply by 12 months, how much revenue would that be for one year?

Easy money???

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Uncle RedBean.
Welcome to the Year of Dog.
It's a dog eat dog world.
U need to be ferocious & aggressive this dog to get things done this year. For your Sing Tell case, just bark at them loudly they may wake up, they don't know who r their masters here.

Anonymous said...

You can off the SingTel notification so it won't keep refreshing and used up your data plan. In fact u should off all apps notification or allow notification when only using the apps. But 100MB is Yoo little as a web page is akreadt one MB sometime.

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 January 22, 2018 5:40 pm
//A guy was having dinner at the Food Street:-
In an oversight, he swallows a coin and chokes. His wife tries hitting his back, slapping his neck, and shaking him hard with out any success to make him spit the coin. The guy begins to show signs of choking - turning blue. The desperate wife starts screaming for help.
A man gets up from a nearby table, and without saying a word, he lowers the guy's pants, squeezes his testicles and pulls them down violently. Naturally, the guy with irresistible pain spits out the coin.
The gentleman with the same astonishing ease & tranquility returns to his table without a word.He was in long-sleeves, , thick sunglasses, expensive watch n his Mercedes parked nearby. Soon the wife calms down & approaches the gentleman to thank him for saving her husband's life.
She asks: Sir are you a doctor? No, madam, I am from PAP. We are trained to squeeze the balls of the public to make them cough up every last cent
Joke on PAP//

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbean February 03, 2018 9:50 am
//When every industry, including noble industries, has been turned into a racket to rip off the clients, one has to be very careful and confident enough to seek your own solutions. All that is needed is a bit of commonsense and all the information can be found in the net, not everything but a lot of things.
I just found the most effective way to solve your receding gum problem. Just rub the affected gum with baking soda, leave it for a few minutes before gargling it away. That is all and the gum will recover in a few days.
As for medical check ups, please do not be frightened or conned. When you can eat, sleep, shit, and no pains, don't waste money going to those expensive check ups that would lead to more checks just for checking's sake. The victim is you and your pocket.
I have not done a medical check up for 30 years and still kicking. I only visited the doc for less than 5 times in the same period. Cough and cold, just down some pandol or equivalent and rest. Best, whenever one feels the body is uncomfortable, take a couple of panadol quickly before the flu hits. It is better to take two than to take a couple of dozens after the flu hits. Kill it before it starts.
Our body will heal itself if you don't over stress it and give it time to do the necessary. There are many symptoms or signs of potential problems that may not get worse if you leave them alone. Once agitated by all kinds of test and pokings, the benign conditions could erupt.//

Aiya, Aiyo ...

In this Year of Dog, it is NOT Dog eat Dog lah ...?

It is PAPigs eat OLDIES sweat blood $$$ lah ...?

Their life time QUAH CHA PNG?

Uncle Red Bean too smart, cannot take away his $$$ from expensive & UNNECESSARY medical tests & medicine, then they use "robbery means" lah ...?

In ancient China, it is bandits robbing the pple & plunder their villages & raped their daughters, wives, daughters-in-law etc etc?

Come 19 Feb budget day, more oldies $$$ will be legally "robbed" through "one thousand & one tax excuses"?

Now 30-yo & 30+-yo also become elderly oldies compulsory eldershield shaft up their ass HOs and force down their throats?

Ha ha ha

Now not only "life imprisonment & torture, rotanning" of oldies QUAH cha png, even the home balance piggy banks of 5cts, 10cts, 20cts, 50cts to buy economic bee hoon kosong $$$ oso wan to "robbed" empty empty ...?

Bo yok kew liao?

Anonymous said...

//..In this Year of Dog, it is NOT Dog eat Dog lah ...?
It is PAPigs eat OLDIES sweat blood $$$ lah ...?


Its called Wolf eat Dog world.

In the animal kingdom, there is a type of Dog called the Hyenas, these hyenas work in teams to take on its preys. Uncle RB might need to gather ur forces to lodge a petition or something or gather forces from the social media to pressure the Wolf Sing Tell to ask them better wake up or else we gonna terminate ur services or boycott urs..

Anonymous said...

This is like the situation surrounding our CPF savings.

The money in our CPF accounts were initially adequate, but they were being depleted by the Medishield, CPF life, and Eldershield insurance schemes which we die die also don't want to join.

Our money from our CPF savings accounts were taken without our permission for funding the taking care of older Singaporeans via the CPF life insurance scheme and the soon-to-be-made-compulsory Eldershield insurance schemes.

Anonymous said...

