An independent Korea in the horizon

The continuing subjugation and colonisation of South Korea will not go away as long as the Americans have control of the state with its military presence. South Korea will forever remain an American semi colony to serve the American Empire's interest in East China, as a foothold to launch a war with China and Russia. The truce after the Korean War instead of a peace treaty was imposed by the Americans on the Koreans. The Americans would not allow the South Koreans to sign a peace agreement and the eventual reunification of the two halves of Korea.

The recent friendly gestures extended by the North Koreans under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un that the Americans and the West painted as a 'mad man' clearly showed that he is a leader on his own, and a very rational and seasoned politician. He has wrestled the initiative for peace from the stumbling Trump Administration and the belligerent warmongers in Washington. And heaven has brought about another equally brilliant and peace seeking leader in South Korea in Moon Jae In to appreciate the North's gestures and the virtues of a united Korea. Moon would not have an ounce of a chance to bring about a unification with the Americans having a stranglehold in South Korean affairs. The Americans are having the final with the threats of a military option, not just against North Korea but also against South Korea.

The only hope for a free and independent Korea, united, is the most feared weapons in the possession of North Korea. Yes, the nuclear weapons in North Korea is exactly what the South Koreans need to break free from the American vice to dictate their own future as an independent people, not American slaves, not Japanese slaves.

Kim Jong Un could extend its nuclear umbrella to protect the South Koreans from the Americans and Japanese should the South Koreans declare independence from the Americans. Any attack on the South Korean govt and people would be an attack on the whole of Korea. A nuclear threat or attack on South Korea will trigger a nuclear response from the North. This would be the safety net for the South Koreans to be a free and independent people again.

There are many fools still singing the line that the North Koreans must give up their nuclear weapons so that the Americans can continue to threaten them with wars and the continued and unending occupation of South Korea as a semi American colony.

The nuclear weapons of North Korea are the tools that would bring about an independent and united and strong Korea.  Without the nuclear weapons, South Korea and the South Koreans will forever be slaves to the American Empire, held hostage with the presence of massive American troops and weapons in their land.

The nuclear weapons would pave the way for the Koreans as a proud people to stand up again, as a free, rich and powerful nation state. But before this can be achieved, the Americans and the Japanese would be doing all they could to prevent this from happening. Watch the Winter Olympics and the subsequent days for incidents to be blamed on the North Koreans to raise tension and to further divide the Korean people into North and South and the country divided, a people divided against their will. The slavery and domination of the Korean people did not go away after the defeat of Japan. The Americans are the new masters today, with the Japanese hiding behind the Americans and pulling all the strings to keep the Koreans under bondage.

Moon Jae In just said that further improvement in relations with the North is conditional to the North talking to the Americans, a clear sign that he knew who is the master and he has no choice to act independently for the good of the Korean people. The master must give the nod before anything can move.


Virgo49 said...

In any nation, there are bound to be Traitors who for their own selfish ends will instigate objections to the North And South Reunification.

Just like Sinkieland, when under the Japanese Occupation worked in cahoots with them. Many became wealthy due to their collaboration.

Likewise now in Taiwan.

Moon had to tread very carfeully or else wilk end like ex-President Ryu who committed suicide been trying to unify Korea.

The Americans and the West would not want this to happen.

The CIA WILL hatch a plot to assassinate him.

A prophesy that an Asian Leader be assassinated.

Anonymous said...

Rb, while your macro view is correct but do u want to live in North Korea type of society? For sure u will not be able to operate this blog and likely u will face the death penalty with the rest of your family thrown into labour camp.😰😰😰

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you are a south Korean, would you be proud that you are nothing but a slave to the Americans, controlled by the Americans?

Do you think so called democratic countries are not the same as the North Koreans if you are on the wrong side of the divide?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.00

What's made you think that this are the lifestyles the North Koreans are living? ? DONT be fed with Shits the propaganda of the Free World.

What's so Rosy with the so called Democratic Countries with all their hypocrisy and decadence lifestyles and corruption.

The Elites and the Wealthy the same having you as slaves to them.

Have you ever live in China and North Korea.

DONT be a frog in the well and see the sky saying this is the Universe

Anonymous said...

Only unthinking people without pride would be happy serving the American Empire and praying to the white Gods.... and living with their hypocrisies.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.00am

Wat u r saying r all pure theatics with no substance.

..u will be detented at ur home ground instead.

