Yin and Yang – The complementary roles of USA and China

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS in December 2017. According to a Peter Vanburen, an ex staff of US Statement department, ‘there is nothing to celebrate’ for the Americans despite the victory. The new Iraqi govt is pro Iran and would strengthen the power of anti American Arab coalition in the region which brews more trouble for the USA. The ISIS may have been weakened, but the Americans would not leave. The propaganda position of the Americans is to ensure that ISIS would not rise again. The unofficial position is just the opposite, to feed and nurse ISIS to live for more trouble for Iraq and the region. The Americans decided that they should stay in Iraq, with or without the consent of the Iraqi govt and Iraqi people. They are treating Iraq as a semi American colony, colonized after the invasion on the excuse of WMD.

The Americans claimed to have spent US$60 billion fighting the ISIS. And that is not all. The total cost to the Americans, still counting, is 4,500 Americans dead, many wounded, and trillions of US dollars for the invasion of Iraq. And the USA, after destroying Iraq to gain control of it as another American colony, ‘does not intend trying to pay for the reconstruction of Iraq’. This is how great the Americans are today. Ok, according to the same Reuter report, the US did contribute US$265 million for reconstruction since 2014.

This is like after destroying the country and killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, turning their lives into hell, the Americans simply pat their backside and walked away.
But not to worry, the Jekyll and Hyde relationship between the USA and China would come into play. China has started to come in to offer to reconstruct Iraq, to rebuild Iraq from the destruction of the Americans. And you can expect the Americans and western media crying foul, that China is taking advantage of the Iraqi people and constructing buildings for no use and building roads to nowhere, or robbing Iraq of its oil. Now who have been stealing Iraqi oil since the invasion and the fall of Saddam Hussein?

Wherever the Americans conduct wars of destruction, the Chinese will be at their heels to clean up the mess and to rebuild the destroyed countries. This is the Yin and Yang relationship of the USA and China, a destroyer and a builder, a warmonger and a peacemaker, one destroys the other builds.

Who is the bigger devil? China of course, that is the lie the West and the Americans are creating for the daft of the world to read in and to believe in.

PS. In today’s news the Americans again are spreading another lie that the Syrian govt may be developing new types of chemical weapons, to justify keeping their forces in Syria and another invasion of Syria.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile another complementary long clown shown in goodu land: City $ harvest & garhmen...judges deferred to parliament...no time lah to review law....garhmen when comes to fixing oppo & collecting money or appointing kaki lang very fast in passing laws.....please this long show must go on & on & on....the citizens need it to distract from high costs n squeeze..

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB,like the title of Yin and Yang complementary role of the UaSs and China. One the destroyer against one builder. Who is the more evil ones is for everyone to see.
This article if one were to replace the UaSs with Pee And Poo party & China with the opposite party, think this article also fit in or apply to Sinkieland political scene here, a Yin vs Yang forces, but the opposite force is weak here due to the Daft Sinkies r stupidity with no cure syndrome in Daftland, the more evil schemes that the ruling party created the dafts would accept it, the red dot need a powderful opposite forces to shake & wakes the dafts up so the the Yin and Yang r balance here..

Anonymous said...

China has started to come in to offer to reconstruct Iraq, to rebuild Iraq from the destruction of the Americans.

China is also doing this for her own interests, and not so much as they love the Iraqis.

Do you know that China is also doing a lot of construction and investments in the "dark" continent of Africa, a place where western countries and companies shun?


Anonymous said...

The total cost to the Americans, still counting, is 4,500 Americans dead, many wounded, and trillions of US dollars for the invasion of Iraq.

Not an issue if the Americans can afford it.

America is still strong and prosperous, and USD is an international currency. Many Asian entrepreneurs even dream of listing their companies on NYSE, hopping to become instant multi-billionaires like Alibaba Jack Ma.

The total cost to local Sinkie PMETs, still counting, is many become jobless and end up as taxi drivers for the PAP policies of letting in lots of foreign talents and also NS for Sinkies, and scholarships and jobs for foreigners. Not forgeting making Sinkieland a very expensive place to live.

But PAP can still get 70% votes, u know. Can well afford it, right?

Anonymous said...

This blog must be the place with the longest playing broken record. The 70% best all time playing record.

Anonymous said...

The 70% best all time playing record.
9:28 am

Perhaps a record worth repeating, I suppose? Not meh?

