Keppel O&M cannot come at a better time

This thunderbolt from Brazil finally struck and many were stunned as to how to react. Damage control was uppermost in many people’s mind. The fine of a few hundred millions is nothing or of little concern. What is a few hundred millions? What is more difficult to deal with is the punishment for those involved. Fortunately, by an act of God, no one really knew what happened. Everyone did not know nothing about the scandal. Honest, trust me. So a warning from the AG office would suffice. This episode further strengthened the belief that Singapore is a country that is free from corruption. And if there is a corruption in a GLC and in another corner of the earth, it is reasonable to believe that those in charge in Singapore would not know, not a clue about it. It is so far away, for goodness sake.

But the severity of this corruption case involving tens of millions and only one PR, an American citizen, would still be a good reference to other corruption cases in Singapore. How this case is handled or dealt with, the severity and the punishment of people involved or associated with it would or could be used to measure how other corruption cases in Singapore are being handled. It will set the standard or what is acceptable or not norm.

The WP MPs must be quietly smiling. They would be comparing their Town Council case with this case. The Keppel O&M is a proven corruption case involving US$55 million. What about the Town Council case? Has corruption been proven and if it does, how much was involved? Can the WP MPs also use the excuse of not knowing, did not know, not aware, so may be a warning would suffice?

The debate in Parliament about how innocent the management of Keppel Corp in Singapore is and how they should not be held accountable for a crime they did not know would be carefully studied by the WP. How would the WP use this case in their defence of the Town Council case still in question would be interesting. The law is impartial and one set of law shall be applicable to all, one set of punishment must also be applicable to all. The lighter the punishment given to the Keppel management, the better would be for the Town Council case.

The WP MPs must be taking down notes of who and who saying what and what in the defence of the Keppel O&M case in Parliament and how to use the same arguments in their defence. Listen to the great arguments propounded and the moral high ground taken, and the excuses. The ‘not light or did not get off lightly’ penalty would come under the spotlight when the Town Council case is heard in court.



Anonymous said...

This Brasil-Sinkieland KOMma case tell the world that This Little Red Dot is Not Clean Anymore. This white men party is Unclean & Filthy is for the whole wide world to see. The Oppo party must be laughing out laugh but don't forget the oppo corrupted case is a different issue compared to KOMma as the later happened overseas & evidence r had to catch. Lets not forget that the Papies had a history of ownself clearing ownself this KOMma case will be more or less same same & wayang kulih while its opponent will be sued until pant down, such is the modus operandi of the white men party, more of white party companies filth will be unlease in the closet & Akan datang..

Virgo49 said...

Whether Overseas or Inseas, Where is the HQ??

Sinkieland? ? Wah, Ex Ministers in Management Team and GLC Big Shots also in charge.Current Management got No Idea of what's happenings? ?

Paid Millions in kickbacks, not ten dollars and the Top Managements got no ideas??

Tell that to three year olds Who wants to be Boss Super Seven Show.

Indranee can spout without battling eyelids all reasons and been penalised heavily.

Penalised in just financial terms but not primitive jail terms.

Own elites do No Wrong.

Anonymous said...

It has been going on for at least 13 years and

1. NOBODY at Keppel HQ knew about it?

2. NOBODY at Temasek Holdings knew about it?

3. NOBODY at Finance Ministry knew about it?

4. NOBODY at PM Office knew about it?


Are we, the general public, going to believe such a negligence or irresponsible performance?

No matter what excuses are put forth, I think it is too hard to swallow. Don't you all agree?

Anonymous said...

From the look of it, Keppel O&M could be only the tip of the iceberg.

Virgo49 said...

From the Various Social Websites criticising on this matter, look like they gonna rush to have the Detention Without Trials Section 55 and the Ban of Fake News as to their very soon.

Have to put out the fires before Out of Control.

Rushing to Parliament soon for damage controls.

Anonymous said...

Do you think there are already well established procedures for handling accusations of wrong doing?

Do you think Keppel's management should appear before parliament and allow Singapore's Members of Parliament to ask them questions?
- is this not faster and cheaper than a Committee of Inquiry or other more traditional methods of determining innocence?

