The Quad wants to build alternative Belt and Road to compete with China

The troublemaker Quad members, comprising USA, Japan, Australia and India are contemplating of building an alternative Belt and Road after failing to derail the Chinese Plan. Now from envy they are scratching their heads on how to build something to show that they too can think and plan. They are so clueless and hapless that they could only think of copying what China has done. And they claimed that they want to make it more efficient and economical. To do so, they must have the technology, the money and the cheap engineers. The only country that has the money is Japan. The US could print more fiat and useless banana currencies and hopefully they will still be in demand. Australia has no money and no technology. India could perhaps provide all the cheap engineers and labour.

So, what are they going to build, parallel roads and rails along side China’s leading to China? Or are they going to build roads to nowhere?

I can imagine that they will be building bridges instead as all the roads needed are covered by China’s Plan. What is the point of building all the roads and rails to India or Japan, definitely not to USA and Australia. What is there to buy or sell to India that needed such a grand plan? Perhaps they can build bridges, yes, build bridges across the Indian and Pacific Oceans to USA and India and Japan, from Australia.

Desperate men would come out with desperate measures and desperate plans. They forgot that the roads and rails would only be useful if there is trade and with buyers and sellers. China is the factory of the world, selling everything. And the rest of the world wants to buy and sell to China, the world’s biggest consumer market. Who cares about Australia and India? Who wants to buy from USA and Japan when they can buy the same thing cheaper from China, S Korea, and Taiwan?

The Quad is looking very comical. They can trade among themselves after they have built their bridge over troubled waters.


Virgo49 said...

Our Great Phua Choo Kang in his famously loud Slogan : Use your brains, used your bains lah" to the poor Aloysius.

India, Australia, Japan and USA separated by millions of Miles away from each other, how to connect?? Only Sexual Connect.

China would not even want to float the ideas of Sea Connections even to all their Islands to the MAinLand.

South Korea to Jeju have to go by Flights.Ferry also capsized.

What's more all the way across the Oceans to all the surrounding countries. Fast Rail already takes five to ten years.

Please use your Bains, use your Bains.

Anonymous said...

These 4 countries can't even talk to each other & how r they going to co-operate a plan parallel or better than China. It's a lost cause to the 4. What they can do r only free trades amongst them, but again each of them has it's own agenda & can't work together. In the end still China win & the 4 better buck up.

Rocket said...

Little USA (plp) Sinkieland will join the evil Quad and increases it to Five. Then it will be known as the Pent (Pentagon or Pig Sty).

Anonymous said...

Will be good for pirates' business.

Virgo49 said...

This Initiative is good for keeping the World goes Round. As they always said : A sucker is born every minute. Have all one and sundry observed even in Sinkieland.

In Sinkieland whenever an empty shop in any prewar houses, HDB shops, shopping complexes gave up their business, another entrepreneur will step in.

The Ones laughing to the Banks are the Renovation Contractors,the Owner of that property, the Banks together with the Property Agent.He/She can sit another two weeks without getting another closed deal.His /Her parasitic overriding Superiors will also get their overriding commissions.

The Renovations Contractors can plan to bring whole fAmily for holidays in Pyongyang Cheong. After three months or so, give them six months, the Property Agent with the Renovations Contractors will be laughing to the Banks again.
They can sit and talk cock in the cafes and plan another holiday again. The sponsors are the suckers with Initiative to do their dream businesses to be called Towkays or Bosses.

When their businesses goes Kaput, be saddled with debts and Chow Lou.

So, let the Abe, Moody, Trump and BullHorn or Bullshits and Ah Long San used their Taxpayers and Reserves to have a Go at this Initative.

Temasick, GIC be involved just to spite China.

Brace yourselves for non withdrawal of your balance CPF.

These politicians are behaving like twelve year olds nit picking each other. Just simply Trade with any country in a fair and honourable manner and All will have peace and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

QUAD is the new asia NATO, planning leads by Turnbull, money and voice backed by Japan Abe, militarily supported by India Modi, spiritually blessed by USA Mattis and Trump.

