Keyuan - A touching new year story

Below is an extract of an article in Channel News Asia online that speaks about the goodness of being humans, to empathise, feel and to help when help is needed. Bless  the Yaps and Keyuan for a happy new year and many more to come.

"Given up when he was just a few days old, Keyuan was seven at the time of filming and already considered too old by a number of prospective parents, who preferred a child that was younger and female. In China, children become ineligible for adoption once they turn 14.

It was Keyuan’s poignant quote that did it for the Yaps. “I must be patient,” he said, the optimism shining in his eyes. “We can’t rush it. If we all rush for it, we’ll end up fighting!”

Said Dr Lim: “At the end of the documentary, I was in tears.
I remember thinking: What if everyone thought that someone was going to do something, and nobody did anything, and he just ended up waiting and waiting - and nobody came?
“The human heart can only take so much grief... so we thought - we can’t do everything but we can do this one thing.”

So the couple, who are Singapore permanent residents and United States citizens, flew up to Beijing to meet Keyuan and got the process going. And on Jan 29, 2018, he was officially adopted into the Yap family – with whom he is spending his very first Chinese New Year in Singapore, in a real home to call his own."

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/china-disabled-orphan-keyuan-singapore-adopted-alenah-9965340


Anonymous said...

RB, happy new year?

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, Besides Human, we must also have empathy,love for other God's creatures. Human could be one of the cruelest Animals on Earth as one woman who knocked down a dog and been told to stop exclaimed loudly: Its just a DOG!!

After living nearly 70 years of life and undergone life's interaction with Humans, now preferrially loved more animals than humans.

Had adopted a beautuful dog by my son whilst volunteering at a Shelter for the last five years when she was already three.Two years nobody child at the shelter with hundreds of dogs and cats. Underweight and with sickness that no human wants to adopt for two long years. First owner had her on Pulau Ubin for a year and gave her to the Shelter after she was diagnosed with an illness that required long term and expensive treatments.

SINKIES will adopt only the best ones for their Prestiges. Those with sickness and not good enough are left to spend their balance lifetime in the Shelters where the conditions of some are appalling. But at least they are been cared for.

The Dog that we adopted are so devoted to us.No complete sleep if one of the family member has not returned yet, even till the wee hours of morning.

Their innonence love for whoever who took care of them is indescribable whether the Owner is a millionaire or a Pauper.

They have no hypocrisy like humans and they behaved like truly God's created innocent cr are creatures. Their LOVE is immeasurable.

That's why some humans will never understand why people which they deemed Stupid kept these animals. These are the unloving selfish creatures that are worse than the animals.

Besides scorning and not willing to share the world with them, they KPKB to you just because they do not like these animals.Their hearts are only Greed and Greed for themselves.

So between the Humans, I still prefer the Innocent Animals especially DOGS.

Even in Matland, at Genting Resort security points, a Mat still has his Dog standing at his side thick and thin with him on duty without complain.

Cheers Year of the DOG.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add recent case of an Adopted Son from Hainan Island who killed his adopted Parents after even given nearly 70K which the parents had compensation after giving up their Hawker's Stall.

All the years as a BUM. Living off the Adopted Parents.

Liars will the last appealing method said he is Insane.

Mental illness or what's ever to save the skin.

So safer with a DOG.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very true, dogs are very faithful, grateful and loyal to their masters. That's why LKY trained Singaporeans like dogs. As proven, even after he died, Singaporeans still flocked in drones to his funeral, and thereafter gave his useless son 69.9% support.

Happy New Year! The Dogs needs a Master who can empathize and love them, not a Dishourable One who keep cheating on them and stealing their money.

b said...

Dogs are TOO loyal but stupid to the point they cannot tell good and evil. They will bite so long as master tell them too even if master is evil. Its time people wake up and stop being a dog. Being a rat or bull is better. A rat has no master, he is his own master. A bull will strike if provoked to a certain limit.

Loyal is good but too loyal is stupid.

b said...

Adopting kids is an honorable act. People should spend less on pets but more for charities supporting abandoned kids especially in poor countries. Those kids deserved better. Those pets are breed like commercial goods.