Anonymous said...

When collecting juicy lucrative monthly salary and annfuel bonuses, everyone quickly take responsibility. But when there is troubling problems, everyone act blur. When rewards are dished out, everyone earnestly took them readily. But when there is the need to dish out severe deterrent punishments, everyone side-step and let the shareholders of the organization bare the monetary fines and loss of monies. Just a warning from AGC? This is pure corruption getting caught but no police case? No one has to go to court to answer? No heads roll?

Basic question: Who authorised the release of the millions from the bank, for the 13-year bribery?

The Treasurer should be fully aware, is it not?

The Internal Auditors and External Auditors should at least be suspicious about something "fishy", is it not?

One CEO handed over to the next CEO, no briefing given? Each and every CEO during the 13 years, were not aware? Sleeping on the job?

Anonymous said...

One hand washes the other.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Singaporeans.
Complain and kpkb like crazy over this matter.
And then GE 2019 .... you all know you will be voting for PAP tio bo?

So why bother complaining?

Anonymous said...

Corruption is not excess payment to cut/close deal. Recall one case, a married woman cut deals with a decision maker, by having bj. It was love and no corruption involved. One professor had sex and gifts from a student in university, was also judged as no corruption, there was love. But one case similar to case one, the decision maker was judged to be corrupted. The sales woman was more senior and dated the decision maker in commercial room, while the earlier case was in car, and decision maker s apartment.

Excess payment for concluded deals is not corruption. It depends on the interpretation because love can cause excess payment in kind or in cash.

The usd 55 millions excess payment was said to be paid to Petrobras. There was no details how much was paid to the middle man consultants. It seemed the whole sum was paid to that middleman. There was no known corruption. Its like bj, extra service was rendered to cut the deals. Innocence and not corrupted elements are built inside, love, sincerity to serve the client Petrobras, upon the services of the middleman consultant.
That could be the interpretation of local managers and rendering no one was guilty.

However, there was no say about benefits gained by those involved. The excess like bj had benefited the decision maker.

What about the extra "commissions" "bonus" earned by the local managers who committed the extra excess payment? Are they "benefited" from the excess payment? Could be "love" again, and not guilty because these employees love the deals and the deals love them.

This USD422 fine by US upon a local company has slowly shifted the way people see corruption. S$55millions used for personal benefits from building funds was considered big sum. But the guilty fellows are about to finish their 1 or 2 years at changi resort. Case is hoped to be forgotten. This usd mil 422 is nothing at all. Its just a lost deal as the gain is 351 only. So shareprice move 5 cents only.

Slowly and gradually people are adjusted to how public sector not properly accounted for their actions. Not much legal responsibility is needed for "goondu" people collecting huge salaries.

One more case to adjust the perception of money loss by public sector: some group was able to claim S$40mil of skillfuture funds. That is no big deal.

But remember kechwee stood to talk about S$100millions wealthfare funds in parliament, when old fart walked out at the same time?
That time wah lau eh, S$100millions for the needy, too much liao, these sinkies old and useless. Could that be the perception inside the politicians minds?
USD422million, about $600mil to give away: nothing lah, as also in the same group of politicians minds. As white mp did not speak much.
Vote for WP, and other opposition to ask more of these bj or money things. Its fun and fund loss.

Virgo49 said...

Caused they drank the Fluoride Pay Until Bankrupt Wafer for fifty over years and become Zombies voting for the Pay And Pay.

Luckily drank quite a lot Melakan and Pahang Water still vote Opposition.


Anonymous said...

They are not complaining. They are expressing shock and disbelief. There is a big difference between a complaint and an expression of opinion/views.

So, don't be too quick to lum every comment as complaint.

Anonymous said...

This is a classical case of a governing party refuses to accept failure and apologize. The old idea that government must maintain it's dignity and portraying a whiter than white image, is an archaic belief. It is no more relevant in a modern society with a highly educated population. What LKY has done in the early years may be relevant but sadly, the current government continues to adopt the same principle. The people of Singapore will surely understand that government cannot be a know-all. Sometimes mistakes are made even with the best interest of citizens. Tell people the truth and move on. Hiding facts will only forced people to disregard MSM and seek information from social media.

