When Trump meets Kim

Trump said on 6 Jan 18 that he would like to talk to Kim.

"I always believe in talking," Trump said at the Camp David presidential retreat when asked if he would speak to Kim by phone.

"Absolutely I would do that, no problem with that at all," Trump said, while making clear this did not mean he would do so without preconditions....

"I would love to see them take it beyond the Olympics," Trump said. "And at the appropriate time, we'll get involved."  channelnewsasia.com

Now what would Trump said to Kim? "Hi Rocket Man, I really like you."

And Kim would reply, "Yes Dotard, it is so nice to meet you in person."

Both then embraced each other like old pals and had a good laugh.  They knew that it was just all talks to needle each other, a kind of showmanship at the world stage but deep inside both really respect each other as man, as leaders of nations.

While the North and South Koreans are meeting and hopefully relations between the two would improve and tension reduce, what is this that Trump said the Americans would want to get involved? What has the meeting of two people, of the same country divided by a civil war got to do with the Americans? South Korea is not a state of the USA, or is it a colony and the Americans would have a say in their future and domestic affair?

Trump's statement has made it very clear that they own South Korea and would not allow the South Koreans to get too cosy and friendly with the North. The Americans are in charge and would want to keep the two Koreas divided forever. The Americans have no problems with the two Germany united but they would not allow the two Koreans to be one united people. When that thing happened, there is no more role or reason for the Americans to have bases in South Korea. The North Koreans would insist that a united Korea is an independent country and independent countries do not allow foreign military bases in their soil and to take control of their armed forces and to determine their foreign affairs.

Trump and Washington must be very worried though putting up a pretence that they don't mind the Koreans talking to each other and trying to resolve their differences. The Americans would take over the talk and put in more unreasonable terms to drive a bigger wedge between the two Koreas. That is for the benefit and interest of the American Empire and South Korea would forever be just a colony of the Empire. The Americans would want to have the final say.

The South Koreans should be glad that Kim Jong Un is able to stand up to the Americans and hold the key to their independence from the Evil Empire. But some South Koreans would not mind being a protectorate of the Americans like some Hongkies and Taiwanese. Their position is quite similar to the Bhutanese, a protectorate of India, a happy singing cage bird.


Anonymous said...

There would be no war but exchange of words thru the Fire & Fury Dotard vs Jedi Kim. Why? Dotard is a bzinesman by nature, any war won't benefit the UaSs excepts the weapon makers.

Anonymous said...

/// Their position is quite similar to the Bhutanese, a protectorate of India, a happy singing cage bird. ///


Their position is quite similar to the Singaporeans, a protectorate of PAP, a happy singing cage bird.

True or not?

Anonymous said...

Their position is quite similar to the Bhutanese, a protectorate of India, a happy singing cage bird.

The Bhutanese have good reasons not to mind being a protectorate of India lah.

Just as smart Sinkies have good reasons not to mind having a lousy PAP govt, because they are happy making money under PAP rule, as long as they are smart.

Anonymous said...

Trump's statement has made it very clear that they own South Korea and would not allow the South Koreans to get too cosy and friendly with the North.

Trump can make any statement he wants lah, but South Korea, for their own good reasons and if need be, will ignore Trump.

Sinkies can kpkb for all they want about PAP lah, but majority Sinkies, for their own good reasons and if need be, will still vote for PAP.

Rocket said...

There are some people, after prolonged brain-washing, being a cage bird has become their second nature. One good example is the Singapore's Civil Service.

Bhutanese are by nature easily frightened and therefore easily tamed. The pride of being an independent country based on happiness as the measure of the country's GDP is only a facet. Basically, the King and Royal Family of Bhutan are peaceful people who are afraid of going anywhere alone and therefore have to depend on India to defend their borders.

If China had been strong and not attacked by 13 foreign countries, Bhutanese would have depended on China instead of India.

Now that China has become strong, things may change. But Indian Government, just like their colonial master, the British, refused to let go their grip on Bhutan.

It may take a Sino-India War to effect the change. This is very likely in the near future.

Likewise, some of the South Korean westernized thinkers may feel better with the Americans still gripping them by their necks with a dog-collar.

Same as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Anonymous said...

For Trump, look at what he do, not what he says.

Same applies to PAP leaders, and also Sinkie opposition leaders and for politicians in general.