Yes. They are just high handed.

My friend used to complain that wh are wealways being penalised for data used for over and above the plan limit while used credit was never carried forwarded?

Also, the telcos never value their existing customers by always charging them high while giving promotion rates for the new customers.

It's the same mentality that Singaporeans are always taken for a ride by the pap government for having to pay high tax without themselves keeping lean.

Anonymous said...

this is Sg

sg is like that liao

it is very very common

even big organisations do this

we need more rb type

all the best to rb


Virgo49 said...

Mr Chua, think the same for ALL Telcos. I used to buy Prepaid Data for Overseas Roaming and usually seven days for X dollars.

When u am back and still balance data just simply be zero even before the seven days Expiry date. Sometimes you use your home WiFi and also the balance data MB also be zero.

Inquired from them and they said that your HOME WiFi may be disconnected without your knowledge and you arw using the Data MB.

That's why zero and we have to deduct even your balance account in your Prepaid Card. For prepaid you can still mointor the balance data and amount of balance. Wheras the Post Paid the bill of exceeding data will come in your next bill which might shock you.Especially for Overseas Use. For Postpaid, actually all subscribers also do not really know how much of many of their Data usage that been allocated. It's up to their Integrity and Professionalism.
Sing And Tel and Star bucks, oops Hub are also Temasek Group.

That's why I brought Hotlink Maxis Line in Matland and only paid for their Data Plan Prepaid each time to buy their Data when I am there. Off my Postpaid Sim to play safe using two SIM phone. It's just a fraction of a cost with S$1.00 even for 1GB daily data.

S$10.00 can buy you as much as 30GB for your three to seven days stay there. Free 1GB every week Sat and Sun for one month data plan at S$10.00 with 1GB Youtube free data daily.


Anonymous said...

They sell you big plans on the cheap, but take back in stealth under the table.

Right hand gives, left hand takes back. Whatever plans they have, it all boils down to citizens having to pay and pay. What's in that name?

Who is to be blamed?

Anonymous said...

/// I have a data plan for 100MB which is sufficient for my use. I just received a reminder that my usage has exceeded my predetermined limit. On checking I found that 50.56MB was used up by Singtel Apps leaving only 15MB of my data plan unused. /// redbean

I have my money in my CPF account which I use to help buy my property.
I have to pay interest to the CPF for using my own money.
This is PAP's Singapore.

Do you think Singaporeans are very stupid to vote for this type of government?

Anonymous said...

It is true telcos never care for existing customers. They take them for granted.

When contracts ended, they never tell existing customers what promotions are available for recontract. New customers are treated better. But what can Sinkies do? All telcos are brothers behind closed doors, like banks, and most wholesale and retail cartels.

Now they are trying to get me to rent a set top box for digital TV. To hell with them.

Virgo49 said...

Hello bro, you have your CPF's balance but the PAP will just recommend their own "DATA" Schemes to suck you DRY and HIGH just like the other businesses of Telcos and Medical Services and their what's "Lee" Insurance Schemes as what's Obama Care in America.

Need Trump to dismantle that and need Lim Tean to do likewise in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Is this another example of a PAP Millionaire mental masturbating in his ivory tower?


Anonymous said...

Wow, it seems that this dirty practice by the telcos is prevalent and affecting everyone.

Remember the case of children being billed thousands of dollars because they exceeded their plans limit when the unlimited plan cost only another $50? And the telcos got the cheek to charge the children for such huge amounts without any sense of guilt or shame!

This case is as good as cheating the customers and no different from theft of customer's data plan.

Anonymous said...

Buy SingTel shares ?? - if cannot beat them , then join them !

Be a telco shareholder !

Anonymous said...

When the PAP knows they can get away with anything when dealing with dafts, what else they would not do?

They already sold you houses in your name but which still belongs to them, confiscate your CPF under your noses, tinker with election rules that now render the oppostion obsolete, sqeeze the balls of the dafts dry until they cannot reproduce and are still thinking up more schemes to suck their bone morrows. The walking dead still comes back for more!

Who is to be blamed?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 10.10

You ho Kia Seow! I, think years back forget the Year but in the Year they acquired the Aussie Telco called Ocopus or Octopus.

Had brought nearly 90K of their shares by CPF investment account at S $3.60 and for nearly five to six years remained below S $3.00

Later sold off below value and now CPF statement still shows that I had a deficit of 24 over K owes to them.

So makes any profits for whatsoever schemes must return to them with interests.

Now gave up completely all.shares and ONLY punts Genting Roulette shares.


Anonymous said...