There is one big but small powerful country used to back Abe and glad to be called syonan is mysteriously missing.

China is testing this New Nato currently with 11 war ships with 300 missiles on board at East India Ocean live dragon dance. India manages to put 8 war ships to watch the dance at CNY.

Where is the US fleets? Harris is to be Ambassador to Australia soon. Abe has no fund to play with these kakis? Still talking about building infrastructures for this region.

One famous saying from dragon son in 2015: “What will make you need to raise GST? Profligate spending and irresponsible, unsustainable plans. That is what will hurt and require you to raise taxes and GST.”

Abe will have to find ways to pay Japan s highest public debts. He keeps Japan GST at 8%. Still want to increase to 10%? He dare not. But dragon son already want it to be 9% to provide shopping paradise in Asia. When the QUAD builds infra structures to link to syonan, the shopping paradise will be the star inside asia Nato.

Anonymous said...

Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific Command and a Japanese-American, was named US ambassador to Australia recently. Harris is known for his tough stance against China on the South China Sea issue.

Being a hawkish Japanese-American admiral, his appointment to the ambassador's position will possibly play a crucial role in strengthening military cooperation among the US, Australia and Japan.

Anonymous said...

The Americans finally found out Harris secret plan to start a war between China and the USA, so got to sack him quickly before more damage is done.

The missile attack against Hawaii hoax was the straw that broke the camel's back.

More Japanese would be sacked in Hawaii after the investigation is completed.

Anonymous said...

US will have to start a war with North Korea after the Game.
Washington Post said North refused to meet Pence at last minute. But Pence did not shake hands with North Koreans at all, while Abe did it with Kin Jong Nam. In Pre Game reception, Pence went late and left in 5 minutes only. He shaked hands with all guests except North Koreans.

Similar to false alarm on missiles in Hawaii and Japan, the elements to start war with North Koreans are so clear: top level hawks include Pence, Harris.

US s objective is to bully North Korea as a front. Its major aim is to occupy North and put its troops at China border. Why did US go so rapidly to deploy THAAD without the president in South? That Thaad is meant to monitor China.

US at home land had tested anti ICBM, out of 3 shoots are different time, only one shoot was intercepted successfully.

With China stands at US side at least on strict sanctions, US using nuclear bombs to attack the North will solve its fear as well as the North s neighboring countries including India.

US war with North is certain. Based on the reason: Kim Jong Un must die like Sadam, as far as US media is concerned, they want it that way.

Lets hope US uncle sam will succeed as part of asia Nato.

The only doubt Trump has is Putin. Who can team this guy? Mattis, cannot, Tellison cannot, Trump cannot. But war must go ahead. One night fire might light up the North. Follow by fire light up Tokyo and and may be further. IN APRIL.

Rocket said...

After the unconditional surrender of the Imperial Empire of Japan to the Allied Forces under the command of General Douglas McArthur with complete humiliation coupled with the devastating destructions of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the cruel horrendous genocides of millions of Japanese in the aftermath of the two nuclear bombs, many Japanese secretly habour unspeakable hatred and vowed vengeance in their hearts and minds against the invading White Americans.

Being a traditionally Samurai-Bushido people, their PSYCHE is such that they will never give up vengeance against their enemies no matter how powerful or superior they might be. The Samurai-Bushido Code of Honour is extremely important for them to uphold and maintain generations after generations. The majority of them can never swallow the utter humiliation inflicted upon Japan, their Emperor and their people. They would definitely want to recover their Honour ONE DAY.

Another Samurai-Bushido Code is to Sacrifice Self for Country and their God-Head Emperor when the need arises.

Therefore, many Japanese migrated to the US, Hawaii and Guam, and South America. In order to gain acceptance and trustworthiness,they completely assimilate themselves into the American societies and lived A quiet peaceful life, At the same time, they made their children infiltrate into positions of power, especially governing, military and intelligence.