Anonymous said...

This O Game is probably the most talked about. Certainly among Koreans. From the whole picture, the focus point is Moon and Kim Yo Jong. The big loser is Pence. He did not shake hand with 90yr OldKim. Abe was able to keep Japan s face with basic courtesy to Moon s guess. Among these players. Moon appeared to know who is Kim Yo Jong. She holds the keys to all the channels to Kim Jong Un. It was a success to Kim Jong Un. Kim Yo Jong appeared as seasoned diplomat with added charm to smile instantly. Her sparingly make up and dressing in simple cloths without expensive handbag caused watchers in the world to adore her self confidence. Moon should find her approachable. But she is the most powerful woman in the north with influence on key holders in firing nuclear weapons.

The outcome is summarized by Okim. The 90yr old said, from then onward, there is channel to contact among the two Korea. Kim Jong Un wrote a personal handwritten letter to Moon. It was reported that the less than one page letter had a sentence " I request you visit Pyongyang at your convenient time." That put Moon on tight scrutiny. US China and Japan will fear most for such united movement call.

On the whole picture, it is a simple solution to Koreans: promise not to have war with each other. No winner among them is the outcome. Only winners are US China and Japan. Korean have no reason to fear nuclear weapon holds by Kim Jong Un. China has less risk than Japan. US has more risk than Japan.

But all 3 want to bully NK into kneeling down to handover the weapons and submit to the destiny like Sadam and Iraq. From the intelligence displayed by kims ie Kim Yo Jong, and her brother, to be Sadam the second will be like asking Trump and Pence to be Sadam too. They will press the buttons to finish these big mouths off. US should know well. The last next country to finish US off will be from nuclear and hydrogen bombs from Russia if North Korea is bombed with nuclear and the latter retaliate with equally powerful bombs.

Why dont these countries bully India and Pakis? They too have nuclear bombs and did it openly.
By looking at these countries trying to bully the young Kims, one can know these old hacks are waiting to be slaughtered if they do not tame their hot temper.

The world has changed to younger generation s hands. Trump Pence and Chinese these old generations are too proud on their own ideas. The want to impose their ideals, Koreans cannot hold nuclear weapons, while Pakis can, Indians can. The Koreans will throw the exact things they fear on their faces.

The solution is only one way: US China Japan want to live, carry on. Mind your own business. Wanna fight with North Korea, open fire now. What Kims siblings want to see probably: South Koreans should hand off and not pointing the guns on the northerners. Let the northerners deal with US own invasion. So this is the option open to US eventually if Moon is tamed.
Will US and Japan invade North Korea? This is the only guess based on the game playing out.

Virgo49 said...

The North Koreans had told the Southerners just stand aside and let us deal with the Americans and their cronies.

Now at DMZ, NOT only the Americans But also other White Nations under the Lame Duck U.N.

Let us made the Americans withdraw from our Motherland. No choice if there are some destructions as Pain is Inevitable to rid the Enemies.

The North Korean Armed Forces is mightier than the American ground troops.

USA will not be stupid to activate their Necular Arsenals as this will also bring their destruction.

The North would not be stupid to disband and be sitting ducks whereas the Rest of the Crooks So called Free World kept theirs.

China as a non belligerent country should not fear the Reunification of Korea.In fact Safer than with the American Forces.

Japan would be tamed when the Americans are no longer in influence.

Anonymous said...

Moon Jae In just said that further improvement in relations with the North is conditional to the North talking to the Americans, a clear sign that he knew who is the master and he has no choice to act independently for the good of the Korean people.

Correct. Because the reality of the situation in the Korean Peninsula does not allow Moon Jae In to act independently for the good of the Korean people.

Just as the reality of the situation in Sinkieland also does not allow smart Sinkies like RB to even want to join the Sinkie opposition to make it strong and ready to fight and take over from PAP as govt, let alone for majority Sinkies to want to vote PAP out for the good of Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

On the whole picture, it is a simple solution to Koreans: promise not to have war with each other. No winner among them is the outcome. Only winners are US China and Japan. Anon 10:20

Your writing and thinking are so gabra and confusing.

For your info, China is the staunchest backer of Kim/North Korea. Without China, the Americans would have invaded NK.

Please think clearly before you write your nonsense, that China is wishing harm to NK. If that is the case, Kim would be amassing his troops at the Korean China border and snapping at China everyday. The truth, Kim has nothing to worry about China and the Korean China border is absolutely safe.

