Another silly article in the media by a westerner

‘Can China handle growing backlash?’ by a Peter Marino, from The Metropolitan Society for International Affairs based in New York. This kind of silly question is no different from the question, ‘What is the intent of China?’ that I wrote earlier. The whole underlying assumption is that the present world order where the Americans and the West dominate the world and all countries must be meek and hapless and be ruled by the Americans and the West is the order of things, to keep the world peaceful.

China must remain meek and follow the policy of Deng Xiaoping, go quietly in what it is doing, with head bowed, lie low, be kicked around. China must just remain inside China, allows the Americans to sail its BCGs around the seven seas, to threaten China should China raise its head or step out of its shore. The policy of Deng also resulted in little countries, especially little USAs, thinking that they can punch China whenever they liked knowing that China would just bend its head and do nothing. This even led to a free grab of Chinese islands in the South China Sea that the West portrayed as China grabbing these islands. Fake news, fabricated news, distorted news, mischievous news?

The author even used the term ‘China seizing ownership of a port in Sri Lanka after local entities defaulted on the onerous terms China had demanded. The local outcry was substantial.’ What kind of fucking language and logic is that? Today, with the death of colonialism except for a few still under European and American rules, no country, not China, can go around to snatch a real estate from another country without the use of military might. Does the author still think it is ok to seize the American continents from the natives, Australia, New Zealand and Canada from the natives?

China has swopped its meekness ‘for attention grabbing proposals, strategic ambiguity abandoned for international military bases, high profile drills, showy parades and standoffs with neighbouring countries?’ What is wrong with building roads and ports in cooperation with countries that are willing? What is wrong with setting up international banks to help countries in need of finances? Ok for the West to set up World Bank, IMF and ADB? China cannot do such things? What is wrong with having a few military bases when the Americans have 1000 bases surrounding China? Land grabbing? Who is land grabbing? China or some of the littoral states of South China Sea? Who grabbed the continent of North America and Canada, Australia and New Zealand? Only white men can grab other people’s land?

Anti China trade sentiment has now bubbled up in the US. Does the author think that this is just happening today? The West have never been suspicious of China’s motives and intention? What are the intention and motives of the West and the author?

Let me volunteer to answer. China or any country that is not part of the American or Western Empire must remain meek, walk around doing their businesses with the heads bend down. Let the Americans and the West continue to rule the world in their terms. Is my answer correct?

Can China handle the growing backlash? What backlash? How many countries have joined the BRI? How many countries have joined the AIIB? How many countries are waiting to join BRICS and how many countries are waiting to join SCO?

The question to be asked should be, ‘Can the Americans and West handle the growing economic and military power of China? Did the Americans care about the backlash in the UNGA on its unilateral move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? China is now a super power and when its national interests are at stake, they would, like the Americans, say to hell with your backlash. China has stood up and would not be oppressed or kick around by little USAs or the big USA. Period.

No amount of silly articles is going to change this state of things. A new world order is in the making.


Anonymous said...

Can PAP handle growing backlash? With elected presidency; more tax hikes; growing unemployment of fresh graduates amid 2.3 million working foreigners; more foreigner policemen to police Sinkies; etc etc . . .

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9.28am

Maybe u can ask this q "Can PAP handle growing backlash?" to a Dr Liu Tiger. According to him whether any backlashes or breakdowns ( in assmrt) or not, his will still stand by his conviction that Sinkieland 10m population is right & any misteps by its administration or management the 10M still go on no matter what, only silly dafts Sinkies will continue to vote the Papies to be screwed, so wat backlash?..stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

"Can PAP handle growing backlash?"

This kind of silly question is no different from the question, "What is the intent of PAP?" that I wrote earlier.

The whole underlying assumption is that SINGAPORE, where PAPigs and the PAP dominate Singaporeans and all Opposition Parties, must be meek and hapless and be ruled by PAP Millionaire-Generals is the natural order of things needed to keep SINGAPORE peaceful.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:37 am

Who is this Liu Thai Girl?
Is he a prostitute or a transvestite whore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The latest American backlash. Below quotes from Yahoo News.

Africans reacted angrily Friday after US President Donald Trump reportedly referred to their nations as "shithole countries", with many lashing the US president for racism and ignorance....

