Redbean’s scheme to help the seniors to be rich

Everyone is working very hard and suggesting all kinds of schemes to help the seniors to live a rich and comfortable life in their golden years. These people are really kind and compassionate and very caring. They should be recommended for National Day Awards.

I also want to share this honour, to help the seniors not only be comfortable but also rich, very rich. How to do that? Very simple. In order for the seniors to be rich and comfortable, they need to have $1m at minimum if they reach the age of 60. This sum could increase over the years to compensate for inflation. For the moment, I think $1m is a good number to start with. In the future this sum could go up to $1.5m or $2m. For those who are more on the side of caution or used to better lifestyle, that $1m may not be enough, maybe they can work on $2m.

Ok, how to go about it? How to ensure that the seniors would have $1m when they reach 60? Insurance is a good and simple way to go. And where to get the money to pay for this insurance premium? This is even easier. Just make it compulsory and use their CPF savings to pay the insurance premiums. I think to make sure that they get their million dollar target at 60, they should start to pay a premium at 21.

It is not rocket science to work out the premiums. It can be done, quite easily done. And I can guarantee that they will each be a millionaire at 60. But I cannot guarantee if they have enough to eat or to live comfortably when they are young. I cannot even guarantee that they would have enough money left to buy a HDB flat or to get by. But that is not my problem. I don’t promise anything about how they will live till 60. My goal is to make them a millionaire by 60. This is the most important part of this scheme. I don’t care if they have to live a life of a pauper or a beggar. This is not my problem, not part of the scheme.

Anyone interested in this scheme? And if they think $1m is not enough, I can even work out a scheme to make them have $2m by 60. See, I also very clever and very helpful and very caring for the seniors.

The more I think about this, the more I think I deserve a National Day medal. And I am sure the people will love me for making them a millionaire at 60….If they can survive till then without enough food to eat.

PS. I confess that I am not an insurance agent or my salary or bonuses depends on this scheme. Neither would I benefit a cent from it. Good luck. You die your business if you subscribe to my facetious scheme


Anonymous said...

RB, maybe ur one million dollar or more scheme has one flaw. U forgot to mention What Currency? Is it in Ringgit or SinkieDollar or Crytocurrency or Reminbi or Ruppiah or Thai Bath or Korean Won?
Kindly b specific else the Dafts Sinkies will be so happy to assume it's in US dollar Mah?

Anonymous said...

i am all for it. but u must clarfy does it cover medical and hosoutal charges, eldershield, and medishield

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, it must be Singapore currency of course. And this is separate from the existing compulsory CPF schemes. You add all these together, the oldies will be so rich and so happy in their golden years.

The caveat, if they have enough money to pay the premiums or enough money left to eat. All great schemes are good, but the devil is in the details. Honestly, my scheme will make sure that the people will not have any money left to eat. All their CPF savings will be emptied. That is how kind or wicked my scheme is. I am stealing the people's money with the promise of their well being in the future, with the pretence that I am helping them. In the meantime they die their business while I look like an angel, in reality a devil in disguise.

How many people have the spare cash to put into all these money eating schemes? Eat also not enough.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, mine more interesting and somemore boost your adrenaline to have you younger.Also kept away Dementia for as long as possible.

Just spend your expenses as usual and not starve yourself unnecessarily.Have a small budget for investing small stakes for big rewards.

Buy TOtO draws for your chance to be instand millionaires or if every time kena Makan than Million Hairs.

For 4D must have big stakes for BIG rewards.Not ever body can play Big Big. So best chance instant wealth punt TOtO.

Why have to starve and slot for 50 to 60 years and some more no guarantee that they be still around to pay you.

If cross over to Matland after so much hassles of few hours jam, buy Sports Toto with prizes of over 70 millions. Even though they are in Ringgit.

Can have landed in Melaka, Condo in Penang and Goh Tong Raya City.

So your SP300 Take a chance on TOTO.

Only daft beans said DONT gamble, no Good. Some countries you CANNOT even pok pok your chances to be millionaires.

Also same time keep your miserable lives going.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

It is a fact of math that not everyone can be rich. However if the society in general is getting wealthier (wealth and rich...not the same thing) then everyone benefits.

