Singtel replied to my complaint

I was having second thought on the title of this post. I saw a headline in thenewpaper, ‘SMRT updates app to give more accurate train timings’ and thought this would be more appropriate for this post instead of Singtel’s reply. You will see the relevance of why the SMRT headline later.

One guy from Singtel called asking to talk to me. I confirmed who I was. Then he turned into ‘machine mode’, that he needed to verify who I was. I told him this was a silly thing as it was he who called me. The natural thing would be for me to verify who he was. It is like I called up Hsien Loong and then tell him, wait, wait, I need to verify who he is. Then I will go on and ask, what is the name of his father, how many brothers and sisters he have, where did he live? Don’t you think Hsien Loong would be furious? He should be verifying me, the caller instead.

Anyway the guy was angry and cut off the call. Then I received a sms saying my account was transferred to a new platform and I can go online to check. Then I received an email reply confirming that I only used 36MB and got 60+MB balance. And I could call or go to another site to check my usage. Until today, the erroneous data in my mobile is still there and saying I have only 10MB left of my data plan.

See, there is nothing wrong about the data monitor in my mobile, a Singtel app, giving me false data. Is Singtel happy with the data monitor that cannot tell the real data but corrupted data, telling subscriber false data and confusing subscriber? And subscribers have to live with it? I was thinking that I may have no choice and need to upgrade to a bigger data plan if Singtel app data is going to be charged into my data plan.

How can Singtel provide its subscribers with an unreliable data monitor and simply tell the subscribers to call or go to another site to check for more accurate data? Might as well not to provide the data monitor when it is not helpful, not telling the real data, but fake data.

My reply to the email is that this is unacceptable practice and this must be brought up to the CEO’s attention. Now you understand why the SMRT wanting to provide more accurate train timings to commuters is relevant here? It is service, reliable service to the commuters/subscribers. Has Singtel degenerated into a third world service provider, providing a data monitor that is not telling the data that subscribers need and be happy with it? What kind of quality standard is Singtel setting? If this data monitor is what Singtel wants to provide, then I would tell Singtel to scrap it. It is useless if it cannot tell the actual data usage of subscribers.

I am waiting for my next bill to come to confirm that I am not charged for over usage, for exceeding my data plan though I am told that I did not exceed my data plan. You can bet left hand and right hand may not know what each one is doing or saying. I am keeping my finger cross.


Anonymous said...

Rb, rest assured you problem will be taken care of as I understand the ceo started as an auditor in with the big 4 so she is a bean counter who is meticulous on details.

Rocket said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your verification story. You are absolutely right not to give details to an unverified caller.
Otherwise, any Harry can call you and know how many times you xxxx.

Rocket said...

"Has Singtel degenerated into a third world service provider, providing a data monitor that is not telling the data that subscribers need and be happy with it? What kind of quality standard is Singtel setting? If this data monitor is what Singtel wants to provide, then I would tell Singtel to scrap it. It is useless if it cannot tell the actual data usage of subscribers." - RB.

Obviously, it goes without saying, Singtel has degenerated into a 3rd world standard not only of service (human) but also goods (software) as well. What can Singaporeans expect from cheap employees of Singtel imported from 3rd world countries whose accent remains distinctly from their countries of origin?

Not only Singtel but the whole Sinkingland has degenerated, from top to bottom, over the last 15 years. The MRT and Overall Transportation System is a good example. The mafia-type of forcing down the throats of Sinkies with compulsory Medishield and Eldershield Insurance premiums is another. The irrational increases in taxes is third. The relentless introduction of new laws to curb and restrict freedom of the People is yet another. The list goes on.

With China taking punitive measures against Sinkingland, it is certain the degeneration will become even more serious in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB. .u r right not to give all ur personal details. Even our men in black give us a protol how to respond to scammers like--- Do not Panic, Do not believe & Do not Give..uncle RB u have practised that protocol u r absolutely correct, Sing Tell may just wanna u to Sing & Tell with them ...Sing Tell stupidity's has no cure .

Anonymous said...

The story about red telco is telling the population policy was a negative success. From 3.3millions to 5.7millions population, the service quality is on degenerating trend to this organization. Very similar to a old body, losing strength and growing weak.

Yesterday there was talk of sinkieland s population to increase to 15 millions. When pap succeeds in getting 15 millions, the telco service quality will be like: customer subscribe 1G free data, the bills turns out charging 2 G data. When customers call out mistake lah, the call will direct to machine answering, and keep saying "your call is of value to us, please hole" until all customers battery go flat, then someone pick up: hellow, the call is cut and goes back to "please hole". More population, more revenue to telco, bc "please hole" is chargeable to customers.

This is not a joke. It is reflecting stagnation on service quality in telco. One can see it. Cust care response has been lousy.