"President Trump, One day, I'll take you to a 'shithole' country called Ghana," wrote Ghanaian Edmond Prime Sarpong on Facebook.

"First stop would be Osu Castle, Elmina Castle, and the over 40 Forts that detained about 30 million slaves, beaten and shipped out like sardine cans and then I will tell you the history of Africa and why people like you made that a 'shithole' continent."

Prominent Kenyan commentator Patrick Gathara, told AFP that Trump's words were nothing new from a "racist and ignorant" administration, nor from the West at large.

"This is no different from what Hollywood and Western media have been saying about Africa for decades. We have consistently been portrayed as shitty people from shitty countries."

- 'Extremely offensive' -

Some acknowledged problems in their countries, but blamed this on their poor leaders as well as western nations such as the US.

"Please don't confuse the #shithole leaders we Africans elect with our beautiful continent... Our motherland is the most blessed continent that has been raped by imperialists in collaboration with our shitty misleaders for generations," wrote Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

After centuries of enslaving the Africans, conquest, colonisation and plundering of the African nations, China came in to help to rebuild the African countries. The west then came in to sow discord by accusing China of stealing the resources and raw material of these countries when this was exactly what they did in the past.

And many shithole leaders from these shithole countries still choose to believe the white lies. Trump is just saying what they have been saying behind the backs of these shithole people.

Anonymous said...

Angmor is so kind to write a warning to china to jaga if it can take backslash. But ang mor peter did not specifically quote details about backslash. One example he mentioned Macron said something, wau lau, this young president newbie said something, china must stand listening? How long can this Macron last is still questionable, because he now goes for Austria etc and dump Merkel.
In short, Macron has gotten usd20 billions orders of all kinds from China. What backslash?

Peter might be a sinkie pr, mostly dont want to be sinkie. He seems to read main titles of news and never got into details. There is no point to talk if his backslash was founded on solid facts and figures. What china do has nothing to do with an individual, even in china. The point is that china have to be big. Peter said only Japan kept tracking on china: this point tells alot about peter is naive view on regional politics.
The truth was Obama s "pivot" was founded by advise from a powerful small country to track china including a trade pack, which Japan was keen to conclude. Japan in fact was tracked by china and what can Japan tracking china s raise?

Peter should note and write another backslash about Obama s encircling china. It resulted china sped up arms building, its 3rd fleet building has started/ in order to protect is ownership in sea islands, and expanding more military bases, beyond pacific into indian ocean.

Regional politics is not peter s cup of tea. China is breaking up asean into individual deals. It has pulled Mekong rivers countries sharing borders to its side, indirectly, controlling the agenda of asean. Will peter want to advise his master to take over asean to point figure on china?

What china do in 1r1b is mutual building of infra structure. 1 small country bid big to exclude china s bid for a Pakis port. That contract was ditched by Pakis after about only 3 years. Most likely was the port was not developed as per terms. When china was invited to do the same port, china built a long high way from the port to the major cities. Peter never dare to mention such difficult tasks. There bound to be unhappiness when roads are built, as along the roads residents are more affluent. Local masters and terrorists will have less control on their local slaves. They will stir things up.
In the long run, these local terrorists will be suppressed similar to IsIs. There in backslash when building infra structure benefits locals rather than china.

In future 10 years, china will acquire more in depth influence on countries along Mekong rivers, and expands its influence along the high speed rail routes up to Johor Bahru. Peter should be crazy on such inevitable scenario as US s influence will be fading. Bear in mind, if North Korea still exists, it will be anti US as long as US is in Sk. If US engage war, US will fade away. The only chance is: US manages to change Kim s power. Can US take the backslash if the attack is not successful? Remember Iran has kept US citizens for how long? Could Jimmy Carter solve the crisis overnight? Backslash is on US if it uses forces.

Anonymous said...

Even Sinkieland not spared.
10:48 am

If PAP can allow China to do it to Sinkies, why China cannot?

Anonymous said...

True blue Sinkies die never mind, PAP can always find new Sinkies from the whole wide world to replace them. Where got problem?

Anyway, with their below fertility rate, perhaps even the worst in the world, true blue Sinkies will sooner or later also become extinct like the dinosaurs, regardless of whether PAP get more new Sinkies or not.

That's why PAP don't really care or worry too much about true blue Sinkies.

NS for true blue Sinkies and jobs for foreigners, yet PAP can still win a whopping 70% votes, so why would PAP care, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...


