The Evil Empire, USA is the stumbling block to peace in Korea

President Trump is a war hawk and is surrounded by even more hawkish advisors and ministers especially those who are die hard Neo-Conservatives who adhere very closely to the Wolfowitz Doctrine of militantcy and world hegemony.

America will thwart every peace effort to a unified Korea. A divided Korea will serve American interest to continuing holding total colonial military power over South Korea and its intent to station permanent military bases in East Asia especially in Japan, South Korea, Guam and the Philippines. USA will see to it that the present Winter Olympic Diplomacy between DPRK and South Korea will never lead to serious dialogue to a negotiated peace and a unified Korean nation. American military bases in Korea, Japan and Guam will will serve USA interest to  spy and check on Russia and China.

USA is continuously building a case for support against North Korea. It is using a similar effort to its approach in its terrorist attack and war against Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya and recently in Syria. If there is going to have trouble or war in Korea , the blame is on America and not DPRK. It is not so much as DPRK having Nuclear weapons. It is USA determination to continue its seventy year military occupation of South Korea that splits Korea into two states arbitrarily. USA wants to maintain control of the strategically located territory of South Korea which is a critical part of its strategy to encircle China and Russia so that it can remain to be the dominant global power and a world hegemony for time without end.

USA state propaganda relentlessly demonise DPRK  without end and as a result of its meddling DPRK and South Korea are not able to achieve unification . USA often sabotage efforts by DPRK and South Korea to improve better communications and relations because imperial America fears a dialogue between the North and South Korea poses a threat to its continued military presence in South Korea and the region. It is doing this to Korea as to what it has been doing to China and Taiwan because without USA meddling in the Chinese civil war, Taiwan would have been united with China long ago.

Imperial America always treat DPRK leaders with disrespect and contempt. It doesn't want to end hostilities in Korea. It is not open to dialogue with DPRK. It is not DPRK is a communist country . USA is using communist rebels  as well as muslim militants like Isil to fight the legitimate government of president Arshad in Syria.

USA never wants to sign a treaty with DPRK to officially end the Korean War. It refuses to talk with the DPRK government or provide it with assurances that it will never attack DPRK for whatever reason. Imperial USA policy is very hostile and provocative, yet it continuously bombarded the world with false and fake propaganda to demonise DPRK in all its mass media via TV, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other world mass media control by America accusing North Korea of threatening USA and its allies and that DPRK is impulsive and evil and therefore it must be defeated and destroyed.

All the false accusations against DPRK is pure baloney. DPRK is not responsible for the Korean crisis. Just as China is not responsible for the South China Sea crisis. They are all manuafactured by imperial America to suit its evil agenda of world conquest and hegemony. Both the Korean crisis and the South China Sea issues are totally engineered by the Evil Empire , USA.

Thus USA has warned South Korea that other than talking on Winter Olympic Games it is useless for South Korea to have a dialogue with DPRK on peaceful unification without USA backing.

The ugly face of Western and USA white supremacist is there for everyone to see. They foster and supported the unification between West Germany and Communist East Germany but constantly thwart the efforts at unification between the two Koreas  and between China and Taiwan.

Never trust the West and the Americans. The native Americans had learnt the lesson too late and that is why and how almost all the native Americans of over eighty-five million or Ninety-Eight percent of them were completely massacred and genocided. China and DPRK must continue to build up the military especially nuclear capability to counter imperial America and if possible destroy this demon monster forever so that there will be peace on earth.


Monday, 12th February,2018


Anonymous said...

The desperate evil empire of USA imperialism is now poor and destitute. It is living on borrowed money. It is able to survive now because it is able to cheat and swindle the whole world with the printing of fiduciary issues of paper money not backing by gold or any resources except its ability to control the petrol dollar. China and Russia are working with the BRIC countries to eventually take down the petrol dollar Once the petrol dollar is taken down imperial America will be as poor as a church mouse and its ability to create trouble in the world be greatly reduced. And by that time if the evil empire still dares to create wars anywhere especially in Korea it will be announcing the death knell of evil America.

Anonymous said...

The American treachery on divide and rule will eventually rebound on America itself. USA will implode and divide into a few separate sovereign states via an independent African American state, Mexican American state, Native Indian American state and lastly a rundown desperate Caucasian American state. A divided America is good and imperative for world peace.

b said...

USofA is just another vassal state. The group of families aka elites controlling them are the real evil ones descended from the one that suck the shewolf. Over the years, they have crossed marriages with the imperial family of japan.