Anonymous said...

Who want words to sooth anger of losses? No one wants to hear politically correct phases.
Apology or excuses are just words, while real millions dollars are lost in thin air.

Voters want Legal RESPONSIBILITY to be opened to public.

There was none so far.

Anonymous said...

The S$2 millions repair bills on mrt flood is a good example (Caw replied WP nmp on repair cost).

The responsibility must be clear. Mrt employees caused the loss due to willful negligence, they must pay for the loss. Fired and be sued if needed.

How can a corruption proven case get away? The employees must be fired and sued.

Where is the case follow up? Proven corruption and paid with fine cannot have all innocent parties, no one get sued. Brazil started actions once the case was disclosed.

Kangaroo Watcher said...

This is a clear case of not only nobody wants to accept responsibility, but also nobody can be charged in court. That's why Keppel O & M Management was willing to pay the equivalent of SGD 600 million to settle the case(s).

If anyone is charged, he would testify in open court that he took instruction from his Superior and his Superior would have to be subpoenaed to take the witness stand. The Superior would then say he too took instruction from his Super Superior, and so on and so forth. Then the whole string or chain of command would be called to answer questions from the court.

You see the implications and ramifications?

Anonymous said...

What implications?
If someone take extra state funds, he should go to the judge to prove his innocence. This is called rule by laws, not ruled by in law.

There is proof extra funds was paid by someone. Those signed the payment must prove their innocence. Signing millions will require top manager plus ceo signature for common companies on sinkieland.

Only the judge can deliver recognized opinion that these people are innocent, not corrupted.

How can politicians and private individuals take over the jobs to declare them "not corrupted"?

Voters must not accept this system of declaring someone innocent, especially they elected politicians to execute the laws.

Or there is no such laws on sinkieland? Then the politicians should invent another set of laws: No need sinkies courts to decide who is innocent when US has decided the corruption.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are bro. Chain scandals of Top Brass would be disclosed in Court and that's be the demise of the GLC Elites.

One bro also said why the Management and Auditors don't know. Aiyo, hushed up.

The Auditors will dance to the Tune of the Paymasters.

If not why so many Top Scandals cases like NKF etc.

They want Price Waterhouse or Peat Maverick to audit WP accounts.

Pure baloney. The Auditors all bullshits. Like monkeys dancing to the Pipe piper.

The PAP acted like Virgins in Corruption cases of their own.

un the dark dirty commercial world, without kickbacks as demanded by the People In Charge you won't get any contracts.

They knew that to compete, they have to do likewise.

Hoping not to be caught.

Sinkieland businesses also same lah. Whether eat more or less.

Some Purchasers or Opns Managers or Execs also asked for kickbacks.

Some obtained the kickbacks out of the cost of the Company's quotation and actually are willingly been paid by the party at their expense.

That's not so detrimental to the Company's cost and profits.

Wheras some get cuts from the Company's account which is not so ethical.

Depending on how smart or cunning that guy is.

Anyway, all these are deemed to be corruption.

The worst is the Shipping and Purchasing Department.

Even silver serpents are a part of them.

Can ask Mahtahir, Najib and company true or not.

Even those purchasing defence equipments are the best. One or two deals can but Sentosa whole block of bungalows.

Some more they classified as Secret.

Rev Kong got Sentosa cove condom. You can ask him.

The commercial world is a Dirty world and that's why silver serpents must undergone apprenticeships to be wiser.

Don't get conned by all these scams on our taxpayers monies.


Goh said...

Aiyo laochek
Why drag sinkieland business into the picture.
This is just an isolated case.
Majority of of business need not bribe to secure contract though they are struggling.
Or you drank too much matland water.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, don't pretend to be virgins when you are not.

Too much hypocrisies very distasteful.

Just ask your Chinese Towkays or Tau Kek whether this is what's happening in the commercial world.

No cash change hands also lots of entertainments.

That's how they manipulated the accounts.

Good businesses for bars,lounges, call and dance girls.

Prostitutes included.

Unless your businesses jusr sell kachang puteh.

Goh said...

