Singapore must not be part of international gangsterism

By Matt Spetalnick, Phil Stewart and David Brunnstrom

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trump administration and key Asian allies are preparing to expand interceptions of ships suspected of violating sanctions on North Korea, a plan that could include deploying U.S. Coast Guard forces to stop and search vessels in Asia-Pacific waters, senior U.S. officials said.

Washington has been talking to regional partners, including Japan, South Korea, Australia and Singapore, about coordinating a stepped-up crackdown that would go further than ever before in an attempt to squeeze Pyongyang’s use of seagoing trade to feed its nuclear missile program, several officials told Reuters....

The above is the latest development on what the Evil Empire is trying to do in Asia, create more tension by demonising and forcing the North Koreans to react. The most belligerent country in the world is the USA, the biggest trouble maker all over the world. It uses all kinds of excuses to demonise and blacklist countries for sanctions and threatens them with regime changes and wars.

Now it is roping in all it allies, mostly cronies and semi colonies to do its biddings to make an enemy out of North Korea. Singapore is the hot favourite as if Singapore is a colony of the USA and would do as the Evil Empire wants it to do. If Singapore is to join this international gangsterism ring, Singapore would only be asking for trouble. 

The North Koreans are a threat to no one if left alone. It is only developing its own defence capability against the constant military threat by the Americans. If the Americans do not threaten the North Koreans, they would have nothing to do with the Americans and pose the most remote threat to the Americans. The drumming up of this North Korean threat is part of the American grand design to create tension and even to provoke a war in Asia to promote the interest of the Evil Empire.

Singapore and all Asian and Asean states must stay out of this devious scheme. Let the Americans and its semi colonies and cronies to be the enemies of the North Koreans, and in this case of China and Russia as well. Let them fight and kill themselves if they chose to. Singapore must be neutral and stay out of this conflict that the evil Americans are stirring and wanting it to become a reality in the Asian hemisphere, a war in Asia. 

Singapore has nothing to gain but all to lose. The lives of Singaporeans are at stake. Don't be stupid. Don't be taken for granted by the evil Americans. Don't become a semi colony of the USA. Singapore would not only become an enemy of North Korea but also of China and Russia. The stakes are very high.

PS. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy declared that any attack on any country in the Americas by Russian missiles in Cuba would be an attack on the USA.

Both Russia and China must make the same declaration that any attack on North Korea by any country would be an attack on Russia and China and they would declare war against the invader country/countries. Such a declaration is necessary to prevent the evil Americans and the Japanese from starting a war in East Asia.


Virgo 49 said...

I simply adored and loved that Do Dirty, oops Duarte, that God Send President of the Philippines.

He told China, let us be your Colony. Can we send our troops there for training??

Just be a colony of China and you have Instant Protection from another Big Bro.

No need to worry to Por Lam Par the Americans. Summoned the Ambassador of the Evil Empire who made threats on his safety.

The Sinkie Chin Chin Traitors Leaders instead of making Asia Safer they want to get themselves annihilated and wasted their efforts all these years hoarding their wealth by sucking the blood of the people that they supposed to serve.

Trump said Phase II would be very unfortunate and bad for the world.

Meaning you morons in Asia.You gonna suffer much more than us.

We are in our White Supremacy still thinks we are Invincible from the turmoil that we are going to create in your back yard.

The Chinese in China warned against further sanctions. For Kim, may be the last straw to retaliate.

Bullies, especially the smaller ones tends to lend credence to their safety and sided with the Big Bully to bully another small bully.

Not knowing that the Big Bully might also pick on him later when they already killed that small bully.

You think the Ameeicunts will not bully you when they finished off North Korea? ?

Goh said...

//The lives of Singaporeans are at stake//
Who cares ?Only the rich like you people got to worry.
I am not rich but squeezed like sugarcane.
I have no property that I can call my own.
I work like slave but still pokai.
Hound by the rich ...
Even meimeis that I hug are only temporary one nia.
My only dream is to have the ability to bring back my ancestors' ashes to my ancestral land in China if I foresee anything but money always not enough.
Miserable,baysoon,keksim,lost n koliantai...becos rich like you people made me poor ,pretend to kpkb wanting more money .One only care his pocket n asking for more.....One n his descendants , call themselves Peter , Paul or Kimberly even one's forefathers are not angmo related .Nothing to pity .
Who knows ?
風水輪流轉。。Maybe my life will even improve if all are gone.
How good if I am left alone in this island ,oops,no need ,pulau ubin enough liao..leading a no kacheowlation life ,real pig n chicken ,plant soursop n kangkong,with few meimeis helping me to produce that I can call my own.
I am not asking for much but simple life nia.

