Murphy’s Law must be respected

‘According to the latest Facebook post by Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, trains running in opposition directions will share a single tunnel under the new software program. It is unknown how far into testing the new system has been, but a glitch may result in a disastrous collision between two trains travelling in opposite direction. Singapore trains travel up to 80km/h in the tunnels….

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan said he wants to save time to repair one tunnel during operational hours while the other carry commuters….

“Last night, I joined them on the tracks. They showed me how the new Thales signalling system has made single-line operations possible for the NSL. Simply put, trains travelling in both directions are now able to use a single tunnel while the other tunnel is closed for maintenance works. This flexibility gives us another option when planning our works, to minimise inconvenience to commuters. This was not possible under the old signalling system.”’

The above was reported in thestatestimesreview highlighting a potential and very dangerous situation that train commuters are going to be exposed to. According to Murphy’s Law, what can happen will happen, a slightest flaw that could lead to a major accident would lead to a major accident. In a train system that provided for two trains travelling in opposite direction on the same track invites a human made disaster, a disaster caused by the arrogance of man. There are a thousand and one thing that could happen to cause an accident. All nuclear power stations are made not to fail but failed they did. Can this train system be an exception?

Boon Wan once lamented that our train system was built without careful consideration and planning like those in Britain. Now that we have the time and resources to do the best, to make sure all things are considered, should we take this risk for an accident to happen that could cause colossal destruction of lives? It is not a case of it would not happen, Thales system will work. Murphy’s Law said that whatever can happen would happen. Trust me, it will happen. This is unacceptable risk, unbearable risk, unthinkable risk that must be avoided at all cost. This is the same kind of thinking that Singapore can house a nuclear power station. Nothing will happen, absolutely sure?

The stupidity of human arrogance leaves no bound.

PS. Heard of human error, system malfunction, hacking, act of God, sabotaged, negligence, dereliction of duty, terrorism, or forgetfulness, etc etc?


Anonymous said...

The minister & PeeM take daily one track system for a month, assurance n problem solved. Or they dont trust their own words? Or anyhow play with Sinkies lives? Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Tiny country train system cannot solved after so many years n still demand n get the highest salaries of all the politicians of the world...its a shameless joke!

Virgo49 said...

Tuas Collision Accident, we don't anticipate that the Safety Catch will have a glitch under Tales (Fairy Tales). Signalling Systems.

So our driver took for granted that the trains will stop. CANNOT blame the driver.

So next episode Two Trains collided at 80kmp in tunnels with few hundred Dead and few hundreds other casualties. We also do not that there be a glitch in the Signalling Systems and the driver how to stop at 80kmp???

No way, so let them collided.

Whats to do? ? We can do better next time.

We apologize for this and lets move on.

We really promise to do better next time. Gave deep bows and the Sinkies were filled with tears with gratefulness and Voted them 100%.

Boh Yoke Kew

Anonymous said...

To repeat & do same things again n again so as to get different results r INSANITY - Albert Einstein.
Wat ASsMRT is doing r Insane. Is Ah Cow or LTA or ASsmrt people Insane. Think the answer is u guess & my guess - a confirm Out Of Their Mind of the 1st Order. Thing that they think might not happen to them r totally rubbish & selfish. Ask the elites to go ride the mrt when a single tunnel running oppo direction & the other one repairing? ..it's Insanity has no cure in Dafts Sinkieland...

Virgo49 said...

P.S. Just to let you all know, we drove Mercedes-Benz and you all take MRT.

So travel at your own risks.

ShameMugan also shouted that its all Fake News.

KNN, people played Safe informing about the Van Kidnappings and they screamed Fake News, DONT any how said.

Wait until some got kidnapped or killed then they sais True News.

SPF sleeping ah? They should patrol straightaway and not said fake news.


Anonymous said...

Running train crashing living on track was proven fatal. Running trains crashing at tunnel head on might never happen, according to harakiri man. Will that b possible? Sure can.

What harakiri man watching on train was no peak hour. One train go into tunnel will signal tunnel occupied. If exit tunnel, signal glitch, no switching back similar to no flag for pledge at NDP, it is safe: tunnel is always occupied. Question is the glitch keep signalling tunnel is free with green light while a running train is inside. Haleluya.

Remember the tuas train to train "in contact"? There is no safety distance for trains. Let say one train go slow due to track fault, entering into tunnel, another train speed up due to catching up time to go toilet, both trains are inside tunnel. As first train gets out of tunnel, the signal will turn ok, "tunnel clear", then the head on crash will come when the remaining train is still in tunnel.

U never trust Pee ah pee man like cow who ask other to do harakiri while himself will never take responsibility for faults after faults. Now mrt has a ceo and an active chairman. The organization will take 2 orders down the stream, and one more from cow will make it perfect for all kinds of problems without responsible men to see them solved.

Voters want to have a taste to see how train systems disintegrate, should vote for this kind of ministar: too soft to fire the responsible head, and put the one in charge with full responsibility by announcing to the public who is responsible for problems Legally.

Let say if there is head on crash, there are 2 heads to show up? or None? There must be legal responsibility on implementing such risky measures to "repair the other tunnels". The ministar will hide when head on crash happens. tiobor ah hiar? Did u see any one show up at tuas train in contact with train?