Western countries have been used to buying cheap products from developing countries like China and shipping the waste back, keeping themselves clean.

But this won't continue after China bans foreign waste imports - at the start of 2018 China banned the import of 24 types of solid waste.

China plans to fully stop importing solid by the end of 2019. The irreversible trend will increase pressure on Western countries to handle their own trash.

The era of developed countries exporting brands and technologies, with a higher standard of living, while developing countries grow on cheap labor and suffer pollution, will be over.

Still, Western media are discussing the possibilities of replacing China with India or Vietnam for handling waste.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.52

You are right. Sinkieland Please Suck Again (PSA) thinks they are World Class Port and bid for Pakistan Port but gave up. Don't know how many millions they lose.

Today's wah Blue Print for our Maritime Plan so bold.SINKIES LAND shipping business is in the doldrums and already pass out date.

Don't waste time spending on Tuas Port. No vessels gonna berth here.

Thet are berthing at Matland, Thailand, Vietnam etc.

Sucked enough from the International Shipping Community. EVEN SOLD NATIONAL LINE.

There cheaper operating costs. Shippingoperations no rocket science. Everyone doing routine can master them. Compared to Shanghai Port, their Port operations in berthing etc so much complicated than Singapore the China men can handle them better than sinkies.

The farking Americans are just too envious of China overtaking them and be doormen to them. That's why they got to keep on stirring shits to contain China.

They are already a divided and chaos country with everyone ar each other throats everyday.

The worst is that they still thinks that they are a superior race.

Anonymous said...

When you don't even have your own shipping line and half the world's shipping lines are Chinese, where do you think the Chinese ships will call?

Anonymous said...

@ January 13, 2018 11:02 am

Anyway, with their (Singaporeans') below fertility rate, perhaps even the worst in the world, true blue Sinkies will sooner or later also become extinct like the dinosaurs, regardless of whether PAP get more new Sinkies or not.

More important is PAP Familees fertility rate versus Singaporeans' fertility rate.
Who will breed faster?
Do you think stroke and cancer is more commonly found in PAP Familee DNA?

Anonymous said...

Do you think stroke and cancer is more commonly found in PAP Familee DNA?
11:40 am

But they recovered, and recovered so well that they can even continue with the million dollar jobs! Isn't that amazing?

Ordinary Sinkies kena stroke or cancer, habis lah. Why God is so unkind to ordinary Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
LHL's PAP only know how to collect money from rent and taxes?
That's why they keep promoting hawker industry, shopping malls, cashless transactions etc.

When it comes to more complex industries like MRT, shipping or IT ... no hope liao.
Because these industries need engineers and PAP Familees do not like to get their hands dirty.

Is the above true?
Is it fair?

Anonymous said...

The more they breed, the more you bleed.

Anonymous said...

Because these industries need engineers and PAP Familees do not like to get their hands dirty.
11:46 am

Why would PAP Familees or even smart Sinkies want to get their hands dirty when there are foreign talents readily available and willing to do it, and cheaper?

If PAP Familees and smart Sinkies can make lots of money without getting their hands dirty, of course they will do it lah. Cannot blame them, it's only as natural and human as having sex.

Anonymous said...

Why would PAP Familees or even smart Sinkies want to get their hands dirty when there are foreign talents readily available and willing to do it, and cheaper?
January 13, 2018 12:04 pm

Because foreign talents cannot do it better than Singaporeans ... that's why.
- By Singaporeans I mean excluding PAP people.
- Because PAP people are not Singaporeans.

If foreign talents (including PAP people) can do it better ... why MRT keep breaking down?

Anonymous said...

U look at video of shanghai port, from lifting cargo from ships to transporting on land driverless lorries, the work chains are fully auto.
Sinkieland used to hire sunny lands experts with lots of levies paid to the generals as part of their salaries, these people will not allow full automation port. But the containers are from china. They cannot afford longer then them time in harboring and handling.

There is no fight in productivity when the 10 years of immigrants are flooded with fake degree ie fake training immigrants. Look at the shipping company sold, look at the local manufacturing close shop and sold their buildings for profit, the entire industrial sector u mentioned at yulong is chiap larp. No future.