Anonymous said...

Singapore and all Asian and Asean states must stay out of this devious scheme...Singapore has nothing to gain but all to lose.

But from what the PAP is doing, looks like Singapore also want the "evil" Americans to protect Singapore.

If not, why PAP let Changi naval base play strategic logistical host and support to the American Asia Pacific naval fleet which include aircraft carriers which will most likely, if the need arise, be used to launch an attack on NK?

In fact by playing host in this way, Singapore may risk a missile attack from NK in the event of war. So why PAP still want to take this risk? Or maybe PAP think there is no such risk, just as PAP think there is no risk PAP will be voted out?

Anonymous said...

Maybe PAP think Singapore being part of international "gangsterism" led by the "evil" Americans is necessary to protect Singapore. In other words, a necessary evil for Singapore. Or rather a lesser evil, as compared to not being part of it.

Just as 70% Sinkies think PAP as ruling party is a lesser evil for Singapore, as compared to the opposition which is not even strong and united as opposition, let alone strong, united and ready to be govt.

Virgo49 said...

PAP thought SINKIEland be safe in the event of another Korean War.Somebody's Tragedy another's Comedy. Can capitalise on others Wars Spending MONIES.

They think just like the Vietnam War where at that time still primitive warfare compared to now. So near to Singapore and yet we are left unscathed.

Now, any missiles can get you just like shooting a bullet from a gun to a nearby target.Kim, please reserved one for Sinking Land.

No need what's Centenary Celebration and what's planning for 2025.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, I also wanted to live the lifestyle you talk about. Live in Ubin with a few Mei Mei and u called this simple lifestyle? This is fit for a king or rich man ! U need to get your head examined man! Or get sodomize to wake up😀😀😀

Goh said...

King or rich man all gone so no worry.Only laochek virgo welcome to visit me if he is lucky enough to play jackpot at that moment and escape,but his life miserable too cos maybe no more jackpot or internet or msn for him to talk like drinking water.
But I can plant special durian for him.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore complained so loudly that some country tried to influence its policies. If Singapore were to be part of this international gangsterism, it would not be some country trying to influence Singapore's policies but dragging Singapore by the ear to do its bidding, in this case to go to war.

So which is more serious, which is more stupid?

Singapore will be neutral and not be influenced or coerced or beholden to any foreign power?

Anonymous said...

Don't think Bala & gang got balls to say "NO" to the US.

Their 2-faced politics is well-known and documented in Beijing.

Suckers Are Made Everyday said...

If Singapore joins the Gang of Four (USA, Japan, Australia and UK) to attack North Korea, Singapore cannot claim to be NEUTRAL any more. Singaporeans will be seen by the World-At-Large as not an independent state but a willing stooge of the Evil Empire and the White Supremacists.

From then onwards, the World will see and deal with Singapore as a Western Colony of the White Men, a traitor to her own people. Therefore, cannot be trusted as a friend, or even as a trading partner.

The whole geo-political ball game will take a drastic change, for better or for worst. There will be no return afterwards.

Islamic communities, terrorists or otherwise, will also deal with Singapore in ways previously never seen before.

Singapore can then be renamed as Stupidapore!

Virgo49 said...

Live in Ubin zinc roofed hut with Meis Meis?? So romantic? Can take sampan up north for fishing trip near JB!. Nothing much other entertainment and in rainy days wah cost up in beds.

The PAP would love you for raising the what's TFR or what's statistics POP numbers. This impending war will not be named the Korean War Season II.

It be the Demise of Asia and the World Just Season I.

Ubin also be sunk. See Mr Brown sang DONT use Sampan Song.


Anonymous said...

Trump imposed sanctions on 27firms and 28ships and some individuals was not UN sanctions. Sinkieland has ignore sovereignty if it does not protest the sanction covered sinkieland s registered ships. Who want to come to sinkieland when it is so scared of USA. The sanctions include china firms and ships. Haha.