Rocket said...

Those who proposed any measure that will increase the chance of disaster to happen to local Singaporeans must be part of the Globalist Gang who have been planning to reduce the overall world population.

These are evil people who only care for their own well-being - power, money and security.

Virgo49 said...

Computers programming been updated frequently due to changes of schedules etc,etc. If one dummy guy were to program in error for that day, Hellujva, Hell broke loose.

In India, they have the switching of lanes at different junctions. Most train collisions due to human errors by the intoxicated samsu toddy drinking man.

SINKIE land Ang Moh Thales Man intoxicated with whisky will do likewise.

Awaiting for the Great SINKIE Disaster.

Good exercises for the SCDF, the Emergency Special Team, The Fast Response Squad all preparing for a imaginary terrorist attack and now put to real operations

Anonymous said...

For precaution when taking MRT, please be advised to go to the back of the train.

In the event of a front-to-front train collision in the tunnel, passengers at the back of the train have a better chance of survival, albeit sustaining serious injuries.

Those in front likely to die, many instantly.

Anonymous said...

True. Head on means living bodies become minced meat. Middle is worth considering as the back is not jaga as evidenced.

Thinking about the likeliness of head crash. Its seems more likely than auntie saw time. Now under the general, there was "skip" on pump to prevent flooding practices, train hit train at tuas. Often trains delay. The reason given is standard: signalling, means software glitch that caused train hit train. It will not change because those handling are most likely foreigners from sunny lands, and those checking are from army, related to uniform groups.

Have a look at china town to see the sluggishness of CNY streets. It means many sinkies are jobless, affecting purchasing power, and retailers are unable to put up tenders priced by the elites, due to poor businesses.

The mrt problem is a mirror showing how hiring foreigners in silver services affecting sinkieland s life cycle. CNY is not spared. Everyone must thank ceca for the prosperity pap helps to bring upon sinkies.

Only hope is heng ah, a new pee yam will do good changes to benefits citizens, and not indians living in chennai.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> Nothing will happen, absolutely sure? <<

Firstly, someone ought to tell the minister that there's no such thing as "absolutely sure", not in the scientific sense anyway.

A fucking head-on at closing speed of over 200 kph? WOW! Spectacular entertainment lah! ๐Ÿคก The MSM will be milking that story for YEARS. Just like how the milked the 911 attack on New York...and made shit-tons of money. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

Are there any haters out there who a praying for a catastrophe to hit Singapore? C'mon, don't shy shy....express yourself! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Anonymous said...

"U.S. decision to slap tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels, including ones produced by Samsung and LG."
50% tax on washing machines, 30% on solar. Bagus, can buy cheap things after few months.

Anonymous said...

Rb, I think the key is what is the acceptable loss to the government compared with cost. If in a collusion, a few thousands may die or injured are acceptable to them, then the decision will be to take the risk. Likely that is the reason why decision is a go. It's getting dangerous now to take the mrt. I try to take uber or grab or bus.

Virgo49 said...

This shows how bad the mrt system is undergoing mantainance that they have to take the risks of running in a single line with different directions the trains are approaching.

The Systems already on verge of breakdowns and they still covering up their past blunders.

Find that weekend and shorter hours maintenance not enough.

This Franco whole barbarians are bravo creatures spared no thoughts for us coloured people. Our lives are cheap to them.

And this Hara Kiri Minister wants to take their advice.

Understand the checkpoints kiosks systems also managed by them and practically breakdowns everyday. Been held up by them many times.

b said...

Actually there is a better solution. We can all emigrate and they can have all the time to maintain the tunnel. All we need is an agreement like Nz with Oz where Nz people can work in Oz and vice versa. We can transfer our cpf to super and sell the expensive flat back to hdb. We can own house and car in oz rather than flat and bike. We can make oz great.

b said...

Pee and Poo can also import many migrants who do not have voting rights to work in smalland. Its a win win win.

Anonymous said...

What if u emigrate there and jobless, use up your savings, and your neighbors all have fierce dogs and fierce men? It is not the solution.

The best solution is to see the sick men who imported millions of migrants here to rob citizens jobs go.

b said...


fear will not help you to accomplish anything.
they will not go away easily.
easier to emigrate.
the choice is up to you.
house and car or flat and bike?

Anonymous said...

Subversive foreign elements at work?

Anonymous said...

There must be very serious problems with the train tunnels to have to take such desperate measures, knowing that thousand will die in the event of a collision due to either human error or computer glitch.

How many countries have tried this system and how safe is it? Isn't Thales the ones installing the signaling system that caused the recent accident? And we still trust them?

Stupidity cannot be cured!

Anonymous said...

There is something secret tat the Minister Cow won't tell to public...guessing la -- something must be terribly wrong in the mrt tunnel, mayb the track break down or worse the corrosion & deterioration of the Tunnel need to repair after so many years in operation. Or a re-laying of power cable for future use or standby use. Or some kind of a SGSecure project going on to cater for future warfare or disasters etc..maybe these kind of info the public cannot have knowledge in case of enemies knowing it. Or could be secret chambers for the whites elites to 'chao lor' or run road in case they lost in erection in future GE..oops me can't speculate this & tat else Lim kopi by men in blue...they got to shut down the tunnel for repair wok, something is 'fishy' inside there, who knows..