Today, after 73 years, one can see some Japanese even became Presidents of some South American countries. Some are governors within Continental USA and in Hawaii and Guam. Some Japanese even become very high level advisors and military commanders, like the Poisonous Viper Harry Harris (even adopted completely Non-Japanese name to throw off any doubt as to his loyalty to USA?).

"Tora, Tora, Tora" had failed to capture Pearl Harbor with military force but subtle quiet soft-power cunningly operating behind the scenes works wonders!

Of course, there are people who are completely taken in by the Japanese and trusted them to be their willing bed-fellows. Some even openly confessed that they were once the Imperial Japanese running dogs during World War II, when their countries were invaded and occupied by the atrocious Japanese Imperial Army. They were so proud about being Japanese running dogs, and therefore traitors to their fellow countrymen, that they even wrote memoirs and bibliography about their treacherous actions and behaviours.

Others, of course, can never trust the Japanese again, not even over their dead bodies.

The historical facts and present-day developments in Japan and elsewhere speak for themselves about who, which, what and why about the Japanese people as a whole and Japan as a country forever ruled by a God-Head Emperor.

You make your own deduction and conclusion....

Virgo49 said...

That's why they insists of worshiping their War Criminals Shrine.

Their PM and Ministers.To them NO wrongs been committed for their Atrocities.

They still do not admit of their Conquering and Slaughtering of the Asian Nations especially the Chinese.They even whitewashed their history lessons.

To them, the Chinese especially the Hard headed PRCs are the most dangerous and resistance.After which Overseas Chinese of Motherland China were next.

With the exception of other races like the Thais for example and the Taiwanese which they deemed passive slaves, they were lenient to them.

Same time, SINKIE Chinese and others who are Traitors against their own kind for their Greed and Wealth. They are the Japs spies who sabo the innocents to be killed by them. Wearing masks they just identified their enemies and innocent Chinese as resistance fighters and killing many of them.

Till today, many descendents of these Traitors are still around abundance with Wealth and Power.

Aiyo, Heavens still got no eyes to punish them.

Anyway, they cannot escape eternity and have to face the wrath of Hell when their time comes.

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, Anon 2.38.The way you put it had many Sinkies like us have No hope of getting our SP300.

Hello LHL, can give this CNY or not? If not by April, US will according to this anon will succeed as part of Asia NATO - No Action Talk Only.

Pence is too afraid to meet the Koreans and even don't dare to turn round and shake hands with them. The North Koreans are a very proud people ready to die anytime.

The Americans can just every day killed their own kind for all we care. It's be GOOD NEWS to us.Let DT just have the control of what's Bum stocks Auto Rifles. Other Rifles and Guns can kill as well. Let the Cowboys killed each other and lessen the Tension to the World.

The Americans are now Shits scared of the North Koreans who can killed them just as well in their Homeland.

That's why they kept initiated Let'S talk.

Kim is playing Steady and hard to oblige.

Now Kim is having the Upper Hand and played monkey with them. The Americans would not be brave enough to start a war.

DONT worry Sinkies, you live to get your SP300.

b said...

Build is good lah. Better than wars. India can build obor via africa, linking the africa countries. Everyone can buy and sell. No wars. No poverty. Everyone have jobs, house and car. Everyone win win. A world focus on building is better than a world focus on destruction.

Anonymous said...

Aren't sg state -owned companies pouring tonnes of$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ into India to help develop their cities?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 3.29pm
//DONT worry Sinkies, you live to get your SP300.//

What is there to worry?

For $100?

Get or not no difference lah ... for many ... no?

Wont make much diff for many voters, ... no?

Who will change their voting pattern bc of (miserable) $100 to $300?

Yew think sinkies here poor old villages in matland kampung?

Giving this (meaningless) AP is ADMISSION of (EXCESSIVE) OVER-TAXATION?

Anyway, why not pay out to sinkies during cny since they already called it a "HongBao"?