Trump and Turnbull had meeting to start the India Japan Oz US NATO on 23th. All Trump wants is tension tension tension: to ask Oz, Japan, and sinkieland to buy F35. Sinkieland is getting cash ready from its loyal citizens. Buy how many is very hard to decide.

Trump has achieved his strategic move: sell arms. What happens to NK? The sanctions will reduce its export and import from China. This 2018 will expect import from China to reduce by 90% against last year. Its hard time ahead for NK. After the Game, the drills of 250000 SK troops under the command of US 4 star General will start. Kim will face harder time to defend its borders.

Kim s only survival is to ally with Russia and pray that US will open fire. Once there is excuse to go war, Kim will find sanctions removed for Russians aid to travel through rail to Pyongyang.

The trouble is: US are divided on war. One can see the rhetoric talk cork and not action, Trump. He keeps using threatening language "fire and fury" "phase two". NK should get used to threats. NK is better than Sadam when facing threats now. But NK will be weaken if it continue to receive economic attacks without means to retaliate.

Should Kim give up the nuclear weapons? Its a question in his mind. But he will be next Sadam. He goes is nothing. His people will suffer like present Iraqi people. Kim should know the consequences.

SK has restarted the Murder squads to kill Kim. Last year SK honored the previous squads started in 1968 ended up the squads shooting at each other in an island, and some members ran to main land wanted to enter the president palace. All were shot. Once the squads infiltrate into the North, the war between North and South will start. Remember the US is in command of South s troops.

Asean countries are not keen to attack NK. The North is a potential big market. All asean countries know it except one perhaps.

How to resolve NK s nuclear arsenals problems? US must start to fire at Kim or Kim must initiate the war. The peace will come similar to present Vietnam, functioning as a single sovereign state, not divided into North South or like Germany East West.

If a country is divided: US will stir tension to sell its weapons to those so called allies, urging them to buy more. Look at Nato, readers will understand what Trump is doing. Kim should not waste time with Trump playing rhetoric game. NK will lose if it is weaken further and further. The FM was right in UN: open fire, dont talk. He is wise. Kim is too rational to hope the South will hands off. The Murder squads will be on its way to the North.

Holding nuclear weapons and yet too timid will have big problem under US s poking nose. Too reckless will lead to death of his people. Kim is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Singapore must show the world that it is not at US’ beck and call, else its image will be reduced to an American stooge, despised by many.

Anonymous said...

Singapore will be neutral and not be influenced or coerced or beholden to any foreign power?
RB 10:52 am

Agree it will be hard for Singapore to be neutral in this case but then PAP may consider this as the lesser of 2 evils because to be neutral, and which is already hard, will be even worse for Singapore.

Just as for the opposition to be strong and united is already hard, and for Sinkies to vote them in as govt will be even worse.

Like many things, it is the choice between the lesser of 2 evils. To stay neutral may not be an option.

KP said...

I really hope Sinkieland can join the Evil Empire to harass North Korean ships or ships bound for North Korea. If that happens, Sinkieland will SINK faster.

If Sinkieland leaders are so idiotic as to allow themselves and their people to be lured into a situation not in their long-term strategic interest, I foresee much trouble for Sinkieland ahead.

The North Koreans are as good as the CIA in counter-intelligence, counter-espionage, cyber attacks and assassinations, though not regime-change.

DON'T ever see the North Koreans "No-Up"! You do not at your own peril.

The problem between North and South Korea is an internal national problem. Re-unification is a matter of when, not never.

It is none of any other countries' business to interfere in their internal affairs.

It has always been the US and Japan that are driving a wedge to stop the Reunification of the Korean People. Likewise, the Reunification of the Chinese People between PRC and ROC.

So, DON'T Play With Fire! It is prudent to remember this wise-saying:


Unless your backside is itchy and needs to be screwed. You are only a small fry and, if you want to punch above your weight, you do not even qualify for a light-weight. You are only feather-weight at the most. As a feather-weight, the more you punch, the more you fly into the air! Hot Air!

Anonymous said...

The presence of American aircraft carriers at Changi Naval Base in itself can serve as a strong deterrent against those bigger countries which want to attack Singapore.

