Air Show 2018 - Some aerial display pics

RSAF's F15 Eagle soaring to the sky
2 F16s in the company of a F15
Firing flares
Solid burst of flares by F15
Indonesia's aerobatic team in action
More actions from the Indonesians
Coming in from another angle like in Pearl Harbour
Malaysia's Su30, a match for our F15. The above pic is the Swedish Viggen that Malaysia bought.
Viggen also can fire flares
The deadliest bomber of all times, the monster B52, infamous for carpet bombing of Vietnam and a favourite weapon of the Americans to threaten North Korea and Iran with nuclear bombs carried by this aircraft. Also used to threaten China and Russia.


Anonymous said...

3 heartening news against the evil Western n allies' hegemonistic forces in the last 12 hours:

1) Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashes under Syrian anti-aircraft fire amid IDF cross-border raid


2) Philippines to cancel $233 million helicopter deal with Canada


3) South Korean President Moon dismissed a call from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to resume massive military exercises between Seoul and the US. “I understand what Prime Minister Abe said is not to delay South Korea-U.S. military drills until there is progress in the denuclearization of North Korea. But the issue is about our sovereignty and intervention in our domestic affairs,” Moon told the Japanese leader.


Anonymous said...

These r pure theatics & no substance in time of real war all r wiped out.

Anonymous said...

A alamak still flying F15? I thought this type should go to museum already? Rb u are expert, please share your plane knowledge.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is not that F15 is obsolete. The question is relative. You can win a war with old Hunters if the enemies did not have anything to shoot it down. F15 is still an excellent aircraft to many aircraft our potential enemies have.

The Americans are still enticing and luring the stupid to buy the $200m a piece F35, for what, against who? Are we a world power trying to fight wars everywhere? We only need to be better than our enemies, not to be better than the Russians or China. They are not our enemies unless we stupidly make them one.

A $200m piece of aircraft is pure theatrics in this region. We cannot afford to have $200m drop from the sky every time a F35 has engine problem or due to pilot error. This kind of price is only for empires and countries that can print money. Our CPF savings and reserves cannot afford to lose this kind of money.

Asean countries should not be so stupid to keep on buying expensive toys to show off and the weapons manufacturers laughing to the banks. One up the stake, another continue to outbid, and Asean will have a stupid and expensive arms race all for nothing. The money can be saved for better use.

Asean countries is not going to wars with the super powers. In a multi polar world, if Asean is neutral, the super powers would do the outbidding and compete in their own arms race. Small little countries should not pretend to be big powers and wasting their people's money on toys for wars.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans and Japanese are hell bent to make the two Koreans to go to war to serve their hegemonic interests in the region. The Koreans are not stupid and would not do their biddings. Moon got to be very careful or he would be assassinated just like Park Chung Hee for wanting to have closer and peaceful relations with their northern brothers.

Beware of more false flag incidents, especially during the Winter Olympics. The North Korean team members are under threat, esp Kim Jong Un's sister. You can imagine the kind of security measures they are taking to protect them, from the Americans, the Japanese and traitorious banana Koreans.

Not only the Americans are treating South Korea as their semi colony, the Japanese too are treating South Korea as their ex colony and insist on meddling in their internal affairs and sovereignty.

virgo49 said...

The Monster B-52 Bomber looks so huge and sluggish. Must be accompanied by Fighter Jets.

One accurate surface to air missle will have it exploded in midair with her bombs as Grand Fireworks.

No need these expensive Toys nowadays. Just get one ATOM bomb and all were respect you.

Just like having a gun aiming at a guy with knife.


Rocket said...

Japan must be stopped. Not North or South Korea.

Anonymous said...

Rb, I remembered that F15 is ar least 20 years old though I think sg has upgraded some components like radar and weapons. Sg is also considering buying the F35 so that we can be the most powerful country in Asia if not at least in ASEAN.

Rocket said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with Anon 9:39. Aircraft technology does not go obsolete in 20 years. 20 years is just about time for the technology to mature. And every F15 flying today is brand new in engine, body and equipment.

Please don't hope they go for the F35s. Your CPF will be depleted with more schemes to pay for them.

Rocket said...

Any problem, nor matter how great, between North and South Korea is an internal national problem that has got nothing to do with Japan and USA, or any other countries, or the US-bribed-and-coerced United Nations.