Must wait till Christmas (Dec 2018)?

Chio si lang ... tiok bo?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 3:29pm. U r optimistic while Kim Jong Un and US are not. Their situations are that: if Kim has nuclear weapons, he will nuke US. This is the assumption US Trump and Pence have in minds. No matter how Kim assure them, he will NOT nuke US unless US nuke DPRK.
Kim cannot have lived so long if DPRK has no nuke at all. The last war game involved 300000 troops US marines and SK troops. This April has 250000: again its the biggest troops size in globe.
Kim has all the valid reason to feel unsafe.

US and China both want DPRK to have zero nuclear weapon. This goal is directly calling for war.

US will have to go it alone to fight DPRK if SK refuses. US should have no problem to tell China to stand aside to wait for results, in view of the sanctions China is willing to oblige US.

Kim said clearly: war or talk both ok to him.

Trump s Macmaster will recommend fight. He said it even US is on its own.

Good to fight it out. US will throw nuke on NK. NK will thrown on US bases in Japan, and might be further. NO Thaad can block missiles.
So, it will be Russia s world as taikor after the war.

Nato will be sad. Asia Nato will keep quiet. Australia, Japan will find their new taikor, except syonan, it will help US with its helicopters liked it sent to US, 4 in number. Asean will have new taikor tai, China or Russia.

Good for the world: evil empire s demise.
Pray for US to attack NK. It has to be this way to settle the long over due hatred among US and NK people, including the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

The reason the payout is in Dec for $100 is that the Govt wanted to talk about it for a year before the payout to max the propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, our common Friend told me that u are in SGH. Is it true? I hope nothing serious and definitely it's not because finally one unforgiving Husband finally sliced off your balls😰😰😰

Anonymous said...

Changi Airports International lost a key 20-year contract to operate and manage King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The firm received the notice of termination from Saudi Arabia's General Authority of Civil Aviation.

Has this got to do with the jailing of a Saudi diplomat for molesting a hotel intern?

Anonymous said...

Who wants to buy from USA and Japan when they can buy the same thing cheaper from China, S Korea, and Taiwan?

Depends on what product lah. Where do airlines buy their planes from?

Where does Sinkieland buy its fighter jets from?

Which personal computer does not use Microsoft Windows OS?

I will definitely buy electrical products made in Japan, even if it is more expensive. Nowadays Japanese brands are made in China. Quality not as good lah. Cheaper is not everything, u know.

Anonymous said...

12.48 am, I have a jap brand fridge made in china costing 1200 where's my Friend has a jap brand made in Japan costing 6000. My fridge is still working after 10 years whereas my Friend fridge kaput already. So your thinking is shaped by your perception and imagination and biases. U equate expensive as being good quality so you are a dump ass that deserve to be fleeced.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Goh said...

//I will definitely buy electrical products made in japan//
Dun know lah.In those days after WW2 ,protester hold a banner calling to boycott jap products.Maybe your ah cho never kena killed ,tortured or rape by their imperial army.Till the day they admit their crimes,I dun buy their product.
I only buy products made in Taiwan or China.It's price reasonable and lasting.Even my underwear made in Taiwan.
Other than those ona no hito meimeis that I love to hug,really can't find anything superior in their products.
Find any jap product in my house you can have it free.

Goh said...

So you mean it's ok for your daughter to be molested n we need to close one eye just to secure business?
Got dignity?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, talking nonsenses again. Is there a different between you and the jap in WW2. You also hug , molest and may be raped the woman who fell into your trap. I hope some husbands or boyfriends have the courage to slice off your balls so u will no longer be a threat to women in the future.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My made in Japan Toshiba PC conked out before my made in China Dell.
The quality of Jap products going down the drain. See how many troubles they have had for their cars and the recalls, the fraud specifications....

Anonymous said...

My grand children get $100 each for their angpows. No need to wait to be 21.

Virgo49 said...