How to define robbers of people's money?

Anonymous said...

When robbery becomes a habit, it becomes second nature. They don't even know that it is robbery. Do the people know that they have been robbed? Of course the people know, but waiting for the time to right the wrongs against them.

Anonymous said...

When being robbed becomes a habit, it becomes second nature. The people don't even know that it is robbery.

Anonymous said...

In red dot, legalised robbery is a profession. Those who are robbed have no recourse. The law is on the side of the robber. What can you do?

Anonymous said...

In ancient China, during the later part of the Song Dynasty, supposedly even the bandits are considered the good guys than garberment officials?

To soil the reputation of the bandits and blacken their standings among the masses, some garberment officials even get their soldiers to dress like bandits and ransacked, plundered villages & raped/ abducted the women folks, massacred all the guys & burnt villages to the ground?

Then the garberment (official) version pinned the blame on the bandits and mobilised public resources to wipe them out?

Good men in the garberment like Yue Fei one by one were framed with TRUMPED UP charges & tortured/ killed in prisons?

The whole public service were rotten to the core & filled with evil serpents worst than even the worst bandits ever existed in ancient China?

The subsequent successors of the Song Dynasty had to commit suicide by hanging themselves in forested mountains after the decay & rot of their empire were so hopeless that it was no longer salvageable?

The masses were so heavily taxed (& robbed) that many villagers had to resort to eating tree barks at times to fill their stomach?

Daugthers were sold as prostitutes to brothels and wives had to work as maids to avoid hunger, starvation & certain death?

Social fabric were torn to pieces and chaos was the "order" of the day?

With plunderous & decadent Emperors, incompetent but power-hungry Dowagers, PLP deceitful & extremely evil EUNUNCHS in charge, the eventual outcome was inevitable?

But NOT before the masses are subjected to EXTREME hell & high water?

Anonymous said...

If anyone has got time to read a crime novel entitled ' Wolves Eat Dogs' by Martin Cruz Smith.
Here is a depiction of a commoner Russian investigator risking his life to investigate a crime committed by some powerful high society people. Imagine the risk of dare to investigate...is this an analogous of Sinkieland politics, how dare to investigate Ah Long San ( anyway not possible to vote him out ) only Divine intervention or Dr Death with cancer visit him akan datang..

Virgo49 said...

This happening in SINKIE land??

Wah see LowRan Wong eat until so FAT.

Times are good for them


Anonymous said...

@ Virgo 49February 04, 2018 10:21 am
//Later sold off below value and now CPF statement still shows that I had a deficit of 24 over K owes to them.//

In Xi Jin Ping 2017 NY message, he reported that in 2017, about 40 million Chinese were lifted out of poverty level

Under Xi's leadership, the Chinese economy grew from strength to strength

Alas, Uncle Virgo is still reeling from old fart & laogoa era of singtel share ownership of 900 shares?

Like casino new members given free $30 credit (to lure them?) then punters wager on another 90,000 shares ended up huge amt of $$$ kena conned?

Since day one it was a big casino?

How can casino owners want the gamblers to win $$$?

Anonymous said...


Typo ...

Should be *2018 NY message

Virgo49 said...

Anon 4.05

Lau Goh gave sugar first by having all aunties and uncles camped at CDC to register Trading Account for Sing And Tel shares.

At 2.60 and sold at 3.60. For Internal Enconmy as Financial Centre.Then later can used CPF funds for investment to stir the economy further.

Later uncles and aunties kena burned. That mistake is my own thinking that S&T shares will rise when they acquired Optous.

Wah big synergy with Aussie Telcos. But plunged to 2 plus for nearly Five to six years and later back to 3.60. Sold but interests lost nearly 24K as according to CPF Board if you had not withdrawn for your shares.

Own monies withdrawn but have to pay interests lost.

So still not badly burnt.

Part of life experience.

Anonymous said...

One of the MAJOR contributing factors to the DEMISE of the last Dynasty in China was the decadent Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty?

To fund her expensive investment in useless gardens for her leisure indulgence, state coffers were emptied faster than it was filled?

In one instances, one of her PLP cronies Li Hong Z resorted to extreme means of raising tax revenues by labelling of ridiculous measures

Alas, the billions raised were squandered IN GOOD TIME within months on frivolous expenditure?

When the late Xian Feng Qing Emperor married Dowager Cixi, the Qing Empire was doomed?

According to historical record, a fortune teller read the Dowager 8 numbers when she was a 15-yo teenager and he flew into a rage in front of Cixi mother?