It is similar to North and South Vietnam, East and West Germany.

The problem between these artificially divided nations were created by the US and the corrupted United Nations after World War 2. More than 60 years have past and Germany and Vietnam have been reunited. But Korea still has not.

Germany, due to being White Race people, was reunited without war or mass killings and displacement of innocent civilians.

Vietnam was reunited because North Vietnam had won the Wars of Aggression and Annihilation evilly launched by France and USA, killing millions of innocent civilians with indescribable atrocities, worst than what the Japanese did during WW2.

Korea, due to being Non-White Race, has been held by the USA and the corrupted UN as a sacrificial lamb for their demonstrations of military power, in order to serve as a warning to the rest of the world, in older to hold the world hostage to the US Military Might.

Might is not Right, nor matter how the mighty may want to twist and turn through mass propaganda and bias slanted corrupted mass media.

Might has never been Right! The use of force against any country or any human bean is never right. So is compulsory insurance schemes to siphon, steal and rob the life-long savings of the powerless citizens' money from their CPF accounts!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The joke about American marketing tricks. When they are ready to sell the F15s, they would say how superior the F15s are to the Russian and Chinese fighters. Now they want to sell the F35s, they would say F15s are obsolete, not good enough. Then they would go on to brag about how sophisticated the F35s are, with all kinds of advanced equipment and technology for the pilots to use.

Here is the fallacy. The pilot. Not just Singaporean pilots but American pilots as well. How many are as clever as Einstein or a computer wizard to be able to apply all the technology at their finger tips? They would have to be superman, to think faster than the aircraft and the computers to take advantage of the technology. If you have a dud pilot, he would be so confused that he would be lost inside the cockpit. Not that I may saying the pilots are daft. The air forces would choose the best available but the best available just cannot fly. So what you have that are flying the most technologically advanced flying machine? Can an O level or A level or a C or D grader take full advantage of the technology? The presumption is that the pilots are technically as good. Is this true? Ask a boh tak cheh to drive a Ferrari and see what happens.

And $200m is just entry level price. The media gave a figure of US$96m a piece. Wait till you have the full cost of weapons and avionics. And worst, the F35s are not supposed to fight alone, as the pilots would not be able to cope with the complexity of the weapons systems and need backup support from the ground or airborne support system like airborne radar and crew. The cost of providing that kind of support to make the F35s useful would blow your mind, would blow all your budget. This they would not tell you. And not counting maintenance and replacement cost.

Would the stupid be told of the full operations cost? Or would they be singing, only US$96m a piece, so cheap?

Goh said...

I dunno lah.Already felt so insecure staying in the East too near to changi coast. Now more worry seeing these toys.
Me felt it's really khongcum to allow these toys to fly over our airspace ,allowing them to capture the birdview of my country.
Why give these toys chances to know our sensitive area and this is to our disadvantage .
Being a small country,we cannot be complacent on security else defeat the purpose on our spending on defence .
I care n is concern for my country's and it's citizen's security n safety.
No intention to offend anyone .

Anonymous said...

9:10am probably states the general impression on new aircraft. The evidences are from middle east. Su 25 was shot down by "probably a Chinese FN-6 passive infrared homing" gun. Jew s F16 was shot by anti aircraft in syria.
Japan bought F35B to put on its short runway "carrier" to match the region s war assets expansion shows not threat to the Chinese.

In other words, from a layman s point, US has not proven it could win the war in middle east with F35 or F22, or F16. The recent downing of these expensive aircraft told us the fast improvement of anti aircraft weapons.

One cannot know what will happen when F22 and B2 bombers are flying on North Korea. It is US s unfriendliness that chilled watchers on sinkieland. The powerful and cheerful woman Kim Yo Jong was standing right behind Pence. This front hawk did not have the courtesy to turn back to shake her hand. It was rude to the host Moon. No doubt about it based on Asia s mannerism. US and North Korea is not at war term. Why Pence behave in such a rude manner?

The conclusion is: US is planning a strike on North Korea. There s little doubt if Pence is in charge. However, US might have irritated Kim Jong Un for being rude to his sister, telling her to fuck off at the ceremony. Kim Jong Un when being struck by bombers or missiles, might use much heavy bombs on US, dont rule out an out right nuclear strikes to stop US s arrogance. Russia is on Kim s side. If US use nuclear on North Korea, Russia will have no doubt to take the revenge.
The world between Russia and US is taking shape. Japan will need to receive enough chemical bombs to give up aggression against the North.

