World Peace is threatened by the Evil Empire and its poodle UK

UK is is hanging on to the coat tail of the bankrupt Evil Empire to appear as if it is still a great power. It is obeying USA order to join the QUAD to provoke China in sailing their warships jointly through Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea. UK, USA , Japan and the West must be reminded China has not forgotten the Opium Wars they imposed on China in the 1830s and 1850s and the huge quantum of war indemnities of hundreds of billions of silver dollars they imposed on China that greatly impoverished China . China was reduced to an inconsequential pauper state and was still paying the war indemnities until 1949 when the Peoples Republic of China under the great leadership of Chairman Mao Tse-tung and his competent patriotic colleagues stopped the payment. UK must be reminded in no uncertain terms to stop playing mischiefs with China though it is at the behest of USA and must know China has yet to settle her scores with all the great wrongs and evil that was done to China with the resultant lost of over three million square miles of Chinese territory to Imperial Zarist Russia, UK, France and Japan. Through the hard work and deligence of the Chinese people China has risen from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix and is now rich and powerful. China must be firm and will not tolerate any nonsense from any quarter even if it is the Evil Empire and its Quad members.

But the desperate Evil Empire is hanging on as the world's only super power ( though it is declining now ) by depending on its military might and control of  of the toxic Petrol Dollar , a ponzi scheme which has been cheating and swindling the whole world in trade , commerce and finance for  decades. It knows the game will soon be over with the Petrol Dollar as China , Russia and the BRIC countries have every intention to take it down, so as for survival now it is using its traditional vile method of inciting, staging and conducting permanent wars to generate income via the vicious active roles of CIA and the Pentagon and its use and function of its NGOs to propagate and build its fifth columns in targeted countries .

USA is getting panicky and is increasing its military budget to almost eight hundred billion dollars. and upgrading its nuclear weapons to frighten Russia and China. It is playing a very dangerous game and is almost over the brink with its never ending caustic rhetoric and vile and wild propaganda against Russia, China, North Korea , Iran and Venezuela and the staging of simultaneous imperial wars in many Middle East countries, Afghanistan and Africa and inciting strives and tensions in Asia, Korea, East China Sea, South China Sea and South America.

USA's every insidious action is indicating to the world that the coming Third World War is inevitable. The imperial wars in the Middle East and hiking tensions in Korea and elsewhere is a preamble to the coming horrific Third World War.

Creating tensions in Korea and making false wild accusations against DPRK and Iran is only a side show but more to serve as a false basis for a reason for eventual attack against Russia and China.American leaders are psychopatic war mongers with deranged minds and they are mad and lunatic. Their evil behaviour and actions are putting the world in great danger for many of them strongly believe they can triump over Russia and China in a nuclear war and only USA can survive in that war. Neverthelesss Russia, China Iran, DPRK and the free world must stand firm and cohesive against USA and the West and be fully prepared to fight an all out total war against imperial America which may soon plunge the world into a nuclear war.

The survival of mankind is now in doubt with nuclear war clouds hovering over the horizon . But hopefully great men of wisdom will ultimately appear in all countries and with right logic, clear thinking and wisdom and the absense of false ego the world may yet be saved from nuclear holocaust.


Thursday, 15th February, 2018


Virgo49 said...

The Western Barbarians of the USA, UK and France as the three major devils still thinks that they can plundered the Asians for their continued wealth of lootings.They ONLY gangup against the weak.

They are actually ONLY able to bully the Arabs and some silly Pariahs. Let them try China and the North Korea.

They be mince meats by them.Once I saw foot shot of a Brit Pilot been whAcked till black eyes been captured by the Iraqis and the American pilot been escorted by a tiny weeny Vietcong girl with just a Mark IV Army cadet rifle at that time, I felt so Shiok.

They are not invincible as they portray themselves to be.Just human beings you and me.

Also afraid of Death. Let the Chinese made bak kwa out of them.

Rocket said...

Wishing All Concerned A Very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!


b said...

Unfortunately china are also brainwashed by those blankies. They are still buying iphones.

b said...

Happy Dog Year!

Virgo49 said...

Hello b, young generation the world over are practically the same. On modern western culture or their way of life.

Even Indonesian maids also goes Ga ga over the Korean K-pops and the Western Stars Rap Rap and Rape rape. No difference with the China Meis Meis in Sinkieland.

In my estate, saw many China Meis Meis hand in hand with the Caucasians. Wah so proud of them.

What's to do as Matilah always said the Western Decadence lifestyles Rocks.

Ours boring and stale.

Happy Lunar New Year

b said...

Crossed marriages is good. It achieves the goal without violence. Otherwise those gals will become old virgins cos so many sinkies men married foreign gals too.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo48

>> What's to do as Matilah always said the Western Decadence lifestyles Rocks. <<

OK V48, that's my opinion, not necessarily the "truth" (whatever the fuck that means to the individual...I don't give a fuck🤪). Reader's should check the facts and form their own opinion. Don't be such a fucking baby.

I base my opinion on observation---the majority of rich western-style democratic cuntries (for e.g. Japan and Korea are Asian cuntries but have western-style democracies put in with the help Evil Old White Guys)

These wealthy and peaceful western-style demo-Crazies (because democracy is totally nuts, loud and messy because every individual is "equal" and therefore cannot wait to exercise their big-fat-mouths to win the battle in the "free-market of ideas"). However, the majority of the world's population likes this style of SOCIAL ORGANISATION...to the point where the best places in the world to live have this western-style democratic system going on.

How does one conclude that these are the "best places"? Simple metric IMMIGRATION. There are large numbers of people APPLY to emigrate there. There are significant numbers of people who will try to ENTER ILLEGALLY there.

I have to admit the system which rocks better than the western world's democracies are places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia Japan and South Korea.

These are conservative Asian nations with deep roots in traditional values. Yet they've all adopted some form of "democratic system" for their political process---some more successfully than others of course. There will always be a hierarchy of good, better, bestest of the best in the world...

In my opinion SINGAPORE is heads and shoulders ahead of the rest of the Asian democracies.

To have a typical lavish western lifestyle in Singapore is about the best you can ever do You can have your boat at Sentosa, private jet at Seletar pay the world's lowest taxes, be ensured of 100% Political Stability, and essentially do whatever the fuck you want, make as much money as you like. 💰🤑

If you don't make political trouble, or bash up any of the locals...you will be King Of Your Castle.

Western-democracy lifestyle rocks. But have to pay big taxes.

Western-democracy lifestyle in Singapore ROCKS THE HARDEST. Pay very little tax. Best part: Comptroller of Income Tax will send you a "thank you" note, acknowledging your contribution to "nation building"---Fuck me, damn polite some more!! 🤣

Majulah Singapura.

Unfortunately the cheebai loser locals who should all fuck off, eat shit and die already are fucking the show up...for e.g. demanding CPF money...money which they do not own. Assholes. So I'm sorry to prophecise:

Matilah Singapura

b said...

Democracy was most likely an eastern invention (persia or india) rather than western. The west has adopted it and claimed it just like christianity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Chinaman security kena tekan by mat saleh tua kee security.

Fucking funny lah🤪 The dude got walloped in his own cuntry by a foreigner!


US = 1
China = 0 minus