And also perhaps why PAP is so arrogant and can well afford to screw Sinkies hard hard without retribution?

In fact, if I were Hsien Loong, I would do the same or even worse.

Virgo49 said...

Apology this is not the Topic of discussion.

Just to add: Any of their Ministers who took over governance of his/her Ministry just simply sat in their few thousands comfy chairs and shake their butts till they reaches 56 inches in girth.

They took for granted that All is Well as the Dafts would not know whether we are working or not.Just collect our million dollars salaries and have the kai kias brainstorm how to squeeze more monies out of the Dafts.

So many instances when cases of insufficient upheld of the laws or policies surfaces, then they said We will review the laws or cases.

The minister should serve thru their predsssors past policies and put forth any shortcomings if any to amend the laws and policies.

Only their famous quote: We can do better next time.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:45 am.

While you can equate USA to PAP in terms of the damages done to the weak and powerless, defenseless innocent folks, especially children and women, and oldies, you CANNOT equate China to Oppo in Singapore. The Oppo parties can only be equated to the disunited Middle-East countries. Every party leader wants to be Chief but not followers. The Oppo parties also do not have the financial freedom and political cloutlike China. And China is getting stronger and stronger by the days, from masses riding bicycle to work to high speed trains across the country. But the Singapore Oppo Parties are going nowhere and without a simmer of light at the end of the tunnel - unable and unwilling to form a new government. And more .....

Therefore, equating China to Oppo of Sin is like equating the King of Durian to a tiny wild berry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 02, 2018 9:28 am
//This blog must be the place with the longest playing broken record.//

Peesai must be the place with the longest FARTING under the pretext of PEE AND POO?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 02, 2018 9:51 am
//In fact, if I were Hsien Loong, I would do the same or even worse.//

Lao Goa is waiting ...?

Anonymous said...

Virgo49//Just collect our million dollars salaries and have the kai kias brainstorm how to squeeze more monies out of the Dafts.//

Uncle Virgo49,

Didn't u said previously they specialised in squeezing sinkies balls to make them cough out the last dime?

There is a joke going on that IN GOOD TIME, ELDERSHIELD will be COMPULSORY for NEW BORN too?

Virgo49 said...

The Americans are the World First Class Hypocrites.

Just listen to Donald Trump's State of Union Speech that's full of hypocrisies.

Our Loony also followed their examples by having their own actors in the audience praising them Sky High.

Hw had one War Veteran with two legs been amputated and praised him as a War Hero. Had the farking Americans do not stir shits and have wars everywhere, this guy would not have his both legs amputated. Called themselves Patriots when they went round killing all and sundry. Just one day's government wayang shut down and they cried we are now without pay.

DT talked about we wanted Peace and hope that one day All Nuclear Armed Nations would disbanded their Arsenals.

But as the Self Proclaimed Policemen of the World and also the most heavily Armed Nation, he should take the First Step into it.

Anyway, let these Cowboys killed among themselves.

Another shooting at the Schools.

They deserved it. This is Karma in the Works.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 11.55am://This is Karma in the Works.//

Beginning this Sun in the Year of Earth Dog, Karma will show how bitchy it can be?

Yew can run, but yew cannot hide?

Anonymous said...

The Yin and Yang relationship of our CPF savings and PAP's many schemes - We save, they take !

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.24am

U r right. Sinkieland opposition is not equivalent to China.. Wat anon 8.45am trying to say is unlike the Nordic or other Western Countries the oppo here is weak, there is a stronger ones to check & balance the political scene here so much so that it become more like a 'dictatorshit', u see an unbalance of forces here, many of the recent policies were 'shaft into' the daftians mouth , take it or leave it, lets move on slogans upon slogan, worse the r the 69.9% dafts keep votings these white devils - stupidity has no cure in Daftland Red Dot.

Anonymous said...

Trump talked abt a quiter ran to US as hero. He should not talk and talk but follow the washington hawks advice to bomb 1. the nuclear research facility, 2. the nuclear facility sites 3. submarine site. All these locations are on air photo. NK never hide them. Why not bomb them flat?

Talking about NK defectors. In SK, they look DOWN at these defectors. Serious, these are traitors and not heroes.