Consider this, if Singapore was a "shithole cuntry" even if you were "rich" you won't have as good a life as you will if the cuntry was a thriving metropolis. You need a wealthy society (even if the wealth is not equally distributed) to enjoy a better-than-decent standard of living.

Thanfully, due to the flattening of the world, you can get rich (or wealthier) even in your Golden Years provided you are reasonably healthy and of active mind. (First thing: health. No health, no point)

Then you have to figure out ways to be valuable, and go on to create value for as many people as you can on a consistent basis.

I'm very impressed when I go on my walkabouts. I see uncles and aunties my age and older dree
ssed in sports gear going about their business. Most of them look a lot healthier and active than the fuck-fuck land-whales I see here in Oz, Land of The Entitled Masses.

Early in the morning, these folks are doing tai chi, and if you go to Tek Kah market in the morning, you'll see tham buying lots of fruits and veggies. So the oldies are "jaga badan" which is a wonderful statistic. In Oz the assholes are all falling for "free sugar, fat and salt" offerred by the fast food demons---for e.g. $2 fat and salt burgers and $1 sugar water or ice cream. McD's gets their money, they get sick and cost the health system BILLIONS.

Uncles and aunties in Singapore are way ahead of their counterparts in most other (entitlement) cuntries. As long as the health and the mind is OK, the opportunites are huge.

The MISGUIDED cultural wisdom in Singapore is "You die, you're business"

I counter that that before you die, you will live. Therefore:

You Live Your Life, Your Business! :-)

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, it has been a long while since I wrote in the forum. Speed here. I think your suggested scheme might just work. It is a good scheme ( tongue in cheek ). Singaporeans are one of the richest population on earth. I read somewhere that the median monthly income of Singaporeans is S$9000. Now this is quite a huge figure. Maybe I got it wrong. The latest budget says you have a S$9.6b surplus. WOW, good governance and good planning does pay off. Well done and bravo to the government.

Now back to your scheme. I have been told that most Singaporeans are millionaires already. The HDB flats and the private properties are mostly worth more than a million $. So no need for your scheme, albeit a very good scheme.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. There is no UNIVERSAL SCHEME to make all oldies, or anyone for that matter rich. If you believe there is, then go buy 4D and lotteries will ALL your money ;-)

Even if you are poor in Singapore, you are far better off than other sad fucks who are poor in non-wealthy shithole cuntries. In Singapore, there are tons of help (thanks to the wealth) to keep you alive, and then slowly build up.

If you're out of choices, surely it makes sense to do the best you can with whatever you have?

Got the idea yet? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aiyo RB, why you never take into account inflation?

Even today, having $1M in cash at retirement of 55, 60 or 65 years is no big deal, u know.

Yes it is enough for 1 person, provided his/her monthly expenditure is a modest $1K to $2K pm.

That may last him for 30 years, and not taking inflation into account also.

In fact I think many retired Sinkies have this kind of money, that's why they don't kpkb so much about cannot withdraw from CPF. Some like me even put more money in CPF to earn the better interest of 2.5% or more.

So always remember to take into account inflation and also to live modestly, and to use BMW (Bus MRT Walk) when moving around.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, you are reading many fake news. The median income is around $3000 according to official statistics, definitely not $9000. Also $9000 today is sup sup suey. Anon 10:18 already explained to you what is inflation. A $9000 income today is less than a $3000 income 30 years ago.

As for the surplus of $9.6b, just ask a simple question, if the govt is so rich, why so desperate to hike taxes, schemed all kinds of taxes and go after the people's life savings?

Knowing this govt, if they have the money, they would have thrown them at the people, like having all the multi million dollar good to have, good to see but useless parties and monuments, to gain votes. Why would they keep squeezing the people for more money and losing the trust of the people and votes?

It is elementary politics.

Anonymous said...

Only make people gamble more.

Anonymous said...

Don,t fall into trap and go gamble more.k

Anonymous said...

Pay and Pay can get u rich?
Readers really want S$1mil or want to win argument?

Simple way to let u know in real life, S$1mil is through savings. Dont tell others toto also can do. That s not real life solver.