Anonymous said...

Moon Jae In, being a smart Korean and for the sake of the Korean people, has to make a choice between the lesser of 2 evils, and that is to acknowledge Americans as their master, although this is bad.

Majority Sinkies, being smart and for the sake of all Sinkies, has to make a choice between the lesser of 2 evils, and that is to acknowledge the PAP as being better than opposition to be govt, although PAP is bad.

In politics, just like in many other things on earth, it is not simply a choice between what is good or bad, but rather which is less bad or evil. Only in Heaven will everything be good.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55
In sg if u tear ah Loong photo or sit on it, nothing will happen to u.that is the different. 😭😭😭 please do it yourself and don't be an asshole to get other people to do it and said nothing will happen to them.

Please lah, don't be stupid can or not?

Look at Amos Yee, Roy Ngerng, Li Sheng Wu, what more lies are you going to spout? JBJ, Chee Soon Juan, now WP etc etc.

Anonymous said...

NCB broadcast O Game opening commented Koreans treated Japan s culture and economic models of importance. Japan ruled Korea from 1910 to 1945. It was bravo to Abe. When Abe met Moon days ago, he demanded no delay in military drill with US. Moon side told him that was a sovereignty question. The decision lied on South Korea. This clash of idea reflected Japan treated Koreans as their slaves. Koreans being sex slaves to Japanese was well known, and the Americans NCB carried the similar idea. Koreans are not treated with equal, to angmor and jipon.

Kim Jong Un wants to play with nuclear weapon to threaten US deserves death sentence to US and Japan masters. This is the current problems with South Koreans. They are not looked upon as equal partner as allies. When Moon raised the Korean troops change in command to Koreans, Trump rejected the idea. South Koreans are slaves to US. Will South Korean troops fight Northerners when commanded by US marines? Japanese troops will fight side by side with their slaves koreans, again, the old mentality will surface similar to Abe treated Moon.

That s the cultural reason behind why US and Japan hate North Koreans. The northerners will not oblige and do what US and Japan demand them to do. While the southerners are slave to US commanders. They will do to fight the northerners.

The war between the northerners and southerners will be highly unproductive to common Koreans slave to Japan in the past. The old generations went through the screws from 1910 to 1945, especially the rape by the japs. But the young generations southerners will not understand this while the northerners simply want to wipe off the american bases inside their divided country. It will be a lie to say that the northerners scare of war with japanese and americans. They should choose to die rather than letting these foreigners continue to ruin their young generations without a proper united Korea.
Therefore the nuclear weapon is important to the Koreans with dignity inside them. Unless they prostitute to these foreigners, the southerners should treasure nuclear weapons as their savior.

Which country is so lucky to have nuclear weapon and ICBM? Common logic will tell dignified Koreans the choice is to be koreans and not prostitutes, hor nan kan. Koreans are basically asian cultured. hor nan kan is not honored in their culture, as far as we know from reading about them. A minority may be pro japanese and americans, similar to the current taiwanese govt.

Anonymous said...

If you are a south Korean, would you be proud that you are nothing but a slave to the Americans, controlled by the Americans?
RB 9:18 am

If you are a Sinkie PMET who lost your job to a foreign talent and become uber driver, would you be proud that you are nothing but a slave to PAP policy and rule, controlled by the PAP?

Is it your fault that you are a slave? Or is it you become a slave due to circumstances beyond your control?

Rocket said...
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Anonymous said...

Or is it you become a slave due to circumstances beyond your control?
11:19 am

Even if it is due to circumstances beyond your control, but if you are smart, you can figure out how to get out of it. And smart Sinkies have been getting out of it.

And Moon Jae In need to be smart to figure out how to get out from being a slave to the Americans. I think he is in the process of figuring out how to do it, although currently may not be the right time to do it outright. And inviting Kim Jong Un's sister to visit South Korea is the first step. One step at a time.

Rocket said...

Singapore and Japan are the two countries that instigated and championed for the US to pivot to Asia. As a result, the US has been making Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan as vehicles to contain the rise of China.

As part of the US's Global Dominance Strategy, the Korean Peninsula is of vital importance to the US Strategic Plans for various reasons:

1. To contain China and Russia from the East.

2. To serve as a base for the launching of invasion forces into China or Russia in case of a major conflict between the US and China or US and Russia.