Wait for the bloody nose strategy to implememt. Trump keep talking as if it is real. We on sinkieland gets cheeze off. Kim Jon Un will to snoozing and waiting to press his buttons, hey not one button lah, 20 to 60 buttons nuclear bombs. US should enjoy the fury on fire. Seeing heads and legs flying on sky are on pictures for US viewers to see, such as in Iraq war. Kim can make it happening for US citizens to play the roles in war. Trump better be the hero of all time to enable it to happen to his citizens. 3 cheers to Trump: kwongHee Huat chye, the more he bombs NK, the more he will get at home, according to god from sun tex.
Watch US s bloody nose fight, and Trump will huat liao.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 1.40

No need to have 8000 pieces of ICBM.Just like in a fist fight or boxing, one accurate lethal punch can knock a person down.

North Korea just pump one or two accurate ones into the US and they will not able to fire their 8000 pieces.

Americans unlike the North Koreans and the PRCs cannot take pains.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.51

The PAP had their scholars to first devise the plans of how to squeeze the monies out of you and they themselves will squeeze your balls to cough out the last penny.

Going to have my balls squeezed and pipi poke with filament scope soon in their Urology Department.

Their doctors worked in league with one another. One Poly Doctor will have your blood and urine tested every six months if you go for your usual chronic sickness.

Then, if they find some abnormalities which is common in the elderies, they will recommended a battery of tests for the other departments.

Just a trace of blood in your urine, they will refer to the Urologists. There, a battery of Scans and finally a poke into your little Bro will cost you nearly half a thousand.Their MRI machine costs a Bomb so they have to recover costs.

So more referrals means more businesses.

This is how your Medisave account been depleted less your insurance premiums.

That's why now Gan wants ti have a Schedule of Medical Charges as he knew the Doctors scalpel are very sharp.

Get poked and pay.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 February 02, 2018 2:02 pm
//Going to have my balls squeezed and pipi poke with filament scope soon in their Urology Department.//

Hope dun kena one do & 10 other (female) newbies/ trainees look look see see ...

Worst dun kena become "experiment" newbies "poke poke squeeze squeeze" while under anaesthesia & unconscious as part of their "training" ...

Anonymous said...

2.02pm Virgin //Get poked and pay.//

Wah rao!

Becum worst than black turtle?

Poked liao still charge $$$?

Virgo 49 said...

First check up already kena @ squeezed on Balla and finger into arsehold.Well trained like the PAP.

Doctor said good still very tight.

Luckily no clash with my Genting dates.

Don't know Matilah ever kena poked into backsides? ?

Matilah, what's say you? ?

Virgo49 said...

Bro, this one NO anaesthesia and goes in RAW.

My God, worse than Dental and other surgery.

Worse than PAP MP tucked your Balls to cough up your Last Cents.


b said...

Both are vassal states. They do this bad guy good guy thing repeatedly in history to generate massive wealth for the wolves of deep state.

Anonymous said...

Virgin 3.35pm //Worse than PAP MP tucked your Balls to cough up your Last Cents.//

Best pay pte rate choose surgeon?

Dun later eyes & mouth cannot close cry no tears ...?

If kena allocated ahnehland "medical degree graduate"?

Anonymous said...

3.29pm //Luckily no clash with my Genting dates.//

U one male alone hanging around the mama san observe liao ever ask u want cha bor Vietnamese, Pinoy, etc etc ...?

After kena poked liao if still nvr kena eunuch like many serpents then better treasure yewr manhood like gold?

If laoahpek kena "sabo" ladyboy ... oops ... ladylaokokok hard to close eyes next time?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 February 02, 2018 3:29 pm
//First check up already kena @ squeezed on Balla and finger into arsehold.Well trained like the PAP.//

Peesai oldies very CHAM?

At old age still kena "poke and poke sodomised backsides"?

Besides their retirement quah cha png kena "life imprisonment, plundered, raped, sodomised, tortured, some even given capital punishment" & nvr see for 1 last time, many (even) kena "hellcare britality" & alive worst than in health?

Virgo49 said...

Think the cards giver or Telenumber lady at Resort Monte Carlo better looking than the actual performers.

Always gave sweet smiles. Get her safer than having to be poked later thru your Yul Bruner than the actual performing artistes.


Anonymous said...

Virgo49 February 02, 2018 5:11 pm
//Think the cards giver or Telenumber lady at Resort Monte Carlo better looking than the actual performers.//

Georgie floated the orgui vice and peesai became blackturtleland in no time?