Dun be a tiongchu crying inside a coconut shell lah.I lakopi with many of these towkays ,besides blue collar workers daily .
Trying to tarnish our local towkays image just becos you no longer one doesn't benefit anyone.
What does they got to do with keppel huh?

Anonymous said...

U r right. People give excess money because of love. The sentosa man knew this theory. He said to the givers, they will received 10 times more for what they hv given (dont ask from where). Heard one was sold and he sold a flat to give him. Then his $55mil should make him a retired man after 2 over years resting at changi resort. But these are done openly and in courts.
The current one boh tai chi to the employees and managers.

U cannot say most people cut deals thro offering bj or money. Then all have no love for each other. Like in this case, the excess money might be given out of "brotherly love" to brazilians. May not be guilty of corruption until proven in courts.

Then the public might know, how much those employees received their "bonus" "salaries" and "extra incentives". Similar to the sentosa man you mentioned, he received lots of money out of "love". He told the money and transferred around with his staff s assistance, also out of "love".

In commercial world u saw, they give money around is like buying drinks for the floor, US$55mil not corruption, at all.

Virgo49 said...

Ahgongkia, Keppel not Singapore Company??

Why you so upset?? Guilty ones always protest and pretend to be innocent.

Let's be honest. Not said I looked down on your lah kopi Towkays.

Chinese Towkays our age group don't do technology businesses.

Only traditional business like trading, transport, forwarding, stevording, ships chandeliers and delivery service etc. If not they don't kwoek kars and llm kopi in coffee shops or under container chassis trucks.

If they don't give kickbacks, long time chaip lap.- closed shops.

These lines the worst dirtiest corruptions.

Now even doctors or so called professionals see the colour of monies which is one of the dirtiest objects but human beans lost their souls on them also have what's other benefits to purchase drugs and even milk powder from suppliers. They don't spare a thought for those poor families. Now they announced cheaper milk powder in hospitals.

Pretty low cut marketing meis meis enticed them for sales with promises of what's sponsored holidays etc.

Ahgongkia, don't be a hypocrites and this is the capitalist world we are in. Maybe you too afraid of CPIB ask you lim kopi that's why you said sinkies businesses are clean.

Might be doing for your TOWKAYS these transactions. The ones on take if cunning should only deal with the direct bosses. Less chance pee cha lombang.

Too many hands and mouths will give you away. Sometimes lah kopi or drink beers leaked our who's who's on the take and CPIB listening nearby.

Take advice from Lau Uncle

Anonymous said...

the money involved in this case is peanut lah

direct translation of the chinese saying,,,,,,,

small fortune don't go out

BIG fortune don't come in


Anonymous said...

Read this: another loss besides the fine USD422mil.
Paid brides to Petrobras while another govt link owned shares of the same company.

"Temasek had wrongly assumed that Petrobras was value for money simply because its shares had collapsed from US$77 only 2 years earlier.

As can be seen from the chart below, Temasek subsequently lost about 80% of the investment, an estimated US$80 million in 5 years."

Goh said...

By saying Singapore businesses oso same mean you are saying its a norm so its acceptable?
Many businesses dun need to offer to get businesses.Many even reluctant or refuse to quote to get new businesses or turn it down ,mostly cos not enough cash to row like my pokkai towkay but in demand cos of his good reputation.
Who say must give bribe to secure business?

But who cares leh?
Me only interested in hugging my You know who without having to bribe or pay.
Talented people no need bribe or pay to get what he love to do one.
Invite you for free durian n kopi in penang one day.
Free lao yee n special gel oso have.For you only.No need bribe me cos I enjoy I enjoy interaction with interesting ah peh.

b said...

The law favours the powerful. Jesus also got cruxified for telling people to love and respect one another. PAP must have offended some powerful guys.

jjgg said...

b@3.41pm.. not so sure about your biblical interpretations about the crucifixion le.. then again.. if Jesus had appeared in present day Singapore.. he would not have been able to preach cos he's unlicensed n not properly ordained.. if he was a foreigner he would not have been allowed into Singapore to preach.. if a Singaporean he could have been jailed without trial for inciting n crimes against the state. He would also have been jailed for public mischief n practising medicine without a license. So will we see the return of Jesus? Not bloody likely... hehehe

Anonymous said...