Anonymous said...

/// but a glitch may result in a disastrous collision between two trains travelling in opposite direction ///

No worries Redbean - there won't be any collisions. At most, trains may come into contact with each other.

Virgo49 said...

Tuas Open Rail alreday kiss kiss only at few metres.

Tunnel just contact at 80kmph wow what's the consequences? ?

Tunnels may be leaking so have to have urgent repairs. So have to have this trials.

Why only Tunnels? This trials can applied to all rails, Open and enclosed.

Wah, Clarke Quay under Singapore River wow both sides water, water.

CANNOT imagined.

Anonymous said...

When they don't develop own engineering expertise and forever anyhow buy from anyone that could sell a better koyote, they are at the mercy of foreigners and foreigner expertise. All the tunnels that they built, by foreigners, how reliable, are they becoming a risk to the users now?

Thales, what kind of track records?

Stupidity has no cure. Got money what, money can buy anything what. No need to train Singaporeans, too difficult, too time consuming. Just buy instant trees. Sure, shit can also be bought from anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's a mad rush to repair and restore MRT before the next elections?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mad cow disease!

Anonymous said...

DPM Tharman, Chan Chun Sing head to Davos for World Economic Forum


Can you guess PAP's choice to be Singapore's next Prime Minister?

Can you guess PAP's choice to be Singapore's new Senior Minister?

Are you expecting more Millionaire mental masturbation in the coming years?

Anonymous said...

Thales screwed up n 29 injured & still using them. Siow!
Japan has a few one track lines in very rural area. Train frequency is about 2 or 3 times a day. Therefore almost impossible for head on collusion. Singapore is city n very heavy usage like Tokyo, which has no one track line. Siow to even try one track. Pay these guys millions a year, and they even descend to play with our lives. Only way is to Vote these guys OUT!

Anonymous said...

The underground road tunnel plans were scrapped not long ago. What was the reason? Such big plans cannot be scrapped for no apparent reasons at all. Something is amiss.

After the recent spate of problems, we were told that they are doing a thorough check of the system and tunnels and must have discovered some very serious issues with the underground train lines. We will never be told what it is, just like the trains with cracked bodies which were secretly returned to China, and we would be in the dark had they not been revealed by someone from beyond our shores.

Rocket said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocket said...

"When it has all happened, you can just surrender, or you can run away, or you can fight back. Fight back with all you have got. Until your last drop of blood."

Those were the words I have once heard in a movie, a Sci Fi movie about the motherland (Earth) being invaded by aliens and many of the top leaders have been infected by the incurable irreversible disease brought in by the aliens. So, they became inhuman - unable to think like a human being with love, compassion, empathy, consideration and kindness any more. Even those who were supposed to uphold the Constitution and the Laws had all became inhuman robots, unable to distinguish what is right and wrong.

Only one third of the world population were still uninfected. Led by only a handful of brave, courageous and never-say-die police officers and military conscripts, they refused to surrender or run away. They chose to fight back, to save themselves from those ruthless aliens, to save mankind and to save their planet, mother Earth. These were the real human beings, whose natural instinct was to ensure the survival of the human specis while already 66.6 percent of mankind has already transformed into Man-Unkind, worst than the most despicable beasts.

Such men and women faced incredibly unsurmountable odds. But they fought on and on. At first they did not know exactly what was going on. They did not know exactly what to do, how to react. But they knew that the last thing to do was to simply give up. Many of them were mercilessly cut down, annihilated and obliterated by the aliens with the help of the leaders-turned-inhuman robots. The remaining fighters did not give up. They fought on and on .... On and on ..... Until the last few of them. Until their last drop of blood.....

Anonymous said...

Rocket, I think the % is not 66.6%, it's 69%.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

Anonymous said...

Too bad by the way the cow guy does not know murthy having not met him previously

Anonymous said...

Ya he does not know murthy and murphy. May be he knows cowgirl?

Rocket said...

2/3 of world population is 66.66666666...

I chose 66.6 because 666 is the sign of the Beast.

At the ending part of the movie, 99% of world population was converted into aliens or killed as food for the aliens. They are the hearts of the humans and turned the human bodies into robotic organisms working like their slaves.

By the way the story ended with a happy closing. The few real humans left were able to find a way to destroy and defeat the aliens and the robotic inhuman leaders.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

AIG I thought your story refers to sg 69%๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Anonymous said...

{ Are you expecting more Millionaire mental masturbation in the coming years? }
January 23, 2018 11:23 pm

Do you think the mental masturbation is free or does it cost millions of dollars of Singaporean tax payers' money?

Anonymous said...

Boast of 50yrs plan. Looking ahead. What a Fart! Basic infrastructure facilities cocking up....Smrt screwed up, road patches all over, short of nurseries, overbuilt JCs, etc. So many rules n regulations...so many taxes...in tiny Spore with most overpaid most pampered politicians in the world.

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