Better not follow the foot prints of the evil pple & orgui-nise red bean blog?

The contamination & precipitation of viceland by past orgui-minionsters already rendered it beyond purification & the inhabitants have to subsist in it in suffocation till it cease to exist IN GOOD TIME?

Anonymous said...

@ 511 //Always gave sweet smiles.//

R u sure?

Once every 5 years lah ...?

When they are ONLY after the daft votes?

Anonymous said...

Virgo //My God, worse than Dental and other surgery.//

Uncle, wait till they "operate" on your QUAH cha png & the present value of your future income?

The inter-temporal pain, torture & suffering = Pt + (1+r)P(t+1) + ..... + (1+r)^(t+n-1)P(t+n), where n = cannot close eye ?

The "operation date" is "the 4th day of cny" (got clash with your gangting rendezvous date)?

Virgo49 said...

One trip b4 CNY coming Tuesday and one during CNY Chiap Goh Meh. Live crackers over hundred feet long and God of Wealth give Gold Nuggets.

Put nuggets on top of Roulette Game and Huat. Pre Lunar Year buy their Goodies.

Wah piang, DONT know kena GST or not? ?


Anonymous said...

Quah Cha Png they also want to take now with eldershield made compulsory soon.

The scheme is so profitable, the claims being only a fraction of the premiums collected. If a person cannot do three things like eating, bathing or sitting up, he or she is already one leg inside the coffin. Even if he or she can claim, maybe just will collect only one or two months before kicking the bucket.

Among my many relatives who passed away, non could claim a single cent despite being insured under eldershield. The scheme is a mother of all farces. And it is going to be compulsory for those starting their working life.

The scheming continues. Next change.....followed by coming soon.

Virgo49 said...

Should be Mother of All Faces! !

At that stage worse than Coma.

So many disabilities than can claim worse than striking single digit Roulette number.

Anonymous said...

6.04pm //Among my many relatives who passed away, non could claim a single cent despite being insured under eldershield. The scheme is a mother of all farces. And it is going to be compulsory for those starting their working life.//

Insurance means when u pay premium u get to claim?

If insurance deductible bar set at 2.6m even world high jimp champion also cannot clear means u oldies eyes paste stamps liao lah?

Just like torrential flooding they say water bottle broke spill on floor then collision they say one fren saw another one pat pat on the back say halo lah?

Force u insurance with deductible set at (invisible 1 m) strastopheric astronomical figures means it is eternal inter-temporal tax over life time aka term policies without claim?

Even the xi you ji bai gu jing is not so evil?

Anonymous said...

6.09 //At that stage worse than Coma.//

Karma or coma?

Th3 bitch has d3cid3d?

Bitching in the Year of the doggie?

Anonymous said...

They set the bar so high, yet they compelled oldies to take part, how many oldies can jump that high? Legs even got no strength to walk! Every scheme devised by the PAP talented scholars is a 'pau chiak' scheme.

What to do? Scholars are funded by public money, yet came back to screw the public. Karma will come sooner or later. Bad luck may be already a minifestation of Karma working it's magic on the evil doers.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 February 02, 2018 6:03 pm
//One trip b4 CNY coming Tuesday//


At least u got to spend cny in peesai ...

AY (& many who ran road) going fwd from 2018 may eternally spend cny in whiteland?

And eat burger & fries as reunion dinner (ALONE) in faraway land?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 February 02, 2018 6:03 pm
//one during CNY Chiap Goh Meh.//


Lucky u ...

For those sinkies less qualified run road to ahnehland, cny reunion dinner eat prata & teh tarik (at the roadside)?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 02, 2018 7:23 pm
//They set the bar so high, yet they compelled oldies to take part, how many oldies can jump that high? Legs even got no strength to walk! Every scheme devised by the PAP talented scholars......//

So high?

IN GOOD TIME, ms raise to 1/2 m then 1 m?

Oldies take back (QUAH cha png) in 5 cts, 10 cts, 20 cts, 50 cts?

Not enuf drink kopi in hawker ctr?

(IN GOOD TIME), some more cannot pay in cash?

Must use atas iphone 10 scan QR code then can pay?

Even got phone if network paralysed then oldies no need eat le?

Schemers brain enter water liao?