Straight way, Mr Rocket is right that Sinkieland is joining as the Fifth Member when these clowns announced this Initiative.

OUR Botak is visiting Japan to talk with Abe and his Foreign Minister.

Wah, wah very fast to angkat their balls.

China gonna make sure that they potong the Isthmus of Kra.

Two days back, they had revived the Subject with Thailand

Anonymous said...

Why drive a Mitsubishi when you can drive a Hyundai. Korean cars are as good and very sturdy in their build. Why support a country n buy their morally inferior products when their leaders are brazenly worshipping criminals of war crimes year in year out ?

Buy Korea China Taiwan Germany France Italy Malaysia instead. So many countries to choose from why need from japs.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Competition is good. It forces aspirants to develop their ideas, plan their stratergies and engage in actions all by "being their best selves" for the sole purpose of attaining their objective.

China is no stranger to competition. It has for many years, and still today, dominated the world in manufacturing and exports, and done extremely well by any metric you might choose as an evealuation tool.

However, human nature being what it is will always be at play.

As people's circumastances change and as people become individualy wealthier, their locuses of individual freedom, autonomy and range of choices change. As individuals in China become richer it'll become increasing more difficult for China to remain one large cuntry.

We may see China broken up into smaller (but still large) cuntries. In fact, I'm willing to bet on this.
Perhaps not in my lifetime, but eventually.

Cultural ties will remain, but be weaker as various sub-culture groups and dialect (their own language, art, cuisine etc) become stronger and begin to dominate specific groups.

You can see this already in Hong Kong---the Honkies are distrustful of their so-called "rulers" in Beijing. Same goes for Taiwan.

There's lip-service paid to "unity", but that is a pipe-dream. In the end, HUMAN NATURE with all it's quirks will dominate. You can't tell rich, independent people what to do, how to live, who to associate with or to attempt to manipulate them by force or laws. Eventually they will tell you to "fuck off and leave me alone", especially if they are young, rich, educated and realise that their lives are their own and a govt. can only go so far to "push them".

So yeah, the internal pressures of cultural competition plus the external factors of foreign competition are going to make this "game" very interesting.

At the moment, the govt still has a hold on the people. But consider this...30 years ago there were only about 1 or 2 million Chinese tourists because it was very hard for Chinese to travel overseas. The govt wanted to shield the people (deny them) from"corruption from the west".

Now Chinese tourists are the LARGEST GROUP from any cuntry...140 MILLION of them, and the numbers are growing RAPIDLY.

Imagine all those "corrupting ideas" simmering unconciously in the individual minds of smrt, educated and rich people.

The CCP doesn't stand a chance. If you've ever partied with Chinese people, you'll get better insights: They will do whatever the fuck they want to do.

Good luck in those long-term plans! :-))

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

"The CCP doesn't stand a chance. If you've ever partied with Chinese people, you'll get better insights: They will do whatever the fuck they want to do."

What a stupid comment. The CCP is the most efficient and effective party that runs a country in modern history. They are making rich people out of poor people by the hundreds of millions at a pace unmatched by any country or people across the history of civilisation. And they will continue to move forward with the blessing and support of the majority of the Chinese people. There will be the few dissidents in every country but too few and insignificant in China to bring down China.

The Chinese people have never enjoyed so much wealth, security, respect and pride in modern history. The CCP has changed and would continue to change and evolve with time and reality. If a communist party can change and embrace capitalist economic system to progress, it can adopt anything to progress. The communist ideology and methodology are changing.

The future of the world would not be communist and the CCP would only be communist in name but would be a different kind of party. The caveat that the CCP would not change is simply naive.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> What a stupid comment. The CCP is the most efficient and effective party that runs a country in modern history. <<

True. They are not bad in effectiveness. Not as effective as UMNO however, but they've achieved better outcomes.

However, if you too k the trouble to understand what I've written, you'd have less of a problem.