Remember these, interest is around 2%.
If one saves $1000pm non stop, needs 60yrs to reach $1mil.
If one saves $1500pm non stop, needs 50yrs.
If one saves $2000pm non stop, needs 40yrs.

U cannot escape this basic fact: how much u get and how long u start saving?
U do NS has $500pm, u cannot start at 20 to put in 1000pm.
If u r pap supporter, u cannot find good jobs as nus or ntu grads to start saving at 30yr old with 2000pm for 40yrs, by then u retires at 70, u will never get $1mil. This is how:

save $2000pm+ wife+2childr$2000pm+ 3roomflat instal$1700 +electricity/conservancy$300+ oldfolks2$1000pm+ transport for 4 mrt$800+ medical frchildren$300+ flatmaintenance$200. yourself$500.

Total for a frugal family, no win, no cheeze: 2000+2000+1700+300+1000+800+300+200+500

U need to find a job $8800pm to pay for expenses and save $2000pm so to get $1mil at age of 70.
How to get a job at 30yr old to pay u $8800pm?

1. the job market cannot have mumbai university graduates asking for $1500pm come with masters and doctorate degrees.
2. there must be investors on good products salable in US markets or northern europe countries.
3. repeat rule number 1.

If this island is filled with graduates from phillipines and india, the rotten image will not attract US or North European firms to invest here. U vote for pap, u cannot find these high end investors want to risk their products brands name siting their investment here.
These high end investors stream to HK, the next alternative without the fake degrees from mumbai or philippines or malaysia.

Therefore, u cannot be a millionaire through your life if u continue to vote for pap s policy: foreigners create jobs for locals. U need to vote for alternative to compete with HK. Currently, HK is on the right track. KL is catching up.

This island s boom is likely to derive from debts ie spent on future money. Go look at the McKinsey world debt chart in 2014. This island s debt is far higher than Greece in recent years.

Now cash is running out and taxes are piling up to pay the dues. U see those clashes on articles against those who promised no increase in taxes. If the pap can avoid increases, will they do it? No cash, so taxes on gst are real cash, sure will come into effect. U vote for the taxes increase, now u still dream to be millionaire at 70?
Impossible. Better vote for pap again and again to be poorer and poorer. Opposition also cannot help except looking for better investors to come in and stop the cheap labor to damage the reputation of this island. Opposition cannot turn around over night too. It is dead end to this island when Malacca is boomed and Kra begins its work. Vote for pap to increase expenses for all to be boiled, without good jobs, yet spending tons of money on education. Just print the degrees will do in such market. Can sell the products?

Anonymous said...

...if the govt is so rich, why so desperate to hike taxes,...?
RB 10:43 am

Hahahahaha, PAP knows very well, and majority Sinkies also know very well, that can only be answered when the opposition is ready to be govt.

Hope after April 2018, the new SG of WP can make an announcement on that. But will they, or will they ever?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Virgo 49 said...

What can a poor Sinkie with a miserable salary do?? Put aside savings??

CANNOT even have three full meals. Those wise cocks who advocated savings from young and calculate your nest eggs are the ConMen and Women Investments Agents earning overriding and commissions agents who conned you twenty to fifty years ahead of your time and nowhere to be seen after that.

Got see Lau Uncles take photos of cheques from Sin Pools or not? ? For one Sin $ or Sin $7 changed into 8.5 millions??

This coming Friday at S $12 millions. DONT chow Kia!!

At least you have hope to be one rather than starve starve and die before your time.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1105

>> PAP knows very well, and majority Sinkies also know very well, that can only be answered when the opposition is ready to be govt. <<

The opposition (I don't even think there is such a "thing") will be what people perceive to be lacking in the PAP. And the people will be wrong. Why? Because:

Politics is DOWNSTREAM from culture. Meaning...whatever the politics is stems from CULTURE of the people in the cuntry. So take Canada...everyone is polite and conciliatory, even with the French-English split. The Canadians are "nice" people. And so their politicians and govt are all "nice" people. Being nice is a very big part of their CULTURE.

Now consider Singapore: People want material security. They value education. They want safe environment. They want to make money. They don't really care about politics. And so their politicians reflect those CULTURAL VALUES.