@jigg 4.13pm

Aiyoh,u r right if Jesus were to reincarnated in Sinkieland probably he might b in jail, see his disciple Kong Hee Fatt Choy already behind the bars.
We have one highly paid present day medium wearing white clown claiming to be hearing voices of his dad to press on what he did in governing this little red dot, only him can receive the Supreme Being from higher up & has no shame in powder coating with monies all over the island & has no intention of retiring or naming his next disciple clown successor till a Ah Go panic & pressure the 4g to come out as a damn Cock fellow.

Anonymous said...

Actually buying votes with promises of upgrading using public money is corruption of the highest order.

In Thailand, Yingluck used public money to subsidise farmers in order to buy their votes and is charged with corruption. Not in Sinkieland.

What else is clean if it is not legitimised or legalised?

Anonymous said...

In USA, Taiwan and Japan, politicians use their own party funds to buy votes.

In Sinkieland, politicians used taxpayers' money to buy votes. Is this is not TRIPLE CORRUPTION - Bribery, Misuse of Public Funds and Abuse of Power?

Anonymous said...

One Mr Choo some years as CEO had bonuses of $10mln. Approved by Who?
No Corruption. No Croynism. No Ka Kee Lan. No Act Blur.
We are White Lightning.
White Wash Tomb...very clean on the outside but inside is full of hypocrisy & corruption?
On what has happened?
Bo Tia Chee. Bo Tia Chee.

Anonymous said...

PAP now has become Por-lan-pah Americans Party.

Anonymous said...

PAP = Pay America Party?

Anonymous said...

Or Purposely Act-blur Party?

Anonymous said...

Dont anyhow say Jesus. Kong Hee Fatt Choy is a disciple of prosperity gospel using God's name. Ferrari driving preacher not follower but conman. Kong Hee Fatt Chot ideology sama sama as MIW....collect money. Both have lots of followers.

Anonymous said...

Dracula also has a lot of followers and converts.

All these have one thing in common - BLOOD-SUCKING.

Rocket said...

Our life is so short. Fleeting. Our memories are also very shorter. History recorded are half truths, never whole truths. We are unable to record REALITY. We are actually living in in an Unreal Existence.

To add irony to irony, many people just life their whole life just to exist - working busily to earn money to feed themselves and their families.

Some keep chasing and accumulating more and more money and other physical things.

A few pathetic freaks keep pursuing power with the aim of controlling other people's life while they can't even control their own lives.

Even fewer are those moronic souls who think they are super intelligent and wise, as if they can see the future and endeavour to leave behind a legacy of themselves, which will ultimately become forgotten, irrelevant and erased.

Think of your life as 100 years duration. Compare it to the length of time of the Existence of the Earth and Universe. Compare that to the Infinity of TIME.

At the end of time, even human beings will be extinct. So what is left? Is it worth it to continue to do all the meaningless things?

Anonymous said...

Rocket, keen observation & wise words.
Vanity, vanity, vanity. Indeed chasing after the wind. So what if you rewrite history for a while? Made yourself a big name & in the process played out your comrades & did cruel unjust things to some of your fellowmen & squeezed people hard, made your sickly son & his incompetent wife a king & queen? Indeed what legacy? To dust all return.
Nothing is better than "Love mercy, do justly and walk humbly before your Maker".

Anonymous said...

The WP MPs must be quietly smiling.

If I were the WP MPs, especially If I were Sylvia, Low and Pritam, I would be very worried.

Worried about how not to be made bankrupt by losing the $33M "ownself Town Council sue ownself MPs" suit. $33M, u know.

Where got mood to be quietly smiling?

Anonymous said...

WP MPs quietly smiling?

For what good reasons?

Confident of winning the next election to become govt so as to have power to properly deal with the Keppel O&M corruption case? And also dismiss the $33M "ownself Town Council sue ownself MPs" suit?

If not, what good reasons to smile if PAP will win again next election?

Rocket said...

Whether WP MPs will be quietly smiling or silently crying is of no significance nor importance to the Voters.