The fortune teller banged the table and in extreme rage told Cixi if he had such a daughter, he would have suffocated her to death as a baby?


The stars of the dowager is so horrendous that it will lead to millions and millions of adject sufferings and the ending of the fortune of any man or country?

True enough, the mighty Qing Dynasty met with one disaster and misfortune after another till 1908 when Cixi died of early days sexual abuse/ promiscuity with her PLP garberment officials?

Ar one stage she was rumoured to be pregnant at the old age of almost 60-yo and had to go for some illicit abortion?

Several imperial officials supposedly had to take turns to satisfy her sexual crave and often had to be on "standby" as and when she needed?

With such decadence rotten dowager in charge, it was no surprise that the fortune teller who saw her fortune when she was young alluded to her mother that such a woman existence is going to be calamitous for the people and country?

Virgo49 said...

Wah say man, 60 still very hot.

Privileged life. DONT know our Dowager got so hot or not??

Thought ONLY Male.

One become so hot that looked like a Man.


Anonymous said...

The premiums that you pay for Eldershield are based on entry age.

Age Male Female
50 248.28 322.04
51 264.90 343.86
52 283.60 369.82
53 305.42 398.92
54 330.35 432.15
55 359.43 471.63
56 394.76 519.42
57 436.31 576.55
58 488.25 648.24
59 554.74 739.65
60 643.04 861.19
61 764.58 1030.53
62 946.38 1284.00
63 1247.64 1703.69
64 1844.97 2540.99

If they implement compulsory Eldershield, at least $3,688 will be robbed from males's CPF medisave; $5,081 from females' CPF medisave

Virgo49 said...

Bro that is at age 50.

Now 30.

different figures


Anonymous said...

@anon 4.34pm

Wat bout little red dot Long the Leeder?

Rumours long ago that his father brought him to see the late Abbot of PokKa Si. His father asked the Abbot whether his son can lead the country or not? The Abbot didn't directly reply to the old fart but instead question back old Li whether he wanna capable people to lead or the defendants of fami-Li lead. The old Li was profoundly got an idea of let a seat warmer take over & later handover to his son so tat no one can say anything & the rest is history. U see this new Li is gradually leading the small island to shit day by day & more taxes to rob the people monies r akan datang, just tat presently heaven got no eye his survived cancer after cancer & still wanna hold on to his PeeAm till death...he wants every dafts to cry for him nevermind his being branded as dishorrible or Han jian by the China Leaders...probably this PeeAm be branded as red dot Qin Hui ( 秦桧)- the Song dynasty PeeAm that killed the loyal General Yue Fei.

Anonymous said...

Despite the Qing Dynasty fate hanging by a thread, Dowager Cixi stubbornly held court till 1908 when she died of kidney & liver failures due supposedly to years of indiscriminate promiscuous sexual abuse & satisfaction of her primitive lust with many of her submissive plp Qing Imperial Court officials whom many she promoted without merit?

Alas, the decay of the Qing garberment was so bad that within less than 3 years after the Dowager Cixi gave up power through her death, the situation was beyong salvation and the Qing Dynasty ownself collapsed ownself without much interference from external force?

It was like a dried shrivelled tree trunk without any more leaves and fully infested with white termites and hollowed out and waiting to collapse IN GOOD TIME?

It fulfilled the prophesy that the demise of the Qing Dynasty would be in the hands of a rotten, promiscuous, inept, frivolous, vicious woman?

No prize for guessing that this much deeply hated woman by 400 million Chinese then was Dowager Cixi which caused China then immense humiliation & loss of massive wealth, much of which were extracted from the Chinese peasants sweat blood QUAH cha png?

As a result of the unbearable hardship under the corrupted and promiscuous Dowager Cixi, many Chinese ran road to Southern Ocean known as Nan Yang then in Chinese, which is present day S E Asia

Hopefully, human beans can learn from such painfu lessons and such deeply saddening episode will NEVER occur again in modern times for the descendants of those forebears who arrived with barely any belonging except the torn clothes on their bodies and worn out belts to hold their loose pants to their sunken tummies?

Anonymous said...

When Yuan Shi Kai took over in 1912 as President of the newly formed Republic of China, he desperately needed $$$ to run the new garberment in place. President Yuan Sgi Kai supposedly got hold of every single key he could find and opened almost every single cupboard, drawer, safe in the Qing Dynasty Treasury Ministry ...