All the "opposition" (fringe dwellers) want to offer is "demo-CRAZY". But Singaporeans are most comfortable with democratic processes, not full-blown democracy. They use their democratic process to vote in soft dictatorship which works well.

If politics is downstream from culture, then culture determines the politics, and thus the political system. When the culture changes, so will the politics. If the politics doesn't change, the incumbent politicians will be thrown out.

That is the basis for my proposition that the CCP (The State) will fail if it doesn't heed the cultural changes in the Chinese people and their nation.

Since the nation of peoples spontaneously generate their own culture or cultural mix, and politics and political systems evolve out of that culture, then it follows The People Get The Government They Deserve

Rocket said...

My scholas-inspired, kind-hearted elitists' scheming scheme is even better. It is straight-forward and easy to understand. It is like this:

Everyone, even babies without income in their own right, contributes a sum of money every month and I will guarantee them a sum of SGD one million when they reach the age of 55.

The sum of monthly contribution is dependent on age of entry and on your monthly income.

Babies will start paying at least SG$10 a month (by their parents) and scale up by 10% increase every year, until they start to earn their own income. Once you start to have your own earnings, whether by working or other means, you will contribute 50% of your net earnings every month until the age of 55. Simple?

See? How kind I am? Even babies are not spared!

Exclusion clause: You cannot withdraw any money during the 55 years for any other purposes whatsoever, even if you die before 55 years old. If you die before 55 years old, all your contributions (with interest) will be transferred to the account of the person or persons you nominated as your beneficiaries at least 2 years before you die.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49

"3 full meals" has long been debunked as utter nonsense. No one needs "3 full meals" to live. In fact, those intelligent folks who look after themselves are eating less because most people are just eating way too much. You can see this in the rise of diabetes, heart disease, bowel cancers...and a general trend in rich western societies of having more than half their populations severely over-weight and straining the resources of their public healthcare systems.

As you get older, you definitely needn't eat 3 FULL meals. If you do, you will eventually stop getting older and die...probably prematurely.

If you know how to budget, you can live quite well and healthy in Singapore. Trouble is, too many Singaporeans are SPOILT CHILDREN who have not yet grown up to qualify them a seat at the Adult Table. They expect the world to change so they can be happy.

I say, fuck those people. 🤡

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Rocket:

Good idea. Except for one thing...

If you can save that money on your own, you don't need a govt to "look after" it.

Just do it for yourself and your family, and shut the fuck up about it...i.e. tell no one. And you and your family will always have money, which is 100% YOURS and not tied to any political manipulation.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Matilah, those jokers who told you you need a million when you retired are lot of Bullshits ConMen and Women.

When you reaches after 55, many also cannot even eat their three meals a day without help.

Many had slotted like Ahgongkia who have had to have three jobs to survive and itchy backsides supported so many Meis Mwis that lived extravagant and luxurious lifestyles on these suckers kind donations.

Many already half dead and like Ahgongkia paid MONIES and energies for the ladies to have their fun.

Expending their energies to please these Meis and paid them some more.

Now,frankly if I do not get out of the house to swim or gym, I spent not even a cent a day.

No smoking, no drinking, only black coffee with no sugar-I non diabetic. Flat fully paid after even working for first five years in full.

Household expenses all paid by grown up Chijdren CPF Life Payments only for Lotteries and Genting.

Dinner also one third bowl rice. What's the need for one million dollars? ?

Anonymous said...

WP s politicians are changing hands. Its sad to compare this island with the North. The north Lim took over the ex pap branch with a rocket sign did so well. In contrast, the one took over the late legend had to bow out for being timid.
Both sides, the rulers parties can sum up by Najib s twittee: "Saya tak makan nasi, saya makan quinoa". The price for Najib s food is 23 times that of rice average eating in the north, not the south. No sinkies had come across quinoa as regular foods. Probably the local millionaires daily makan sharks and shark fins soup. The prices for foods are too cheap to them, similar to Najib s feeling.

Do not hope much for opposition in sinkieland. From the way they perform in election, 50 years from 1965 is far too long. Lim Kit siang had already completed the whole west malaysia, only one opposition party can work out one grc. No one can deny, the local opposition are not made for governance.