All these F223516 are just tools when anti aircraft guns are firing from all angles in hiding, with infra red guides, how fast can a big aircraft turns and flies to avoid the lighting speed bullets at 360 degree? Its waste of money to spend too much on such high tec devices because, on ground aiming accurately, these big devices will be down in NoN random hits.

Virgo49 said...

Wah, Ahgongkia stay in the East??

Elites mostly stay in the East.Near Blue Bird Park or at Changi Resort Hotel guarded by Gurkhas? ?

What's Sinking Land Security? Can be used for missiles testing and within one big one already sink.

Sinking land wasted billions if not trillions in having these unnecessarily Toys.

Youngsters maybe foolish kept changing Smart phones and more stupid oldies kept buying these irreverent war machines.

Should spend on the welfare of the citizens.

Simply flatten AMK and Hougang and within twenty four hours surrender.

Sinkies will cry Fathers and Mothers.

Rocket said...

The F35 can only operate with full capabilities effectively with satellites' support. Those countries without their own satellites in space will have to rely on US support, which will incur further operating costs.

Moreover, the US will never transfer the top secret technologies built for US Air Force's F35s to any third country. This is prohibited by Congressional Dictates. So any other country that wish to purchase the F35s from the US will only get the standard version (without the top-secret avionics) that is inferior to those in the US Air Force.

Thirdly, there is an inherent flaw in the manufacturing of the F35s, which the US will not reveal.

Lastly, Russia and China have already built their own aircraft with the capabilities to counter the US's F35. And the US has already built another aircraft that is much better than the F35.

Those are the main reasons why the US is selling the F35 now.

However, even with the knowledge of the disadvantages, there are always suckers out there to want to purchase the F35.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 11.04

Moon had the North Koreans on Top of the Americans Pence and as Korean Culture, they are in a way Superior in Seniority.

The American Media made a Hue and Cry on this matter.

You see the North Koreans Military Peak Caps.They are shaped so oddly with theur Tops deformed upwards.

They just want to be "higher" than you. The Kims wore Platform shoes.

At the Panyongjong DMZ conference room, the North Koreans has their side of Table tilted Higher than the Americans and South Korea.

Moon and Kim had wanted talks among themselves and this frighten the Japs and the Americans.

Moon just wayang must also talk to the Americans. They might formed a pact to drive out the Americans and be an United and Powerful Nation in Asia.

That's why Abe kept harping on resumed War Exercises which Moon objected.

More dramas to follow

Anonymous said...

At the home front:

CNA Editor’s Note:

"In an earlier version of the story, we misquoted Mr Shanmugam as saying the authorities need to look at the content put out by MUIS and other Muslim leaders, and point out what is wrong when necessary. This has since been corrected. Mr Shanmugam had in fact said it is the teachings in mosques, as well as content put out by local Muslim leaders and MUIS, that is the real antidote to the spread of radical content online. And he added that we have to point out – and fight – what is wrong about the teachings found in radical content online. We are sorry for the error.”

How dare CNA editor's allowed a misquoted report of Mr Shanmugam to be published and spread world-wide?

Don't they know the probable consequences of offending one who is more powerful than the prime minister?

Anonymous said...

Symbolic seating on top while Moon was at lower row will not please the North Korean delegates. The Northerners were serious on the O Game probably because they have a chance to expose their power. The northerners help Moon to be important. If the North boycott the Game, Moon will have nothing to show to the world.
Pence s rudeness to North Korean delegates was a clear mistake. The poor manner will not take US to talk to North Korea. But everyone knows, US is divided on bombing North Korea facilities for fear that Russia will take the chance as "revenge" to bomb US. Never discount Kim Jong Un having the h bomb experimented near hundred times to aim at Japan. US troops in Japan Tokyo, Yokohama, Okinawa will receive nuclear bombs.
On the balance view, US dare not to bomb NK at all cost. That s why NK FM Ri openly asked US in UN to fire and not talk. Moon knew this kind of situation.