What is of utmost importance to the Voters is two-fold:

1. Decent self-respecting sustainable JOBS.

2. Rampant and Indiscriminate Increase in Taxes which also affect rentals and prices of goods - COST OF LIVING.

Anonymous said...

@ January 11, 2018 9:47 am

You write as if Singaporeans are capable of voting out the PAP government.

1 month before General Elections.
If PAP were to give Singaporeans a $200 NTUC cash voucher.
Do you think Singaporeans will vote PAP once again?

Do you think Singaporeans are cheap & stupid election whores?

Virgo49 said...

WP MPs are toothless Tigers.

Too very responsible Opposition.

Apologised for speaking in Parliament. It can be they edit and turn the video to their advantage.

You trust Mediacock, the mouthpiece and organ of the PAP?

Also voted Yes to what's the curb of Fake News.

Main legislation is to silence dissents.

At this rate, just like the Kia See Sinkies, they will never be the Coalition or Ruling Government.

Only Sylvia Lim the most Vocal. The rest just allowance correct Sirs.

They will never be voted in to be the Main opposition party in Singapore.

Missed JB Jeyatnam. Should be given the party back to His Son.


Rocket said...

As far as I can see, WP is a wash-out party. It is too good in carrying PAP's balls and chasing after its own tail.

LTK has personal self-imposed limitations of being overly cautious in the front, so much so he failed to guard his back. His party leadership has been called into question when he openly defended PM Lee in Parliament regarding the alleged charge of abuse of power brought about be the Lee siblings. The party is now split. He has no choice but to step down.

Once LTK steps down, WP will disintegrate.

SDP, because of past history, still cannot make any in-road into the Parliament. Its chances of getting elected into Parliament depends upon the removal of Dr Chee, who has become the stumbling block for SDP's political success.

The other opposition political parties are insignificant peripherals, some opportunists.

For the better future of Singapore, a new political party must be formed, comprising all the capable leaders of various political parties, including those from the PAP. This new political party should be led by a new face who has brain, guts and charismatic attraction to garner and gel the mix of talents together, as well as the strength, stamina and wisdom to take on the PAP in its own game. In other words, like a second LKY.

Is there such a special talent out there to answer the calling?

Virgo49 said...

Wah PaiKia Chia Yong Yong one of the Yes Parrots at the bullshits what Select committee to clamp on what's Nonsense Fake News

How many FAKE NEWS you have in a Year???

All irrelevant and not in Sinkieland.

Main objective to clamp down dissents. Anything for them real news.

Against them- FAKE NEWS.

Pritram Singh in white also in. Next Year as PAP Candidate.


Anonymous said...

After the WP disintegarate, is it possible to have a new political party comprising leaders of the disintegrated parties? And with a new face to lead the old stubbon old faces? Fat hope.

Like in Malaysia, first question is who is to be the new leader? If they each cannot agree with party members within the present parties where they are from, can we ever hope they will agree when all come together? The PAP already see to it that they have put in place all the obstacles and laws to stifle any political party that it sense can effectively vie for power. There is no avenue to grow any opposition front. It is an exercise in futility and too little too late.

The best scenario is for the PAP to fall apart through internal strife, when red dot ceased to be relevant as the favoured port of call for ships and big businesses when the Northern neighbours like Vietnam and Myanmar take off. When we cannot compete without the favoured location factor, then we can see whether this will affect the thinking of the daft Sinkies when we are bypassed by neighbours economically. Not possible? Do not be too sure.

China was called the sick man of Asia, economically and militarily. But are they any semblance of being sick today? Fed with opium by the West, torn apart by civil wars and looked down by the Japs, they now put the Japs far behind economically and militarily. Every dog has it's day and every cloud has a silver lining. The wheels of fortune does not favour one forever.

But that is thinking too far even for our short life span. Mankind may not survive that long with the perennial threat of nuclear war, and the possible extinction of all life cycle every thirteen thousand years, through self made destruction like smart cities and machines threatening human existence. Where were the people who built the temples and pyramids, and moved the stones to build them, hundreds of miles without the wheel or machinery, or so we thought. They may be techologically as advanced as us today, but how did they disappear? We are clueless. Just a thought.