Short liao?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo, u may not be aware, matilar already dead last year. The current matilar is matilar no.2 a fake matilar so to speak. He was original matilar childhood Friend and practise uncest like matilar

Anonymous said...

The death of evil doer Premier Cao Cao, age 66:


In AD220, Premier Cao Cao was 66-yo.

His luck was down as his stars had fallen & AD220 was his worst year since birth?

Every night Cao Cao was sleepless as the spirits of those who were victimised & fixed by him surrounded him during his sleep and he woke up in fear many times every night?

One of his ex wives spirit which Cao Cao caused her death came to haunt him several times a night?

By then, Cao Cao was 66-yo

When his time was up, that night many spirits appeared by his bedside and Cao Cao supposedly could see them?

In the end, Cao Cao died of extreme fear at age 66 and his eyes were wide opened and looked horrified?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 February 02, 2018 3:35 pm
//Bro, this one NO anaesthesia and goes in RAW. My God, worse than Dental and other surgery. Worse than PAP MP tucked your Balls to cough up your Last Cents.//

Hope was done by "genuinely qualified doctor" ...?

Some years back was with a fren at a hospital A&E and while speaking to a doctor abt fren condition, the doctor said ANGIOGRAM is to scan the BRAIN?

????? OMG!!!!!

Got a SHOCK out of life but luckily later they got another more senior doctor to treat fren.

Dunno how ah GAN check doctors' qualification, whether he send them to sit for tests ...?

If patients kena those with fake or half-past 6 credentials or "half-baked" doctors then siao liao?

After laogoagomics opened FT floodgates in the 1990s with the pretext of GOAL 2010, the peesai soccer FIFA ranking plummeted from TOP 100 then to almost 200th placing currently. After spending billions & billions on foreign players & coaches & what not, peesai FIFA ranking plunged about 100 placing when there are only abt 200 countries worldwide ranked by FIFA?

Over the years, with apparent fake credentials in many industries, is it possible the healthcare sector is the exception?

How water tight is Ah Gan's vetting process of doctor's GENUINE credentials & competence?

Some doctors especially foreign born ones have attitude problem and when it comes to getting work done & treating patients, their effectiveness is sama sama peesai soccer FIFA ranking?

Patients queue for hours, run up and down hospitals and specialist clinics, queue for countless tests, spend countless $$$ etc etc but in the end, many (still) have medical problems not resolved?

The "viruses" that plagued SMRT & NOL may be "knocking on ah Gan's doors" (or already inside given harakiri managed MOH & MND previously)?

How come many new flats, new HDB lifts got problems in recent years?

Who oversaw MND between 2011 to 2015?

(Under Chinese zodiac calendar), Tmr will usher in Year of the Earth Dog

Will 2018 Year of Dog be the year of the perfect storm (with confluence of all the underlying problems previously swept under the carpet by overpaid JLBs surfacing simultaneously?)?

By this time next year, the oldies in MSN will know?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the costs of healthcare are becoming more & more UNBEARABLE for many oldies despite them having tons of $$$ in medisave and paid huge ransom ... oops compulsory premiums for medishield life & eldershield?

Yearly chronic withdrawal limit miserable $400 when at times, one polyclinic visit can wipe out the yearly allowable visit?

Outpatient scan $300 medisave withdrawal limit per account holder for self & all immediate family members for ENTIRE YEAR slbut if kena hospitalised some scans in excess of thousands of $$$?

Even most outpatient scans cost more than $300 per scan (even after the max subsidy)?

Anonymous said...

Just as uncle virgo49 said, many oldies got tons (of $$$) in medisave but cannot use then go polyclinic os a few $ the cashier/ registration pinoy etc call NAME out LOUD LOUD or send O$P$ ltrs/ sms every 3 days (especially during cny) to make oldies cough out the few $$$ outstanding?

Uncle Virgo49 is a good example?

Balla kena squeeze, oldies cash $$$ sure cough out?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile which oldies ever able to claim anything from eldershield and medishield life pls kee chiu!




MADE IN PEESAI & (IN)famous by a future contender ...?

Oldies are so thankful for all the paternalistic measures dished out by the youthful caring millionaire minionsters especially the 24/7 tight security provided to guard over their QUAH cha png so that even if there is 1 in a million ahpek spend it on batang fish, it is one too many?