And the risk of NK sending a missile to Singapore for being host to American attack fleet is also very low, as low as the risk of PAP being voted out of govt in the next election.

That's the reason why smart PAP want to host the American Asia Pacific naval fleet at Changi Naval Base.

Sinkies should thus be grateful that tiny Singapore is peaceful may be due to this. Or else big neighbouring countries can even simply invade Singapore just through sheer numbers of people coming here uninvited, and Sinkies will be overwhelmed by this alone, without any fighting or weapons needed.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

KPKB for what lah? Again, you all tok kok and engage in wishful and magical thinking, ignoring the realities of global real politik.

Singapore is the SE Asian "waterboy" for the US and its "allies". They will weigh the situation to remain "friendly" with China, but they will support their Tua Kee Daddy Trump, despite the protests from the more reasonable, rational and peaceful minds and hearts of regular, ordinary people.

Back in 2013, Singapore and S Korea were outed (By Edward Snowden) as partners of the Five Eyes spying program, using tools like Echelon. (Google that shit lah)

Singapore has NO CHOICE but to choose a side. The "right" side. Which is carrying water for the US of A. It's a DONE DEAL!...and nothing any of us say, do, write or complain about will change the nature of the real politik entanglements your Dear LeeDers have signed up for.

There is no solution to this. N Korea is going to be cornered by a whole bunch of hostiles. When you trap a wild animal, that it is when they become the most dangerous, because they have nothing more to lose.

Why do you think I go to great lengths to shield myself from fucking States and their governments? It is because that although there's no such thing as a "sure bet", you can probalistically guess that whatever States and their govts do, the people who get reamed in the arsehole like a pondan in prison, are the regular folks in the population i.e. you and me.

Since there is nothing you can do, and thinking about it will only make you feel worse...without changing a damn thing...might I proffer a "balm" that will "salve your suffering"? Temporarily, but hey, something is better than nothing!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

My solution: Take a Mancation. That is a contraction of "Man" and "Vacation". My mate agongkia and I love taking the occasional Mancation. The sole activity is being naked with as many sexy females as possible, and allow the action to evolve...organically. 🤓 Here's what you do:

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7. After makan, you do the completely wrong but still shiok thing. You head over to Badminton Stadium, and visit the men's health club. There you will get a terrific massage and treat your body to steam room and hot and icy cold pools. Makes you feel terrific.

8. Head back to the Lusty Lorongs, and repeat.

This is a great example of a "Mancation" in Singapore. You are a man. You deserve it just by being a man. Good luck! 🤡

...Meanwhile our expensive soft-dictatorship govt will continue making decisions for the cuntry on our behalf. So, just go and enjoy yourself as much as your budget will allow and be selectively ignorant of shit you can never control.

Anonymous said...

Reunification of one big country and korean peninsula is a subject for talk. None of the elements want to talk about it. They want to be independent sovereign state. SK and Taiwan are clear cut example. These are sovereign states. Taiwan has its own election and law makers. It needs no interference from China. China is showing threat to please its own internal audience. Since the independent agenda party took power, Taiwan can be seen as more independent than the previous government. As a result, US passed 2 laws: allow US fleets to harbor at Taiwan port and allow officials of both Taiwan and US to visit each other, including Taiwan President to US.
These laws have resulted the coming discussion on what arsenals US want to sell to Taiwan to be held in Taiwan the first time.

What u say wedge against unification is wrong. Its Taiwan s voters want to have independent Taiwan. The route is harder than the previous government which assumed Taiwan is part of a China, and the China is not the present Communist China. Taiwan is on its route to be an independent sovereign state, falling short of declaration which many believe, will give Communist China not choice to step down on stage to pretense Taiwan is part of China: the game play by US called one china policy, as long as US says it. In real fact, China has no power to do anything.

On Korea peninsula, the SK is half colonized. US needs Korea bases to encircle the bigger communist state and its ally now. If Koreas unified, US bases must move house. That s the big reason why Trump keeps pressing North to create tension. NO way fr Koreans to unify. It will not happen when US fleets are harboring at Korea ports.
One day Kim Jong Un will realize this blocking reason is US and not South Koreans who dont want to unify.
SK is well rooted as sovereign state. There is no hope for North to want South to join them, unless war breaks out. There is no North wants to join South unless North destroy the nukes. Kim will not do it to kill himself. There is chance for Kim to be killed by South and US destroy Kim s nuke. If US win in war, there will be one Korea. No other possible way for unification.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu or Kiku Chen, will visit US as Taiwan Mayor to give a speech. How she is introduced in US is likely to be Taiwan Kaohsiung Mayor and not China Kaohsiung mayor. So Taiwan by fact is an independent sovereign state as far as the trip is concerned.
US can play with language like one china policy, all this is bullshit to please the communists chinese.