Kong nia boh chor (NATO)

or chor bo lan (do but no result)

or chor hee (wayang or showman)

Anonymous said...

Same as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
10:27 am

They have good reasons to do so lah.

Even Xi Jinping sent his daughter to Harvard for her education, u know.

And Jack Ma became the richest man in China after Alibaba got listed on NYSE.

Good reason or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

Bhutan is a protectorate of India due to history and circumstances, and being a tiny state, something beyond their control.

And even if the Bhutanese don't like it, also no point saying it aloud what, correct or not? It may even harm them.

The Bhutanese cannot kpkb about it like Sinkies u know, although kpkb is useless but no harm lah, especially for Sinkie bloggers like RB. RB not called to lim kopi yet, right?

Anonymous said...

How to die is the better way? U and all of us will have this in question. Majority will want to live.

Anyone who does not want to die can call upon the super nature to protect them. They believe their call must happen. It means when the bombs drop on their heads, the super nature will save them but ignore the other groups. The latter groups did not ask for it.

This is the logic. Immediately, many will disagree with the first group. They will go for nuclear weapon to prevent bombs from dropping on them. Or they kneel to the bombers, please, have all that we have, america is great of the greatest. Hey, Trump will correct: greatest of the great. The reply at SK will be yes sir. Bc their commander is america 4 stars.

Is it clear enough to understand the NK and SK divide? One group refuses to give up power for their collective destiny. One group love the america the great. But the NK Kim might want to be the greatest. Or he is a paranoid, as some said, he needs nuclear weapon to protect his own life.

To NK, war is far better than having america keep talking about war. This is proven, not some suka suka warriors said so. The FM Ri of DPRK said so. He asked Trump not to talk, but open fire. The latter has selective hearing, did not do so.

But many said Trump is a narcissist. He was hurt. He will set out a war plan. Kim was cautious man. He jaga the north as well as the south. With a stick? That s what both sides want him to do: be the guards at borders, all give them sticks lah. Kim is smart. How can stick fight with guns? So u know Kim is not simple minded. Why so big ego to a small country? That is because, to die this way or that way? He has made a "that way" choice. Both sides will want him to die straight for not listening to their world power thought: no small country can beat us. But Kim has intelligence given by his father s genes. Die with nuclear weapons, might be dying on the bed. Die with having a stick is instant. If not instant death, all the DPRK will only eat instant noodle.

Do not think DPRK give up nuclear weapon, these super power will let it go, and give them foods. Not true when watching Iraq and Iran and more. There will be IsIs type of war in Korea to over throw Kim. Who can be so sure? No one. Only facts show that if Kim give up nuclear weapon, Kim will have to go,where? Mati lah.

CNA showed one chinese man at NK border complained the risk of nuke dust. This is the truth. So if Chinese are worried, NKoreans living inside are not worried? The chinese can pack up, taking a high speed rail, next day, they will have moved house to Guangzhou, Shenzhen. They can further go to HK to start a listed company. Not for DPRK. They the people are short of oil and foods. The choices are: die this way or that way.

Therefore to DPRK: war is the better option. If Trump keeps talking and thinking sanctions will squeeze Kim s brass balls. He is indeed a narcissist. The same applies to other super power s heads. Kim s people might want to "si swar". When a suicidal war is motivated, it will be the time for Kim s move to reclaim the south. US forces claimed to be the hardest to crack. It did not win the Viecons. Can the same forces with dwindling budget each year with the "siaow" North Koreans? From asians who witnessed Vietnam war, the chance for US to win is 49%. Bc the southerners has about 30% population are pro unification. In war, these 30% will go against the 70% who follow the americans to war. That will help Kim is small way. But Kim has no choice, die in war or die on bed. Trump will not die lah.

Anonymous said...

And Jack Ma became the richest man in China after Alibaba got listed on NYSE.
Good reason or not, u say lah?
January 28, 2018 10:39 am

And did PAP Ministers become the richest politicians in the world after Ah Lee Baba became Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...

To counter the hegemonistic bullying of the US, my sagely advice to China's President Xi Jinping is that

(1) he should increase China's nuclear warheads to more than 8,000


(2) he should endeavor to make the Chinese currency yuan more used in international trading, and more accepted as an important reserve currency in the international financial system.