Alas, instead of the $$$ that he needed urgently to fund his newly formed garberment, what awaited him were piles of debts and war reparation treaty that the Dowager committed to foreign invaders such as the Imperial Japenise which the Qing Dynasty lost in the crucial 1894-1895 First Sino-Japenise War due to massive corruption despite the Qing Dynasty possessing arguably the strongest Naval Fleet then in Asia but barely operational due to misappropriation of military budget $$$ meant to buy/ replenish ships ammo ...?

Yuan Shi Kai was supposedly so shocked of discovering piles and piles of documents showing massive misappropriation of national coffer under Dowager Cixi upon opening of each treasury cupboard one after another?

But it was too late?

Dowager Cixi was already dead for 4 years by 1912 and Yuan Shi Kai no longer able to bring those responsible for the state of affairs to account?

Yuan Shi Kai was filled with deep anguish and he reluctantly approached foreign banks to raise much needed funds to keep the nationalist garberment afloat during the early years?

4 years after assuming the Presidency, Yuan Shi Kai was probably so overwhelmed by the massive "skeletons" he found in Dowager Cixi cupboards that he was diagnosed with severe liver failure. Shortly after revelation of his liver ailments, Yuan Shi Kai passed on and the early Republic of China plunged into chaos again in the period knowns as Warlord era and made famous by many 1970s/ 1980s movies such as "Ma Yong Zheng", "Shanghai Bund" etc etc.

The people of China then was once again plunged into hell & high water and this Warlord period lasted many years from 1916 till the 1920s?

Between 1911 to 1949, it was a period that many Chinese would want to forget?

According to some estimate, the number of Chinese who perished in wars during this period numbered close to 50 million including the more than 30 million who died in WW2 fighting the Japenise invaders between 1937 to 1945?

Due to the folly and corruption of one lao tai po aka Dowager Cixi, hundreds of millions of people had to suffer immensely for almost 70 years between 1911 to 1978 in abject poverty until Deng Xiao Ping took charge and even hired GKS in the late 1980s and 1990s as economic adviser especially in the devt of the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) in the southern provinces?

70 years is a long time?

It means those born in 1911 never see prosperity their entire life till death?

All due to this vicious Dowager Cixi mismanagement of the country such that China needed almost 70 years (between 1911 to 1978) to recover from her plundering?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is going to the dogs. One after another, unscrupulous behaviours at high places are beginning to reveal themselves over the last few years. People who we hold on very high regards. People who are supposed to lead by good exemplary conduct. People whose words should be sincere, honest and truthful. People whose deeds should never be questioned. Yet, one by one, they have done just the exact opposite. Disappointment is an understatement. The one word I would use to describe the situation us HORRIFYING.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Fucking Singapore telcos...they're assholes man.

I pay AUD40 per month for 15GB data, data-free streaming on Spotify etc., 300min international calls, plus unlimited calls and SMS. (same telco, 10 yr customer)

When I visit Singapore my mobile bill is usually SGD100+ per month...all the plans are data-stingy unless you pay more and more. (same telco, 15 year customer)

However recently with the new FREE(??) Wireless@SG and Wireless@SGx coverage, it is possible to "survive" in Singapore on a small data plan.

It is important to return to basics. Your phone is now a powerful hi-speed wireless mini multimedia computer...when 5G rolls out, be prepared for more goodies (and bigger phone bills!)

So...return to basics. Use your phone, as a phone. Turn of ALL RADIOS i.e. mobile data, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS...until you really need to use them. You don't need to keep your data on....really, let's get fucking real here.

If you turn your data on briefly for a few minutes every few hours or so (To check FB, WhatsApp, WeChat, Stock/BitCoin price, email, order Uber/Grab or unlock Bicycle..), you can still get thru the day no worries, and your battery will last longer. If you are in a free wifi hotspot---which is most of the metro area, you needn't use any of your data quota at all.

Also you break the habit of looking at your phone several times an hour like a drug addict.

Put your phone away. Start smiling at people and greeting them, you self-absorbed motherfuckers. 😡

Go one step further: Turn off your phone. Make yourself uncontactable...like the good old days, where many of us oldies enjoyed our PRIVACY---a concept lost on todays 24/7 "connected" FaceBook cocksucker.

Set up your Wireless@SG app, and enjoy "free" stuff provided by the marvelous govt you despise, yet still ended up voting for. 🤣

Your smart phone is now so smart it's turning people into enslaved addicts who are so dependent on ONE DEVICE...easily hacked, stolen or damaged. This device contains entire lives: banking, wireless payments and credit cards, family data, personal data, sensitive fucky-sucky pictures of you banging your boss's daughter up the arse...c'mon lah be sensible...make your phone just a phone again.