Anonymous said...

Would like to see the US attack North Korea soonest. Long time no war in Asia already, since the fall of South Vietnam to the Vietcong and the hasty pathetic retreat of the US, Australian and New Zealand military forces and civilians. The pictures are still so vivid in my mind. Would love to see the chaotic and pitiful state of affairs again.

If there is a war, chances are North Korean forces, with Russian and Chinese backups, will overrun South Korea and capture it for keeps. US and Japanese forces will likely suffer the same disastrous effects as those days in 1973/74 in South Vietnam.

Hope President Trump has the balls to launch an unilateral offensive, without UN's consents, and Singapore is dragged into this war, whether it serve her interests or not

Anonymous said...

Eagles Eyes SG, your comments on KP is misplaced. You need to read and understand the whole context of what a blogger is writing, not just reading one sentence to make a conclusion.

You owe KP and apology for your simple minded retort. If not you will look like a fool.

Thank you very much.

Virgo 49 said...

Apologise this out of Today's RB actual Tropic but was really Angry that a mature lady as reported knocked down by an E-Scooter is now an Invalid.

Poor family that does nothing to deserve this had to bear the sufferings looking after her.

This is the idiotic moronic idea of the Farking PAP who introduced all these nonsensical policies of allowing pedestrians walkways to be shared by bicycles, scooters and all dangerously moving vehicles.

This Stammering Amy Khor can proudly supported it as a good idea.

Hope that Karma also have their families in these conditions.

Virgo49 said...

Think Eagle's Eye is referring to Anon 11.42

Praising Singapore leaders brilliant leaders.


Goh said...

Eagle eye not sharp,like one blogger who cannot read between lines.
Must change to Sotong eye:-)

Goh said...

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Goh said...

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Anonymous said...

Ur opinion is shared by large groups of asians looking forward for peaceful environment for long.

The UN s behaviors to block NK s economy development is one of the most inhumane tactic, treacherous against humanity. North Koreans have rights for foods and medicines, oil for freezing winter.

Therefore, the sanctions implemented against the koreans by enlarge is unacceptable. One day, Kim Jong Un will realize that he keeps having nuclear weapons without showing his temper will lead his followers to lose patience.

On this reason, the continued sanctions by US China will make the conditions for war inevitable. Kim Jong Un will have to fire missiles to break the US and China sanctions to draw Russia to his side. There was report saying Kim had notified Russia that if refined oil is banned for NK, it amounts to declaration of war.

The time will come when Kim s loyalists in military spark the war with the south. It is likely to be in April or May when the south resume the biggest military game on globe. If Kim wants no action, he might be replaced eventually in a coup. The North s military is huge. Over a million soldiers to maintain. No oil no foods will not be able to keep them at peace. Kim Jung un better be careful of his own backyard if he wants peace with the south while the US is tightening the sanctions against his people.

Fully agree with you, war is the solution to this conflicts for NK to settle with its northern neighbor against its nuclear ambition and for US bases to be removed totally from peninsular. The way it is kept with no action no talk cannot last forever.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //Singapore must not be part of international gangsterism//

Aiyo ...?

"Gangsterism" already existing on peesau shore lah ... no?

Nvr heard of Laogoanomics or Botaknomics (eCONomics) "Gangsterism"?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 4.46

Brought Feng Shui books just for good reading and in one, in Three months after the lunar new year, I.e.April, there will be a skirmish between the Chinese and the Japanese navies near the South China Seas.

Think this Lau Bay under the Evil empire provoked the Chinese by searching one of their vessels. China thrown away the "REN" alphabet and fire away.

This skirmish also due to the Daiayo Islands which china is claiming back.

The Americunts cannot wait any longer to set Asia on fire.