Chinese people are getting better educated, more traveled and wealthier. The CCp are facing similar issues to the PAP---how to keep the people in check now that the people are smarter, freer, more skeptical, more mobile, more outspoken and less prone to autocratic meddlings?

IMO, if they don't change and let go some of their "desires to control" both the CCP and the PAP will eventually fail in their efforts. They might still rule as parties, but their power and influence will decrease as the individuals of the population increase their own AUTONOMY.

Anonymous said...

The japs was second largest economy in the world for decades. Why make them even richer when they don't deserve it. A country that would provide the monies financial muscle to build high speed rail across India, a country together with japan Australia USA to come with alternative strategic challenge to China overland massive project ,

Japs foreign minister was in Sg State media interview saying to the effect that China cannot be contained when giving the planned projects by Japan to counter the new silk road endeavor.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "you better check your facts" RB:

>> Australia has no money and no technology. <<

It is true, Australia (the continent and cuntry) foreign reserves are nowhere (proportionally) compared to Singapore.

However, Australians (the people) are dis-proportionally loaded--- shitkickers at the bottom are in-debt, smart folks at the top are well cashed up and have put most of their dough overseas in TRUSTS (like Singapore) out of reach of the grabby Aussie govts.

Domestically, the Family Trust is the favoured financial instrument for families to accumulate wealth, protect themselves from money-grabs by litigious opportunists and the highway-robbery of the Australian Tax Office. With a trust structure, you don't OWN ANYTHING. Since you have nothing, no one can take anything.

Australia has got superior tech. Again, it is not equally distributed and alot of it is hoarded....which is to be expected in a cuntry where the govt tries to grab everything anf other "entitled arseholes" also want to help themselves to your shit...because they feel entitled to it.

BTW, you're probably using Aussie invented tech right now: WiFi. Wifi was invented "by accident" by scientists attempting to detect very small Black Holes. They failed, and Wifi was invented!

Anonymous said...

Japanese brands account for more than 90% of Japan car market

The American Automotive
Policy Council says that historical practices like requiring lengthy car inspections of foreign-made vehicles and prohibiting existing car dealers from selling foreign cars have prevented foreign companies from gaining a large market share.

Time to change.

Japs now also dominate Indonesia market for automobiles.

Anonymous said...

Indonesians friends should look at how Toyota closed say bye bye to Australia when they closed n sacked thousands of workers at the Toyota factory after 50 years making money for them. blaming wage hike in Australia despite having deep reserves top maker in the world .

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 134

You are confusing marketing brands with the actual thing---just another car.

The modern automobile is essentially a network of 70-100 computers (mostly SoC---System On Chip), networked throughout the vehicle. The mechanical systems are also network monitored and controlled by industrial-type actuators...like the SCADA systems used in industry and infrastructure.

Every car on the road uses components sourced from all over the world, by manufacturers from many cuntries. For e.g. Bosch ECU's (Engine Control Units) are used in Jap cars, Korean Cars, European cars, American cars. Porsche, Volvo and Jeep use transmissions made by Japanese Aisin Seiki (Yah, you tell your Porsche owner yaya friend his car got Jap gearbox. See his face change! 🀣)

Please don't believe the hype about modern cars. They are all about the same---i.e. class for class.

Volvo is owned by Chinese company. VW Group is the largest car brand owner in the world now. They will advertise their own brands in competition with each other....and suckers will fall for that bullshit. πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


It is true that the unions killed off many industries in Australia because of unreasonable wage demands. If the company cannot make a profit, it makes good economic sense to close down and fuck off all the greedy cunt workers. Why should the overseas "good earners" subsidize a loser? Which shareholder will support such a stupid move? Answer: None. Zero.

The unions really killed off a damn good factory. The Aussie built Toyota engine used in Camry's is one of the best day-to-day engines ever built. Efficient, good power and torque...perfect for the mass market. And they blew it, bloody fools.

Anonymous said...

Japs car market already very closed to competition since day one before globalisation before Japan gained access to German technology with Borsch joint venture