Voters should continue to vote for pay and pay, vote for 9% gst, vote for 5 millions foreigners to live with them, vote for poorer and poorer. Never vote for opposition to waste one vote. We want more foreigners to lower the salary to $300 a month for an accountant or engineer to work 12 hours a day: doing nonsense. Good for our children.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


You have just lent support to my consistent argument that Singapore is an awesome place.

You can choose to live a simple, stoical existence like the one you suggested you follow and still be A-OK.

Or you could choose alternatively like agongkia to add a bit more "complexity" and "colour" to your life by being a Lothario even if you don't mind working extra jobs to achieve your preferences.

Let's face it, we need money to exchange for material wants, needs and security. How much money one needs is purely a personal choice---i.e. you decide who it is you want to be, how you are going to achieve it and the amount of money you need.

If you can do this the earlier you are in life, the much better for you. Because if you don't, you'll end up asking the govt for "help", and once you do, they have your soul which they will keep and use against your own best interests.

I sneaked out of the house to do my first job at age 14. My friend's older brother got me a menial job in one of our famous "private clubs". My first pay was $25. 25 bux to a 14 year old in the 1970's was like gold, I tell you. All I want to do was to go out and earn more money, so I could have a better life and MORE FREEDOM as a teenager.

When I was in NS, I had a lucrative "side-hustle" going. Fucking "Koolie-kang" pay was a shitty $280 per month...chow cheebye. However, my side-hustle was netting me another $2k on average. I could afford to go out on dates with chicks to places like Barbarella's, Lost Horizon, Kasbah and wear the latest fashions from Bibi & Baba. I also was renting a room so I could bang those gals. C'mon lah, 21 years old NS man...your life is terok-terbokok. So having plenty of sex....not so bad lah.

Singapore is a free market...in the sense that if you are willing to work, you can enjoy the materialism on offer. People who are jealous will remind you of the importance of a "spiritual life". To this day, I don't understand what that is. I think they are making excuses because they are lazy thinkers and lazy do-ers.

As I said, Your Life, Your Business. Up to you lah. You want to live simple, good for you. You want to live like a king, also up to you. As long as you are not initiating force on other people, and allowing them to mind their own business, everything IMO, is cool.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

All those do gooders out there claiming that they are going to help you are thinking of robbing you of your money. Period.

Do not believe in any of these con men and con women. They are rascals and cheats.

When anyone come to you and say he wants to help you, be frighten, be very frighten.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yah, you all better heed RB's sage advice. IMO Tax is legalised theft, secured by legalised extortion---i.e. pay up, or else.

Doing good and helping one another is actually scientifically verifiable as "desirable".

When it is a "one-on-one" thing, it is beautiful. It brings out the HUMANITY in individuals.

However if it is a Big Gang telling a bunch of "followers" to "do good" by forcibly taking money from them, then it is no longer good anymore. It becomes very dangerous because the Big Gang gets more POWERFUL if their millions of minions comply with toxic obedience.

The Big Gang can do everything LEGALLY you as an individual cannot. The Big Gang can legally kidnap and enslave your male children. If you did that, you will be a criminal worthy of capital punishment. The Big Gang calls this "National Service".

The Big Gang can murder entire populations of people, legally. This is called "war".

The Big Gang can murder individuals legally to take revenge. This is called "state execution". You cannot take revenge this way. If you do, you are a criminal.

The Big Gang can relieve you of your personal property by force. If you did this to another human, you are a armed robber or a thief. They call this "tax" and "eminent domain" (when they kapor your land, house etc for such things like "roads")

If you get fed up at being kicked around, you have 2 options:

1. Shield yourself as much as possible form the Big Gang

2. Join the Big Gang

Your life, your business lah! 💀😜🤡

Anonymous said...

@RB 2.13pm

Follow the Garmen's scammers protocol:




Anonymous said...

Buying non stop paying scheme like insurance has to be careful. Cancelling should be easy and no punitive terms exist. Those start young paying for a debt ie premium seeing no returns will give up in 5 to 10 years when pressure on cash gets tighten. Those buy at old age will have to pay high cost.