3. To control, dominate, intimidate and / or suppress the South Koreans, the Taiwanese, the Japanese and the little USAsses of Asean.

4. To establish military, surveillance, intelligence and covert operations bases in the Asia-Pacific region.

5. To sell arms, weapons and other military hardware to suckers in the Asia-Pacific region for monetary gains.

Therefore, to tackle the US, China must first tackle Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan headon, and other Asean countries indirectly.

The best way to handle those US Stooges is through economic cooperation or economic strangulation - hitting where it hurts most.

Anonymous said...

India stops migration of trading derivatives liquidity To Singapore, but happily export their unemployment to Singapore as India nationals flood the tiny 719 square kilometers island state!

On Monday, shares in Singapore Exchange, also known as SGX, hit $7.20, their lowest level in 13 months, after three major Indian stock exchanges decided to stop licensing products and data to foreign exchanges to prevent "migration of liquidity" from India.

SGX last traded at $7.37, down 52 cents from Friday's close of $7.89.

Anonymous said...

On Monday, shares in Singapore Exchange, also known as SGX, hit $7.20, their lowest level in 13 months,...
11:37 am

No big deal lah, I mean for PAP, just another of the many negative things happening in Sinkieland.

PAP is very rich and strong and well able to afford such losses and negative things, and with minimal risks to their political power and their power to suck more money from Sinkies.

Virgo49 said...

I dare the Anon Arsehold to tear the Loony Loon photo in front of Him and his Special Police Force and see whether he be so maganimous and give his hearty laughter to him.

What's so Great about the South Koreans American Influence so called Democratic Land of the Free Democracy? ?

Where the Rich and Influential just like the Sinkies Rich are given Special Rights and Treatment.

See the Samseng Scion given Deferred Probation. See the Air Rage woman given the Honour to carry the Torch.

At least in the Commie Country, a Good leader will still implemented their laws fairly.

China had their Top Corrupted Elites been persecuted.Likewise North Korea.

In Sinkieland and South Korea and the Western World? ?

Too many years as bananas fear the Commie Laws and that's why you have the South Koreans and the Taiwanese traitors against reunification.

The Hainese had one saying : Humans don't look like Humans and Devils dont look like Devils.

This is the pictures of those living Decadent lifestyles in what's Free Democratic Countries.

The Chinese and North Korean Leaders behaved with Pomp and Dignity unlike the Clowns of America and Sinkieland talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

11:02am is confused with past history and present fact.
In past before 1993. China supported North Korea only. After this period, China distance the north. The closest to South was: President Park was standing side by side with Putin next to Xi to review China s troops parade. Was North invited? Another evidence is: Kim Jong Un has never stepped into China. That kind of relation is real. Your imagination that China supports North Korea need IMH to tell you false perception of reality.
If China supports North Korea, it will tell US outright they 2 are allies. The real fact showing on media is: China and US are allies on North Korea s nuclearization.

You should go to check up if your mind and eyes are reading facts or you conclude based on imagination of past facts. 10:20am did not discredit China. He is telling the true world.

It is China s changed stands. In the past, US was China s top enemy. Now China treats US as top trading partner. Do you have objection to this conclusion? Past vs present, they are direct opposite.

U still spreading China will support North Korea, while China refuses to sell refine oil to North Korea. U are spreading unsupported opinion. It is your own imagination because u had read about past Korean war in 1953.

North Korea has warned, made known to Russia, if the world stops selling oil to North Korea, it is amounting to a declaration of war. Do you think Kim was warning China as well as UN?

Do you read map about border between North and China? U expect N Korean troops to put them on cold mountains to let airphoto taken? Check your own imagination will help your mind to change opinion. At least, do not discredit others when they do not share that China is support North Korea: it is no longer a true statement.

Anonymous said...

11.12 and 11.48 assholes, just join the tour to North Korea and sit on the leader photo or fold the photo in front of the immigration officer. Don't divert the topic. Go try it yourself and don't get some silly victim to do it as a I dare u act. But first better wear padded underwear and many layers of pants though I am not sure that can protect u from being sodomize in their jail or may be u are the type that enjoy the screw?

U talk big but likely u are the asshole with a small Canon rested on two punctured tiresπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Asians who have been educated in UK, USA, Canada and Australia tend to behave like Westerners and think that they are more superior than their own countrymen, are the most disgusting and depraved animals on this planet.

b said...