On apps to monitor the data usage. One orange telco will tell customer who ask why he gets billed, while his data app shows within limit of usage. The clever answer is: there is a time gap between the phone app limit and the instant update of usage. Ie when the customer use, the billing is update instantly. But the phone app still shows having excess capacity to use. Haha tio poke a hole liao.

So the solution is to leave a big gap before the limit to avoid being charged? NO nO No. Change the telco lah. Move to one cheapest on data usage and u will never need to ask why kena billed by a small usage: but the bill is 10bugs extra minimum for any bit exceeds. Just change the telco, u have peace.

Voters need to vote against the pap bc the population policy is killing sinkieland as a place to improve custcare service. Voters saw the airline put insurance as must pay in tickets? This is the sure way to damage the airline s reputation, on oredi famous expensive ticket.

Is the population expanding leading to decline in custcare service? It is 100% true. The past at 3million was far better than now at 5.6millions. Voters should look at the ranking of cities on Global talent competitiveness index under Insead. eg copenhagon is among the top city in talents, its population is slight above 500k only. If u look at sanfancisco, its population is around 800k only. These top cities put sinkieland far out from competing for talents.
The red telco s story tell voters, the more pap open the borders for migrants to settle, the more degeneration on ALL local essential services, including the silver services. One should know the reason: some migrants workers are bluffing their talents and get seats on gold positions. IT cannot bluff, custcare can feel straight good or bad. These migrants workers cannot get away. But they use machines to make customers irritated, similar to airline insurance just added on cost. U pay u get poked a hole.
Let hope population 15millions will kill the interest to vote for pap once and for all. It is still good news.

Anonymous said...

Complaining is the most important ability human beings born with. Complaining ability helps children to grow to be healthy adults. Complaining help weaker sex like women to maintain their rights to survive without their benefits being compromised by abusers. Child abusers hate complaints. Bad teachers hate students complain against them. Incompetent politicians hate voters complaining their faulty policies. Criminals hate victims complaining about their assets being illegitimately snatched away.

Customer complain about their money being scammed away with poor delivery of services.

U dont like complaint, u take it as a privilege to provide bad service, u forbid complaint, your attitude to quality standard is shown on your post.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it certainly clear that Singapore, across the board, has degenerated sincere LHL took over as PM? Even the calibre of PAP MPs and Ministers has degenerated to the extent that until now they themselves don't even able to pick the 4th Generation Leader to prepare for our future, which has become more precarious for common folks?

Anonymous said...

4g leader has to be a recovery motor. U r right, the past 20 yr were years of degeneration. It is reflected on basic salary; $1000pm for basic job like guard or cleaner or delivery. That kind of salary is equal to employees of india main land standard. The source of labor naturally taken from that main land.

How to change the entire economy all eying for low cost labor to get themselves some profit as bosses? The loony created such an economy. The bosses cannot make money because of lower than breakeven demand on their services. Its better to keep loony as PM, and be his ministers than to be the leader who cannot turn the situations around.

Once taking over, whether keechiu or whoever, the new pm must deliver the solutions. No solutions? How? go ask old fart s tombstone? Common folks will not care who the hell he is pm. They want jobs to pay the bills, they want bills getting smaller on gas, electricity, installments, erp, parking. But these are to be pushed up to collect more money for "defense", for elite salary increases. The 4g will have to be very brave to be pm, and for how long.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //You can bet left hand and right hand may not know what each one is doing or saying.//

One of the worst things that can happen is damage done to the most expensive BIG ticket item a person owns in his/ her lifetime?

Many million dollars condo units across peesai are often seen to have unsightly pvc casings running across the houses/ units/ living room areas out of nowhere?


Bc when owners turn up at Telcos outlet to renew their cable tv &/ or home broadband, they are told old svcs no more in use & need upgrade?

So need run unsightly pvc casing for fibre cable?

(So much for SMART CITY & Long term 50 years ADVANCE planning? What has improved? Other than their ability to talk {nonsense}?)

Then in past two years the old scv tv cable also redundant liao?

(AGAIN) Need run Cat 5E/ Cat 6 network cable from fibre modem point to TV?

Broadband speed supposedly from 10 mbps to 100mbps to 1000mbps but often new network wifi worst than previous?

So they push blame to certain brand routers?

But who supplied the routers?

Home users ownselves supplied ownselves routers?

KNS Telcos supplied the routers but pushed blame of poor wifi reception to routers brand???

So then not their faults?

Maciam hawker Chiu Kee supplied XO ChaTaoKuey then inside got dead cockroach, then the hawker said the ingredients supplied by others?

Simisai logic?

Talking of std going down the drain & abyss?