Dont discount the WAR with North Korea. Trump said phase 2 after his sanctions will come in: its war. In 1953, the war cost US$53billions equal to US$341billions now. Iraq war cost US$851billions. If US goes with NK in coming month, the basic cost is: 851x3=US$2553 Billions. This is what US must pay, base on Iraq s past cost.
Can US keep buying from sinkieland the electronic parts when it has huge debts? Can China export to US when US is struggling to pay debts to its own military industries?

Can sinkieland be boomed without a country called South Korea on earth? Where can sinkies buy Samsung hand phones, washing machinese, TV screens including those from LG?

THerefore, if sinkies are optimistic to commit long term debts at 20s on insurance, the likeliness of cancelling the schemes is above 50% chance. Think first. The money is wasted if one do not need to claim at young age 20s. It is not safe to believe the politicians who cannot guarantee long term, especially what happen to sinkieland when Korea war breaks out in coming months. The economy is oredi stand still now if one look carefully how young people struggling to drive private taxi around. Are they making or losing money? Anyone has survey? For old brands taxi, their revenues lost 20% against past year. Can still survive with a taxi? Its a golden job to old folks in the past. It means the economy is losing purchasing power under the current tax schemes. Will it be better with higher taxes?
So committing long term debt like insurance does have lots of thinking needed.

Virgo49 said...

The USA is still looking for a fight with North Korea.

Asking their stooges including Sinkieland to have a blockade and search ships suspected of not having sanctions against Kim.

Behaving like Gangsters. These stooges are doing their dirty work for their White Masters who are afraid of now been vulnerable of attacks by Kim.

Really pui! Asians helping the Evil Whites to maim and killed their own.

UN lams duck CANNOT even rein in the Big Bully

Anonymous said...


Very easy to escape your millionaire scheme. Just become foreigner & work as E-pass holder in Singapore. Got lots of $$$$$ in hand ... can buy condo & sublet rooms .... help to pay my mortgage. Or use $$$$$$ to buy land back in my home country .... build farm to become self-sustaining .... invest 3 or 4 shophouses back in my home town too .... rental income for life.

After 10-20 years retire to millionaire life in my home country.

Better than your millionaire scheme.

Anonymous said...

"The USA is still looking for a fight with North Korea."

NK is like Iraq. If it destroys all nuclear arsenals, US and other big power will be much convenient to invade the North.
To US, invading the North is a step closer to control the North s Northern power with the Thaad oredi inside the south.

The War is on, Kim Jong Un should know it when he was was his father. His father was rushing to produce nuclear arsenals. The young Kim should know the reason. War is inevitable, after Iraq was destroyed.

In recent parade, North displayed missiles look like SS26. SS26 is Russian s missile able to avoid Thaad. SS26 flies within 50km, while Thaad aims at 80km and beyond.

Good to see Kim s industries are up to date. North Korea will stand US invasion for a while. Russia will come in with its weapons. Russia s new Jets Su57 is used in Syria s war.

Once US is defeated in 2018, these 2 countries will be able to find many buyers of their weapons. Jia bay liao. Iran, Indonesia, will be potential buyers. Sinkieland only can afford F16c/d, F16a/b is out of production. Indonesia will have 12 to 15 Su35. It has airbase at naturnal island very near sinkieland, and also batam. Sinkieland as super power in asean will not be forever.

Virgo49 said...

Meantime, Mr RB, waiting for CNN and FoxNews Breaking News of how many of the Ameeicunts both adults and children been gunned down by their own kind.

Just loved to see the Stupidity of them declaring and ostensibly have to tell their own barbarians of how they fought and decorated in wars and told themselves that they are Patriots and not MURDErERS as to others.

So many of them insane with their murderous killings of others in other countries.

Let the Cowboys annihilate their own for the Evil deeds to the World.

vIRGO49 said...

Here an open letter to the Prime Minister as send to Reach by one Ms Florence:-


Dear Prime Minister.

Your budget makes no sense at all. I am not like one of these many lemmings on here that praise it and don't know what its about. Can you care to explain the following: 1) If you have a budget surplus of almost $10billion from last year, why are u still raising the GST?