That would diminish the advantage of the US military, and its current strong hold on the international financial system such that it can impose sanctions here and there

Anonymous said...

my sagely advice to China's President Xi Jinping....
2:07 pm

Hahahaha. Your sagely advice to China's President Xi Jinping?

If u are a Sinkie, why don't u advise PM Lee Hsien Loong first? And see whether he listen to your advice or not.

Anyway, no matter lah, u can use RB blog to talk cock sing song like many do, if he is kind enough not to delete your comments.

Anonymous said...

And did PAP Ministers become the richest politicians in the world after Ah Lee Baba became Prime Minister?
1:55 pm

Of course lah. And good reason for them to work for Ah Lee Baba.

Any wonder why no Pappies ever defected to opposition like in other countries, or to revolt against Ah Lee Baba?

Anonymous said...

No pun intended, but Ah Lee is indeed a Baba (Peranakan roots), although this was never publicly mentioned by him or even his late father.

Anonymous said...

An interesting observation among the millionaires.
Did u chance upon a small talk that Ma had "kam chai" simple meal as lunch? No doubt about his cash position. But life for him is ordinary except many notice he spends alot to promote children s education. He also spent money to hire top talents to do r n d.
The old dotards on sinkieland on the other hand, have similar wealth. The spent state money to hire r end d. the RnR ended up D N D. Thanks to the leeders, all of them above 60s, 2 are 66.
Still can go on for another 10 years, look like they are not willing to hand over to the oredi 55 medium age.

One more to consider: one young entrepreneur in China was featured in a cover on a magazine as top young starter. He was said to own millions in his group, kinda news like tencent chief. This young man started at 23 on electronic, and became famous millionaire. This week, he committed suicide: his company was unable to pay electricity bill. He could not face the ending so fast.

So when is the ending for sinkieland with so much debts to pay, yet the old dotards are not enjoying their money at private lives, they still want to collect more until well passing 70s?

There is good chance that some of these mid 60s will have state funeral based on nature s rule.
To see the chaos when the groomed exact duplicate to succeed him become reality, is a torture: speeches exactly copying from the son and father. Lead by the same duplicate, the cabinet might want to just look at the cpf statements every months, and smile.

The millionaires world is more inspiring in China. The same in sinkieland is depressing to the peasants folks. Cow said zuying tai has another meaning: ai ai yo newko oh. Funeral and no inspiring news is really ai ai yo.

Anonymous said...

Trump said no problem meeting Kim. Maybe even embrace him.

Behind his back, he would ask the CIA to do their usual dirty job of creating tensions between North and South, like inciting protest, undertaking false flag operations etc.

Peace is never on the evil empire's mind. Had it not been for Russia and China supporting N Korea, do you think Trump would say it is OK for S Korea to talk to the North. He would be spouting fire and fury and again threaten to reduce the Korean peninsula to dust. And with that, the South would cower in fear.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero//Their position is quite similar to the Bhutanese, a protectorate of India, a happy singing cage bird.//

Tiok lah?

Similar to peesai under protectorate of its rocket man version "pistol Kim" yo yo ...?

Mr Shame prosecutorate agency mid tier guys lambasted (& verbally abused/ "chot" Mdm Dowager with some of the worst obscenities with impunity) privately and non-official publicly in front of their many kah kias but under protectorate of Mr Shame (& oso Pistol Kim Yo Yo), these mid tier (serpents) oso live good life with BIG cars & pte residentials ...?

In front of their masters, they act (& pretend) like caged birds?

Behind, he he he ...?

Nvr heard what they cursed at "Mdm Dowager" ...?

Serdom within serdom?

Mr Shame (& Pistol Kim Yo Yo) oso hv their own little serdom lah?

If not how can their mid tier serpents abused the Dowager in front of so many kah kias blatanctly and cursed her a "bxtxh" etc etc and still get BIG bonuses & salaries?

One of them even called his own colleagues in his 60s "lao bu si" ...?

Many of these 30ish serpents may have their own protectorate oledi lah (pretending & acting like caged birds in their masters presence?)

Behind their masters, got hear what they (these mid tier guys said)?

He he he ...

b said...

They are both puppets of western ideologies - one brainwashed by adam smith and the other one brainwashed by karl marx. The most important thing they need to remember is not to sacrifice their people lives for stupid western ideologies who were created to divide and rule. The only way is to love and respect one another.