This garberment is so caring they dish out paternalism to 70 to 90-yo laoahpek as if they are new born babies? Old fart had left behind such a "brilliant" institution and "world class" team (ranked 175 on FIFA ranking out of abt 200) that care for oldies for life, even compelled them by rationing in 5 cts, 10 cts, 20 cts, 50 cts their QUAH cha png for their mthly expenses in this most expensive city in the whole world?

Anonymous said...

When one watch the 'Maze Runner' series author by J.D., this is is like a metaphor of the Little Red Dot island city. The Maze can be the lightning garblement & its Runners r its people all trap in a small island. The Maze Founder is a Lady Doc coming out with experiment to test these trapped runners whether can they survived the trial, same like the G coming out many schemes to entrap its ceepuifxx people monies. Ocassionally, black spider-like Griever robots r sent in to slaughter the runners inside, same like the current rule & constitution rules all change by the while murugum minion...sinkies here got no choice but to go thru the scotched trial & eventually die with a death cure..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When every industry, including noble industries, has been turned into a racket to rip off the clients, one has to be very careful and confident enough to seek your own solutions. All that is needed is a bit of commonsense and all the information can be found in the net, not everything but a lot of things.

I just found the most effective way to solve your receding gum problem. Just rub the affected gum with baking soda, leave it for a few minutes before gargling it away. That is all and the gum will recover in a few days.

As for medical check ups, please do not be frightened or conned. When you can eat, sleep, shit, and no pains, don't waste money going to those expensive check ups that would lead to more checks just for checking's sake. The victim is you and your pocket.

I have not done a medical check up for 30 years and still kicking. I only visited the doc for less than 5 times in the same period. Cough and cold, just down some pandol or equivalent and rest. Best, whenever one feels the body is uncomfortable, take a couple of panadol quickly before the flu hits. It is better to take two than to take a couple of dozens after the flu hits. Kill it before it starts.

Our body will heal itself if you don't over stress it and give it time to do the necessary. There are many symptoms or signs of potential problems that may not get worse if you leave them alone. Once agitated by all kinds of test and pokings, the benign conditions could erupt.

And for the oldies, past 60, regard each day as a bonus and no need to fear this or that and happily volunteering to pay for all kinds of medical tests that you may not need. Live well, live freely, live happy. Everyone will die of old age. When it comes, let it come.

Remember, there is a paradise waiting for you: ) You can't have done so much evil that you are guaranteed and destined for hell. Don't believe those people cursing that you will go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Too much medication is not good for the body.

Just like too much anti-biotics is now known to be bad for the body immune system. And now flouride is found to be doing the opposite for teeth and who knows what else it has done to the brain. Butter made from vegetable oil was touted as the healthier choice, but now is found to be worse than butter made from milk. I never trust the words of experts or analyst. They made money from whoever wants them to say and what to say.

Just like trying injection of drugs to prevent a particular type of cancer. There are hundreds of types of cancer and you can prevent one or two, but what about the rest? Doctors are out to make more money to compete with each other as to who lives in a bigger house and drives a bigger car. The oath they took means nothing. The dollar sign is the main thing they go after. They have to sharpen their knives and what better way than recommending this and that test.

Nowadays we eat toxic chemicals in meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, bathe using toxic body cleansing lotions, and drinking toxic water laced with chlorine, etc.

Virgo49 said...

Right Mr RB.

When I have prescriptions from the Doctors regarding some common illness, I used to photo and kept in my HP.

Knew what medications for what illness. When up Melaka or even JB, just went into their pharmacies and buy from them. Fraction of a price.

However, certain medications in Sin Poly Clinics can use Medisave and Flexi Save for every three to six months and also under Pioneer Status get from them.

Also at a fraction of price as they are subsidized. Those NP or Non Prescription or subsidized medications, get from Matland.

Especially Melaka. Price different from Sinkieland and JB a Lot.

JB, have tasted the saliva of Singapore also have very sharp scalpels and knives.

Also, many are Sinkies wolves in disguise. Melaka pharmacies still very Pak Tut. Their medications or vitamins of local manufactured still very affordable as their own kind are still many below Poverty Level.

You be surprised that even Sinkieland Poly Clinics and Hospitals have their medications from them as imported thru them at lower costs. They are both Generic and Original Drugs.

Even can get Sleeping tablets from Matland Clinics.