2) Isn't giving u $300 on one hand (bribing one with one's own money) and taking it away on the other hand with a GST increase, rather meaningless?

3) Why are we spending billions $ on infrastructure like rail and roads when we have a zero population growth and almost negative birthrate? Who are we building these infrastructure for? To accommodate your target of 6.9 million population? So, we are spending Singaporean taxpayer money on infrastructure for foreigners?

4) Why is our defence budget 40% larger then our healthcare budget, more then $4 billion more.To buy weapons and equipment to fight who? Name our enemy.

Mr. Prime Minister. With an aging population, healthcare should far surpass the defence budget, not the other way round

5) Increasing the education budget by giving more edusave bursaries to our student is like giving crumbs to us. Your govt is giving full scholarships to foreign students, why can't we get that deal instead?

6) If u need more money, instead of taxing the poor with a GST increase, why don't u raise the tax rate for the high earners (those earning over $1 million a year). I am sure there are thousands of such people, including all your Cabinet Ministers and many MPs. If you tax them more, u surely can avoid the GST.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.42pm

The above writings will be dismissed by Shame-murugun as " ..pure theatrics & no substance.." & will be announced as fake news by Select Group of Propaganda Committee..

Anonymous said...

Latest bullshit from Chan Chun Sing: "Preserving reserves signals to markets strength of Singapore dollar"

People are asking to use a higher % of net investment returns to contribute to governmental revenue, not asking to dip into the reserves.

Last year's 50% usage contribute $14.11 billion. A 60% contribution would be $16.93 billion - an incremental increase of $2.82 billion.

That 10% increase can roughly cover the 2 percentage point hike to the GST (which is $3.2 billion based on last year's GST of $11.25 billion collected).

Also, the strength of a currency doesn't just depend on the level of a country's reserves. Interest rate differentials and trade balances also play a huge part in determining a currency's value.

Actually, Heng Swee Kiat, being the Finance Minster and ex-MAS, is in a more authoritative position to talk about the Singapore dollar strength then army kee-chiu Chan Chun Sing ! Making toes laugh !!

Anonymous said...

All the White Humpty Dumpties simply cannot be trusted. Let alone their Internet Brigaade's Stooges.

KP said...

When things start to fall apart, you can simply give up and surrender, or you can run for the exit, or you can Fight Back to the last breath, until there is nothing left.

But, in order to fight back, You must know what You are fighting for.

If you are just fighting for personal pride, is it worth it?

If you are fighting for personal glory, is it worth the while?

If you are fighting to defend your bosses' families, wealth aznd and comfortable, is it worth your life?

If you are fighting to defend the power of a few self-enriching elitists, do they deserve it?

If you are fighting to defend the free-loaders and foreigners, is it your duty to do so?

If you are fighting to defend your HDB flats, which do not really belong to you, is it not stupid?

If you are fighting to defend a small piece of island, is there no other better place to die for?

If you are fighting to defend your way of life, what way of life do you have?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi KP, Our PM to be said by 2050, Singapore must ensure She has enough water for the People.
By 2050, another 32 light years away. With our ZERO growth population, needs to have enough water??

By that time Sinking Land POP at 32 millions or more? ?

Sink or not? ?No eyes to see already go to Nirvana and sell salted eyes.

So they projected that the PAP will be bringing in another 30million Talents and they be still the Girrrment of the day at that time? ?

Think lightly so.As even the GST increase be even after the GE and they are sure cock sure the Dafts will vote them 90% again.

As Matilah said Sinkies loved Soft Dictatorial Power to screw them and have spurs on their hides.

Tolerate now for the Present and live to the fullest whilst you can. For the younger generation, you are so lucky to have such a caring Talented Leaders who even planned for you beyond 2050.

Your children and great grandchildren are so BLESSED.


b said...

Smalland girls and boys should marry white people and more chance smalland becomes vassal state of resource rich anz like the christmas island. This way can have job, house, car and no need forced ns. Why fight when can use other way to get more peace?

b said...

CPF becomes Super, ANZ leaders will be smiling. All they need is to takeover from youknowwho.