Rocket said...

However, there are many white-collar criminal-minded people who make use of "Charities" as a legal-front cover for their criminal acts of con-ing the donors and robbing from the beneficiaries. They allocate 10% to help the needy but keep 90% for "Admin" and "Reserves" purposes. Then they used the "Admin" Fund to enrich themselves with obscene salary and ridiculous bonuses. And the use the "Reserves" to speculate in "investments" and gamble away the Funds if losses are incurred. If profits are made, they pat themselves on their back and allocate extraordinary performance allowance to themselves and the Board of Directors, to keep their mouth shut.

This is the unscrupulous model adopted by Top Honchos all over the world.

Goh said...

Hypocrites lah.
What's the point of keeping dog or cats when one fail to care for their elderly or reluctant to pay one dollar for 3 packet of tissue to those hawked sales elderly aunties.
Sinkies are pervert bo yio kew.
Let the dog run about freely as stray instead of chaining them,restricting their movement.This one not love.
My lakopi kaki told me he once attended a case when a lady got stuck n cannot be separated from the dog after some fun.That's abuse of dog.
People keep dog got motive one.Not necessary a so call dog lover.
We should take care of our elderly instead of wasting time bringing them pee n poo or rushing them to see animal doctor.
No wonder I kena tax cos garmen see so many can afford to keep dogs as per so sinkies must be rich can tax more.
Be realistic.Better to kept mistress instead of dog ,at least can help to produce more children for you.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, u sure one pervert that needed to be fucked to your senses. Virgo is describing the love for dog and u surf the porn site for animal farm.😰😰😰 I too have a faithful dog that dies almost 25 years ago. He lived till 13 or human age of 91. We still miss him and talk about him often. He brought us a lot of joy.

Agongkia u should stop surfing those porn sites as it is not healthy for u

Goh said...

Why do some people keep dog?
Partly dog are not human and can be taken advantage of.They can't go complain mata mata that they are being abuse,molested or raped.
We see owner bringing their so call pet to pee n poo but what they do behind close door no one know.
I made my own survey n found these owners are the lonely type.
Spare the dog from agony since it's year if the dog.
Want strike 4D ,release the dog.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 February 16, 2018 10:29 pm
//The Animals even take care of their Young.//

How abt one kongkumkia master?

Force own kins rr & eat french fries, hamburgers during cny for reunion dinner?

In the Year of the Dog, some human beans who had to self-exile overseas experience lives worst than DOGS?

Pappy NY to all (kongcum daft) 69.9% sinkies?

They love to queue up, pay big bucks, pull down their pants, bend down, grease up & kena sodomised jl jl ...?

Look at the long queue (by the kongkum 69.9%) before cny for $120 to $200 per kg bak kwa (standing under hot sun for hours to part with their hard earned $$$ for over hype super inflated bak kwa)?

Stupidity got cure?

Goh said...

Now talk about child adoption.
Wife should be made to produce unless due to health reasons.
We should legalize polygamy or bigamy of wife refuse to produce.
Nothing wrong to have mistress if wife refuse ,unwillling or lazy to produce.
Find it unusual for a foreign citizen,given pr,adopted one and call this home .

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, your line of thought is getting dangerous tilting to matilar, the dead matilar not the fake one posting currently. Your constant surfing of the porn website is affecting your thought. U only have dirty images of what human does to a dog in the perverted sense. You think of hugging Mei Mei for free that are someone else wives. U better be careful as u may meet one not so forgiving Husband who may sliced off your balls. My limited medical knowledge tell me that without your balls, you may not be able to walk straight and properly so hugging Mei Mei again in the future is no longer possible.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, stop surfing animal farm website as you are traveling down the road of no return. May god bless you and save your soul from the Devils who are taking hold of you. Refrain from taking advantage of women. If to satisfy your biological needs, marry some woman you love. If that is not possible pay for someone ar Geylang but please let other people wives alone just to save a few bucks.

Seriously a man without balls is not a joking matter.