If Moon keeps wasting money to join US to drill SK troops, its no end at such wayang as his Taikor US has no motive to fight. US wants SK to buy its weapons, together with Japan. Now Abe seems to have awaken on US s motive. No war but buy more. All these hardware will have run out date, and the maintenance cost on parts will help US earn huge foreign exchanges. Moon being Korean should know the trap. Moon can only work on the North: if Kim give up nuke, then, US will have no excuse to "make life difficult" to NK. This is what US and China want NK to do.

Anyone in SK or NK will not want the give up such a rare powerful weapon to deter US aggression. Even China does not give up nuke, NK will give up nuke, being more risky and small/weak? Logically, China and US are bullying NK on such demand. Moon will have to work on relationships as they speak Koreans, the Chinese and US both cannot understand.

Moon may be able to achieve a certain time line. The understanding is: NK will not use nuclear bombs against SK. This was declared by NK negotiator last month. The understanding should also come from Moon that it will not mount an attack on NK. This part is difficult bc SK chief commander is US 4 star general. Moon has attempted to get rid of the US commander, but failed when he met Trump.

So Moom might have to work for a long long time if he is to please the US and China s demand to ask NK to give up nuclear weapon.

The fastest way for Moon to achieve his aim to get rid of US commanding SK troops is to help US to open fire at the Northerners. That too will scare the Chinese and US hawks. If Moon is ambitious, he should try this way, so that the Northerners will fire nuclear bombs on US main land. Once and for all, North and South will talk on unification because US will withdraw from Asia after receiving say: 2 nuclear bombs, one at NY and one at Washington. No more warriors from angmor want to fight at least for 10 years.
Moon might go at no results if he tries to wishi washi with China and US on "denuclearization" for NK. Let say if Kim gives up, what happen to SK vs China? So Moon can just play game or be ambitious to do something real against the US command.

A combined Korea will deter Japan and China when the Koreans hold h bombs, similar to China and Russia. Japan will not dare to touch the combined Korea. Russia s support on Kim is always critical to deter US.

Anonymous said...

Moon got to be very careful or he would be assassinated just like Park Chung Hee for wanting to have closer and peaceful relations with their northern brothers.
RB 9:18 am

U r rite.

But I think Moon is very smart or else he could not have become President.

And if Moon is very smart, there will be very little chance of him being assassinated.

Hsien Loong is also very smart or else PAP under his leadership would not have won election after election and for him to continue as PM.

And because Hsien Loong is very smart, there will be very little chance of PAP being voted out of govt.

Anonymous said...

Moon got to be very careful or he would be assassinated just like Park Chung Hee for wanting to have closer and peaceful relations with their northern brothers.
RB 9:18 am

Park Chung Hee was not very smart that's why he got assassinated when he was President.

His daughter, Park Geun Hye was also not very smart that's why she got thrown out as President and even further disgraced by being sent to prison.

Our neighbour PM Najib is very smart. That's why Najib could still remain as PM despite being internationally disgraced by the 1MDB scandal.

In politics, one need to be smart to remain in power. Or else one will get voted out, overthrown, sent to jail or worst of all, being assassinated.

Anonymous said...

According to a Reuters interview with manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp's executive vice-president Rick Edwards on Thursday (Feb 8) at the Singapore Air Show. the Singapore government is looking to buy F35 fighter jets.

Each fighter jet is priced at US$94.6 million each, or about S$125 million each, without the advanced avionics and other accessories.

"They, I think, are seriously evaluating the F-35, as well as other platforms I‘m sure. When they are ready we will respond," said Rick Edwards.

Anonymous said...

All Malaysia and Indonesia need to do is to buy the Anti-Aircraft weapons from China or Russia and deploy them very close to Singapore. The moment these F35s take off, they could be shot down immediately.

Taxpayers' money spent on toys for thoughtless paper generals dissipate in thin air.

Anonymous said...

The Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) today (Feb 11) outright rejected Malaysia’s proposal to have a single joint checkpoint centre for the cross-border bridge at the Causeway.

According to a Malaysian paper, The Star, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak raised the proposal to the Singapore government to cut down the waiting time to cross the bridge.

The Singapore MHA however rejected the proposal without making an effort to discuss with their Malaysian neighbour:

“It is not possible for Singapore to do away with immigration and custom checks for departing travellers. Departure checks are a vital part of Singapore’s border security strategy. The Singapore Government will continue to work with Malaysia to explore other practical ways to facilitate travel between Singapore and Malaysia.”