The Chinese may have a pact that when these skirmishes goes beyond Code Red, simultaneously Russia will action the NATO plus the Japanese Kurile islands.

China will also goes all out from the North Koreans towards the South. Same time mointor the activities of the Americans and launch whole scale onslaught on their carriers plus the Japanese terrorities.

Sinkieland naval base will also receive the best present.

Our Anon 11.42 will cry that big bro America will come to our rescue. Neighbouring countries will leave us in peace with this skunk tails behind their backs see their Fire And Glory into ashes.

Anonymous said...

US CSIS has 18 versions of conflicts including murdering Kim. The report stated US fleets will not involve when China attack Taiwan if China does not attack the fleets. The highest spark is North Korea.

SK has started training the squads to murder Kim. This was known in 2017. Question is Kim dies so? His sister or another general will be as deadly to press the buttons: on Tokyo many observers predicted. US has started to evacuate civilians, it said as an exercise only. Therefore your magic book also has similar prediction.

NK attack SK should be the starting point, while NK missiles attack Tokyo US bases and fleets. US now has 3 fleets at Japan ready to bomb NK.
China is unlikely to involve in war. Remember Thaad can monitor the entire china from SK.

Only Russia might supply hardware and put its jets in NK including S400 to protect installations. So initially there should be NK breaking into south with conventional artillery. NK are merciless and hungry. So US bases in SK will have rains. Chemical weapons rains.

The senkaku island is useless place. China will fight Taiwan than going for useless island. Use missiles will scare away Japanese. Japanese troops are useless at war against PLA at present state. What China lack is the will to fight. It prefers to develop trade with US. From this point of view. China will be hands off to pick the prize.

Only NK will be keen to win US. They will make sure US bases are removed from south to take over the south. Therefore this should be the major objective of next Korean war. Kim will die for it because this was his father s ambition.

US Trump does not want war. Be rational about it. He wants to save cost, similar to China. If US invade NK, the cost will be 3 to 5 times that cost spent in Iraq war. He cannot tahan lah. NK troops are at least 3 times stronger than Iraqi troops.

Its more likely that NK toolan and shoot missiles at the biggest war game at South. War starts from there. Kim has no choice if no talk to reduce sanctions, he must use his missiles. Else for what? parade only? Or Kim might lose his job as commander in chief. No joke, as koreans are wild animals when they lose their controls.

Anonymous said...

Time to start A Non-Aligned Movement....Tommy Koh where are you? Put some sense into the Loonghead!

Goh said...

Horoscope oso say this year I got luck but 4D still miss by one number on every draw.
Start of new year receive court letter,bank kena freeze...
Dun be too serious to believe that kind of book.
I rather go consult medium like Tua Yah Peh.
Anyway three months after Lunar New Year is May not April.
Can cheong better go cheong now.

Virgo49 said...

On or about as the Geomancer said. This guy every year forecast what's will happen for that current year. Reference previous years forecast and you will know whether fake or real. Old forecasts cannot hide as printed white and black.

He don't forecast like the Papies in ten, twenty and CCS thirty two years away.

Bluff small and adult sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Eagle Eye has made himself sounded like a cock-eye, for not identifying the correct target before he shoots.

Mistaken identity is the greatest mistake a man should never make. It is not just about carelessness. It is about a big blunder that has no remedy. It is a laughing stock, with no place to hide it's face.

Just imagine, if he was a hired assassin with a sharp-shooter sniper rifle in his hands. He simply shoots without ensuring that he hits the correct target. He kills the wrong person, while his target gets away laughing at his stupidity and total carelessness. What would his "hirer" think of him? Will he still pay him for the job by missing the target? Will he be hired again? What will happen to his reputation as a hired assassin?

A professional assassin never shoots the wrong person.

Anonymous said...

Belated apologies to KP and all for pointing out my mistake. I inadvertently typed in 11:40 instead of 11:42am and perhaps 12:49pm as pointed out by Virgo49. But please don't be so harsh on me as it was a genuine mistake. Thanks anyway

Eagles Eyes SG

b said...

The world has not much choice - you are either a vassal state of usofa or cnr. The choice is unfortunately the lesser of two evils. KMarx should not be born. The world can be a better place. It is all this elites vs that elites game. The enemy is all the people of the world. We the people are all being played unless we all learn to unite, love and respect one another.