If  it  had  not been such a mega tragedy, the performance of some American
leaders  in  the  aftermath  of  the  Marjory  Stoneman Douglas High School
massacre  would  have  made for a rip-roaring comedy. But thanks to some of
the  most  tragically  comical  personalities in US politics, it has passed
into the realms of tragicomedy.

Leading the cast is the 45th president of the United States who brilliantly
suggested turning teachers into armed sheriffs in defence of their charges.
Not  all  teachers  mind  you,  “only  people  with  a  natural talent (for
shooting)  or hitting a golf ball, or putting”, assured Mr Donald Trump. As
an  incentive, these firearm-adept school staff will be given “a little bit
of  a  bonus”  for  carrying  weapons,  much like Singapore civil servants’
language allowance. Adding icing to the cake, the president also shared how
he  would  have  reacted  to the situation at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High
School  had  he been there (but he wasn’t of course). “I really believe I’d
run  in  there  even if I didn’t have a weapon”. Then without the slightest
tinge  of  irony, he went on to talk about mental institutions. “We’ll have
to  go  for  greater  institutionalisation  of  mentally ill people who are
capable  of  violence. A lot of folks in this room (state governors) closed
their mental institutions because of cost, so now we have nothing between a
prison and leaving him at his house”.

Next  on  the  list  is  the honorable Wayne LaPierre, head of the National
Rifle Association (NRA) who blamed gun control advocates for pushing, well,
gun  control.  Decrying  the  “shameful  politicisation” of the tragedy, he
accused  them of wanting “to strip law-abiding gun owners of their firearms
freedoms”.  Mr  LaPierre went on to say that the Second Amendment staunchly
defends  every  American’s  right  to  bear  arms,  and  (again without the
slightest  tinge of irony) assured that the NRA would be happy to work with
schools  to  make  them safer. To be fair, it wasn’t just talk. He actually
sat  down  with  President Trump over lunch and managed to convince him (in
the  president’s  own words) that “the gun advocates want to do something”.
Even  better,  he and his side-kick Chris Cox had the president purring and
tweeting  post-lunch:  “What  many people don’t understand or don’t want to
understand  is  that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the NRA
are  Great  People  and  Great American Patriots. They love our Country and
will  do  the  right thing.” It was a mantra the president carried into his
session  with the governors, saying: “Don’t worry about the NRA, they’re on
our  side.  Half  of  you  are  so afraid of the NRA, there’s nothing to be
afraid of”.

These  two  leading  men aside, no tragicomedy would be complete without an
able  supporting cast. They don’t come any more able than Florida’s Senator
Marco  Rubio,  the  failed  Republican  aspirant  for the 2016 presidential
election,  who  famously (or infamously) opined in 2015: “None of the major
shootings  that  have  occurred in this country over the last few months or
years that have outraged us would have been prevented by new gun laws (such
as  expanded  background  checks)”.  Asked  by  a student if he would still
accept  campaign  donations  from  the  NRA  after the latest shooting, the
senator replied: “The answer is people buy into my agenda. And I do support
the  Second  Amendment, and I support the things”. Huh!!?? He got away with
that  one as a politician in America but if he were a student in Singapore,
he  would  have  flunked  our  ‘O’  levels  for  failing to answer a simple

Post by Foo Siang Luen, our new contributor


Anonymous said...

But Marco Rubio answered the question perfectly.

Dodge and answer the question you want.

Virgo49 said...

The Americans deemed themselves to be the most Brilliant Human Beans as a First World Super
Power. Yet they are so Farking Stupid.

Age raised to 21. They did not have cases of Gun Owner's children shooting and killing their Parents.

Back ground checks. Any one can steal, borrow so whatsoever means to have the weapons.

Armed the teachers.Even Sheriffs like our SINKIE SPF won't dare to enter and have gun fights with the killer.
What's happen if the teachers are also as mad as the killers? ?

Let then go and kill each other for all we care.They still like living like Cowboys.

When one guy just simpky has a gun or rifle with ammo, you need at least half a company's of armed men to maim or kill him.

In the range firing practise, the NCOs and the Officers were mostly on Full alert mode and their hearts racing at 150 beats per min until the exercise is over.

Why? ? Because any soldier with perk up emotions with the Rifles and ammo is at that time King of Murderous Mode if he goes berserk.

Have anyone knew of a Case of a Private on Guard Duties armed with a rifle and ammo went berserk and wanted to kill a how lian wet behind-the-ears Officer who tackled his girl friend.