NOL, train network, "TLLM" education system, build build build BOLDLY tax tax tax grow GDP BOTAKNOMICS, deteriorating IRs/ FRs, ridiculously high stratospheric COL (so much so even visiting rich Japenise Honchos are SHOCKED), deteriorating food hygiene std (for example many vendors never wash the rice or vegetables then straight from packing straight into cooker or cut cut cut then straight into wok and cook liao - YUCKS), worsening SOL, national soccer ranking plunging from 90+ to almost 200 after LaoGoa Hsian Tao GOAL 2010 annoucement in 1998 to further his agenda of FTs floodgates, plummeting TFR as evidence of vote of no confidence in parenthood in world most expensive city, highly leveraged bubble economy waiting to burst? when GFC II implodes, skyrocketing Gini coefficient? as evidence of yew die yewr own biz policies & garbermenance ..... etc etc?

Now ...

What should sinkies do in the Year of the Dog?

For one, how about:




BITCHUNG so loud till the JLBs leeches (& prarsites) cannot pretend they are DEAF frogs?

Oldies, Uncles & Aunties:

What say u?

b said...

Now telco cannot have a lot of new migrants (and hence new subscribers) and thus they will try to plunder existing subscribers.

b said...

Everything seems to regress after they import large numbers of migrants. God must be punishing them for exploiting the hardworking people and plundering them with HDBCPF and COE scheme. People in oz, nz, msia live in freehold house and drive car for just an average job. Sinkies only can afford temporary flats and bikes.

Anonymous said...

//..What should sinkies do in the Year of the Dog?

For one, how about:


Example of an erosion on Chinese cultural values in Sinkieland read this:

开花结狗 instead of 开花结果 during Chinese New year good wishing idiom.
One may laugh at Chinese culture eroding some people wrote to Lianhe zao bao newspaper on this issue. It's an insult to Chinese culture. If someone give u an angbao with one Chinese character of 狗 on it, its logo is Dior, it reads like u r dog ! U wanto give this angbao is insulting yourself, better 鸡飞狗跳 or the fellow is 狼心狗肺?

Anonymous said...

Punishing sinkies for voting for the head heavy bottom hollow economy.

Sinkies economy is like a huge condo 100 storey. The top 20 storeys are heavy silver servants and private ceo and coo sr executives. All making high pay. The bottom condos, more than 80 storeys, are empty and light.
This huge condo live peacefully with the top 20 storeys people carries 80% of weight of entire condo. They have huge purchasing power, but buying things like cars, houses, furniture, designer clothing and accessories mainly overseas.

The 80 storey residents purchasing power are light buyers. They are single no family foreigners buying noodles fast to cook, and simple vege, as well as locals NS men feeding 2 kids with simple furniture and household products. The buying power is getting lighter by years as reflected in cny and other festive seasons. Few businesses are excited and huat in cny.

Imagine, some day when there is blockage on sinkieland shores due to war. the entire economy will fold up fast with businesses bankrupt in short time due to poor demand. The 80 storey residents have little saving s to last them 6 months to a year without jobs.

This kind of rich poor imbalance was not a concern to the loony. It was brought up and the answer was nothing. It was nothing because there was no unusual situation. When sinkieland is tested, the low cash savings resident s living power will show not sustainable for 6 month to one year.

This kind of pay structure to benefit small group of people is pap s model. Voters will see how they suffer when war time comes, where the elite 20% fly off with all the savings and cash. Sinkies poor 80% will have to blame themselves for voting for they destiny. ie this type of building heavy top hollow bottom will collapse easily if shakes by earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Precisely ... all these is due to 28 years of psycho-therapy by LKY & his cronies.

Since 1990 old fart has imposed a "fuck you" culture & attitude without the other old guards to hold him back --- but many of you & your fathers / mothers either close both eyes, or accept thinking that your bank account / job / property will go up. Never mind, sleep with the devil also can --- as long get richer can liao.

Now your actions & inactions have come to bite your balls --- now then you complain.

When all along you & your father / mother have abetted it since 1990.

Want to blame can only blame yourself or your father / mother.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are very good in "COW PEH COW BU". Even Ministers also nowadays COW PEH COW BU on Social Media. Lately, Cancerous-Man Ah Loony and JLB Ah Goh of Quitter-Daughter Fame openly squabble on Facebook about 4G Leadership. Paid themselves by the millions of dollars of taxpayers' money, instead of spending more time together to solve the urgent bread-and-butter issues to give Citizens a better life, they COW PEH COW BU about who is right or wrong in not taking action for future succession of Leechership.

What pathetic leaders you have. No wonder China see Sinkieland no up. And India takes the opportunity to exploit to their fullest advantage.

Sinkieland finish liow.

Anonymous said...

Is there any Anti-Plunder Kit out there that we can buy to protect us from garhmen, GLCs, Stat Boards, etc ??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Art of Plundering has been refined to such a fine art by the Leeder-ship that not a single soul can bring justice to bare and bear.

Anonymous said...

India is dumping all its unemployed here and making Sinkies unemployed.