The trouble is that they are talking about 10 millions whose perception in Trump call shitholes migrants. What Trump meant was lowly trained lowly educated migrants. Sinkies never thought these are shits, they think they are diamonds.

Sinkies will need to be backward moving race, earning lower salaries than these fake training certificates holders, when asking for jobs to do.
Sinkies NS men will find their lives getting more difficult and start giving up their addiction to pap. There is a powerful force coming in to take over sinkies port business, and other exports.

Eventually, on extreme prediction, sinkies will run kopi mini shops with aircon, as major industry: la kopi industry as major. This one china cannot compete. But locals have no high salary to pay for air con la kopi. So pee ah pee will collapse.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 12.26 must be in the Shipping Industry before and is still now. Donald Trump is no hypocrite. He called a Spade a Spade. The Rest like the PAPies are wearing masks in their hypocrisies.

That's the way, things get down. No kicking the cans further down the roads.

These are really the Shits countries who create problems in America that now it is really out of Control.

They are embroiled too much in their petty squabbling.

Obama and Gang are too afraid of been exposed of their Treason and Scandals.

Remember one long list of what's Trump's been briefed by the National Security Council and other security agencies when he was installed as President.

He wanted to abolish this and that. They told him cannot be done as these are created by the Americans and the Clinton/Obama Administration to create chaos in the World.

So they must continue to close an eye to their past shits evil agenda so as not to expose their Evil deeds.

Donald Trump have to spend his first term clearing all these shits and might be in a second term.

Americans treachery is World Class with their CIA, FBI and what's not. They can simply put a Despot in charge with their support.

Likewise Sinkieland leaders who like the Rest still thinks that they are not immigrants from our own Shits countries.

Demise of Singapore Soon.

Anonymous said...

The only backlash in the world is STUPIDITY coupled with the STUBBORNNESS to change the STATUS QUO, for whatever reasons - fear of the unknown, comfort zone, personal selfishness, greed and corruption.
It is insane to expect anything will change when STUPIDITY and STUBBORNNESS continue to DO or VOTE the same thing again and again.

Anonymous said...

Your final sentence above the datetime is real. Sinkieland leaders received Netanyahu in state visit. Najib cancelled usual get to gather indicated neighbor s political climate. Let say the hawks win and attack sinkieland, u think NS men will fight hard with poor living conditions in the pocket and families owing debts and bills unpaid?
Sinkies will blame the pee and pee for causing them troubles unnecessarily. Sinkieland really can be the Israel among the Arabs? The little india is a real indication of sinkie leeders unprepared not ready style of security: could be many hired uniforms PR. Immigrants and PR are unreliable. These leeders think they are superior. Thats why sinkies better be careful of these leeders judgement. Naive and it will break down when neighbor like the north attacks. The Israel s capital issue at the wrong place is no joke when so many countries voted against the US.
When US move to the wrong place. It will be never ending problems, and sinkieland Israel relationship could be the blocks to many cooperation, including water.

In coming months if sinkies join US and UK etc to attack NK, Kim might fire missiles at sinkieland.
The plan to assassinate Kim was hacked by NK. Kim might throw every missiles at potential enemies. Sinkieland yaya following US will surely get hit because Kim will not find sinkieland can hit back.
Kim might use more than one nuclear bombs on Tokyo and NY. He must prepare to die during or after the war. So to win the war for his people, he must use all the nuclear bombs to finish off US.
NK might survive when US and allies like Japan, will face the same situations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No more US as super power. What happen to sinkieland? The north may run its army dowm.

Anonymous said...

The biggest shithole is one that makes its citizens drink water distilled from shit, urine, menses, sputum, vomits, rotten wastes, bacteria, viruses, microbes and filthy from sewage water and called it New Water.

After drinking this shit water, the citizens and their leaders got shits in their brains. And they keep importing shits and trashes from other shitholes into their ShitHole and think that they are talents.

And their shit brains tell them that they should keep shitting all over the world by bribing people from other countries in order to get business contracts.

And their shit brains also tell them to keep punching above their weight even at the long-term detriment of foreign relations, businesses and trades.

Can you smell the shits at your own door-step?

Anonymous said...

12:26 pm

Singapore's MRT started operations in 1987.
At that time, PRC Chinese; their main form of transportation was the bicycle.