Think this officer saw his girlfriend when she visited him during weekends and kao sua her.Aiyo, Officer you know versus Private, young materialist girl don't want meh??

They need to have two or three trucks of Ang Chiak JLBs and Provost and Snipers and Commandos to pacify him.

Hide at hilltop for several days before surrender like Rambo.

Wah, drama man.

So have the Americans produce these dramas which I look forward every day tuning to CNN and Fox News.

b said...

The solutions (besides not abolishing 2nd amendment),
1) Put in a few different and difficult tests to get gun licence.
2) Put a retire army vet in every high school - they will have income and students have protection
3) Increase age of owning a gun

In europe, there is gun control but the criminals have guns and explosives to rob shops and people, blowing up atms and commit all kinds of criminal activities.

Anonymous said...

Guns are not the only means anyone can inflict harm, injury and death upon others. Cars, trucks, trains and aeroplanes caused more harm, injury and death than guns in the hands of the citizens. Government drones, deliberately operated for assassination and in support of clandestine military and CIA operations also killed, injured and miamed more innocent people than those killed, injured and misled by civilians.

Anonymous said...

The most cruel form of killing is not guns or terrorist attacks.
It's the gradual replacement of naturalized citizens to foreigners beans, a kind of human genocide to replace own kinds with submissive foreigners slaves. Its citizens can't be blame for not reproducing enough as the environment r too harsh for fertility to happen. The worse is also the foreigners after getting citizens olso not reproduce enough & the Masters continue to bring in another batches & the cycle repeats viciously till Murphy Law come into action one day, Moses olso gave up & migrated to elsewhere as he sees mo hope in that land.

Anonymous said...

The Promise Land envisioned by Stamford Raffles has been systemically destroyed by a group of western-oriented, over-ambitious, self-important, glory-seekers who shamelessly and unconscionably fattened their own bank accounts with millions of dollars of taxpayers' money by manipulating the Parliamentary Democracy system to their selfish personal advantage over and above the freedom and rights of the citizens as stated in the Constitution they themselves deceptively deviced.

The Promise Land is today more of a Hub for the Filthy Rich and Powerful Elites to enrich and glorify themselves at the expense of the entrapped citizens, who have been treated as digits and modern slaves to please and praise at the pleasure of the powerful elites and the Filthy rich ugly foreigner investors and their minions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The best commentary on the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution IMO is from Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies (search YouTube). It is hilariously funny, and on point.

Individual gun ownership is an indelible part of American culture, with deep and significant historical roots.

It is a right, not a privilege, but every mature normal adult will accept the idea that "rights come with responsibility", which includes accountability and proof of worthiness. You cannot get a drivers license if you cannot first prove (by standardized testing) that you are able to drive a car lawfully and competently.

Your vehicle too has to conform to a legal code of standards...for e.g. you cannot modify your vehicle to the point it poses extreme danger to other road users.

So why should it be any different for guns? I am a shooter, I own several weapons. I also have to jump thru lots of legal hoops,take safety training , record visits to the rangeand have the cops come and visit my home to witness that I am securely storing my weapons. One inconsistency, and my weapons license is history. To get it back, is a long and very expensive process.

In the biggest social experiment in history---aka "America"---their politics, with all the good and the very bad about it, has evolved from their culture. Their culture is essentially European Version 2.0 and it is still in "beta"...i.e. ongoing evolution. About 400 or so years ago, disgruntled Europeans for a variety of reasons decided to come to "the new lands" mainly because they were fed up of the authoritarian and elitist rule of Europe. A few bloody skirmishes, slavery and genocide later...The United States was formed, and then 100 years later went into Civil War. Americans believe that freedom and liberty need constant vigilance, and every so once in awhile the citizenry needs to go out and kill people in govt. The Tree of Liberty needs to be watered by the blood of tyrants and patriots---that's no the exact wording of Tom Jefferson's quote, but you get the idea.

Switzerland and Canada have massive citizen gun ownership, but you rarely hear of any problems. Since National Service is compulsory in Switzerland, fighting age males are required to keep their military-issued assault rifles locked up at home.

I look forward to the day the PAP brings in a law to ensure all NS men keep their 5.56mm SARs at home. Then you can be sure Singapore is well defended 24/7 not only by their military, but by every fighting-age male.

What are the chances of that happening?

P.S. As to be expected: after a school shooting, officials from every side of the argument for and against gun-ownership says really dumb things. That's another aspect of the USA---the freedom to be an asshole and speak a whole lot of bullshit.