Who rules is the same so long everyone has house and car and job and healthcare and etc etc. All leaders are exploiting, some are more exploiting than others.

b said...

Actually those leaders are so stupid, they should work together and give everyone a house and car and milk them thru tax and insurance lah. There is more money thru this way than having wars. Leaders are the evil ones lah not the people whether they are asians or westerners. Every leader should be given a poison egg when they are naughty by some secret superior being and the world will be in peace.

Anonymous said...

US fleet commander told his crews to be prepared for a very hard battle. Pence told washingtonpost US is prepared to talk with North Korea provided the latter takes real steps on deneuclarization.

Will Kim Jong Un want to talk with US if the latter keep harping on sanctions? The interesting about this cross road is: US is shifting its position from warring words to wanna talk so lets talk.

If Kim joins the talk, it s a similar shift on North Korea wanna give up nuclear weapons? The likelihood is a freeze on mass production while US should stop the drills at its border and reverse the sanctions.

US hates war with NK. Some predicted US might lose.

Anonymous said...

Why the US is upgrading its nuclear force to be more destructive and NK must denuclearised?

Anonymous said...

A Singpost’s postman from China was caught red-handed dumping hundreds of mails into the trash bin. When confronted by a resident from Reflections at Keppel Bay condominium, the postman said in Mandarin that he was overworked. The China National also complained that his Malay colleagues get lesser workload, and that he don’t get to do overtime work and that he can’t survive on a S$1,200 monthly salary.

Fake Survey said...

A Letter written by Mr Leong Sze Hian:

[[ I refer to the article “Commuter satisfaction in public transport at 9-year high: PTC survey” (Channel NewAsia, Feb 6).

It states that “Commuters’ satisfaction levels with public transport rose to 96.4 per cent last year, up from 91.8 per cent in 2015, according to a survey conducted by the Public Transport Council.

In terms of mean satisfaction score, respondents gave public transport 7.6 out of 10, up from 7.2 in 2015. There was improvement in commuter satisfaction across all service attributes for both bus and MRT.

Satisfaction with MRT services was at 96 per cent, up from 93.2 per cent a year ago. The mean satisfaction score also rose to 7.6, up from 7.3 in 2015. The rise was largely driven by improvements in comfort, travel time and waiting time, the survey found.

Rail reliability has also improved due to the Land Transport Authority’s and train operators’ efforts at improving maintenance and increasing manpower, as well as asset renewals on the North-South and East-West Lines, it added.

As a result, the mean distance travelled between delays of more than five minutes across the network increased by 30 per cent, from 133,000 train-km in 2015 to 174,000 train-km in 2016.

“While the number of service delays of more than 30 minutes increased by one incident in 2016, measures to improve incident management and minimise the inconvenience to commuters, such as clearer communication of information on bus bridging services and alternative routes of travel, may have mitigated a little of the impact of these major disruptions on satisfaction levels,” the council said.

The Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey has been conducted annually since 2006. For the latest survey, 3,869 regular bus and MRT commuters, aged 15 years and above, were randomly selected and interviewed in October 2016 at bus interchanges, bus stops and MRT stations, during both peak (7am to 9am and 5pm to 7pm) and off-peak periods.”

Almost everyone whom I showed the above to – said almost similarly – is this a joke or what?

Uniquely Singapore!

Leong Sze Hian ]]

Anonymous said...

Almost everyone whom I showed the above to – said almost similarly – is this a joke or what?
Leong Sze Hian

But other than kpkb just like the rest, what can Leong Sze Hian do, even if this is a joke?

And I think Leong Sze Hian had been kpkb and very seriously for a long time already, maybe as long as RB, but to what effect?

No wonder the Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey dare to become like a joke, and PAP dare to continue to screw Sinkies hard hard.

Anonymous said...

When confronted by a resident from Reflections at Keppel Bay condominium, the postman said in Mandarin that he was overworked.
10:53 pm

At least the postman did not throw the mails of those who live in HDB lah. I live in HDB. Lucky me.

Virgo49 said...

Now Abe right hand man urging the SINKIE land Chairman Ah Neh to rein in North Korea.

Urging HIM to rally ASEAN to pressure Kim.

Wah, see whether the Looney and him will punch above their weights or punch themselves.

Small fries want to act big. Spokesman also for Japan and USA.

Abe is not Shits scared of a Reunited Korea.

Together with China, they gonna to skin them alive with the USA skunk tails behind their backs when they abandoned them.