Now. 30 years later.
Singapore's MRT keeps breaking down ... and we still cannot fix it for the last 7 years since 2011.
- and our PAP government is telling Singaporeans to use bicycles for transportation
Meanwhile in China;
- China is building their own high speed trains and selling it to Singapore.

So for the last 30 years.
Do you think China has moved forward under communism?
And Singapore has moved backwards under PAP?

Anonymous said...


MOH’s Fake Citizens Jury invented “Drink Plain Water” campaign


While China marches ahead.
Do you think we are just standing still, mental masturbating ourselves to sleep?

Ownself bluff ownself?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland s policy is to stop Human Capital investment. Did you notice that? In past 20 years, sinkieland hire foreigners on cost lower basis. The then manpower and now health elite wanted to achieve lowest manpower cost on sinkieland. He kept saying sinkieland firms will move to china and vietnam if manpower cost was higher. Now you see, individual province in china has minimum wage.

China talents will not run off to sinkieland, while sinkieland talents will have to be ready to run off when sinkieland cannot support its high S$ policy, and salaries in china is better off.

This trend will kill sinkieland once for all if sinkieland elite still continue to feed sunny land "experts" on jobs and good income under ceca. Sinkieland will be emptied if china s salaries are higher than sinkieland over all.

It is possible because: now Guagzhou GDP and Shengzen GDP is higher than Sinkieland GDP. Shanghai and Beijing have surpassed Sinkieland many years ago. More cities have higher GDP means jobs salaries will move up quickly.

When sinkies NS men run off to china, will they bother to run back if sinkieland cannot offer them good jobs? They will run off and do not even bother when sinkieland is attacked. Who want to die for a so called country only offer lousy jobs to citizens?

High speed rail is china s own invention different from Japan s shengkansen. Beijing has ordinary rail similar to sinkies mrt. These are not invention.

Why sinkieland mrt breakdown often? The company hire foreigners to do the jobs, and the foreigners are doing very good jobs. Flooding mrt track and costing $2 millions dollars.
If u take out all human from mrt, mrt is just hardware. If u run hardware without replacing the parts, the hardware stops. If you over loading the rail track, the power cable snaps.
Heard of power cable snapped cut off power? It was at the peak of immigration when mrt was so crowded that one had to wait for 5 to 6 trains passes in order to squeeze into one train.

Do you think pee and pee had brains to think over crowded training can damage the tracks and hardware? They do not have brains. Let say, if they use washing machine, they will have learned this simple fact. Overloading the washing machine will collapse the whole machine, especially when it spins, the whole thing can break off with heavy weight. These elites never have simple life experience, that whom voters voted for.
Want foreigners to invent high speed rails for sinkieland? These elites are real mental patients. U are lucky if they check the pumps for u to prevent second track flood.

Anonymous said...

The most shifty thing is that Singapore is an island surrounded by water, yet the citizens have to drink shit water. And desert countries in the Middle East and China can drink pure water!

Singapore leaders must have SHIT always in their brains, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Singapore leaders must have SHIT always in their brains, is it not?
January 13, 2018 4:36 pm

And Singaporeans voted for these shit Leeders.
So Singaporeans also have shit for brains tio bo?

Anonymous said...

3:05 pm

Our Singapore elites is really own-self call own-self "elite".
The correct English word to described them is "over-pampered".

I have seen a 2 year old boy who is from an "elite" PAP Familee.
When the kid wants to urinate ... his mother will hold his penis while he urinates.

Do you think this accurately describes our PAP Ministers today?
Is that why they cannot repair our broken down trains?
Nobody to spoon feed (or hold their penis) them?

Is this true?
Am I being unfair?

Virgo49 said...

So next day ge grows up the wife got to hold his penis when he pee.

Sure in line for the Pee And Pee Party.

Like that worse than living a poor but able bodied man.

See the China boy who walked four kilo to school.

So you want to be an elite with someone to hold your penis to pee or an ordinary man that he can pee himself?

Anonymous said...

305pm i laughed song song....you are describing peeM..1st his father hold now jinx hold.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan media: Taiwanese Certis Cisco officers get paid S$2,700 a month


Free food, free accommodation, S$2,700 a month and a S$4,000 bonus.

This is what Temasek Holdings-owned Certis Cisco is offering to Taiwanese police officers in Singapore.

The S$2,700 take-home salary is higher than the S$2,160 take-home salary after CPF deductions of Singaporean Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) in Singapore.

Is this more proof of the Pro Alien Policies of PAP linked entities?

Anonymous said...

“Show me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men, without a consequent loss of liberty?”
- Patrick Henry (29 May 1736 – 6 June 1799)

Sir! Sir! Mr Henry sir!
I know. I know.
Singapore government very good and clean.

Singaporean young men serve National Service for 2 years because they want to exercise.
Just like their old parents collect cardboard boxes because they want to exercise.

Anonymous said...

It is very despicable for Residents Committees to give poor ignorant HDB dwellers free bottled NEwater to drink.

When I visited my sis and she offered me the bottle, I was aghast and told her NOT to drink. I told her what NEwater is made of - from toilet bowl water with human feces and urine, after they extracted the impurities and smell.

She was SHOCKED! HORRIFIED! So disgusted that she had already drank some !

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 6.00

Prepared to enjoy First class security service by our gallant Taiwanese APOs.
Ahgongkia, their kins and admirer praised them for their sense of duty.

Our front line Homeland Defence is in good hands.

My friend just whatsapp that after Yong Peng Rest Stop which is another two hours before TuasCheck Point is already jammed.

Good,conscientious service.

Shame Mugan made right choice.

Anonymous said...

Lao Hero //‘Can China handle growing backlash?’//

Can the (daft) 69.9% handle "GROWING" taxes?

To protect the pockets of the rich & landlords, the days of cheap online purchase are numbered?

The next time yew order consumer items online in the 2nd half of 2018 & 2019 onwards, yew may have to pay MORE THAN yew bargain for --- E-COMMERCE TAX ...?

During the dying days of the ancient Qin Dynasty, many draconian laws, repressive regulations, runaway unabated tax hikes in what have yew names (& forms) were executed ...?

If the daft 69.9% kongcum think Trump's America First policy is a modern protectionist sentiment to woo disgruntled voters, they are probably more than daft (& ignoramus) ...?

Back in BC 300+ to 200+ during the reign of the Zhou & Qin era, the Qin Kingdom & subsequently the Qin Dynasty was most open to immigration (which led to its rapid rise ...?) ...?

In BC 200+ the subsequent Qin Dynasty Premier Li Si was himself a target of anti-foreigner sentiment?

To cut it short, foreign elements led to the steriod-like meteoric rise of the Qin Kingdom which subsequently eclipsed all other states to become a united Qin Dynasty?

However, its equally if not faster decline to ignominy and plunged the then disintegrated Qin Dynasty into utter chaos and ruins could be traced to their (liberal) immigration policies too ...?

The 69.9% are not only daft but ignoramus ...?

As far as the ancient Qin Dynasty fate was concerned, its liberal immigration policy then eventually came to a tragic ending?

The core Qin Dynasty subjects were far out-numbered & overwhelmed by non-Qin born subjects and led to its monumental sudden demise?

The GLUE to hold the social fabric together was just not there or sufficently adhesive or cohesive?

At the start of the reign of the 2nd Qin Emperor in BC 210, the Qin Dynasty had about close to 900,000 troops with about 1/3 battle-hardened crack units that once defeated the other 6 states during the First Qin Emperor unification expedition conquest ...?

By BC 207, that number dwindled to less than 1/4 with barely 200,000 remaining?

What happened?

It was recorded that due to non-existent sense of loyalty, many Qin Dynasty soldiers & peripheral security forces stared to turn against the Qin Empire in around BC 209 and joined the Qin Dynasty enemies instead ...?

It was said that during those last three years of the Qin Empire, many border ("foreign non-Qin state born) soldiers & security forces entrusted to protect the people looted, rampaged, sacked the villages, killed the fathers & young men and raped their women and daughters ...? Many of their underaged teenage sons were conscripted to be slave labourers or forced low rank foot soldiers whose destiny were almost certain death ...?

Anonymous said...

If foreigners take control of the vital assets, installations and operations of strategic functions, slowly they will start to dismantle these from the control of Singaporeans and deprived the Singaporeans from them.

The stupid still do not know what is happening or going to happen.

b said...

Putin is the real dragon. A communist who is richer than any capitalist ever existed.

b said...

Anymo write for a living. Anyone who can afford it, can make them write any shit. They are like porn stars. Anyone who can pay, can make them do any porn. No need to worry too much.